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Songs That Remind Us Of Special People

This isn't something I've really discussed with other people. I'm sure everyone is different when it comes to songs & the people in their lives. I know, often, couples will have, what they consider, their song. I also have ones that, when I hear them, remind me of certain people. Interestingly, a few of those I attached to people I wasn't in love. I suppose, at the time anyway, they had held a sort of significance in my life.


My husband & my song is, All I Ask of You from Phantom of the Opera. Going on, 19 years together & that song still touches me. I'll even get teary over it sometimes. We did get to see the musical when it had it's long run in San Francisco.


There's a song that I've been familiar with for many years. It was part of the soundtrack of a movie we watched the other day. When I heard it, I knew it was meant for a special someone. I will give it it's own post. It's called, The Concrete and the Clay.

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