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Love yourself

i am not good in expressing my thoughts usually.That's why i have some blogs with articles that are not my thoughts but when i read them they express what i cant say.This one is Greek and i will try to translate it as best as i can again.It touched me when i read it few days ago :)


Love yourself and take good care of you.

yourself is making you happy,making you feel high and low.  Don't underestimate yourself about the times you were weak.You only have you.In everything,in good and bad times.In those moments that no one seem ideal to warm you and every hug feels foreign,indifferent.Don't make yourself feel sad,offer everything that yourself deserves to have,And don't get stuck to people that are no longer in your life for different reasons.Don't expect that everything will magically change and you will have the apologies that you want to have.No one was saved by an apology,a word that people usually don't appreciate.

Love and protect yourself.

Learn to spend some time alone.Learn to breath without needing oxygen from others.Don't be pathetic.

And if something isn't going right for you  then there must be a reason.Just smile

Live for you,for the beautiful days that will come and for the smiles to the people you love .Always search for the truth !And always search for the light.Feel free and reveal pieces of you slowly,step by step,page by page.

Love yourself exactly as you are and others will love you too for who you are

And those that are worth will be friends,companions,partners in your life.They will be there for you,holding your hand in the most beautiful,the most amazing moments in your life.They will be laughing along with you because they will have no choice.And when you fall ,they will smile until you feel that you are not alone ,they are right there with you.

They are the ones that they saw you,they made an effort to learn all about you,they hugged you,they gave you everything that you needed without even asking.The ones that loved you in your bad and in your good days,that made a choice to be with you because you gave them too a part of your life.You became a special color in the palette of their life.You stayed in their reality and shared .Shared all those things that made you find a common ground and you started building on it.A friendship,a love,a pure feeling.

Love yourself and don't get lost

Try not to give everything,always keep something for you too.The "too much" is tiresome, is scary.It shares drown insecurities,hidden fears,words that want to be heard from lips that never dared.Open your soul where you know you will not get lost.And if you do just trust yourself,be saved by you.Keep yourself high .love yourself.

And never forget....

the ones that they deserve to be in our life are the ones that prove to us that they need us in theirs too'


:) sorry if in some parts you dont understand.I am thinking in Greek and sometimes i write the literal meaning of words




Scent of a woman

I grew up my friend...

I grew up and  betrayal no longer touch me...

I got used to back stubbing and i only need just a moment

to pull the knife out and clean my wound...

I grew up my friend...

I grew up and passerbys no longer nake me upset..

I grew up my friend....

And i found out that family is more than blood..

Family are the ones you choose to stay with you once your door is closed..

when you are low...

The ones that will not put you  inside a box and they will accept you 

without terms and without limits...

I grew up my friend...

And i want to make this journey only with the ones that we sing 

the same tune even if we are out of tune..

I grew up my friend..

And if it is not love then i prefer to have nothing...

And if it is not faith then i don't want it...

because i prefer to have nothing instead of  nearly something..

I grew up my friend and it's  not because i am old..

I grew up from my losses..

And now here i am standing..

marked but still alive ...

I am not giving up..

I am not surrendering ..



Its something i read and it  touched me.It was written in Greek and it probably loses in translation but i tried to translate it as best as i could :) 






The years since I joined shy have been a real learning lesson for me.I learned more of myself first of all.How others see me, how I am, how I can be and most importantly what I want.So yeah it's been a real lesson and continue to be. I joined scared guarded and extremely closed off. I still am to an extent but I also changed a little too .Those very few that have sticked  around know how different I am than what most think of me online especially . They know I am a little weird and diverged :P they know I value kindness and politeness, they know I can be intense and a little bitchy :P but they also know I am Greek too lol and they certainly know I dont do things with intentions. Throughout our entire lives we learn. We learn and it's up to us what and who we will keep. We will encounter humans that we have no control over their actions and reactions towards us, that we can't predict an outcome of our interactions with them.But it  is up to us how we will react  and its something I personally am failing at it . I am intense and I shouldn't let others rule my emotions in certain situations but I do sometimes.Anyway,things are evolving for me and I want to believe I am too, despite certain difficulties that have not been caused by me or someone I care a lot ;) (no matter what certain individuals think or believe here).But that's our life's purpose I suppose, to learn and evolve because if we learn but remain the same then what's the purpose. Right? 


