A Bisexual Woman's Erotic Story by Phalen

Robin Raven

My name..my name is Robin Terri and I am in my late 20s and taking a journey of my soul. I had a few hard changes in my life lately some good and some very bad. I am a widowed woman that had no place to call home, but I took a chance as well as a bus to a place that now beckoned me. As the bus traveled silently in the early morning I noticed a sign pass by the window that said "Parsonage Point: 50 miles, population 733". I let my head rest back against the seat as I reflected over what I hoped would be my safe haven against my sadness and loneliness. I had plenty of money now and I needed to use it to become a Phoenix and be reborn. My focus was in my artwork, and what this town had planned for me as an artist intrigued me. When I got to town I was to meet up with the town mayor and find lodging at the local inn. My mind felt at peace and quickly I fell asleep as the bus continued smoothly onwards toward my destination.

As I stepped off the bus I noticed her. She was a tall, dark haired, deeply dark eyed, and handsomely beautiful woman in her mid to late 30s. The simple styled dress she was wearing looked like it was a part of her body. The dress wore her and it flattered every curve. She seemed to be a woman that the artist Renoir would have painted. Her face carried off the beauty of a Greek goddess with wavy curls to her hair. Our eye's met and she definitely carried herself like a woman of power and position. She, Mrs. Sorsha Mayweather was the mayor of this small old world looking country town. Besides that position I found out that she was also the town psychologist.

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She greeted me and welcomed me in as a new town member. She was glad to know that I was opening up a new art studio as well as a new chapter in my life. I was intrigued with her wit and intellect. She took it upon herself as mayor to be my tour guide to my new surroundings. We had a late lunch at the pub beside her office where I met a lot of the local people. Before she was finished showing me around she had talked me into being the art teacher for the local school. I also agreed to participate in the town meetings as a volunteer to revitalize the town. That placed a lot on my social plate but looking into her deep brown eyes she made me feel like I could do anything. She left me at the inn with a look on her face that made me feel like I did something so wonderful for her just by showing up on that bus. The small town had colour and life that refreshed me with every step I took.

I looked over towards her as she drove and caught her smiling a sweet glance at me.

My first month living there I settled in happily and felt that I had finally found my haven. There was plenty to be done to the sleepy Brigadoonish town. It seemed to carry a magic and mystery about it, and some areas were in need of rediscovery. When Mrs. Mayweather came to visit me one morning, she invited me to her place to go over my ideas for the town that I had submitted the day before. It was an enchanting drive through a wooded path to her place. When the trees broke open into a wild field of flowers I noticed a reserved looking old mansion overlooking a huge lake. The beach rapped itself around the land in a smooth embrace with far away brown cliffs off in the distance. The place was like its own little world. Gardens of flowers everywhere, and lush greenness growing. I looked over towards her as she drove and caught her smiling a sweet glance at me. I quickly looked away back at the moving scenery through the window.

Not knowing why that look made me blush so much. She showed me into her home giving me a small tour. She showed me some pieces of artwork that she had collected over the years. I complimented her on her taste in art. She had a very eclectic display of various pieces of artwork. Yet it was all very classy like her, it suited her. In her library I was in awe of her variety of books old and new. She loaned me an old novel that she recommended to me; it was her favourite one. We headed to the backyard garden area that overlooked the watery coast.

She then softly kissed and nibbled my earlobe..

As we finished our picnic and various topics of conversation she got up and looked at me with deep seriousness broken by a slight Mona Lisa smile. "I have one more thing I wish to show you before you leave" she announced as she beckoned me with her finger. I got up and followed her as my hands quickly grabbed my artwork and tucked them hastily into my portfolio folder. She led the way with no hurry in her steps and with no notice of me as she kept her focus straight ahead. I followed her from slightly behind making quick curious glances around at various things that decorated her home. Yet every time my eyes would find themselves reposition on her slightly revealed shoulders. We approached a corner nook area, which she then reached out and revealed a secret door that opened to a room. She motioned for me to enter. As I did she quickly followed me in.

As we stopped just inside I noticed a lavish sized bed with a huge window dressed in soft white linen curtains right behind it. I then felt her breath on my neck. I froze and then felt her arms and hands curve their way around me as she brought her body up against my back. Being an artist I was going lustfully crazy with every physical definition I was getting from her body touching mine. She leaned her mouth to my ear and whispered "Now I want you to show me how to make art from your body." She then softly kissed and nibbled my earlobe as she stealthily moved her hands under my shirt and before I knew it she had my breasts in her grasp as she kissed my neck. I was so flooded with feeling !I thrusted my head back with a moan of shear delight. Her smell was intoxicating me more and more. I lost control of myself, and I dropped my artwork and portfolio on the ground and it spread everywhere. A particular piece of paper came to rest on top of everything else and I looked down and noticed it to be the sketch of her I did secretly while she was looking at the water. She followed my gaze and saw the drawing. She looked at me and I met her look. I turned my body quickly to face her and she then gave me a hard long kiss that left me breathless.

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