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A Note Just For You



If I don't phone, text or email you, please know you're still in my mind & heart. Which is why I can't contact you. It would hurt too much. It might lessen in time, but, I don't know if it will ever completely go away. If you reach out to me (which I hope that you will), I may not answer or get back with you. Believe me, I want to, more than anything. I'm keeping all of the messages. Even if they seem to be deleted, I saved them elsewhere. Right now, I don't have my phone on much & I'm not checking my email. The phone would probably be the best place,though, when you want to get a hold of me.

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Aw Gypsy I hope that things work out for you because I'm sure that one special person will come into your life when you least expect it, or maybe things will work out with the one you wrote this to. In any case I hope for the best for you. And thanks for all you do to help keep this site up and running.

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I love this. I have been there too. Hoping like hell that they will reach out to you, care enough, keep trying, whilst also knowing it is too hard to keep going the way you have been and that you can not keep in contact. Dreading the silence, and dreading the contact. It gets easier, and no contact is usually the best way. I'm sorry you are going through this. Thanks for sharing x

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I see this posted well over a year ago...  How did it all go?  Hope it went in your favor. 

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That really struck a chord with me, going through something similar right now. I hope to be ok myself soon.

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