Time for me to leave here.Since I joined the site helped me a lot. I had some good times, good laughs and some bad times.I had sleepless nights, sometimes for staying up late discovering someone, sometimes because I couldn't keep the sadness of not understanding behaviors. I discovered more about myself and I've made few friends. Not many. Very few decided that I am worth it and sticked around. I regret nothing!!And I am thankful for the few that gave me chances and for all that didn't. :)

But the site has nothing to offer me anymore and I certainly have nothing to offer either. Maybe some day I'll feel like I can offer again.Until then αντίο και ίσως τα ξαναπούμε 



You said you won't forget me but you will.It's inevitable.As inevitable it was for me to fall in love with you.With no brakes,no reservations ,without listening to that voice in the back of my head that was warning me that  in the end i will be the one leaving with my heart broken.As inevitable as it was for me to trust you and allowing myself to open up so much so that you could see what no one else was allowed to see,the real me.Completely open and raw.What no one else will ever be allowed to see.

You found me and you worked your way in my heart slow and steady.And i knew from some point on that i was trying to fight a losing battle.I was trying to resist the inevitable.My mind fell first and then my heart.And i love every part of you that i was able to know,every part of your wonderful amazing self.I know you didn't completely understand  when i was telling you that you are my calm shelter and that you ground me but i know how much you helped me and  you know how different i am and how i feel things completely different from others . That's why I am able to feel whatever I feel for you

Telling you to leave was the hardest thing i ever did,but for the first time since we started  our friendship i didn't think of me.I only thought of you and i left  what i feel aside and told you i'll be ok.My thoughts and my heart are and will be with you.My worry won't stop but i can't do anything about it

I really hope you won't forget me because i know i won't.I can't forget and i don't regret . I'd do everything all over again because you are worth it. 


Why women leave

I just read a Greek article because of the day,about why women leave from a relationship or cheat even if they love their significant other.So the question was when they do that?

I will try to translate it alone so bear with me


If someone wants to analyze the psychology and the way a woman is thinking will have to  ruin a lot of paper :P Besides every woman is different but all need the same thing in a relationship:presence .(the literal translation is intense presence) Anything less causes women to want to leave,bad reactions and unhappiness.

It is from the few times we can be absolutely sure about something that concerns women.Even if their significant other is far away for business  or they live in the same house they always have to find ways to show that they care about her,that they are thinking about her and in general that they are present.

A woman is choosing to be with someone first of all because she wants to spend time with them.She has this need to spend her time with someone that makes her laugh and take her out of her routine,that gives her motives and the chance to dream of a better future.Maybe it's a little bit egoistic from her part,but each one of us is absolutely happy only when we feel that we are a priority in the life of the person we love.

A woman wants to feel that the other one loves spending time with her,wants to do new stuff ,wants the same excitement in bed like when you first met and the same intense passion.Every woman want to be wanted!! It is as simple as that.

she wants all that or else she will get tired at some point.she gets tired of you being absent all the time.To always think of financial and job problems and not let a space for her in your mind.She gets tired feeling that she is coming after your friends or family.Gets tired of trying to wake you up from where you have fallen asleep so you can go out for a cup of coffee or dinner.She gets tired of having to remind you  your anniversaries and every little thing she finds so you can spend some time together.She gets tired being always the one to make the first move every time and chase you for sex.

And when a woman just had enough of loving you then she will have a break down and in your eyes  she will become the worst person on earth.You will see another version of her,a bad self that you created through your indifference.

You might even believe that you are the victim if she cheats or abandon you,but you are the same or maybe even more guilty than her.Because you didn't listen her silence and her complaints.Because you refused to see the unhappiness in her eyes ,because you were not willing.You pushed her away from you and even maybe to the arms of someone that made her feel desirable and unique again.Someone that managed what you failed to do.To chase the loneliness away.

