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    • Hi @Dancing_Butterflies. This is a safe and perfect place for support. So welcome back ( in a sense since you're an old member?) I have a friend who experienced similar to what you've got with your step father. It was very stressful and difficult at first but it got better. The stepfather who's been a father for her ever since she's a child and has had a strong bond with her was like yours. Her mother couldn't accept her in the beginning too. My gosh, all the family couldn't. She used to come to my house and even in wee hours because she couldn't bear it anymore. Oh, my, so somehow I have an idea of what you're saying. Like you, she thought that her family would disown her (well, they really used strong words against her sexuality, girlfriend) and couldn't bear the thoughts because she loved her family so much. It took a year before the mother understood, and accepted fully well her sexuality and her relationship with another woman. Two years for her step father to accept her sexuality although he's still against it but respects the whole thing because he loves her. Her mother had helped the whole family to accept her. Her very patient girlfriend has been very determined too and has held her grip tight on the relationship despite of all odds. So far, they're very happy now as a couple. They're not an open book about their relationship and that's their choice. They're happy that they've come out to their families and close friends.  Your stepfather has his own principles and values in life. That's alright. For now, he may not understand or he may never understand the why and how but his love for you, the bond, will always prevail in the end. Yes, he may not agree but time will come when he may be able to accept who you really are. You do not need to come out to him but if you feel the need then it's up to you but do it when you feel comfortable.  You've got lovely smile and keep doing that. One day, you'll feel so free that honestly, the opinion of others won't matter anymore. Hahaha, I'm speaking in my own experience of course. All the best. Keep coming back here if need be. Hugs to you. 
    • My step father isn't too accepting of LGBT and this bothers me so much. I'm bisexual and I know if he ends up finding out he'll get upset. He knows about my attraction towards woman, yet he thinks it's just a phase which it's not. I've only dated one woman in my entire life due to me being so shy and not picking up on cues when a woman is flirting with me. My mother however is very accepting and told me if I ever ended up having a relationship with a woman, she'd be supportive. Sometimes this puts fear in me cause I love my father very much, yet his views is backwards and thinks it's all wrong. Anytime I hear his comments or anything, I'm deeply upset by them. I end up simply walking away and not saying a thing because I know where the conversation will lead. Anytime I meet a woman I connect with, I continue with it and happy.  However sometimes their only looking to fool around which I want more. My father continues to tell me that it's wrong and sinful.... and I think differently. I'm sure there's others out there who are in the same position as I am. No matter what I say, I know he won't change and see my side to it. Sometimes I think if I do end up with a woman, he'll completely disown me and won't talk to me anymore. I'm thinking if that does happen, than there's nothing much more I can do cause I want to be happy, not miserable and have someone else's opinion ruin my happiness. I never gotten this off of my chest before cause so many people told me that I should just be with a man regardless and that a woman couldn't make me happy in the end. I'm looking for support here. Does anyone else know how I feel or been through this? With Family? Friends? Co-workers?
    • Central Florida here too.  
    • Well sure I've have, lol!! I'm single so I've done it many of times and never gotten caught. Anytime I do it I was always picture myself with a woman. And this has been going on since my teenage years. That's how I knew this wasn't just a fantasy of mine, it was something that I wanted. Woman are beautiful.
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    • myladylove

      Flabby joints were a bit more cooperative this week at yoga, I can feel some of it coming back, amazing really given the years that have passed since. You also feel the benefits straight away. It is worth doing.
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    • CC*  »  Callie T

      Hello beautiful, I love you so much! This time 4 years ago we were exploring Niagara Falls together, so excited to begin the rest of our lives together.  I can't believe that as of tomorrow, we'll have been married for 4 years! Every year has gotten better and better and I'm so thankful to this site for bringing us together...6 years ago!! I can't believe how far we've come in that time. We were such different people then, in completely different situations and neither of us imagined we'd ever end up here.  But thank goodness we did!  I've loved growing and changing with you, and would never change a minute of it since it brought us to where we are now.  I love you to your star and back. xxx
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    • Punk Maneuverability

      I really don't want to know what 'I think I did too much last night' means. So for the love of god don't elaborate. You'd have to be an idiot if you can't see that I've been dodging the conversation. No details means I don't want to know. Period. 
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    • Punk Maneuverability

      Mini road trip today! Woohoo! Back soon.
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    • Stitchingtakestoolong

      This song, love it
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