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Flake You



Well. The Republican tax bill officially has enough votes to pass the Senate. Time to gear up for a 300% increase in my taxable income, without any corresponding increase in real take-home pay. This after I realized this month that my bank balance is negative, because I was given less than $4500 stipend for the entire semester and have been filling in the cracks with credit card debt. 

I realize that in global scale of injustice, chronically underpaid graduate students are far from the worst off. However we are facing some problems, that are about to get exacerbated. Personally I will probably be ok. But right now I am just sad, mad, and scared.


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Yeah the vote doesn't happen until next week technically. The title was in honor of my *beloved* senator who publicly announced today that he would support the bill after having previously expressed reservations. There will be a solution and I will work towards it, individually and collectively. 

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Oh and by next week I apparently meant last night. Cause nothing says good legislation like ramming a vote through at the last minute when you think nobody is watching.

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No, it is next week officially. House and Senate both passed their versions, and now the whole thing is formulated.

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