Fantasy First Time, Part 2

Natasha took Jessica's hand and gently cupped it over one of her full breasts..

She took Jessica's now shaking hand and led her slowly into one of the huge cubicles, stopping briefly as if to give an opportunity for her to change her mind. The opportunity wasn't taken. The cubicle door closed and again they kissed. This time more deeply and passionately than before.

Jessica began to tremble as she reached inside Natasha's flowing blouse. She remembered how those breasts looked, as they leaned over her earlier that evening and she wanted to know how they felt. Natasha took Jessica's hand and gently cupped it over one of her full breasts. Jessica was trembling, it wasn't enough to touch them, she wanted to see them in their full glory. She lifted the top and raised it over Natasha's arms then over her head. She let out a sigh at what she saw. She could not believe how beautiful Natasha's breasts were, so full and with the most beautiful nipples she had ever seen. "Kiss them Jessica, please!".

Jessica cupped both breasts in her trembling hands and began to kiss them tenderly. How soft and pure they felt. She had never touched another woman's breasts before but she knew she wanted to feel one of those beautiful nipples inside her mouth. She began to use her tongue flicking it playfully, she could feel herself becoming wet and she groaned with anticipation. Natasha lifted her head and they kissed passionately again, she reached up under Jessica's skirt and pulled her panties to one side. Jessica was startled and tried to stop her hand moving any further. "It's ok" said Natasha. She gently felt around the outside of Jessica's now very moist vagina, and knew she was ready to be kissed all over. She knelt down on the cold hard floor of the cubicle. "Don't worry" Natasha said."I want you to enjoy this." bi women lovers

The moans were becoming louder

She unhooked the tight fitting skirt and it fell to the floor, then pulled the lace panties down past Jessica's knees and gently pulled apart the tingling lips to her pussy, exposing a slightly swollen clitoris. She started gently licking, slowly working up and down. She could hear groans and was pleased when Jessica began to play with herself, and let her fingers find their way into her very wet pussy.

Natasha took complete control as she began to move her tongue around Jessica's gorgeous, throbbing clit. The moans were becoming louder, Jessica was lost in the intensiveness, she had never experienced pleasure like this before and Natasha took this as her cue. She wanted to share Jessica's pussy and needed to know what it felt like. She added two of her own fingers and they slid in with ease. "You're soaking wet she whispered."Their fingers met and intertwined as they both played deep inside and the sweet juices of desire began to appear all around Jessica's exposed pussy. "Let me taste you" Natasha begged.

She removed Jessica's fingers and inserted her tongue deep inside her. She tasted so sweet. Jessica parted her legs further apart so she could feel every bit of being fucked by this amazing wanting tongue. Natasha was certain she had never tasted so much juice from one c*** before and was enjoying every drop, only stopping when the groans seemed like it was coming too much for her beautiful bi-virgin to bear.

Natasha removed her tongue and worked her fingers back inside, pushing them harder and deeper. She took her other hand and again began to massage the throbbing clit with her thumb, harder and faster this time, alternating with her tongue and gentle nibbling. Jessica responded, she began to thrust herself harder into Natasha's fingers. She had never felt anything like this before and wanted to take all she could be given. Natasha knew Jessica was near the end as her pussy began to spasm from inside, and tightly clench the fingers which were now fucking her so hard.

Jessica came, harder and longer than she ever had before..

Natasha felt Jessica's nails dig into her shoulders, and she moaned at the thought of making this beautiful virgin come. Jessica came, harder and longer than she ever had before and Natasha felt intense pleasure knowing that she had made this girl come so hard. Jessica was quivering all over. Natasha moved up to look at the breasts she never got to play with, and kissed them both. They were small but perfectly formed with rock hard nipples. I'll have to meet them next time she said smiling.

They kissed again deeply sharing each others tongues before replacing their clothes. Natasha picked up her purse, adjusted her blouse and left the cubicle. She turned to give one last smile and blow a sweet kiss. Holy shit, thought Jessica. What have I just done? She too grabbed her purse and made for the door. She went back to the bar to find the bill had already been settled and the barman handed her a folded piece of paper, the message inside read Call me. N x

She took the paper and put it in her purse and left the lounge. Passing back through the lobby she passed the polite gentlemen who had greeted her on her arrival. He gave her smile as she left. Acknowledging the fact her husband never did show. Jessica got into a cab waiting outside and asked to be taken home. Again she opened the note left for her at the bar. She knew she would call her. How could she not? Her husband was right, this had turned out to be the most special night of her life and she had no intention of it being her last. Holding onto that thought, she reached for her phone.

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