Erotic Story, Bisexual Woman, part 5

Robin Raven, part 5

As school ended for the day I felt turmoil boiling in my stomach. With a deep sigh I headed over to the one place I dreaded going, and how ironic is it that is Mr. Mayweather's litigate office. I will be dealing with the whole family today whether I liked it or not. I needed to submit some paperwork dealing with the new Cultural arts centre, and since he was chair to the committee that is overseeing it I had to deal with him. Our meetings were few and with very little interest with being in one another's presence though neither of us let on to what we knew of each other. We were civil and professional, though little could be said about Margaret's behaviour, which was very ice cold and snooty. Some days it felt like a Mexican stand off, but today I had one up on them when I caught them making out. His hands were well up her dress but this was no worse than the fact that she was leaving lipstick marks up and down his neck while sitting on his desk.

It was hell and hilarious at the same time. He was not happy at all about it and his jaw seemed to take on a whole new sharp shape as he excused himself from his secretary and took me to the meeting room. "I am sure that you are aware of the sexual arrangement in my marriage." He said with a very dark urgent tone. "I sort of do, but please feel free to enlighten me." I held a stare at him that made him straighten his back. "We have agreed to our pleasures separately. She has her thing I have mine and nobody need know anything about it." He carried a look of disgust at me. "Sure sounds nice but than you seem to have a nicer end with having her social connections helping pave your career." His eyes narrowed at me as I continued, "So what more does she get?" He crossed his arms and looked out the nearby window, "She gets to keep her little family secret in tact." And with that he now held a look of evil satisfaction as he twirled a colour-speckled ring on his right thumb. I felt the hairs on my neck and arms stand on end. We parted from each other quietly.

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I got outside and despite the sun's cheery disposition I was feeling rain on my parade as my world started to look way to complicated than it needed to be. I was doomed though because I had no desire to escape. I wanted to win this battle that I seem to have unwittingly positioned myself in when Sorsha took me as a lover. Looking at my watch I decided to head to The Roguish Prince to ease my growing anxiety. I only had a few hours till my eyes would engage upon their muse. Stevie O'Flanders obliged me with a sneak sample of his latest secret concoction. It helped a little but the aftertaste left something to be desired so I chased it down with a Gin & Tonic which always seemed to smell and taste like a light floral fragrance to me. Gracie came over to check on me as she cleared my table area of glasses and my half eaten meal. The expression on her face said that she was concerned about me. However we both didn't say much to each other except to comment about the weather turning colder and how her 13-year-old son, Liam was enjoying playing in the new school hockey team. I was quite proud of being the one who got the hockey team formed by submitting a request to the town council. I left Gracie and Stevie to their pub tending duties as I headed off reluctantly and maybe a little light-headedly towards my waiting apartment.

I felt bad and all I wanted to do was crawl into my bed and sleep off my growing headache. That thought changed however when I reached my door to head in. I heard music or rather a singing voice. I paused my movements and listened. It sounded very melodious and rich. The singing flowed to me like a heavenly winged spirit and wrapped around my ears pulling me to the door. As I placed my key to the lock and turned it sadly the music stopped. I walked in to find Sorsha gazing at her nearly complete portrait that sat slightly revealed on my easel. She seemed to be in a trance as her right hand gently played with the small silver locket around her neck. She quickly brought her attention to me as I brought myself into the room with a look of trepidation. Thoughts that weighed on my mind and shoulders had to be told to her honestly and I really did not want to break her current happy mood.

"Your rather early?" I said placing a fragile smile on my face. She walked over to me with her high-heeled shoes taping on the hardwood floor like a calming heart beat. Our eyes were engaged to each other and she took me gently into her arms as she began to dance to unheard music. Something inside me let my mind slip away from its goal. We danced slowly around the room as she began to hum sweetly a tune softly into my ear. It was like our personal secret song. I felt my whole being falling under her powers. I thought no more of the day's troubles. I thought instead of how she seemed to say so much without speaking. She striped away my body's weariness as she stroked my earlobe with her finger. She began to kiss me with lips that had passion and intent on getting their way. She seemed ravenous to have me give her everything that she desired of my body. She filled me with energy that shook my physical spirit that was wrapped up in her comforting arms. Tears came to my eyes as she removed her lips and sighed contently. Her face took in mine as she spoke, "What could be troubling you,I hope not me?" Her eyes took on a look of concern. " I have, Umm,I have just had a bit of a rough day that's all." Omitting details I felt as though I was lying.

