Fantasy First Time with Another Woman

She pondered on the events which led up to the apparently most special evening of her life...

"Where the hell are you ?" she said sternly. "I'm sorry honey, I've been held up. I just have one or two more things to finish and I'll be on my way! Can you get a cab and meet me there ? I'll give you the address, I don't want to loose our reservation, tonight's going to really special." Special she thought. You've already blown any chance of that.

"Ok, whatever" she replied.

The journey in the cab was one of reflection on her husband's record of punctuality, "Every time, every fucking time", she thought. She pondered on the events which led up to the apparently most special evening of her life. 1) Him remembering late last night that it was her 30th birthday tomorrow. 2) Phoning the in-laws for them to pretend that yes, they would be delighted to have the children. 3) Promising (again) that he would be on time. Umm wont hold my breath for that one, she thought.

The cab pulled up to a magnificent looking period building, complete with gargoyles. Great, she thought, under-dressed again.

The entrance into the building's lobby was like nothing she had ever seen before. Deep red velvet curtains draped the walls and the most sensual paintings she had ever seen were perfectly placed for all to admire. "Your name please ?", said an efficient and elegant gentleman standing behind a beautifully polished mahogany desk. "Erm, Bennett" she replied. My husband is running slightly late I'm afraid, I hope it will not be too much of a problem?" "Not at all" said the gentlemen. Please, would you like to wait in the lounge area? "Oh err yes" she replied, and followed the tall stranger into a room which mirrored exactly the regal looking lobby in which she had previously stood.

This room was graced with beautiful crystal chandeliers that reflected glimmers of light on the beautifully corniced ceiling; she admired the paintings which again adorned the grandly decorated walls. She ordered a cosmopolitan from the bar and took a seat on one of the comfortable corner seats which was dimly lit by soft candlelight. Over in the corner an attractive man took his place at the piano where he began to play soft relaxing pieces. "The perfect place for lovers" she thought.

Three drinks later she reached for her purse."Enough is enough"

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Jessica could not help but notice her more than ample breasts..

As she got up to leave, a young woman approached her, who appeared to be around 30 and looked stunning.

"Hi, I hope you don't mind me coming over like this, but I noticed you were on your own. I'm waiting for someone myself and I hate sitting alone, it makes me feel self conscious. Do you mind if I join you?" asked the girl confidently. "Well, I was just about to leave but..." "Please let me buy you a drink, my name is Natasha, yours?"

"Erm, Jessica" she replied taken aback. "Cosmopolitan isn't it?" The girl walked to the bar and Jessica was surprised but quite pleased to have some company. She didn't really want to leave, she desperately wanted to spend some quality time with her husband, something they had been lacking of late.

"At least this would kill a little more time!" she thought to herself. "I hate waiting" said Natasha as she returned from the bar. "I can't see this relationship of mine going any where, it's a first date, if you can't be bothered to turn up on time for a first date !?"

"Oh, I've been with my guy for 7 years now, and he always lets me down" Jessica replied sarcastically. "You're not married?" asked Natasha sounding surprised. "It's just that, mostly married couples come here to celebrate something or another, anniversaries usually. I come here all the time, I love the ambience of the place, and I find it so sensual"

"Oh I see" replied Jessica, unsure of why this information was being shared with her but adding that it was a surprise for her 30th birthday. "Well, please let me return the drink Natasha, then I really must be leaving."

"Oh why don't you stay? Why let a man spoil the evening? It's nice talking to you!" replied Natasha, sounding disappointed. "Why the hell not?" thought Jessica. It's not often the in-laws agree to baby-sit, might as well make the most of it!

General conversation followed by a good few more drinks. "Do you mind if I smoke?" Natasha asked. "Not at all". She reached over to take the complimentary matches on the table in front of them. Jessica could not help but notice her more than ample breasts which gracefully protruded from the beautiful chiffon blouse she was wearing. "Toupee tape" said Natasha. "Pardon?"said Jessica rather embarrassed... "Toupee tape"

Jessica could feel herself blushing. She had been caught looking at another woman's breasts, something she wasn't ever aware of doing before. "Don't worry, I find it quite flattering". Jessica broke a smile and their eyes met. Natasha had such deep beautiful brown eyes and Jessica found herself becoming lost in them. Feeling rather uncomfortable she excused herself to use the bathroom.

Natasha gently placed her full soft lips on Jessica's, and again began to stroke her hair.

"Even the toilets look expensive" she thought to herself as she washed her hands in the huge while porcelain basin complete with gold plated taps. Complimentary toiletries were provided. Wipes for freshening up, lip salve, even miniature toothbrushes, presumably for after the meal she was not going to be having this evening. With this she could feel tears welling up in her eyes. "Why do I put myself through this?" she thought. As she looked up into the mirror, Natasha was stood behind her.

"Don't worry, mine didn't turn up either" she said. She smiled and wiped Jessica's eyes, only for them to fill with tears again. Natasha put her arms around her and gave her a hug. "It's ok" she said. "I'll look after you."She carefully wiped away the tears for a second time and smiled a beautiful smile. It was only now that Jessica noticed her full pink lips, freshly moisturised by the complementary lip salve.

"You really are beautiful you know" said Natasha as she moved away the fringe which had fallen into Jessica's face. Jessica felt her heart begin to beat a little faster. "I really think I should be going she said uneasily." These were feelings which she would have denied in the past, feelings she was unsure of.

"shhhhh", replied Natasha and she gently placed her full soft lips on Jessica's, and again began to stroke her hair. "You are so beautiful" she said again. Jessica felt like she had never felt before and began to feel unsteady on her feet. She took Natasha's hand and held it tightly; she could feel the tears welling in her eyes once again. "Don't cry, beautiful". She heard Natasha say.

Natasha took Jessica's beautiful face into her hands and placed another kiss on her lips, lingering for longer this time. When she moved away, Jessica took in a small breath, wanting to hold onto the moment for as long as she could. Natasha ran her fingers along Jessica's shoulders, the thin strap of her top fell away and she gently kissed the soft bare shoulder. She moved back to her face and this time gave a long tender kiss. Gently at first, then began probing inside her mouth with her tongue. So gently, she could feel the quickening of Jessica's breath as she began to pull away. "Please don't stop" Jessica begged quietly

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