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You Found Me From Within



I've felt your pulse

within me

for lifetimes


I did not know

it was your presence

for I thought

it was me

I thought

It was the highest

most loving version

Of my own self


Heart of my heart,

you called me

from within

You called me

from a distant spiraling arm

of the Milky Way


Your quickening pulse

inside my Self

caused me to rise up

from the darkness of

physical dimensions

and soar into the realms

of the stars


Your love called me

to continue on to toher life times

allowing the sacred energy that is you

to manifest it's grace and beauty

inside my soul

as I traveled from

star to star,

world to worl,

and civilization to civilization,

on my way to you


Finally we are together

in physical form

here on the beautiful

Gaea Star



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