We were both in heaven with each of our loving explorations

She stared deep into my eyes and then silently nodded acceptance with a look that seemed distracted. I walked away from her towards the portrait canvas. It held a sensually drawn outline of her form with a wash of colour that was waiting for the details to be fleshed out. With my back facing her I began to let my frustrated tears flow from my eyes. "I can't finish this tonight." I said as I struggled not to face her. "My mind just isn't focused at all to work on it". I covered the painting totally and let my hands hang at my sides defeated from their talent. "You have been working too hard and placing a lot of roles upon yourself." She looked over at me, "What do you hope to achieve by trying to solve every town problem at once?" I turned to her with little thought to my wet face, "I hope to be the protector of something very beautiful, because I have found something that has brought my soul peace and happiness, I just want to be worthy to it."

A small tear fell from her eyes and she came over to me and took my hands in hers. I let my passion fly to her lips. This time she trembled in my clinging arms. Her lips were so knowing and so loving of mine. We were both in heaven with each of our loving explorations. Her taste was like chocolate to me. I brought my fingers to rest upon her cheek as I nibbled at her lips and neck. I could feel the rasping of her turned on breathing from her tasty throat. She spread her legs as she attempted to bring herself further onto my body. We both were consumed again in a slow dance, but this time we were making our sexual cravings evident to each other. She began to pull me towards the bed as she wrestled with getting my sweater over my head. My chest heaved with anticipation and my bra seemed to bust forth with my curves and cleavage. She dove her hands and lips to them like they were saving her from being lost.

I let my head roll back as one arm held her to me and let my hand run fingers through her hair. She was rocking her body onto me and I was flooded with joy from it. I felt her rip off my bra finally as it fell to the floor. My breasts hung freely and she took a step away from me as her eyes gave a wild starved look. She pulled up her dress skirt and let her hand caress her crotch. Her hips swayed to her rhythm. I wanted to be totally naked for her and have her take it. She let off a sound from her lips that told me how much she was charged by me. I rushed to her and proceeded to fiercely strip her like she held a cure to my infliction on her body. Her dress seemed to be persistent on forcing me to take my time in undoing every small soft silk button to her blouse. She was delighted in my attention and whispered to me what she craved most from my touch. Finally our bosoms were kissing our flesh together.

Soon her hands had me totally exposed to her as she unwrapped and freed me from my modesty

My hands continued to drop her dress off her to the bare hard floor. Her skin was so soft and warm. She radiated such a sexual current that I seemed to loose my place. She pushed me down onto the bed. She had her high-heeled shoes still properly worn on her feet and the sight of that sent my mouth vocal with animalistic approval. She smiled down at me with mischievous play on her lips and in her eyes. She got down on her knees and had my covered puss in her rubbing hands. "I have so much to teach you tonight, I hope that you are ready for it" She said with her eyes darting to a bag by the table. Every part of me needed her like an addiction, and my wetness was growing so uncontrollably in my pants. I could smell it in the room as it mixed with her equally lusted moisture.

Soon her hands had me totally exposed to her as she unwrapped and freed me from my modesty. I loved watching her take control and attack me. My clothes now mingled with hers on the floor and she placed herself onto the bed gently tracing over my body's warm areas with her soft pursuing touch. She began to sing a whispered song that had the feeling of deep emotion lost in a dream or wish. I stroked her hair between my fingers. With grace and speed she took my wrists and pinned them over my head as she straddled my waist. I grunted and felt her heated sex upon me. She laid down on top of me; my body took her weight gladly. Our faces were merged in tasty tongued kisses and she nibbled my lower lip. Her breath blew over me like mist over morning water. Feeling her hot pussy on me was happiness but even more so when she let her hips dance her feminine cove on me. It left wet kisses that I felt soak into my skin. We both voiced to each other our joy and naughtiness

She whispered to me, "Yes indeed I think that you ARE ready, .Would you like me to be your teacher?" I winked at her with a smile of delight. She let go of my wrists as she proceeded to head towards the bag that held her special surprise. "You are a mystery to my intrigued soul." I admitted to her as I watched her pull out something wrapped in a silk scarf. To my shock it was a strap on sexual device of great shape. She cradled it in her arms as she brought it over to the bed. A look of sultry pleasure took to her face as she placed the item next to my hip. She then took the silk scarf wrapping and took hold of my obliging arms. I looked into her eyes as she tied my wrists together. Her lips placed their love to my exposed fingers and her passion grew as she sucked and nibbled them fiercely. I watched her with my heart pounding its quick tempo excitedly. "If I am your student, I hope that I am also the teachers pet as well." Hearing that from me made her give me a look that expressed her aroused delight in my willingness to play along. She took the other end of the scarf and tied it tightly to the bed rail making my hands rise above my head onto the pillow. "Now for this...

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