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No More Am I A Bi Virgin!



My kiss and tell all. TMI WARNING lol.


Okay, I was out last night with my friend and her hubby, we had meet up to exchange pressies for Christmas and have a drink and a catch up before family festive hits. Anyway we all ended up in our favorite rock pub where I started feeling brave, I stole a kiss from the VERY sexy bar girl and gave her my number! Well anyway my friends left earlyish as they had both been at work yesterday (can't blame them, but was fab to see them), SO There had been a lady giving me the eye and smiles all night. We got chatting and she bought me a drink then we snogged on my iniation to ward off creepy guys then I felt I best tell her I was bi, she seemed pleased and then verbally obsessed with my boobs lol. We went out to the smoking area again to rid us of creepy guy, while out there she felt the urge to kiss me again. I need to go to the loo and as we were going back inside she followed me - then dragged me into the cubical, where we had some very hot and steamy action :confused0068: :evilgrin0039: She informs me all she wants to do is take me home and get it on some more in her bed. Well we end up leaving the pub and I found myself willingly been taken back to hers. Here begins so comady stuff to :)


We arrive at her house to find her child still up and the babysitter gone! (I'll add here the child is not really young). After my lady and her child finish banter about 'go to bed', we find ourselves confined to the livingroom and the sofa (no so bad). So amist the insuing action I manage to loose the ball off new lip piercing, then the piercing fell out! I then became mildly paranoid about totally letting myself fully enjoy the action (as I know I can squirt and so didn't want to do so on her sofa!) But made sure she enjoyed herself - though I expected a female orgasum to feel different or maybe she faked!? I duno she seemed to enjoy it all.


Well in truth I wanted my first time with a lady to be a bit more special, but instead it became semi drunken lustful fumblings. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it, but feel it could have been better - I suppose it will with practice, like it did with guys.


She asked me if I was dom or sub, and I honestly don't know - with guys I seem to be dom but like to switch it up too.



Well here endeth my condenced kiss and tell while saving some details just for my savouring pleasure :evilgrin: :dribble:


:yahoo: So no more am I a bi virgin.


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woohoo. congrats there lady ;) all the steamy actions in the cubical leaded to the delicious night. hehe. i think as long as you enjoy it, it's good, just go with the flow.

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