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Maybe its a good thing



Maybe its a good thing 

Maybe its a good thing that I keep certain things to myself. After thinking about it and seeing some comments on my blog, maybe just maybe I don't have to share everything with family. I mean just because you live with them doesn't mean you have to share all the things that are private... Half of the time before when I would bring up something,  my mom wasn't very interested... And if I were to come out to my brother and the other part of the family, it would be up to me and all on me.. Frankly right now I feel that they don't need to know. They don't share every detail of there sex life or whatever with me, so why do i need to? 

Since I have started blogging again, i am starting to feel more connected and not so isolated. Now I have the desire to blog and even though  its the spur of the moment, like this one is, I'm doing it. This is another part of what I was missing from my friend. We used to talk about all sorts of stuff from the kinky to the not kinky....

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