Erotic Story, Bisexual Woman, part 6

Robin Raven, part 6

She placed her hands on the solid playful device. It was a stunning sight as I watched her strap it around her waist. The sight of a cock protruding from my lover was something that caused massive thrills through out me. Like a choreographed dancer with heat she took to stroking it and undulating herself. It caused me such happy pain as my hands strained against their binding. She was so erotic and exciting and I wanted to do anything to eat from her and possess her. She seemed quite pleased with her work on me as she went quickly to my thighs and spread me open.

Seeing her down there on all fours made my body starve for her to fuck me completely senseless. "Oh teacher what a big ruler you carry !" I remarked with a slight cheeky grin. Her eyebrow rose "Shall I have to teach you some manners?" She gave a wink. Sorsha kept her eye contact with me as she sunk her toy into my waiting moistened sex. I gasped hard as my back arched in feeling her enter deeply. The shock to my system was flooding over me in a wave of euphoria. My body was hers to mould and bend and she held my hips as she pounded into me her aggressive will. My thighs began to shake and convulse as I screamed out my hysterical pleadings for her to fuck me and own me. I held fierceness in my eyes that encouraged her hips to thrust more wildly as her mouth cried her rhythmic sex language.

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Sweat was pouring from my body and she bathed me in hers. I was going crazy as I used my limited movement to wrap my legs around her waist. She grunted and our lips took each other as she leaned down on me pressing her flesh hard to mine. She continued to plough me making our breasts rub and massage each other deeply. She nipped and licked my neck and then had her teasing fingers twist my nipples. I cried out a heavy moan of lustful urges to which she responded; "Now my pet you will have your final exam."

She let her hand slowly creep towards my puss. Her fingers found their mark as my Clit began to take her lovely abuse. I howled and yanked hard at my restraints, which firmly denied my freedom.

Sorsha impaled her tongue in my mouth and I could no longer hold a thought as my whole body rocked and quivered. She rode my surging orgasmic body not letting go of her hard work. She smiled and held my body like she was listening and feeling erotic music. I cried out my body's final approval as the tempo had reached its flooding and crashing point. Our bodies collapsed together, coming to full rest on the bed. My head hit the pillow that it had hovered over. She calmly stroked my face, "Shhhhhh." She softly spoke as she pulled out of my loving throbbing area. She gave me gentle kisses upon my whole blushing body. Her face held what I have thought of as her happy Zen look. My body ached and I felt after shocks of brilliant pleasurable current. I was so blessed by her naked body on mine.

Her hair tickled my cheek as she moved to untie my hands. The feel of it was softer than the silk scarf that confined the playfulness of my fingers. I sighed pleasantly my compliments to her talented and versatile sexual skill. My lips placed themselves to her exposed neck and I then whispered to her "You are a knowing woman." She brought her head to rest against mine as my freed arms wrapped around her and she in turn soothed my flushed face. "Well you take me away from my pain." She faintly whispered. The muscles in my jaw tightened but I quickly relaxed them as I gave in to her body's need to be appreciated by stroking her side like I was painting her with my fingers. My hand coasted to the devise that had added to her power over my sex. She guided my hands to the straps as she took me into her eyes. I removed it and let it slowly drop to the floor with a thump. Viewing her womanhood free of the contraption I lustfully dove to it with my mouth eagerly. Having my lips on her felt so natural. "My pet, you are my heart beat,Talk to me."

She clawed down my back for more.

Sorsha sighed reflectively. I paused in my action and took in her glowing form with my hands. "My heart wishes many things for you." I sighed "I worry about...", before I could find the words to convey my thought she spoke. "Things can only get better if I have any hold over what happens in my life." We both seemed to be frozen in each other's gaze; our minds busy trying to prevent fears. My nose caught her wet offering and I allowed it to take me back to her feminine fold and I hungrily obliged my need to drown myself in her juice. She began to hum a lullaby as erotic pleasure showed itself merrily on her. Her tune seemed to shake across her lips as they trembled to the massage I gave to her bushy pussy.

My tongue impaled and withdrew in a pagan rhythm and it made her cry harder than ever. "Aaaaaauugh..Ooooh My Robin !" She bellowed hard in a mass of incoherent babble. She clawed down my back for more. I felt her markings up and down my shoulder blades. And because of that she got the wicked end of my tongue even more. I talked to her love cove and gave it a reason to blush with wetness that I ate up lavishly. My fingers then flew to her clit and spun passion like an echo of my thundering heart. Sorsha heaved, moaned, and thrashed coating my hand. I positioned myself and offered my hand to her sexy mouth. She fed upon my fingers viciously as I saw her face display erotic desire and most of all fiendish delight. The feel of her sucking and licking was powerfully overwhelming to me.

We were lovers consumed completely in our poetic actions. Each sensation given by one challenged the other more and more and more. She rolled me onto my back and climbed above me as she aimed her glistening puss to my mouth. I seized her as my hands grab hold to her sweet ass with a grip that made her yelp in surprise. I growled as I ravished her with extravagant physical sex. My hands loved her ass; the textile nature of the artist in me was more than happy with each reaction and new discovery. Every single angle conveyed to me her Goddessness. I was completely evil to her ass and Sorsha demanded more of it lustfully. She rammed and shook her heated cove to my hard working playful tongue. My bed voiced a chorus of creaking through out every movement. She helped me to play with her gorgeously nippled breasts with greed to reach her sexual destination. The lover's frenzy came to a spectacular end as my face rubbed itself in her liquid quaking pussy. Her body and mine fell to a yin-yang position as our energies dropped into rest. The view of a lover next me in bed was something I had missed for a long time. She slept deeply beside me with an aura that said her body had found its dream.

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