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Why women leave

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I just read a Greek article because of the day,about why women leave from a relationship or cheat even if they love their significant other.So the question was when they do that?

I will try to translate it alone so bear with me


If someone wants to analyze the psychology and the way a woman is thinking will have to  ruin a lot of paper :P Besides every woman is different but all need the same thing in a relationship:presence .(the literal translation is intense presence) Anything less causes women to want to leave,bad reactions and unhappiness.

It is from the few times we can be absolutely sure about something that concerns women.Even if their significant other is far away for business  or they live in the same house they always have to find ways to show that they care about her,that they are thinking about her and in general that they are present.

A woman is choosing to be with someone first of all because she wants to spend time with them.She has this need to spend her time with someone that makes her laugh and take her out of her routine,that gives her motives and the chance to dream of a better future.Maybe it's a little bit egoistic from her part,but each one of us is absolutely happy only when we feel that we are a priority in the life of the person we love.

A woman wants to feel that the other one loves spending time with her,wants to do new stuff ,wants the same excitement in bed like when you first met and the same intense passion.Every woman want to be wanted!! It is as simple as that.

she wants all that or else she will get tired at some point.she gets tired of you being absent all the time.To always think of financial and job problems and not let a space for her in your mind.She gets tired feeling that she is coming after your friends or family.Gets tired of trying to wake you up from where you have fallen asleep so you can go out for a cup of coffee or dinner.She gets tired of having to remind you  your anniversaries and every little thing she finds so you can spend some time together.She gets tired being always the one to make the first move every time and chase you for sex.

And when a woman just had enough of loving you then she will have a break down and in your eyes  she will become the worst person on earth.You will see another version of her,a bad self that you created through your indifference.

You might even believe that you are the victim if she cheats or abandon you,but you are the same or maybe even more guilty than her.Because you didn't listen her silence and her complaints.Because you refused to see the unhappiness in her eyes ,because you were not willing.You pushed her away from you and even maybe to the arms of someone that made her feel desirable and unique again.Someone that managed what you failed to do.To chase the loneliness away.

Because if you love her with your way and not the way she needs to be loved then what did you do?If you need effort to suit her in your schedule and  your every day thoughts then maybe you are the one that should take your presence out of her life.A presence that was always absence?

Besides if you won't leave ,eventually she will find the strength to leave.Because no one  and especially a woman  wasn't born to be squeezed  to someone elses life.

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i just googled bare with me  and changed it to bear with me!!:rolleyes:


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Interesting article, @kairi ! Thanks for translating it for us.

All of that applies equally well to lesbian romantic partnerships...and actually even more so, because we women expect alot of one another... 

This past Valentine's Day I was the only woman in my area of the office to be sent a bouquet of flowers by my partner, and some of my straight female work colleagues marvelled at this and joked that they were thinking of converting to lesbianism...ha, ha, ha... But, seriously, I guess that says alot about the difference between women and men with regard to romance...

So all of the ladies out there who are hoping to have a romantic relationship with a woman should take note that with women the expectations are high, and they will need to apply themselves well to keep the fire burning... 


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