Bisexual Woman's Short Erotic Story

Travelling Hands

I drove hard and fast in my car all day to reach your doorstep. My heart pounded harder on my ribcage then my fist on the door. You answered with a slow opening of your door. Your face took on a look of astonished surprise to see me there, even though you were the one who pleaded over the phone your desire to see me urgently even though the distance between us was daunting and discouraging.

I felt like I ran the whole way and your arms reached out and pulled me quickly inside. We both did not want to stop holding one another. You led me to the livingroom where you had me sit as you fetched me a glass of water. Our eyes kept together like ghostly hands. I made myslef comfortable on the couch, my eyes nearly drifted shut from my weary drive when you came back and next to me as you gave the chilled glass of water to me and I drank it down as soon as I had it to my lips.

I was shakingly nervous and it showed as a small stream of water escaped my mouth. Your hands by then were touching my legs, you leaned over and lustfully kissed and licked my neck where the watery trail fell. Putting the glass down I let out a small moan. as I leaned back pulling you closer onto me to the point that we were almost lying down on the couch. Your lips sped to mine and we took to each other passionately.

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I unhooked your bra, feeling your breasts go free from their bondage.

My arms hugged your body into me. I needed to touch your skin so my hands fought their way through your shirt and began coasting and carressing your back. I unhooked your bra, feeling your breasts go free from their bondage. You sat up on me and removed your shirt with your bra completely to the floor. You had the look of a lioness with your claws about to pounce on your prey. You tuged my shirt off and quickly had me completely free of my bra. Falling back towards me we both watch our breasts take to each other.

Flesh upon bossomed flesh, I felt you purr and I shook with great need. I felt the heat build up between my legs and knew it was being joined by yours as you began to hump my body rhythmically. My hands slipped under the back of your shorts getting to know the feeling of your gorgeous ass, tracing the fine details. I hear you sound out a moan of deep lust. My fingers are so close to your hot mound.

You jump up off me so quickly I sat stunned, but you quickly strip completely naked looking at me as your hand starts to rub your pussy in need and you call me over to take your puss and taste your whole sexualbeing. I get up and walk behind you after I shed the rest of my clothes with yours. Both of us completely vulnerably naked to each other sends me to a deep inner quake in which upon pressing my nakedness to yours has us both in its grips as you let out a shout of wildness. My breasts pressed on your back I look over your shoulder and watch my hands take to your hard nipples like they were learning brail, my eyes loved watching your face as I touched the face of your body.

You drive your hands back and I soon feel them holding and rubbing my puss as we called out to one another in heat. I love making your talented fingers wet and I kiss and nibble your neck. I tell you how much I need to taste you and you lead me to kneeling at your knees. I watch as you spread apart and bring my willing face to your wet lips. My tongue ate you fiercely, having more fun watching you twitch as I had my fingers at your engorged clit, making it dance. You were very vocal and dripping with pleasure and your pussy's demand for more was sending me into my own orgasmic cries as I savagely took to your juice with a force singing throughout my whole being.

The sight of your breasts bobbing to your bodies dance was bring forth a surge in you that shook hard causing me to become soaked and bathed by it. I reached between my legs and you pushed me down onto my back and we both worked on my clits demise. You hands beckoned my heat into your palms and delivered it to your thankful mouth as you kissed my body down...

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