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this girl crush went nowhere fast



Well, i tried to reconnect with my former girl crush and it's going nowhere...in the back of my mind I'm not too surprised because this kinda happened before.. 

When we were friends before, i would get mad at her because a lot of the time i wouldn't hear from her and even back then, we talked more and she was very involved with her family, which is not a bad thing, but you would think that if you posted pictures of your family on Facebook, but can't reply to a message, you could have time for both?? 

I could message her and tell her how i feel about this, but really, she probably wouldn't see anything wrong with it and probably just tell me she would call or message me and never do it...

on another note, she couldn't even wish me a happy birthday on Facebook and she was on there a lot of the day...

As i talked to chemfem about, it is clear that im not a priority to her. And that im better off focusing on someone who will make me a priority. I agree and almost want to delete her again, but i don't know...

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