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I finally figured out how to make a blog post! I love this site because there are so many like minded women here that support one another. 

I have been bi I feel all my life but only realized it about 5 years ago. For me, I have such a hard time meeting bi women. A few years ago, I had a couple good experiences but I have moved since then and have had no luck in my area. I have gone to bars, clubs, dating websites... I feel like I'm my island alone or maybe I'm just too picky lol 

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I sometimes think very few relationships are about being picky-romantic or normal friendships- I think it's more about connection-and you either feel it or you don't-and when there is enough connection on some level it would prompt you to want to know more. Sometimes when we crave connection and not finding it, it feels lonely. Keep putting yourself out there and it will come. ..

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Depends what you are being picky about. If you would only date a "billionaire bikini supermodel astrophysicist" then yes, you should probably relax your standards. If however your pickiness involves wanting to only date people who are compatible with you in personality, preferences, etc that will narrow your field but save you heartache in the end. Credit to Weird Al for the example in quotes 



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