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The feel of her hands in my hair



So I got a haircut yesterday- the first in awhile and it was a new place and I was feeling really really shy.

I like my hair short and the lady cutting my hair was seeing how short it was and when she put her hands in my hair, I about melted:) I have never had another person especially a lady put her hands in my hair and now I want more.... I felt like I had discovered something new and she must of done it a few times and each time was awesome...she is older than me and I believe married, but it made me realize that I want someone's hands in my hair in the future... 

Afterwards it was all I could think about and I think I even felt myself getting wet while sitting there....

We go back in a month for a touch up-:)

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A woman's fingers running through your hair, whatever the length, is definitely an amazing feeling... What a lovely discovery! :)

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