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The final countdown



Here we are, the end of May. A time I am usually very excited for. My birthday, the beginning of gardening season, this year we talked about moving, and the weather is so nice!


This May holds difference significance for me, marked with awful experiences from these complete assholes next door, and waiting for test results, appointments, phone calls. It's all very nerve wracking. In the latest development the guy who lives there has decided that scaring me and watching us all the time isn't enough, now he has proven he'll go further by harassing a guest that came to my home. The chief of police has been involved, but for some reason everyone thinks it's just a matter of waiting them out, which leaves me hope. Last we knew, they were suppose to leave in June.The same thing was told to another neighbor by the landlord a few months ago. So based on all the information I have, I'm counting down the days until the end of June and I cannot wait to see a moving truck.


I'm not quite counting down the days until surgery since I don't have a date set. However after my final appointment with the dr last week it has been determined there is no need for an oncologist in the OR. She feels confident in proceeding and said she'd have someone call me with a date set this coming week. So no actual countdown happening, but we agreed she would try to schedule the surgery before June 30th, for insurance reasons. So I do have a ballpark countdown going in my head. While I am sometimes over come with emotions and find myself crying about the idea of surgery, at least it's just surgery and the problem is gone. It will be a few days in the hospital, and a few weeks at home without driving, maybe a full 8 weeks before I can return to work. But I am looking forward to being comfortable again. Right now there is constant discomfort and pain and I cannot be too active. Even something like riding a bike would be very painful.


So I feel like I'm in the final stretch and if I can just hold off this dark cloud for 1 more month, then I'll have some time at home this summer on recovery to charge back up.  Once these neighbors are gone I can feel safe and comfortable in my home and yard. And after we've found a way to pay for the surgery I'll be able to keep myself busy with selling this house and finding a new one.

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I am very late in reading this, I do hope surgery went well and your recovering, nicely and comfortably. Sounds like you had/have some neighbors from hell. I do hope they are gone now. 


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Surgery was successful, although the recovery process did not go quite as planned. I'm trying to find the energy to write my story out, hoping it will help. The neighbors are not gone and we have been informed they intend to stay until December, and their landlord intends to let them. I have fought for months to just stay above the depression creeping in because of this situation and I don't know how much more fight I have in me. We also found out today there is a VERY good possibility that my husband is losing his job on Monday. I'm just broken. There are no pieces of me that are not broken, and recovery is still very far off.


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Awe :( hugs and love to you it sounds like there is a lot going on... hopefully you won't have to stay too long around those neighbors :blush2:


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