Bicurious Erotic Story, part 4

Robin Raven, part 4

The time was 7:20pm and knowing that she was going to arrive in 10 minutes made me pace. My apartment was basically a lofty attic room with a huge window overlooking the park across the street where I would often take the school children to draw from nature. My drawing desk overlooked it usually but tonight it was pulled back to allow a single antique cushioned chair to take its place. I checked over my materials and tools to see if everything was ready. My cat Vincent purred loudly on my bed. He adopted me as his owner a month or two ago. I kind of liked having a furry companion around. The full moon's light shone in like a theatrical spot light. I turned on some music to distract my mind, but to no avail as a knock came to my door. "Just a moment" I replied as I did a quick glance over everything one more time and rubbed my hands together in my need to focus.

I opened the door and to my surprise Madam Betsey Ester shuffled through the door. "Just dropping off some clean towels for ya sweetie." She was the kind little old innkeeper and landlady to the building. I did favours for her every so often to help maintain the building. I fixed leeks and repaired this and that. "Thanks Betsey" I replied trying to keep my voice from sounding disappointed and impatient. "Oh by the way, Mrs. Mayweather gave this to me a short while ago." She said handing me a letter and package. "She told me to tell you not to open the package." and with that said Ester shrugged her shoulders in response to my inquiring look. She smiled and hummed a small sweet tune as she left me to my humble room, clean towels, and curiosity.

It was now 7:28pm and so I quickly laid the package down on a nearby table and opened the letter with haste. Her scent was present on the paper as I unfolded it and read: "I, Mrs. Sorsha K. Mayweather mayor of the town of Parsonage do hereby commission Robin R. Terri artist of the town of Parsonage. A portrait is to be created and added to the town hall for a historical record. Mayor Mayweather will make payment to the artist in installments to the agreed terms. Sincerely, Sorsha K. Mayweather"

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Agreed terms? I questioned with a smile. I wonder what the K stands for in her name? I was intrigued by the mystery when a knock came to my door. Looking up from the letter I placed it back in its envelope and gently laid it on the package. I opened the door just as Sorsha's hand was coming up to knock again. "Perfect timing" I said letting her enter my personal surroundings. She seemed to glow in the moonlight like a cherished memory. "I see you have received the contract and package." She commented as she glanced lightly at the contents of my room. Her smell was filling my space and I was in the mood to howl with joy from it, but I kept my composure calm and collected.

"So what are the terms ?" I asked with a smirk of amusement. She stopped and turned towards me. She looked me straight in the eyes that sent my insides into heavenly melt down mode. Outwardly I blushed modestly as my eyes took comfort in each inviting glance from her. "I will share that with you later." as her eyes quickly took in the package on the table. I walked over to her and went to kiss her but she placed a finger to my lips and said, "First draw then we shall have payment." I whimpered a sigh but my clever mind came to my lips rescue. "Well I am sure a Retainer will keep things professional."

She was thirsting for my wet mouth...

Before I could celebrate my wit she planted a kiss on me that shook my world. She was thirsting for my wet mouth. I was delighting in having her be a part of my physical being. I wanted so much everything right then and there. I felt like she was diving into my inner soul. Our lips parted but we remained embraced. Our breathing laboured happily by the exchange. Her lipstick was slightly smudged in a way that would give our actions away. She took fingers and gently rubbed off what she had left upon my face. She then left me for a near by mirror which hung over the kitchen area sink. The "kitchen area" consisted of a microwave, small fridge, and a sink with countertop. The sink was filled with odd empty paint jars and brushes.

Sorsha took out her well-used dark red lipstick and reapplied it slowly. It glided on her lips like sweet ice cream on a hot plate. My eyes took in her actions with artistic fascination. She gave me a quick wink in the mirror reflection as she finished her primping. "Where do you want me?" she asked casually. My mind moaned but my spoken answer kept me from being lost in it. "If you don't mind I have set up a chair for you to pose in." Her eyes took in the Chippendale antique as she walked over and touched its shape before making herself comfortably seated. Her legs crossed and hands laid together on her lap. Her attention was on the window and outside view. I went to the window and drew shut the shear linen curtains that gave no cover to the moon's glow.

