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Hi and welcome to another installment of Philosophical Ramblings of a Menstruating Woman, if you have been following my other ramblings you will know there really is no structure to these blog posts, I usually just post whatever comes to mind and there is no telling what my fingers will type so strap in here we go.......

First of all does anyone else get road rage while grocery shopping? or am I the only one?  I just don't get it, they clearly see me trying to pass them even say the polite excuse me, but to be ignored.  Which reminds me of the Movie Fried Green Tomatoes, where Kathy Bates Character is trying to get a parking space and this really sporty car with young girls come in and take the spot, she yells "Tawanda" and just rams the other car with hers. I wonder what would happen if one just shouted Tawanda! and started ramming a grocery cart into a rude person's cart and just keep shouting tawanda and keep ramming their cart.  I mean what is the worse that could happen?? thrown out of the store, fitted for a strange jacket that fastens in the back? Anger management classes???  Okay probably not a great idea to do in reality... but lots of crimes take place in my mind  So TAWANDA! I think we need to start a TAwanda movement, I am just know it will take off!

Lets see what else do we have...  So I was on youtbe and was watching these video fails videos, these are the videos were people do things and end up hurting themselves and someone was kind enough to capture the event on video and upload it to youtube so the whole world can see it.  Some of them I just can't watch cause I feel so darn bad for them but you continue to watch them knowing full well you shouldn't be watching them, its like a train wreck you just can't look away. I also do the same thing when I am watching like a reality show where they are suppose to have some sort of talent and they clearly really bad, those I actually turn the channel, I feel so bad for those folks in front of millions of people.  Its just so sad.... I can't take it... Also if you are on youtube and you see shark videos they will swallow you up ( Pun Intended) also when you go in the ocean try not to look so chewy!

I guess that is going to wrap this post up as I am getting sleepy ( finally), if you got this far, thanks for reading and enjoy your day/night. 


So its another sleepless night or is it a sleepless morning? Trying to think about life and get myself together and this dream thought creeps right in, its like my mind has a mind of its own and I have no say in what it thinks whatsoever and I am beginning to think maybe it needs to be rewired.   I wonder how painful electric shock therapy is ** thinking**  I am kidding,  but seriously anyone know??? :P

Anyway, I had no idea where to put this in the forum so just decided to leave it here buried in my blog, incidentally who came up with the word blog anyway? I mean did someone just start writing something on the internet and thought what do I call this?? So I guess Blog was born and here we ( when I say we I mean me) talking about it and I doubt anyone really cares about the history of the word blog at all, so lets keep this moving on.....

Without further adieu ( did I spell that right?)  Apparently so since no little lines slapped my fingers.... here is the dream thought that popped into my minds mind.... 

As the moonlight streams in the window illuminating the room, my eyes open for a moment, awaken from a deep sleep, trying to focus on where I am and my surroundings. Hearing the wind blow, my eyes move to the focal point of the room, the fire in the fireplace dancing to the music the wind was playing. My eyes then darted to the window and seeing the snow fall at a very rapid pace, smiling like a child on Christmas morning, I dearly love to watch the snow fall, especially at night. I was tempted to get up go to the window and throw back the curtains wider, so I could watch the snow fall romantically  to the ground. But the warmth and comfort of your arms enticed me to stay right where I was, feeling one of your arms wrapped protectively around my waist, your hand lying flat on my stomach, the body heat radiating from you warming not only my body but my heart. I listen quietly to the sounds of the wind, placing my hand on top of yours, hearing your even breathing, turning my head to watch you sleepy, in a very non creepy way, I wonder for a moment what you might be dreaming about and hoping it was my face you were seeing. After a while my eyes began to grow heavy, and I felt you scoot closer to me, smiling as I closed my eyes, I drifted off to sleep, feeling incandescently contented.

( Just love bold italics, don't you?)

If you took the time to read this, thank you. 

I had better do the world a favor and get some sleep. 



Here we are again  a sleepless night ( note to self stop taking naps during the day) so what do you do when you can't sleep?  Well Ramble of course!  Although  if you had a warm body beside you that you liked a whole bunch I am sure you could be doing other   more pleasant activities than rambling. So hold on to your seats, Girls.... here we go with another installment of ....... The Philosophical Ramblings of a Menstruating Woman!.... tonight we will feature ( I have no flipping idea, I am just winging this thing)..... 

Twas the night before Thursday and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse...wait what??  Mouse.. there best not be a mouse up in here... Me no like mice, or spiders now that I think of it, or snakes either... nope don't like them at all.... or anything creep crawly not a big fan.. okay what was a saying??? Oh yeah, mouse not a creature as stirring not even the M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E (  he is a cute mouse) next question I should be asking myself is why the heck am I referencing a Christmas story/poem thingy?  I probably should just quit while I am ahead on that one as I  am not that creative to make sense of whatever I was going to do there, in fact I probably should just delete this whole thing and either: A. Start over or B. log off and go to bed but I am going with C. leaving it so everyone will think I have lost my damn mind.  ** laughing** Yes, I do believe I shall leave it... 

