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My Daughter Just Made Me A Bracelet



She's 8. I suspect she won't end up being straight. She has no clue that the colors have any significance. I like it. (Picture visible if you read the full entry)



Yesterday my husband and I were shopping at thrift store. They had books on sale 15 for a dollar, so we were combing the shelves. I found A House Like a Lotus by Madeleine L'Engle, and added it to the stack, because I generally grab L'Engle books when I find them. Then I remembered that it was *that* one.


The main character is a lonely, geeky teenager, as her main characters tend to be, and so totally appealed to my lonely geeky teenage self. She develops a mentor relationship with a woman who, it turns out, is a lesbian. And that's all well and good. Positively portrayed multifaceted lesbian character.


And then she gets drunk and makes a pass at the underage main character, horribly traumatizing her. Who runs away and, if I remember correctly, is almost sexually assaulted by a male classmate, and then has consensual but rather coercive-seeming sex with her (overage) boyfriend.




No, not going to leave that one on the shelf for my maybe-not-straight daughter to stumble across, regardless of how much I otherwise like the author.


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