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Have you ever gotten the feeling a conversation was supposed to go a certain way after the conversation has happened?


Well today, I got that feeling.


Last week was my last day on the job. My boss and I were finally clicking; so, I would say whatever her issue was with me has finally been fixed or temporarily fixed. She got to experience firsthand how I become very unpleased with myself when I make mistakes. She remarked that her son and I act the same way when behave or do things that are not up to our standards. And then she started calling me Sheldon (Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory TV show) a few times. This isn't the first time she called me Sheldon. She has called me Sheldon several times before due to the way I knock on her door or when I exhibit behavior similar to his (I hazarding a guess as I don't really see a connection between his behaviors and mine).


By mid-afternoon, she asked if it was okay if they called me if they needed an explanation on the tasks I was working on as a last resort since I know my tasks like the back of my hand. I said yes, and that if she wasn't able to get ahold of me. She could have my coworker contact me since for some odd reason she is always able to get ahold of me no matter the time of day. Please keep in mind, I keep forgetting my boss has my number and it is her who always reminds me that she has it. During our last conversation, she stated (1) that I had a very bright future ahead of myself and (2) she will be more than happy to read my thesis. I told her thank you, that was very kind of her. I did remind her during our last conversation that we don't know for sure if I am officially not coming back. I can't put my finger on it but it was like she wanted to say more and/or was expecting me to say more. I am the type of person who doesn't get all mushy or emotional and she knows that. She has remarked to other individuals that I am stoic at times.


Why do I feel like the conversation was supposed to go a different way? I don't know, it is just a feeling I am getting.

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