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Let Us See Where This Goes

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So, this past Saturday,I met a woman and attempted to flirt with her. I guess I did okay because we exchanged numbers. I decided to text her today to say hey, and we started chatting. I have to admit, this is completely new for me, and I feel like I over analyze everything she asks or says and I also do the same for me. Additionally, I tend to freakout if she stops texting me because I think I have scared her away.

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Give it some time. Remeber you've just met her. You've both got lives and if it goes well schedule another meet ASAP.


Congrats on flirting success! :D

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Well it turned out to be a bust. I was the one who was always initiating the conversations and when I finally decided to let her make contact, she has yet to texted me.


Thanks Hungry!

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