She watched me reflectively as I walked past her to my desk. My face showed an artist's concentration. I sat down at my desk and grabbed my pencil and started to render quick rough lines. My eyes would peek up at her and take in like a camera her colour and physical definition. I was falling in love with each shade and characteristic of her. My hand played over the paper like a musician tuning their instrument before placing down a melodious stroke. I would change to a new piece of paper after I had completed a study of an area of her. Sweat took my face as I brought my eyes to hers. She looked at me with such a peaceful expression. I quickly changed media to use charcoal sticks. As messy as it was I needed to feel that I have captured her beauty.

She spread herself and touched her sensitive aroused feminine zone.

She carried such a deep handsome sensual sexiness to her form that it made my eyes greedy. The music coming from my stereo set a mood that pumped my soul full of artistic lust. I was in love as an artist and as a sexual being. My hands were becoming lost in the black of the media and from Sorsha's now amused expression I think I may have placed some on my face as well. I sighed as I rubbed my neck. I looked at my watch and noticed that we have been at this for nearly two hours. Dozens and dozens of sketch work laid haphazardly at my feet and all over. A cloud of charcoal dust hung over my desk. Sorsha got up and came over to me. Her hands rubbed my shoulders sweetly. She placed her lip to my ear giving it a light kiss as she whispered, "One more sketch,.One more for me and for you." I looked up at her as she walked over and entered my washroom.

I rubbed my eyes and got up and took out a bottle of vintage scotch from the cupboard. I was in the process of pouring myself a glass when she emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing. Nothing at all but her makeup and a smile. Understandably I nearly lost my grip on the bottle. "Are you going to offer your guest anything?" Her lips spoke with a slight curled smile. One eyebrow raised in mischievous delight at my blushing open-mouthed look. My eyes wide with lustful desire I brought attention back to the bottle at hand and grabbed another glass. I poured her drink with quick concentration not to spill in my effort. She took the glass from my hand having our fingers meet. We drank our portions eagerly. Watching her drink her shot was impressive. She took it into her like it was sweet water. The moon was at such a height in the sky outside that it seemed to over take the low lighting in the room. It made her body emanate its sex.

She pushed away the chair and looked at a low long table against the wall. I went over to it and together we placed it where the chair once sat. She went over to my bed and pulled off my covers and brought them to the table. She arranged them and then climbed onto the table. She lay on her side that faced me with an expression of complete Zen as the sheets kissed her body like a flowering rose. "Do you need anything more to make you comfortable?" I asked as butterflies flew in my stomach. "I am ready for you to look at me as you draw,nothing more is needed." Her eyes followed me to my seat.

My hands felt electrified as I took up my media and attacked the paper before me. She started to touch herself and quickly I realised that she was getting off on watching me draw. Her hands petted and rubbed her body. I fell into that zone that holds all artists in its grip when everything seems to speak to the soul deep within. She let a small lustful moan come out as she continued her caressive bodily exploration. I was sweating and breathing like I was running a marathon. She moaned and her eyes rolled back as she spread herself and touched her sensitive aroused feminine zone. I wasn't even sitting in my chair anymore as I became so wild and bold in my rendering strokes. The look on her face wanted more. I moved quickly onto shaping and softening her drawn features till my fingers hurt. When I finished I fell back into my chair with my arms dangling at my sides shaking as I drew in air breathlessly. She was going at herself full force and I could not take watching anymore.

I rushed to her letting my lips find their play on hers as I climbed her. My hands left primitive charcoal markings on her bosoms. I was amused by it and she let me continue to mark her with my fingers at my hearts will. She grabbed my shirt and lifted it off me exposing my silk bra. I unhooked it and as it slid off, her hands welcomed my showing with a graceful familiar affection. I let out a heavy relieved sigh as I closed my eyes to take in her love. Our hands enjoyed what our body's wanted and what our hearts pounded hard for. I tasted her lips and tongue again and again. She ran her nails against my back pulling me in. My hands cupped and stroked her head.

I led her to the stripped bed and let her spread her legs for me..

