Bicurious Erotic Story, part 3

Robin Raven, part 3

The town was looking like it was being brought back to life with each carefully guided renovation. My creativity was at an all time high with everything I was a part of. The newly transformed Cultural Arts centre from the abandoned church was taking amazing shape. The area around it was being reborn as well into a thriving gathering spot. From the talk I overheard from the townsfolk that spot was something that had carried a dark and painful secretive past. Nobody not even children really ventured into that area till I had made bids to change it into something the town needed.

I had inherited a lot of money from a tragedy in my life and it felt right in investing it into something that will help others to grow and heal. The town felt relief to see life reform something empty and grotesque into something alive with beauty. The building was now shaped like an oriental gold fish it's mouth opening held a huge multicoloured mural glass window. Just bellow the window were the doors leading into the building. By the front of the doors was a sculptured statue of a beautiful nude woman lying by a pool of water with Lilly pads.

Water poured over her hand which held a Lilly flower in her cupped palm. Her body seemed to vanish into the ground as her hair seemed to cover her like flowering vines. The statue was part of a fountain that seemed to make the woman appear alive somehow. Her gaze was focused on the swirling Lilly in her hand. I was transfixed on everything about her since I was the one who carved her into existence. Every nude curve traced over with my eyes made me relive her birth over and over. My naughty little secret placed a slight mischievous smile onto my face. My reference material for her nude body came from my mental image of Sorsha's. I sighed happily at the memory. In the air I could almost smell her presence.

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I headed out on foot to the beachfront with some of my sculpting tools. I usually head out there to find some peaceful time to reflect and relax. For the past few months I had been consumed with the task that is near completion with the new building on its way to being commemorated. At the beach I would form the sand into small sculptures of whatever amused my mind. I would then feel refreshed in watching the salt water consume the artwork and leave a wet smoothed over impression of my labour. I toiled hard at building a simple bloomed rose this time. I used white dry sand to show the whiteness of the petals while I used seaweed to form the stems. I was just about done when a scent came to my nose that made me perk up from my work. I then noticed a shadow moving over my sand and as I looked up my soul did an inner leap for joy.

"So here is were you hide out," Sorsha voiced amusedly. I looked deeply at her. The wind slightly blew through her dark brown curly hair. The hem of her white dress danced lightly around her bare ankles. Her feet nakedly showed painted toenails. She walked down the small embankment towards me. The beach area I chose was very secluded down a long way from the town. "Well it calms my spirit and refocuses me" I answered and continued, "I have been so busy lately that I can't remember my own name." The soft clouds floated across the sky in a silent performance above us. "You also can't remember a date" she said as we finally embraced. I looked at her confused then remembered her request for a portrait. "But I thought we both had agreed to hold off on the sessions till the CA centre was complete?" She greeted my confusion with a small sweet laugh and answered me, "Yes,but since the centre is nearly complete I thought that arrangement could be moved forward to today, since today is Thursday."

She led me into the woods..

I looked down at my Rose as the tide was slowly creeping up at my offering. She took my hand and said, "Well also there is something I want to show you first." A slight blushing grin came to my face, "I have no desire to argue with what you think is best, Lead the way." As we walked away from the beach I noticed that through the near by woods was a view of her home. I did not realise that I had ventured out so far and in the same area where she lived. This place seemed to play tricks like that though I dismissed it in my mind as somehow just lucky coincidence. She led me into the woods and up a path that seemed to be naturally made. We stopped at a small open spot that looked high over a cliff embankment to the rocky water down below. The trees and vines all around us seem to hug and hold a small sanctuary opening. At the very edge was a flat boulder rock looking much like an Altar.

"This is where I go to think and calm my spirit" she explained as her hand brushed the rock surface gently and methodically. We both sat on the soft comfortable earth that was covered in pine needles and leafs. The ground had hints of green lushness peaking through the blanket of new fall. Everything seemed to be taking on a presence of a changing season. Coolness took the air that confirmed a slumber would soon take the land. "This place somehow carries a feeling of an ancient spirit, But I am sure that sounds stupid" I said trying not to feel as though I couldn't carry an intelligent conversation. "It isn't stupid, because you're right in that feeling," she answered with a most pleased tone.

We both started to shiver a little as our conversation turned to our thoughts on spirituality that we seemed to hold a lot in common with one another. I wrapped my body around hers to hold in the warmth. We seemed to finish each other's thoughts so clearly on our beliefs. It made me feel less alone and at that thought the sky gave a rumble of thunder. A storm was slowly moving in.

She began to kiss me like rain drops blessing my neck, face, and lips

She grabbed my arms and held them tightly around her as she arched her head back onto my shoulder and let her breath touch me. I shivered a little but definitely not due to the cold. Her heat sent sensual vibes through out my mind and body. She began to kiss me like rain drops blessing my neck, face, and lips. Our bodies seemed to turn and twist and form a bond. I found myself lying on the ground with her straddling me, and our faces lunged into a passionate need to be devoured by our lips taste. My hands felt possessed by her forceful figure. She enjoyed my playful touch like a purring kitten. Her body seemed to dance to sacred secretive music. I was drunk from her taste and smell. She gasped and moaned as my fingers discovered her nipples presence pressing through her dress. She took my hand and brought it to her lips and sucked and kissed them like a hungry lioness.

I felt her heat grow between her legs. "I am so lost by you," I whispered to her gazing deep-pooled eyes. "You are found by me and I shall not let you get lost" she smiled down at me. "Promise?" I asked a bit more seriously than I wanted to sound, but then I gave her a wink. She gently took my hands and placed them over her heart. I could feel her beating pulse and it seemed to mimic mine. "I promise my sweet artist,I promise forever," she pledged with such a glow about her that I felt it bless my whole being.

The rain from the sky started to drop upon our skin soaking and cooling our heat. It distracted our attention from one another as we both laughed at the timing. I looked at my watch and noticed that I had to go. The art gallery design had to be reviewed by the Architect for final inspection. Somehow Sorsha knew I was now far off mentally. The mood now lost in work. "Go and do what you must, but tonight your time is owned by me" she said with a commanding tone that brought my full attention to her lips. She pulled me to her in a kiss that sealed my fate to hers.

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