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two bisexual women

Love, Friendship and Growing Older

"I recently had another birthday. Fun times. I recently ended a ten plus year marriage. I cant say the last year has been super easy. But, the upside is-I am getting to rediscover what it feels like to be in love. Its scary going out there after being in a committed relationship for so long. On top of that-I am trying to explore my sexuality and attraction to women. Scary stuff!! But, I feel a certain excitement about everything that is going on right now. I feel like i am a teenager finding out about love again.

Small things like a smile or a random internet date with a female I find attractive-gets my heart racing.

Parts of me that I thought were long dead-as a result of my marriage are now re-born, alive again!

A big part of putting yourself out there again is rejection. Rejection hurts, its not a good feeling when you like someone or find someone interesting and for whatever reason-they simply do not feel the same way about you. It down right hurts. However, I keep reminding myself-that this is what it is all about. I rather put myself out there and be embarrassed or get rejected then be in a loveless, marriage-where I no longer feel sexually alive anymore. Rejection means you are trying, taking a chance-and that is what it is all about. Love and friendship are not easy-if they were-they would not mean so much when you find them.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts:)

It helps to write and see it on paper. I hope whoever is reading this finds all the love they are looking for and deserve."

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