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Say What?

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Today was odd.


Manger: Can you help me fix the table in my word document

Me: Sure

Manager (seriously): Thank and hurry up and get in my office before your boss sees you helping me

Me: Okay


I say today was odd because this is the first time this manager has said what she did regarding my boss seeing me helping her. I have been helping her with fixing her word docs, exel sheets and even Powerpoints for the longest time.


Note: my boss is a manager as well. So they are both equals.

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That's kind of shady. When her presentations look great she doesn't want anyone to know that you have been helping her. But if you make a mistake on her documents how much do you want to bet that tune will change? "That wasn't me, it was Cylon6!"


It's not shameful to not know how to do something or to need help, but what worries me is that instead of fixing her ignorance, she's trying to hide it.


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