As we came up for air I got off the table and stripped myself of my remaining clothes. I walked over to the sink and washed my arms and hands thoroughly. She came to me and held me from behind as I worked at my nails. She kissed and nipped at my neck pressing her nakedness into me. Her nipples felt so hard that I got goose bumps feeling them contract harder against my back. I washed my face and then took a wet washcloth and whipped off what I marked on her. Water dripped down her and she let off small sighs of lustful joy. I dropped down the cloth and we then took up where we left off. I felt so dizzy and light headed with every exploring finger she placed on me. I led her to the stripped bed and let her spread her legs for me. I gave her puss a longing kiss and I quickly brought my mouth to hers as she licked and sucked at my lips. My fingers surprised her as they slipped quickly into the wet vagina giving it love. She cried her approval at my fingers insistence to have their way in fucking her sex. She convulsed and arched her body as her arms held tightly to me. "You are my addiction, You are my needs, wants, and desires!" I lustfully pronounced. With that she growled at me "So eat my lovely wetness till I say I am done!!"

I obeyed as she had her hands lead my face to her body's feast. My tongue and mouth vibrated against her heated throbbing pussy as I worked hard to win vocal rewards from her. I was her pet and I was her body's craving. She sung and moaned for me as the bed rocked to our beat. I soaked my face in her. My hands held and caressed her thighs as they shook violently. I led a hand to her clit, and she heaved hard as her face contorted in fierce felicity. Everything about her aroused vagina was gorgeous in colour and display. She was art in motion to my visual soul. Her orgasm was approaching as her head thrust back with her vocal wailing climax. My mouth welcomed her completed pleasure down into my swallowing throat. I crawled wearily up beside her wet body. I kissed her shoulder as she wrapped her arms around me still shaking from my input. We softly kissed each other contently. My mouth enjoyed her flavour with a sigh. She stroked my face as we both let out a yawn. We fell asleep peacefully holding our bodies closely in each other's arms.

I awoke with a start as Vincent had jumped not so gracefully onto the bed. He looked me over and meowed his need for attention. It took a second for my brain to clue into what happened last night. The bed was empty except for my fickle feline and me and I sat up quickly and looked around. I then heard water running from my washroom I got up and walked into the bathroom. She noticed me as I saw her tall naked form through the foggy glass shower door. "There's enough room for a second body if you care to join me." she said as her hands stroked her soap lathered hair merrily. Taking a deep breath I shook off a bit more of my sleepiness and opened the shower door to reveal her water soaked body.

She was beautifully soapy as she continuously lathered her fingers through her hair. I came inside standing in front of her as our breasts touched. I watched her arch herself under the flowing water as she rinsed out her hair, as the wetness seemed to transform her into a glowing goddess. She reached for the soap and a soft washcloth she began going over my body playfully and very thoroughly, as she knew my body like it was hers. Her arms and hands then wrapped themselves around my neck and she brought me under the streaming water. Never have I felt like such an object of deep appreciation like she was showing to me now. It was like she brought new life and colour to me with reach careful wash. The water blessed her actions and washed away all ugliness from my shape.

Our eyes kept comfort with each sweet glance. Her hand slowly let the cloth drop to the floor as she showed her wanting desire to touch my deep pussy. She had a look that said that she needed me to experience her feelings totally. I was very obliging in my response. "Oh yes,oh yes mmmmnnn Sorsha!" I cried thrusting my back against the wall for support. My legs spread welcomingly as her eyes took in my expression of lustfulness. Her body engaged mine as her hands joyfully teased and drowned into me. I growled and moaned. She kissed and licked my cheek, neck, and with slow sensuous hunger made herself mistress to my breasts. Gladly my body shook and moved to her. I heard and felt music from our body's play.

I looked at her drenched face as she laid her lips longingly sucking upon my bosom. My hands griped and rubbed her neck and shoulders. She brought her teasing hand away from my throbbing clit and she enjoyed placing my taste into her mouth. She then went down on her knees and proceeded to eat my pussy. Her tongue whipped and rubbed my lusted clit. I felt like a starved fiend had captured me. She had a grip on my ass that said don't you dare back away from my want. It made words and incoherent thoughts escape my mouth. I grunted and wailed loud from the depths of my being. Everything flooded from me. My face felt the blood rush away as it surged my body's finishing sexual call. It forced my back against the tiled wall as I shook every last ounce out of my sex.

"Mmmmmm, your taste delights me." She whispered in a low soft tone as she patted my side. "I desire to do more for you." I confessed breathlessly. My face flushed at the sweet sexy smile that crossed her face. Her eye gave me a wink as I helped her up and brought her into my arms. We finished our long shower and stepped out baptized lovers.

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