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Woah 2017



Long story short, 2017 made sure to end with a bang.

In the last three months:

I went to Hawaii. It was absolutely amazing. 

I opened up my relationship with my bf.  It's only open to women, but it's something, and because of that change...

I had my first full sexual experience with a woman and was also almost a unicorn (but, no, unicorn-ing is not my cup of tea. Women definitely ARE). Hahaha!  I definitely bat for both teams, potentially for women more than men.  At least at the moment.

I have a girlfriend.  I can't say this one enough.  I just adore her.  It's long distance, and I thought I couldn't do long distance anymore, but I had to have her for my own, and she me.  I'm going to do my best to visit her this year.  She's just too wonderful.  We don't just finish each others' sentences, we completely say what the other is thinking and it freaks us out every time.  I can't get enough of her.


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"End with a bang" ;) yes indeed! Congrats on the girlfriend. Soak in the NRE. Have a great 2018.

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That is great! I have known I am bi for some time, and I am open with my friends and most family. I have not, however, had a girlfriend before. I have noticed myself falling for girls in the past, but nothing happened from it. This time, I met someone at work that I was interested in, and come to find out she was bi-curious herself, but married. I have been looking for an fwb/gf type for a while, but this was new to her. We hit it off really well, and I have even joined her and her husband. While I did not expect this, I am enjoying it.

While I have been with couples before, I was apprehensive about joining the two of them because my past experiences never ended well. But, this was something she wanted, so I was more open to the idea once I became single. Everything went great, because they are really laid back and down to earth people. I am still the outsider.

At this point, I am going with the flow and enjoying our time together. I don’t know where, if anywhere, it is going to go. We both have relocation goals, so who knows what the future holds.

I am enjoying the girl time though for sure! ;)



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