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Death & Rebirth



I feel like I'm playing with fire,

I fear getting burned,

You would think with all of Life's Lessons,

I would have finally learned...

No matter how you fight it,

Your Heart will always win,

Dubbing you the Jester,

Love's Fool once again...


Though I play coy,

Keep my secret close to the chest,

my hand can't hide the blood

seeping from my vest,

leaking through numbed fingertips,

I curse the arrow that felled me as I fall

I swear on my ill fate,

If I do not find "Her" here I will not Love at All.


But even as I let the lie fall from my cold lips,

I already know it is untrue,

For to know True Love ever,

It always must start with "You".

And even as I fight it,

I know there is no other way,

Resign to Fate, 

To Meet Your Mate,

Or go on to suffer forever and a day.


The "Her" I seek has worn a thousand faces,

Has baited with a seductive smile,

Driven Men to their Ruin,

Made many a Maiden run wild.

But they were all pretenders,

They could never claim her throne,

And so here I sit in silence,

Without a Queen to call my own.


Maybe it is I've been deceived,

and I have her after all.

The Queen of Hearts makes merry feast,

Finding sport in watching me stumble,

Delighting in my Fall.


Finally I hit the floor.

The wind all but knocked out,

crimson comes gushing forth,

as pretty drivel leaves my mouth.

I hate myself, I hate this actor I've become,

When all I want is something real, something true,

Someone to whom I can depend on.


A gentle hand, a soft touch,

a voice I cannot quite hear,

leans in extra close,

and whispers in my ear.

My foggy brain cannot comprehend,

What is this place? Why am I here?

Was I not just Dead?


Open eyes to go blind,

The light so bright it burns,

But after a spell, all is well,

And I can see, that it is "She"

for me she has returned.


Her form is luminescent, 

An Angel could not compare,

So immaculate in it's conception,

A mere mortals eyes cannot fair,

Gaze instantly shifted,

I cannot help but look away.

But happy am I, she is more than a dream.

"Go Back!" Echoes in my brain,

And I begin to SCREAM!


The pain ghosts off my skin 

As once again I sit upright in bed,

Wondering what was up with this 'vision'

This would be soulmate in my head.

I sit there watching the dappled sunlight

play across the covers

Fully at peace, to wonder if the "She"

the one for me, is mere fantasy,

Or really out there, somewhere,

waiting for me to discover.






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Interesting shift from Her to She. Seems like the difference between loving the idea of someone and truly loving a person.


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13 minutes ago, ChemFem said:

Interesting shift from Her to She. Seems like the difference between loving the idea of someone and truly loving a person.


@ChemFem Good eye. You know it's funny that when I was writing it I wasn't consciously aware that I was making it two different people even though I knew I was intentionally shifting the tone. It wasn't until I thought about it afterward that I came to a similar conclusion. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

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