I am just curious, am I the only one who goes to bed at night and if I can't sleep my mind decides to go warp speed on everything and anything, like for instance, how does the internet work?  Yes, I realize I can google it but when its 2 am and in the dark your mind wants to know but doesn't want you to get up to get the answer, no it would just rather keep you awake wondering and   why in the world did I wear that outfit on March 20 1989? Oh, Yeah, I do remember why I wore that outfit, it was the 80"s, duh!  But seriously, my mind sometimes will just not shut off and it goes everywhere and thinks up the most, how do I say this, X-Rated things.  Does anyone else do this or am I just the perv of  Shybi?   Then I have this internal conflict with myself at 2 am:

Self:  hey  I really need to go to sleep, I really need to be a productive adult tomorrow or today since so damn late or early how ever you want to look at it.  X-rated Self:  Um sorry, but I am right in the middle of something do you thing we can discuss this at a later time?  Self:  NO!  We need to discuss this now, you know we need sleep and... X-rated self interrupts.... trust me we need this more LOL  ( this goes back and forth for awhile until self gives in to x-rated self... now just to be fair sometimes self wins but also to be fair that is very few times).

Also, how did the mouse on the computer become known as a mouse, anyway?  Who decides what things are called? Who decided a chair was a chair? or House is called a house... I wonder what it was before it was a house, I guess it was a shelter but then the question is how did shelter come to be known? Goodness I could ramble about this all night but I think I have bored you ladies quiet enough... so I will end this installment with a wish for joy and happiness to you all and if you got this far, thank you for reading my madness.   Until next time........ 



I have no idea what I am about to to talk about in the blog post.  But I would first like to thank whoever invented the software that corrects spelling, it has saved this girl on more than one occasion. ( I just misspelled occasion, I am going to auto correct so no one would be the wiser, just to let ya'll know I was spelling with two s's instead of one).  Don't get me started on how I really butchered the word philosophical. :D 

So lets begin, I would just like to know, who in the heck in America, decided we would park in a driveway and drive on a parkway? Seriously?  I am going with the obvious that this must have been some man joke, you know, hey Bob, wouldn't it be so funny if we just switched the meanings of parkway and driveway and really screw up with people, yes Frank that would be funny as heck ( Insert a jolly old laugh from both Bob and Frank). These are the things that go through my mind in the wee hours of the morning when I am unable to sleep. I know its really really sad and yes I am aware that google more than likely has the answer, but I like to think Bob and Frank are still chuckling about how this fantastic joke stuck. 

I also would like to discuss Ice Cream.  Now I believe the besides being its own food group ( or should be) that ice cream was designed for several things in particular.  It seems it is the ultimate comfort food for many, not all, but tons of people turn to ice cream in crisis. Say, you just broke up with your BF or GF hell this is Bi site lets go crazy, you just broke up with your BF and GF or they broke up with you,, what do you do, 1. Call your BFF 2. She/He shows up with wine and ice cream, I am pretty sure it is in the Best Friend Handbook, when said best friend calls crying ( especially about a break up) you must go to them immediately with wine and ice cream in hand. Also, ice cream is the extra good to help ladies during their time of the month, you go to the freezer see a pint of ice cream take it out get a bowl but notice it's almost empty, so instead of dirtying up a bowl , you just grab a spoon and scoop it right from the carton and into your ice cream hole. I believe it tastes best during the flowing days and also you can feel like a complete bad ass rebel who doesn't need know stinking bowl! 

Anybody out there like rainy days? Oh I do, I love a wet rainy stormy day/night, but not like severe weather, nothing tornadic (red googly lines have to stay software on here doesn't show tornadic as a word).  I find rain to be so pleasant and refreshing like, washing away all the old stuff to be replaced with new stuff. With rain you can use all your senses, you can touch feel it on your skin, face, lips, you can hear it, most certainly smell it, see it of course and lastly but not least you can taste it, just go outside and tilt your head back and open your mouth and taste the rain ( sure that isn't weird for a grown up to do that *shifts eyes**)  I do not know what the love affair is with rain, but I a certain it has to do with my mother, just kidding, I mean my child hood. Played in the rain so many times, it was so much fun to ride your bike and feel the rain and wind on your face, making sure you hit every puddle you could find on the way home, feeling the water splash up on your legs; sure you got soaked to the bone but it was so worth it.  Now when it rains, I just love to listen watch it and smell it; I admit it makes me feel nostalgic and oh so sleepy.  But its still extra wonderful when it rains. 

