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One hurdle down

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So I've been struggling to find the energy to tell my story. It's long and it breaks my heart and the bad news still has not stopped.

The week before my surgery this situation with the nieghbors got so far out of hand we decided to find something to do about getting out, so we have friends whose brother has a lot of rentals, most in disrepair. He agreed to let us work on one of his rentals, just around the corner from where we live now, n exchange for rent. He let us move into the house with no lease, no deposit, no rent. He was even out of the country on his honeymoon when he agreed to all of it. So we spent a week cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, painting, installing, prepping, cleaning. This house was not in great shape but we didn't expect to move our whole home into it. We were left with the impression these stupid neighbors were leaving in June, so we thought it would be a VERY temporary solution to have me stay there for the first week or two after the surgery and wait until they move out, then we could come back home and not have to deal with it.


Well the first night we slept in the rental I woke up the next day (5 days before the surgery with one of my eyes swollen shut and a rash and hives covering my face and arms. With everything going on, We determined that it was likely a stress/allergic reaction to some makeup removing wipes that I use. Not a new package, nothing changed, but where I broke out if where I use those wipes, my face, my neck, back of my neck, and my forearms. I called the surgeon concerned she woudln't be willing to do the surgery if I was on a steroid, but she said that wouldn't stop her, so I went into a emergency medical facility on Friday morning (the second day I woke up in the rental) and got a cortisone shot and a prescription for some steroids. The rash didn't improve, at all, over the weekend. And my son developed a fever that went away when he was out of the house for more than  hours, but came back if he came back to the home. We began to suspect the rental home had mold and we were having reactions to it. By this time Monday has rolled around and I'm still covered in a rash, but I showed up at the hospital and they performed the surgery.

The MRI that was done to determine what was going on had apparantly been read wrong. I had had this same thing happen to me 10 years ago. A cyst in my ovary. Not the typical ovarian cyst that will likely rupture on it's own, but what they call a dermoid cyst or a teratoma. It's like a "Twin" inside a pouch in my ovary. The first time they did this, 10 years ago, they removed hair, nails, teeth, but they worked to save my ovary because I was young and had just married and had no children. Save my ovary they did and a son I had. Well the reading they did of the MRI led them to believe that this cyst was in my other ovary from where the first one was, which was a source for concern. She sent me for a LOT of extra blood work to ensure there was no need for an oncologist in the ER. But upon reading the MRI they determined this one was in my left ovary this time. So when it came time for surgery they started on the left, thinking that was the ovary they were removing, only to discover upon getting in there it was actually a reoccurance in my right ovary, so they had to cut wider. So right off the bat the incision is bigger than we expected. Other than that, surgery was successful and they removed the one ovary and both my tubes. I woke up afterwards and concentrated on recovery. Naturally I slept, a lot, after surgery. I remember waking up the next morning and being very itchy. Well my face and arms and neck were still covered in this other rash that popped up before the surgery, but I look down and notice a rash has now broken out on my chest, my stomach, my legs.....everywhere. I told the nurses and Dr that checked on me that I was concerned that the rash was spreading, because I was on steroids to treat it. No one seemed too worried about it, and they gave me lots of benadryl and kept an eye on it. The three days in the hospital for recovery was rough, but by the time it was time to go home, we were still in that rental because we hadn't 100% determined that there was really an issue there and we needed to be out of our house while this situation calmed down with the neighbors. Well my first night out of the hospital I woke up many times, obviously in pain and uncomfortable, but the rash kept getting worse. And worse. And worse. And at this point we began to wonder if it was not the house, but something else since some of the rash popped up while I was in the hospital, away from the house. My husband dragged me to the Dr who determined that I was having an allergic reaction to my pain meds, which I've never had any type of allergy of before but you can develop an allergy to hydrocodone anytime in your life. So 3 days after surgery and the dr recommended I stop taking my pain meds and try to recover with just motrin.

So not knowing if it's the house or the meds that are making my rash worse and recovery harder, we bite the bullet and decide we have to go back to our home and just deal with this neighbor shit, thinking it would only be days at this point. My poor husband, he worked his ass off to get all this done. I couldn't do anything, i couldn't even stand up on my own, so he moved us, twice, in a week. And of course, as soon as we tried backing the trailer into our driveway, the bitch next door started in on my husband and it turned into the cops being called that night and a visit being paid to them the next day. To clarify the neighbor situation, we share a driveway which is why we have to deal with it. If it were just a matter of staying on their own property and leaving me alone it'd be fine, but I can't use my driveway if one of them are and they have both shown a serious capability for violence with their vehicles, so the idea that they may be trying to pull out while I'm trying to pull in and a confrontation happens isd a large part of what causes me such anxiety about it. And the fact that this bitch is bat shit crazy like my mother was, I can see it and feel it, and I'm telling you she's going to snap one day and lose control. And he's the same way, but his is from temper. These are the type of people that I've felt uneasy about since day 1 of meeting them. So we tried to use our driveway to move back into our home, 4 days after surgery, and an argument ensues in the driveway. I was not here for it, I was drugged up on motrin and benadryl and asleep upstairs. The police came over that night, spoke with Matt and told him they'd have (another) talk with the neighbors, which he did the next night and she wasn't there when the police stopped by. We could hear what the guy was telling the police and he lied to him about everything, which is stupid because we have messages and video to support our story, we can prove they are lying. So since the police have gone over there, she had one more big fit the day after coming home from work when Matt was in the driveway, talking shit about him on her way in the door, and since then they've MOSTLY left us alone. But in the last week she has started using the parking part of my property to turn around instead of backing down the driveway. Something that hasn't been done for years, so it's intentional and they are still poking at us. I posted a No Tresspassing sign on that side of the driveway and she hasn't done it again since, but I watched her on my security camera have a little 4 year old fit in her yard about it when she saw the sign. Also, they told the officer they are staying until December. My heart broke, now I have to deal with this for another 6 months?! I thought this was almost over!! And their landlord is fucking useless, she doesn't care she's being lied to, she doesn't care these people are treating my nieghborhood like the ghetto, because they pay her rent and on time, she won't even waste her time speaking to us. Matter of fact when we were delaing with the TWP and the police about it the Chief of police himself had to place 4 calls to her before she finally called him back.

The first two weeks after the surgery were some of the worst days of my life. The Dr informed me that the stuff they removed from the teratoma was highly hormonally active, and I believe it the way my hormones went crazy. I walked around here sobbing for nothing. I have never more in my life wanted to die, I begged my husband to put a bullet in my head. I was in so much pain and emotionally I was so defeated by these pricks next door. The feelings have since passed and the hormones ahve settled and I can handle them, but those first two weeks were awful. Terrible. Devastating.

So I've been home for 5 weeks now, this is my last week off before I go back to work. I'm nervous, but ready to go back. And yesterday my husband comes home from work in tears. We think he's getting fired on Monday. It's another story I don't have the energy for, but he has been unhappy at this job since about week 2, they have not treated him right and there are serious communication problems there. As far as the house goes, my MIL has agreed to help in any way she can. She's offered to help us finance another house, to take a second mortgage out on her house, to help us sell this house, to move into an apartment so we can move into her house...she's just trying to do anything she can to help. And it might have been something we could figure out....but not if he loses his job Monday. That will kill any chance of being financed for a new home, I don't make enough to have two mortgages and we can't sell this house yet.

I realize now I'm rambling, and I know I didn't even cover it all. But there are some of the basics. Surgery is done, it was successful, we are back home, the neighbors are pricks, we are trying to find a way to move and somewhere to move to soon, and I go back to work in a week.



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