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showing more and more of myself...



Well its been a little while and im half asleep and ready for bed cause i have to work in the morning and yet i want to blog before i fall asleep...

Lately I have done a few things i normally wouldn't do before and while they may not seem huge, its noticeable to me- 

1. Smiling at a girl cashier in the store and having her smile back at me...this happened this morning and im still thinking about it

2. Telling my mom about the girl i was crushing on and how she was married and to a woman and how they have kids...mu mom didn't really respond, but it was huge to me...i left out the part of how i thought she liked me...but knowing myself and how obvious i have been in the past....

3.realizing that i may be small crushing on the teacher i work with when after i overheard that she was divorced, and someone mentioned her looking for someone, i let my mind wonder to if i would have a chance with her...i try not to think too much about it because we do work together and i need to be on my game while in her class..

I have to wonder if im becoming more comfortable with being myself and also maybe accepting myself as well...

On another side, i think that just talking about girls and checking them out, its making it obvious and it may be a subtle outing...


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That conversation with your mom seems like a big deal. Sometimes just clearly articulating your desires is a radical thing. :)

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