Because if you love her with your way and not the way she needs to be loved then what did you do?If you need effort to suit her in your schedule and  your every day thoughts then maybe you are the one that should take your presence out of her life.A presence that was always absence?

Besides if you won't leave ,eventually she will find the strength to leave.Because no one  and especially a woman  wasn't born to be squeezed  to someone elses life.


The miracle we are

Life is strange and unexpected.When you think you can just relax,just for a little,the Universe decides to remind you that you deserve only what you have.

I came here in search of what, i really don't know.I don't interact very much in general and i found shy one night and thought it would be another one that i will read few topics keep what i want and my anonymity and then i'll forget about it.

I already knew i liked women and was in the process of admiting it to myself and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do about it.I started reading and felt safe here so i did a first for me and wrote an introduction in the welcome forum,another first was my pic and my about me!

Anyway,i didn't come here in search of answers and certainly i wasn't looking for connections,i was and still am afraid of them!

I saw her name written in the members and it was the first time in my life that i felt something not"normal".Her name made an impression on me and i started looking when she would be online.I had just started being a little more confident and was teasing around shy :P and she is a big flirt so we exchanged some light teasing and so she sent me a pm.We started talking and opening to each other really fast but i couldn't help it.I had started feeling a pull towards her.It was like she was a magnet and i could feel her pulling me!I never thought this was something possible and I was surprised at first but in time and as I was realizing things I started to understand more.

What was happening was fast for her too because she is very private but i wasn't thinking,i was very open to her and i normally am not with anyone.After some time and few misunderstandings we stopped talking  here.It was the first time I felt anger for myself for being stupid and opening up and I wanted to leave shy.She returned before I do that and I let her explain why she stopped.After that we went on talking on an app and exchanged numbers.This is something i don't do and i did it only with very few shy members.

So we started talking on an app and one sunday morning out of nowhere i woke up and felt something like bubbles in my chest!It was surprisingly pleasant and i also knew it was her i was feeling and that she was happy!IEvery time i was feeling her i magically knew it was her :P I had become pretty familiar with her energy even from so far something that still amazes me!I messaged her and asked her what she was doing and she was out having some fun with friends.From that day i started feeling her emotions.And i knew it was her.At the beginning i couldn't separate if it was mine or hers but i had become better in time and i knew when it was her emotions later.

I could feel her emotions about a person she was telling me or about a situation that had happened  and i could feel how she was feeling the moment she was telling me.I was telling her what i was receiving and she was telling me if i was right and usually I was.Sometimes under the clear emotion she was having there was another one hidden about the situation we were talking about.Different one.We both did a lot of self search and progress.I started feeling her when we weren't talking too,i felt an anxiety and fear about something that happened in a day in her life and it was so extreme that I couldn't stay still while it was happening,i felt the love for her mother,i knew when she was waking up or when she was sleeping,it was like a part of me was coming alive at that moment,it was an incredible experience!Of course every day isn't the same and I couldn't feel every day .

She was telling me to open myself and feel love but i was afraid of getting hurt and i remember one day she told me what is the worse that will happen?Let the love fill you!And i did,i was thinking one day why it was happening now at this time of my life,i was trying to search why it was happening and how and what am i,and this made me go through some very dark moments of course.But that afternoon i made a realization.That i was in love with her and i couldn't deny it anymore.Me who was all my life careful with the people I let in,who had grown up in a strictly religious society and hearing all the time to not trust strangers.I tried to overcome everything I knew and believed.I let love flood me everywhere and i knew that i could love her without restrictions and expectations!!I knew that i could feel love for everything!

We spent hours talking and trying to understand everything.She was trying to understand how it was for me and i was trying to explain it and this helped me a lot!I realized a lot of things and learnt more myself and a little how we humans are.How unique and complicated in our apparent  simplicity.How connected we are if we allow ourselves to "see" and feel and how we are deep inside us under this exterior.

when our friendship went to a next level in a pretty amazing way we started opening up more and we had some amazing experiences energy wise! ;) This didn't last long because she dissapeared without an explanation and I am crazy about why's and stability.I can't stand assuming.I couldn't understand what was going on at first and why she just stopped talking and i spent days in bed feeling for two!

