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New Outlook On Life



I have decided enough is enough. 

If I'm not happy with myself or how my life is going, I need to stop moping about it and I need to change it. 

I bought some new clothes today that aren't normally my style. Recently dyed my hair blonde and tonight I cut it and gave myself bangs, which I never do. I've been wearing make up more and damn, I just feel so much better about myself. 

I'm a happier person dolling myself up, even if it's just for work or just for a few errands. 

I feel so much better about myself, I have this new flood of confidence. I just feel so so good and it was such a little change. 

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I agree it demonstrates something to you and to others about how you really are.


Make up is a good name


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I don't wear makeup much, esp since where I work it will melt off. I always feel pretty when I do put make-up on.

I'm glad your doing things for yourself. :)


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good for you :-) whatever gives us confidence to change our fate for the better is a win!!


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I do this too:) I haven't for awhile and want to get back in the habit of doing my makeup everyday again as i notice i feel differently without it


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