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Standing Up For Myself At Work



Well, its been needing to be done and friday was it. One of my co workers would spend more time worrying about what another coworker was or wasn't doing and tried to get me to go along with her and i did for a little bit even though it was driving me crazy and so when she told me todo something and i didnt, i knew it was the tip of the iceberg...after she tried to tell me what was going on and i told her i can only worry about myself and not everyone else and then she said she was only looking out for me and i knew that wasn't true so, i just said okay and she stormed off and i felt soo much better after and she wouldn't even talk to me for the rest of the day... I was in a great mood after and i am a little anxious about tomorrow, but not a lot. I felt really good after i said what i had to say and it made it an awesome friday!!


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