I could still feel her.I could feel her wanting and rejecting.Fighting herself and me!I could feel another human from miles away,rejecting me and i had to fight both my sadness and sorrow and hers and pretend that everything is ok because I have a life with a husband and a kid to live.I was wondering every day why.Those whys that where inside me since the beginning!

Why this happened in this specific time in my life,why I could "feel"another human being like myself,why the hell I opened myself so much and allowed someone to be a part of my life,even calling is hard for me because it shows intimacy sort of and allowing someone I've never met   to talk to me on the phone was and is a big step.But as everything in life I see this as a lesson.It had to be done and despite all the hurt I felt I am grateful for her because she was the trigger for the beginning of something wonderful in me.

This is something only one member knows because she was the one that helped me go through this!With her amazing calm energy and her incredible self!

That amazing woman was there for me every single day! She found me the right moment,I had decided to leave from online, not only shy but everything including my phone. She was there listening and trying to help me.And she did with her calm strong energy.She knows everything with every detail and this helped me  a lot too.Talking about something that can be perceived different from everyone.I needed to let them out and she was there,listened to everything on repeat for months,trying to be for me neutral and she let me be completely me,which is pretty crazy ;) because i am not like most people.But as I told her many times she is crazy too for tolerating my behavior :P 

Slowly with her making patience and being my friend,my safe shelter,I managed to overcome whatever I was feeling.

 Another connection started with her even more amazing and different but unique too.And it wasn't easy I admit because I had so many reservations and insecurities but she managed to cease them if not all most of them.Because she is that amazing!And I know I made mistakes with her but she is and will be in my heart and I'll be there for her in whatever form she wants me for as long as she want me.Of course my insecurities and my ego with her are still here and me being an over thinker doesn't help but I try :P

Part of the reason I am afraid of connections is this.I can't "feel"someone unless I have a connection and in order to have this I have to open up myself and let the other person in.When I decide to let someone in i consider them close to me,I don't share parts of my life and me and getting to know them and then suddenly they are over.I am pretty loyal :P I don't just open up and take it light!

And this blog entry is really something difficult for me because I give out part of myself and who I am!I really don't know for how long and if I'll let it here but for now it was something that I decided to let out


Life In Greece

So,i decided to write about life in Greece!Greece is more than the debt or some politicians that give us a bad name.Greece is the sun and the sea,the small islands with their white houses,the nights under a clear sky full of stars and the smell of jasmine on a summer night,the quietness and the stillness of nature in a snowy forest,the simplicity of the people and their hospitality!So,i'll try to have here some photos of greek every day life,most of them from small villages because Greece isn't only Athens!
  • Lesvos island blogentry-146938-0-02766200-1478121947_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-93852400-1478379195_thumb.jpgMolyvos-village-in-Lesvos-island-Greece-.jpg]
  • kefalonia blogentry-146938-0-00856700-1478122006_thumb.jpg
  • simi island blogentry-146938-0-57802400-1478122087_thumb.jpg blogentry-146938-0-86168300-1489146699_thumb.jpg blogentry-146938-0-60409700-1478122156_thumb.jpgKastoria
  • Meteora blogentry-146938-0-83467700-1478122296_thumb.jpg
  • kithnos island blogentry-146938-0-93758000-1478122977_thumb.jpg
  • paros island blogentry-146938-0-61770600-1478123134_thumb.jpg
samarina in epirus


The castle of Monemvasia


Chios island


sirako village




traditional bread











lefkada island


the island i want to go folegandros


antiparos island


paros island


skopelos small island but one of the best


skopelos again






skopelos island












Hotel in the mountain Naousa


Paros again blogentry-146938-0-76369700-1478252332_thumb.jpg

Crete blogentry-146938-0-64858300-1478256322_thumb.jpg

Monemvasia! has a hotel inside the castle blogentry-146938-0-86916300-1478256886_thumb.jpg

Tinos Island blogentry-146938-0-22954900-1478258235_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-41473400-1478258450_thumb.jpg

Mykonos blogentry-146938-0-44276000-1478259275_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-40211000-1478259351_thumb.jpg