I think that is all for this installment, I hope it wasn't to boring and if you think I am insane well, please don't tell anyone LOL . I am off to try and see if sleep is real or some made up thing people like to say they get, it better be real or I will be back and typing my nonsense up for everyone to read.  I know what your thinking, I really hope she finds sleep..... :hysterical: 





This emotion has been plaguing me for years off and on.  For some reason, all of a sudden it's rearing it's ugly little dumb meanie head.  I feel so lonely in a room full of people, at home with my family etc. I am not sure what to do about it, I know the reason I am lonely, I think I do anyway, the secrecy of who I really am, not being able to live my life as myself, the burden of being the saint in the family the one who holds everyone together, this role as made me very tired of trying to be perfect for everyone else, I am sick of it quite frankly.  I am sure many reading this can relate, always putting other people's needs first, making decisions based on other people's feelings, the list goes on and on.  The time is coming very near where I will reach my breaking point and hopefully it won't be to bad for the folks in my life, or it might?? LOL I am not sure yet. Normally a very level person, but everyone is human and have their own individual breaking point, I am close to reaching mine.  So if you hear of an explosion of some sort of a mysterious kind in the world, it may just me reaching the point of my break LOL.

I am very thankful for this site and forum's like this one, being able to release some of what is inside me that I have not dared to breathe, its been an awakening of sorts for me.  I for the longest time though, I was the only woman in the world who had feelings like these, I felt like I was going absolutely Cray Cray LOL... its so refreshing to know that I am not alone in how I feel and I am normal. Of course definition of normal can vary from person to person, but for the most part I am a normal woman who just happens to think other women are extraordinary in every way.  That what I feel and have felt has been felt by many many women before me and many many more after me.

I am feeling better already as I type this, I think who ever said, writing down your feelings is therapeutic was a genius.  I think that is all Ii have right now until next time I thank you for reading this rambling... 


And every day....

let something pull you in.

And every day....

let something catch your attention.

And every day...

find something new.

And every day...

find summer in all winters.

And every day...

fly toward the sun.

And every day...

feel beautiful (because you are).

Unknown Author





Where do I even begin on this topic? Today in Paris France, 3 terriosts murdered 12 people, I believe they were 10 journalists and 2 police officers. On the news it showed video of one of the officers being killed at point blank range. I am so disturbed by all the evens that are happening in our world. It seems like everyday you turn on the news and bam...murder's, killings, kidnapping's, be headings, and on and on and on it goes....Where does it end? And what in the hell is the world doing about it? Innocenet people are being killed every day and it seems mainly on relegious beliefs.. That's the way I see it...You got people over here saying if you don't believe this way, that's fine we are just going to kill you. I just don't understand that concept....why hate me because I have a different opinion than you? What consitutes that hate? I you even know me as a person, nope, you just hate me because of my beliefs. Not to mention you got innocent people who are of the same faith who are peaceful of the terrorists targeted by prejudice and ignorance.


The interesting thing is people have been losing their lives in the name of relegion for centuries. People fighting other people of a different relegion because they think there way of thinking on relegion is right. How about people of the same faith fighting each other over rituals, or words or some craziness like that...all been going on for centuries. So again, I ask, is anybody doing anything about this? I don't know, you hear this is being done or that is being done, but to me actions are louder than words... I don't really see alot being done, I realize, that things go on behind the scenes that we as a public are not aware of, but where are the results. I am just super pissed everyone deserves to live there life in the pursuit of happiness.. Isn't what this site was created for to help guide woman to do just that....


EVERYONES LIFE MATTERS--- I don't care what color your skin is, what faith or lack there of you believe, your sexual orientation, how you wear your hair, what you put on your body,what you drive, where you live, how much money you have---EVERYONES LIFE MATTERS....


I've felt your pulse

within me

for lifetimes


I did not know

it was your presence

for I thought

it was me

I thought

It was the highest

most loving version

Of my own self


Heart of my heart,

you called me

from within

You called me

from a distant spiraling arm

of the Milky Way


Your quickening pulse

inside my Self

caused me to rise up

from the darkness of

physical dimensions

and soar into the realms

of the stars


Your love called me

to continue on to toher life times

allowing the sacred energy that is you

to manifest it's grace and beauty

inside my soul

as I traveled from

star to star,

world to worl,

and civilization to civilization,

on my way to you


Finally we are together

in physical form

here on the beautiful

Gaea Star




Happy New Year!

Happy New Year~ I do hope that it is a great one for everyone.


With the New Year comes a feeling of anew...perhaps in a way it is like starting have the ability to change things from your finances, to your health, relationships, etc. These are called many times have we made resolutions or goals and broke them or decided they were just to hard to achieve. Why is it that when a New Year starts we start the process all over again...making promises to ourselves that we never keep or maybe some of you out there do keep, but I believe the majority are broken.


I think in becoming better women we should all evolve with personal development, for ourselves and not for someone else. We as women sometimes make all kinds of sacrafices for others we forget about our selves, I don't mean we should be selfish and forget about others, but we do need to take care of ourselves as well.


So in this New Year I hope all of you invest the time in yourselves and be happy this year!

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