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So, today I placed a folder with a document in it in my boss' inbox (The folder had a sticky note on it). Then I walked out. My boss says loudly, " I hate it when you do that".


Wtf?! I am confused. When she is busy she wants me to do that. I don't get it.


Yes she was sitting at her desk, but she was on her computer. I am not a mind reader.


From now on, I guess I will knock and hand her stuff. And if she gets all snippy, I will just say you said I hate it when I drop stuff in your inbox and walking out.

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Our boss changes her mind like the wind, too. The only saving grace is that she treats us all like her slaves (as opposed to just picking on one person). Having said that, she is really horrible to her PA, who is just lovely and reminds me of my mum. The PA finds out on Monday whether she has a new job. For her sake, I hope she does x


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