:Dblogentry-146938-0-15603200-1478260331_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-23070900-1478260405_thumb.jpg Naousa blogentry-146938-0-65120700-1478279293_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-53199300-1478279324_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-77480800-1478279361_thumb.jpg

Lake plastira blogentry-146938-0-42890000-1478279639_thumb.jpg

Milos blogentry-146938-0-74918300-1478279935_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-16782600-1478279962_thumb.jpg

Paxos in Ionian sea blogentry-146938-0-25919500-1478280185_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-77159100-1478280210_thumb.jpg

Ikaria blogentry-146938-0-68488000-1478280409_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-72431100-1478280427_thumb.jpg

Ionian sea Lefkada island blogentry-146938-0-40614800-1478280641_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-18924700-1478280667_thumb.jpg One of the best places i've been,with wonderful beaches

Thasos blogentry-146938-0-82798400-1478377304_thumb.jpg

Santorini blogentry-146938-0-74242700-1478378971_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-33804900-1478379004_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-45632400-1478379034_thumb.jpg

Patmos blogentry-146938-0-25019100-1478383542_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-88966600-1478383572_thumb.jpg

ok food for cheska:p pastitsioblogentry-146938-0-50949500-1478443413_thumb.jpg mousakablogentry-146938-0-44069500-1478443448_thumb.jpg Imam bayildiblogentry-146938-0-27275400-1478443523_thumb.jpg pasta with rooster from Corfublogentry-146938-0-37962500-1478443695_thumb.jpg blogentry-146938-0-62660300-1478455239_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-09860500-1478455260_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-37864200-1478455281_thumb.jpg

Kastelorizo.One of the smallest islands!blogentry-146938-0-95429100-1479135784_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-50346100-1479135814_thumb.jpg

sikinos island blogentry-146938-0-81856000-1479137103_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-29827300-1479137140_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-83489100-1479137160_thumb.jpg

Sifnos island blogentry-146938-0-65522100-1480888523_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-95485700-1489145719_thumb.pngblogentry-146938-0-85773500-1489146385_thumb.jpg

Athens blogentry-146938-0-89004400-1480888717_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-89311800-1480888745_thumb.jpgblogentry-146938-0-67343700-1480888784_thumb.jpg blogentry-146938-0-34890800-1489145554_thumb.jpg

Astypalea Island blogentry-146938-0-55091000-1489145877_thumb.jpg                                                         Leros  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSMb_WGJNPMeags2iFmJTT

Zakynthos-Zante blogentry-146938-0-75265800-1489146867_thumb.jpg  


Greece :)

I found this site about Greece.It has a little of history and geography,main cities and islands,monuments,archeological sites,mountains and their walking roots and things you can do here,cities to go ,our wine roots, in general it is a great site about Greece with more details than any other site i have seen.We might have lots of financial problems but life don't stop and Greece is beautiful! :)


This in case someone wants or planning to visit Greece,we have plenty of places to visit and things to do in winter too!

For any questions ask and you shall receive!I am not a tour guide or have traveled a lot but i love my country and i had nothing to do :P so i decided to write something about Greece :)


I have this in the health thread but i decided to write it here too.I found it in a Greek site and tried to translate it with Shazzas help :) because obviously I am not very good with English tongues :P,it was originaly written in Bulgarian.I found it after a conversation i had with a friend about our body image.I am a strong believer that our exterior is just that,an exterior and shouldn't matter.What is inside,this pure form of energy and love is what should matter the most.Anyway we have to live in a world that image is everything,so we must take care of our bodies. :)



I am your body and i want to talk to you:

I look the way you think of me

Please think of me as beautiful and i will be!

When you think of a disease and you try to find it in me -i am forced to align with your thoughts and i will begin to suffer.

When you spend to much time with negative thoughts i suffer again.Because lifes precious power is getting lost in these thoughts.

When you have thoughts of joy,i literally blossom in front of your eyes.

My possibilities are enormous.

Just believe in me,believe in my ability of regeneration-i can restore even damaged organs.

I can be healed even when the doctors give you a final diagnosis.

I just want you to help me-with your will and your faith in my abilities.

