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Where do I even begin on this topic? Today in Paris France, 3 terriosts murdered 12 people, I believe they were 10 journalists and 2 police officers. On the news it showed video of one of the officers being killed at point blank range. I am so disturbed by all the evens that are happening in our world. It seems like everyday you turn on the news and bam...murder's, killings, kidnapping's, be headings, and on and on and on it goes....Where does it end? And what in the hell is the world doing about it? Innocenet people are being killed every day and it seems mainly on relegious beliefs.. That's the way I see it...You got people over here saying if you don't believe this way, that's fine we are just going to kill you. I just don't understand that concept....why hate me because I have a different opinion than you? What consitutes that hate? I mean...do you even know me as a person, nope, you just hate me because of my beliefs. Not to mention you got innocent people who are of the same faith who are peaceful of the terrorists targeted by prejudice and ignorance.


The interesting thing is people have been losing their lives in the name of relegion for centuries. People fighting other people of a different relegion because they think there way of thinking on relegion is right. How about people of the same faith fighting each other over rituals, or words or some craziness like that...all been going on for centuries. So again, I ask, is anybody doing anything about this? I don't know, you hear this is being done or that is being done, but to me actions are louder than words... I don't really see alot being done, I realize, that things go on behind the scenes that we as a public are not aware of, but where are the results. I am just super pissed everyone deserves to live there life in the pursuit of happiness.. Isn't what this site was created for to help guide woman to do just that....


EVERYONES LIFE MATTERS--- I don't care what color your skin is, what faith or lack there of you believe, your sexual orientation, how you wear your hair, what you put on your body,what you drive, where you live, how much money you have---EVERYONES LIFE MATTERS....

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I am shaken every time someone dies, whether it's through war, terrorism, disease, whatever. Life should be sacred above all else and to me I just cannot understand how someone can justify taking a life. I just can't. All lives are meaningful.


I think it's so easy for us to get angry, and want to fight back with strength, but I honestly believe that the best way to fight extremism is to take away the supply of isolated, frustrated, angry people who defect to such organizations. Instead of tightening borders, and limiting what people can wear on their heads, and shaming religions or beliefs, we need to give people reasons to want to be part of a just, democratic society that protects all freedoms, not just the convenient ones. People need to feel like they belong and are valued. We need to love each other first, differences aside, we can all learn to value each other. Maybe I'm an idealist Canadian, but I know what it's like to be different and to feel like an outcast and I was so lucky to have people around me that refused to give up on me. I'm only here today as a productive member of my society because of people who refused to dismiss me and my behaviours and my challenges. We can't give up on people just because it's hard. If we truly believe that all lives are meaningful, than we must respond with love, not hate.

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Hey AndryLove,

I so agree with what you wrote, sorry I am so late in responding, but yest respond with love not hate.  

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