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Get It Together



Ugh ....I had every intention of leaving shys ... so I need to get my shit together... had a slight episode on Saturday... really thought long and hard about how much I had to offer this place and I found I was becoming lost in it all and just not connecting. I don't mean connecting with people as such just connecting with posts...I removed details from my profile and some posts, however it's not so simple to complete a full deletion. So now I find myself logging back in because actually I probably do have a lot to give but also maybe I need to participate a little more to get anything it's quite addictive. This place has helped me a ridiculous amount and to that I'm thankful for so I'm not going anywhere for the moment at least.....

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I came close to leaving more than four times since I joined. It can get frustrating and a patience to your wants. It's hard to connect and open up and it needs more than one attempt to find friends and keep them especially if your are a very closed off person. Especially the keep them part!  It's all about giving chances to people and mostly to yourself.Shy can be a pain in the ass but it's an amazing journey to self discovery and growth 

And don't bother about the posts . we can't be likeble :) to everyone, but I discovered here than I can separate situations and feelings. .  I dont take judgment well either because I had it all my life.  I've done it too, I deleted posts until I decided  sometimes I just don't give a fuck. My opinion is mine alone. Of course that's why I choose to comment in songs and more light matters mostly :P

Also I had to add more because I don't think that fast :P that's why the edit 

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Ive been here 10 years now and leave sometimes for weeks or months, then come back and spend weeks writing and nattering away to people. Its a great place that demands nothing from you that you can always feel welcomed or that you can take time away from and still be welcomed and feel at home. Glad you stayed xx


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Glad you came back and I hope you get the most out of this place. You don't have to look far for support when you need it. X


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