I am a perfect creation,so i can be fanctional for many years.

Why from the age of 35-40 and sometimes even earlier you start thinking about me getting old?

You put me there with your thoughts,because in your society you think 100 years is the limit!

When you eat at least occasionally ask me...what is necessary for me,what do i need?If you learn to listen to me i will always give an answer back.

And this will benefit both of us.

Once again i want to stand in beauty.

Please do not stuff me with every kind of pills and products.

I can be beautiful without all these.Just help me.

I will be glad to accept however you want me to be.

I love walking out in the fresh air.Swimming.I love massage.Dancing.Sex.

everything you do that bring you joy and happiness.

But sitting a whole day in front of the tv or the computer,i don't like very much.

I trust you!

And if you have a piece of cake with the thought that you will get fat,i will make your thought come true.

I love you very much!

And i would really love to hear words of love and gratitude from you.

At least sometimes...But even if you will not tell me,I love you unconditionally.

I am your body,your universe,that is a part of a bigger one,a bigger Universe.

Thank you for being the way you are!

Thank you for your attention!

I exist thanks to you because you want it.

I am the way i am and i will be the way you want me to be.

Let's help each other.

Your body.


I am mad,mad at myself mostly for letting her be like this with me, for allowing her having this manipulative behavior.All my life, I spend all my life feeling less because she made me feel like this,took me years to love my image, my body and realize there is nothing wrong with me.FUCK I am MAD.Everytime I tried to do something she managed to convince me that I can't do it because she knows better, because she is so selfish and don't want to be alone and she doesn't care what the fuck I want.Always live by hers and society's standards, always go with her mood.Well what about what I want?how I feel?my life depends from her and I hate it, I hate that she has this power over me and I am really ashamed of that.And why do I stay?I keep coming for more hurt, more manipulation. I think I am a masochist,that's the only explanation I can give.She doesn't even know me, the real me,she thinks i am the person she tried to make.I am so tired of listening to her that i zone out,she talks and talks and i just don't care to listen and because she is in love with labels i am the person that doesn't care about anything.Well i have news i care about everything,she just made me not to show my feelings.I managed to hold my reactions and how i feel because i don't want to listen to her rants and confrontations and because from when i was child i knew that she wouldn't listen,so why bother.What does that make me?i am guarded because of her,all my life I m listening what the world will say from her,all my life I am compared and judged, well fuck you I am not my sister, I am not my cousin,I am not the stupid neighbors kid,I am me with my short hair and my jeans and my flaws and insecurities,ME, without labels,perfect in my imperfection,living in my head, in a world you can't and never will understand.


Those who keep a lid on their emotions understand the struggle of drowning in them. It’s not so much that you guard your feelings, it’s that you keep them to yourself until they eventually explode:

  • You’re always screaming internally…because screaming all those feels out in public is not only scary but it can cause a big scene.
  • You’re in tune with other people’s feelings…because you’re deep into yours. When your BFF laughs, you grin. When a stranger cries, you feel your own tears coming. Since you keep all that emotion inside, you drown in it.
  • Your response to horrible people is to smile…because you’re secretly imagining their death. Hey, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.
  • Keeping a lid on your feelings is a survival tactic. Your worst fear is someone using your vulnerability against you which is why you keep your emotions bottled up. It’s also why…
  • Your emotions are intense…because you’ve kept them in for so long, when they come out, they come out in a flood.
  • You hate crying…because crying can expose you to anyone who sees you in that state. You even hate how it feels: the tears that wet your cheeks, the lump in your throat, your lower chin trembling. You especially hate that critical look people give you before they ask are you crying?
  • You have concealed anxiety. It’s not that you hide your anxiety but you hide the symptoms like shaky breaths and sweaty palms. It’s hard to explain to others that you know what you’re afraid of is rather irrational, but you can’t help it. So you keep it concealed because it’s safer that way.
  • You’re an over-thinker…because of your intense anxieties, you become cautious of everything around you, analyzing things you’re not sure of to the T. You like to check your thoughts before you voice them.
  • When someone pisses you off…you don’t say anything until they’re gone and you’re free to rant about them to your BFF or on your blog. It’s because you’re not a fan of confrontation but of course, you’re not going to admit that out loud.
  • You have trouble speaking up…because you risk your feelings getting in the way of your voice. You don’t want to reveal too much information, but it also sucks keeping all you want to say in your mind.
  • You hate when people persistently ask you what’s wrong…because answering them can become complicated and you risk getting emotional. You don’t wanna seem cold but you also don’t want to be overbearing either.
  • You get pissed off at the world pretty easily. You always have those days where everyone from the delivery guy to the barista with the annoying eye roll is pissing you off. You find it pointless to explain your irritation because it’ll only make you seem like a debbie downer.
  • You’re very good at keeping a resting b*tch face…because you don’t want anyone to see all those waves of emotions pass through your face. But it can be a struggle because your b*tch face can also be an invitation for people to think there’s always something wrong with you.
  • You have a guarded heart…because your heart is so tender with emotions, you don’t want it to get in the wrong hands.


