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Loads of Bis out there



Last weekend was York LGBT Pride so I went along and helped out for a bit on the bi stall (if you can talk cheerfully and on-topic to strangers, the people who organise those stalls at Prides are always looking for volunteers!)

It was striking just how many bi people there were - lining up sometimes four people wide and three rows deep to take turns to sign up to email lists, take flyers and stickers and bi magazines and the like.  I've run bi stalls in the past with hardly anyone showing interest so it was really heartening.

It was fairly busy at Bury Pride a few weeks ago too. I think the bisexuals are coming out of the woodwork more than ever before - it's heartening and I love going home from a Pride stall that we've had to close down because of running out of every single leaflet, pamphlet and so forth we had!

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It was a really good day - so many people! A lot busier than Bury Pride was, hope the rest of the Pride season is like this...

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That is great news, I have not been able to attend any so far as I have been at work 

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A shame - there are a good few down your way too, including some that I know have had bi banners out on the parade this summer! It happens though - people always assume I'll be a veteran of my local trans pride (Sparkle) and in about ten years of the event I've only been there for about four hours in total, it almost always falls on weekends I have to be elsewhere.

That said my first Pride was one of the biggies and the emotional power of being in the midst of that many queer people was huge. I wonder if it's still the same - please do tell us all if you get to find out!

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