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Is it bad to want to shut down and shut the world out?



Is it bad to not want to help clients who can’t help themselves?

Is it bad to have a deep desire to want to go home but the only way home is via death?

But this is my home, for now.  And I really dislike it in this moment.

FB pics of dogs being skinned alive.  Animals chained, caged and tortured.  Seal pups left to leave a bloody trail when they slither over to their mother without their fur.  Monkeys caged at the dinner table and heads smashed so we can eat fresh monkey brains.

We are the sick bas*ards and I want to go home.

A longing to see old souls that you connected with in this lifetime and wishing they were still around, partly thinking lucky them and partly thinking why them since they were the good ones.

Is it bad to want to shut down and shut the world out?  Is it?

The amount of cruelty, bigotry and greed.

Mother Earth crying out to be saved, dirty waterways, piles of plastic and rubbish.

Let’s fill up our pockets with man made crap called money, so we can buy more man made crap. 

The banks hanging us by the balls.


Will we ever learn to save ourselves when we let the world around us crumble?

Its okay we have outer space to screw up.  No. Wait.  There is already too much junk up there floating about.  Managed to ruin that too!

Love, lust, greed, hate… I think we have left it too late.

Is it bad to want to shut down and shut the world out?  Is it?

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I think a lot of people are feeling like this right now.

I've learned to recognize that I have pretty specific psychological reactions when apparent reality differs from what I know to be true. It's really not a pleasant state, but I've learned that I can trust it. That the feeling that I must be crazy means I'm right. And this post captures that feeling pretty well.

I don't think it's bad. Probably very normal. The only possible "bad" is that shutting down isn't productive.

Have you read A Wrinkle in Time? I'm re-reading it now after realizing that it's one of the few books I've read that really captures this feeling.

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Thank you @moonbynight

I am really looking forward to reading this book, thanks for recommending it.  I believe death is such a taboo subject…  I feel disheartened and despondent at times with the way the world is going and know that we (humans) are not living sustainably and Mother Earth can only handle so much.  It makes me cry when you realise how seismic blasting is not only harmful to the seabed but also cetaceans.  Sure you can argue the harm is minimal, just as 1080 poison targets specific pests and not other wildlife.  Rainforests diminishing.  Global warming.  Humans at war with one another. 

I'm not suicidal or depressed, I have so much to live for, yet at the same time, so much to hide from.  I feel we are here for a reason, that life has a purpose, and that is to wake up before it is too late, yet... sadly, I don't think we will make it.  It is like we are sleepwalking.  Or walk around with blinkers on only paying attention to the nice things and ignoring our own need to drive this madness.  Latest phone and gadget.  Bigger TV, nice big house, a decent car with all the trimmings, fast motorbike.  Where do we think these things come from?  The Banks desire to own us, and in the process Mother Earth is paying for it.  More cars on the road, more need for petrol, more pollution, more more more... it never ends. 

We simply cannot live simply anymore. 

Greed, hate, power and money... but lets talk about the alternative truth... that we should love like crazy before it is too late.  Love the traffic you are sitting in, love the fact you hear music playing, birds singing.  Love that you can see your child smile or have the ability to smile at a stranger.  Love the sun, the moon, the stars, the wind, love it all.  Love while we can because this is life.  We are it and it is now.

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...yet when I allow myself to be open and vulnerable to love; joy finds its way through my heart, beauty too filters the lens on my gaze and I open my eyes wider because the best way to realise your dreams is to wake up!

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I often struggle with this. Life is horrible. There's oppression, greed, famine, disease, murder, abuse, children growing up with nothing. And there s nothing we can do because we're insignificant and powerless. This is the path humanity has chosen and it can't be redirected. If we look deeply into our purpose asking the questions that you do, there's very little worth while. Which is why most people just busy themselves with superficial goals and dreams. ....sorry this isn't adding anything positive to your post. 

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