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The Philosophical Ramblings of a Menstruating Woman Vol 2



Here we are again  a sleepless night ( note to self stop taking naps during the day) so what do you do when you can't sleep?  Well Ramble of course!  Although  if you had a warm body beside you that you liked a whole bunch I am sure you could be doing other   more pleasant activities than rambling. So hold on to your seats, Girls.... here we go with another installment of ....... The Philosophical Ramblings of a Menstruating Woman!.... tonight we will feature ( I have no flipping idea, I am just winging this thing)..... 

Twas the night before Thursday and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse...wait what??  Mouse.. there best not be a mouse up in here... Me no like mice, or spiders now that I think of it, or snakes either... nope don't like them at all.... or anything creep crawly not a big fan.. okay what was a saying??? Oh yeah, mouse not a creature as stirring not even the M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E (  he is a cute mouse) next question I should be asking myself is why the heck am I referencing a Christmas story/poem thingy?  I probably should just quit while I am ahead on that one as I  am not that creative to make sense of whatever I was going to do there, in fact I probably should just delete this whole thing and either: A. Start over or B. log off and go to bed but I am going with C. leaving it so everyone will think I have lost my damn mind.  ** laughing** Yes, I do believe I shall leave it... 

I am just curious, am I the only one who goes to bed at night and if I can't sleep my mind decides to go warp speed on everything and anything, like for instance, how does the internet work?  Yes, I realize I can google it but when its 2 am and in the dark your mind wants to know but doesn't want you to get up to get the answer, no it would just rather keep you awake wondering and   why in the world did I wear that outfit on March 20 1989? Oh, Yeah, I do remember why I wore that outfit, it was the 80"s, duh!  But seriously, my mind sometimes will just not shut off and it goes everywhere and thinks up the most, how do I say this, X-Rated things.  Does anyone else do this or am I just the perv of  Shybi?   Then I have this internal conflict with myself at 2 am:

Self:  hey  I really need to go to sleep, I really need to be a productive adult tomorrow or today since so damn late or early how ever you want to look at it.  X-rated Self:  Um sorry, but I am right in the middle of something do you thing we can discuss this at a later time?  Self:  NO!  We need to discuss this now, you know we need sleep and... X-rated self interrupts.... trust me we need this more LOL  ( this goes back and forth for awhile until self gives in to x-rated self... now just to be fair sometimes self wins but also to be fair that is very few times).

Also, how did the mouse on the computer become known as a mouse, anyway?  Who decides what things are called? Who decided a chair was a chair? or House is called a house... I wonder what it was before it was a house, I guess it was a shelter but then the question is how did shelter come to be known? Goodness I could ramble about this all night but I think I have bored you ladies quiet enough... so I will end this installment with a wish for joy and happiness to you all and if you got this far, thank you for reading my madness.   Until next time........ 


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Ya know, I was just thinking the other day, how we haven't had one of your late night ramblings for a while...and hey wish came true! :)

Love it!

I'm afraid I can't answer your internet and mouse questions but I can confirm that you're not the only 2a.m perv of shy. I happen to think the best thoughts are the late night/early morning ones!


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@Isroses That's a relief to know I am "Normal" LOL.    But I do have to agree, on late night/early morning thoughts, they are the best!


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