ok i wasn't going to have a blog because i am not good at writting or talking, but since my thoughts are random i thought i could put them in here.So i was reading this and i wanted to put it in a blog i guess hahaha.I am taurus by the way.


7 Reasons Why a Taurus Will Be the Love of Your Life




A Taurus always fights for everything they want, including you if you’re lucky. Once they’re committed to a relationship, they will give it their all. A Taurus is everything you could ever want and more in a significant other.


1. Once they do love you, you’ll never see another love like it.


A Taurus is extremely passionate and sympathetic. If you let a Taurus into your heart, it will be one of the best things you have ever done. They are deeply committed to people they find worthy of their time. It’s very important for a Taurus to have a partner who will understand that they need their space. Once a Taurus feels like their needs are being met, it will open them to love you so much more. A Taurus will go above and beyond to make his or her partner happy in order to have a wonderful relationship and share an incredible bond.


2. They want to learn about your dreams and inner thoughts


It will be their mission to find out what really drives you. They will show a lot of interest on what goes on throughout your mind. It’s nearly impossible to hide anything from them because they are always paying attention to what’s going on around their surroundings. If you mean a lot to them, which you probably do if you’re in a relationship with them, they will always notice when something is different with you.


3. They are extremely loyal.


Once in love, a Taurus is not going anywhere. They will stick it out till the end. Their devotion to you is unlike any other girl that could potentially walk into your life. They are capable of keeping their promises. Once they feel safe and secure with you, their strong passionate side will be revealed. They will give you all they can if they believe the feelings are mutual.



4. A Taurus sincerely feels everything.


They are the most genuine people you will ever meet. You will never have to worry about their feelings being “fake” towards you. They fall hard. Just never take advantage of their kindness because any feelings they did have for you will most likely be gone. When a Taurus becomes attached to you, they’re always thinking about you even if they aren’t talking to you or in your physical presence. They are very sensitive, but their emotional intelligence is exceptionally strong. Sometimes, they take things too personally, but it’s just because their mind is always in fear of the unknown. Just reassure them that everything is going to be okay.


5. They indulge in the finer things in life


Every day will feel absolutely amazing. Since they like to be pampered, chances are you will be pampered as well. They love to indulge in good food and great company. They love life in such a contagious way that can’t often be put into words. They surround themselves with creative people, exquisite things, and like to adventure beautiful places. You will never become bored with a Taurus. Being around them will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine.


6. They are very observant.


A Taurus has an eye for small details. They probably know more about you than they ever let on. A Taurus can read all your insecurities without you knowing they exist and help you fix them. They will surprise you with something you like because they always know how to make you happy and feel loved. This may come to your surprise, but a Taurus is not going to demand your love. A Taurus wants actions instead of words, so pay attention to the ways they like to be shown affection and love.


7. They enjoy a close and meaningful relationship.


Everything they do in their life has to have a deeper significance. They want all the intimacy your relationship is capable of. They will want to share a powerful connection with you. A Taurus loves to love and be loved.

They are a lover and not a fighter, but they will fight for what they love.


Yes that's it i also like stability i get stressed without stability in my life.Kairi

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