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So I am still here, well in body anyway but taking all my strength to keep my sanity. I don't speak to anyone other than a polite good mor ning and sometimes not that if I can avoid it. I do keep my eyes open though having worked with the anti social behaviour team in case I can get that all important video evidence and I keep a diary. One of the things I had noticed is that the main perp, the most biphobic and loudest seems to have connections in the local gay community, so that her game now appears to be to try and hurt me in that way but as I have not ventured on the gay scene for decades this is not really gonna affect me. I have only picked this up from observations as I go about my business. It proves just how much she talks about me and the different strangers to me that she gossips to. It's horrible really to be vilified in this way and totally unjust. Of course there has to be something at the root of all this and what is it they say is the root of all evil? That says more about them than it does me.

In the meantime, me? I am physically and mentally exhausted. I don't know what the answer is, they can label me what they want but if I ain't feeling it I ain't gonna do it. Why should I? Just to please them? I don't think so. I ain't making any major life decisions until I am absolutely sure of how I am feeling and until I feel ready. The main thing I want now is peace and quiet and to be allowed to go about my legitimate legal business without having other people impose themselves on me and try to run my life.

The more they do that the more I will run in the other direction.


Movin On...

First time I have written a blog. Haven't had my thoughts together enough, have had too many domestic problems and too much crap in my life for a long while now. I came to shy's as a result of being bullied and harassed by neighbours regarding my past private bisexual history. To be honest it was something I had given up on. Like many of the married ladies who post on here the need to express my bi side became very strong to the point I knew I had to act on it. I met and had a year and a half long relationship with my gf which sad to say ended quite badly even though when we first met she said she felt that we would be friends for life and that I was like the best friend she never had,,,blah blah....yeah right. I tried once more but 'nothing could compare to her' and decided to leave the whole issue alone and got on with my marriage. This was in 1990.


Fast forward to 2011 and tragically I lose my hubby and primary partner to cancer. Fast forward to 2014 I move to new house to be near grown up sons. This is where the aggro starts. Suddenly according to my neighbours I am a Lesbian, slut, tart, old slapper, should make up my mind if I am gay or straight, should not be entitled to my home and pension and main perpetrator states she will be 'fly in my ointment and make sure I don't make any new friends'. Gee wiz, this is straight women for you, one wiff of any lesbianism in a womens past and they get all superior on you. Oh and btw according to this woman as well 'people like me should never have children'. Well cow face, I had them and they were a damn site better loved and cared for than I ever was. All this crap and a string of domestic crisis to deal with plus still dealing with grief and having old wounds opened up.


Present day 2016. Final straw have had it. I have persevered but for my own sanity I am gonna have to move again. I have had support of a kind from local ASB team but had to close the case cos I had no video evidence and was afraid to properly identify main perp. It has become a case of being ganged up on by all the neighbours anyway. It feels like they are running my life for me, imposing choices onto me that I might not be ready for or was never contemplating making anyway. For me it's like it was too long ago, long forgotten. I am a much older woman with a medical condition to contemplate these days and would struggle to find the energy. I mean what the hell difference does it make to them? They don't pay my bills.


So before this becomes depressingly boring it's just to say that I have had my property valued and all being well it should be on the market next week. Easy. The hard part being finding suitable housing for me and ensuring that I, as an older and vulnerable woman am never subject to this kind of disgusting, unjust and inappropriate harassment again. Is that too much to ask?

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