A Bisexual Female's Erotic Story by Phalen, part 2

Robin Raven, part 2

.I became so charged by it all that my hands were running through her medium length dark curly hair with intense wanting. I let one hand lead down her back. She let her hands strip my shirt off as her lips were singing kisses down towards my nipples. I moaned as I closed my eyes in feeling her lips find their destination. I then looked down and was met by her lustful breathless stare. She then straightened up and took my hands and led me to the bed. I sat on the edge as she stood between my legs.

She curled one arm around to her back and unzipped her dress. My eyes drank her actions in thankfully. I helped her slide it off her body as she reached her hips and as the dress met the floor I brought her in closer and held my head to her body. She had nothing else on but a small locket and lacy garters hooked to soft leg stockings. She looked down at me with happiness, stroking my hair. I heard her heart beating and it was like a love song. I began to shake with nervousness. "I have never done this before" I told her. "Shhhhhhhh" she softly replied and kissed me softly on the forehead. I lay completely down onto the bed and she crawled on top of me and proceeded to change my soul with her tongue

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I had never kissed or been kissed so passionately before. I had especially never done so with a woman. I was ravenous and ready to dive in. Her mouth tasted of her longing. I took a breath and let my mouth and tongue find her freely offered chest. She let out a hard shudder of pleasure from my attack. Taking in all the energy I gave to her body; she rolled off me and laid beside me as we exchanged needed kisses and touches. I stripped the rest of my cloths off and watched her take my total nakedness in. She brought me to her and then slid her hand down and let a finger trace my feminine lips. I sounded my pleasure as we both felt our lusts collide and she let her fingers take me.

Like her walk, she performed everything like Zen. I felt like a wild animal unleashed from a box. She thrust her fingers deep and came up to circle my very stimulated clit. I let my hand spread me wider while I vocalised my body's compliments to her technique. Her eyes were filled with me. My body arched and twisted with as much want and hunger as her hand had on my wet throbbing vagina. I was sent into convulsive shudders of rich bodily orgasms that were cut short nearly to completion as she took away her hand and brought it up to her mouth. She began to suck her wet fingers like they were covered with honey rather than my body's sweetness. She had every intention of going for more by the look of her. I became enraged with happy frustration.

She finished her treat and brought her lips to my ear and whispered, "Feast on my love for you." She brought her body up and kneeled close to my head and began to reveal her fleshy pink offering to my eye's view. I felt her arms bring me to her feminine lips and I impaled my tongue down her aching lover's refuge. Her body made my world shake, but her body's taste made my world complete. My tongue explored her mischievously. I then pressed my lips to her clit in an impassioned sucking kiss. I let my lower lip drift in and out of her cave and let it find its own way back. She vocalised a cry of deep emotional approval of my virgin efforts sending her hands to my head petting me with tender affection. With each hard action my ears and body were met with her spirit.

I now worshiped her naked body fully.

After a while I stopped my actions and rested my burning lust. She came to me and licked my lips. We were both painted in sweat by our actions. I watched as a drop of sweat traced down her temple to her neck and around her inner bosom. My hands journeyed all over her as if they could do no other function. They wanted to create art from her. I now worshiped her naked body fully. A living canvas wrapped up in my media's rendering. We held each other close. I feared letting go and I told her this to which she replied, "Like the ocean waters do for the shoreline I will always come to wet your surface for we are joined by the moon and earth,and by our passion". My eyes showed off my bond to her in tears. "You've changed my soul! So shall I fill your body with it's energy." I said with a smile. I stroked her hair and let my hand lead to her lips as my fingers traced the fullness of them. I then led my hand to her firm breasts as her eyes had me captured. I noticed her lips slightly quiver as my artistic hand rubbed her nipple between my fingers creating something just for her. She took it all in and wanted more as we converged one final time.

She had her hand gripped onto my chest and amused it with my nipples.

The bed rocked and trembled with our bodies dance. The feel of her skin on mine, the smell of our bodie's pleasure. I burned it all into my memory. She came hard for me as my persistence was met with a mouth full of her wetness joyfully curing my thirst. Her body was happy to surrender her treasure. She stretched herself towards me and took me over like I was her one true addiction. She went down on me and wore my pussy to her face. Her eyes showed desire and joy as she watched me watch her with a fiendish expression. My head swung back and I began to talk and moan incoherently !. I felt like I was speaking a lost Amazon tongue. My grip on the sheets was all that was keeping me from dieing a pleasurable death. She had her hand griped onto my chest and amused it with my nipples. "Cum my sweet. Let me drink in all the juice you've made for me," She said and gave a sex hungered smile. And like she had commanded it, my body obliged her. Every part of me tensed and pushed my Orgasm out of its rest. My whole body sang for her.

Her actions thanked my sex with great satisfaction. Her tongue made sure there wasn't anything missed. When she crawled up beside me, she offered me a taste of what I had done for her off her lips. Our tastes seemed to mix together sweetly making a perfume from our labour. I sighed deeply as we held each other and I felt so content to live in that moment forever. She held my head to her chest with a look of someone who found sanctuary in my heart. We drifted off softly asleep together like two falling autumn leaves whose journey just begun.

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