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First Blog Post Ever

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So I've hesitated in creating a blog since I have no clue what to add for an entry or anything, but I just figured I'd do an initial post and see how it goes over. I decided to write about this girl at work that I have a huge crush on, mainly because this is the only place I can really talk about it and she's on my mind a lot. For privacy's sake we'll call her *Sarah* but note that Sarah is not her real/legal name.


Sarah started at my office about 3 months ago, and I really wasn't sure I'd like her. The position she took was one that used to belong to a very good friend of mine and she moved to be closer to family, so I was kind of bummed. I always felt like Sarah was being defensive or maybe overly sassy with a huge side of attitude and I wasn't a fan because I'm typically really laid back and easy going. We had a mutual friend and before long Sarah and I got to know one another and became fast friends. At this point, I knew that I was bisexual and had recently been able to admit it to my best friend, but I hadn't found a woman that had me absolutely swooning or anything. Sarah is super down to earth and grew up in the country dong farm work like I did, and she shares my love of the country/farming lifestyle. She has this great curly hair that is a lovely shade of dark blonde...I'm talking the bouncy spiral curls that I'd kill for, but they're just relaxed enough so they aren't crazy. She's got beautiful curvy hips and this voluptuous butt and full breasts that capture my attention like nothing else. I can't help but look her up and down every chance I get and hope she doesn't notice me staring at her. I usually snapchat her something silly so I can hear her laugh across the room or I'll find some excuse to go talk to her or something. I probably sound like a creep or something to anyone reading this, but I'm absolutely entranced by her and I'm wondering how someone could possibly be so perfect. She's the first girl that I've ever felt this way about so it's kind of like my first 12 year old crush all over again lol. I get the butterflies and stuff and today she showed me something on my computer and I could smell her conditioner mixed with her perfume and it was intoxicating...she has the best smile and this adorable laugh that I love to hear every day. I wish I could be up front and honest with her about my feelings for her, but as far as I know she's straight and I really don't want to lose that friendship with her. It felt good to get all of this off my chest finally...I hope I didn't bore anyone to death with my rambling lol.

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Thanks for posting this, it was wonderful to read. She sounds amazing and your crush sounds amazing - I could really imagine how you feel about her. I had a crush on a woman at my last job, but she was in another department so I didn't see her day to day, but when I did I became so entranced :) I hope she turns out to be bi, or at least bi-curious.

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Mmm...she sounds delicious, a lot like my best friend who I am currently thinking of all the time. Good luck.

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Your not alone, I have a work crush also but it's tough as I'm her boss, she's so cheeky and flirty, it drives me bonkers, I think she knows it too and enjoys the chase! I really can't step over that line! Sarah sounds hot btw! Xx

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