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Really Narked About Access To This Site Issues With My Computer



Annoyingly following a whole bunch of viruses on my computer in late 2010 early 2011, I now have VERY limited access to this website as it doesn't seem to agree with my computer anymore. Some days - like now - I can access more than just shout box without the page crashing. I tried to access and stay updated from my iPhone initially, but now the mobile internet version is all I can view and that doesn't allow full access to this site :threaten: :sad0129: :th_help:


So my main reason for this post is to let friends and followers know that my absence is due to my computer, not because I have given up on you all x


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You should've emailed me ! What browser is it your using ? Have you tried other alternatives ? If it's Internet Explorer have you tried clicking on the little 'torn page' icon next to the search box ( usually fixes things with pages crashing and odd visuals )..


But, no need to suffer in silence if you want to use the site still, just drop me an email, ( perhaps you can take a screenshot or two ?? ) and I promise to help you work it out.:confused0006:


LF xxxx

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Hi La-femme

It is really tempramental as to which bits of the site will work for me - SO frusrating!

I'm using internet explorer 8 BUT it doesn't have the compatability button (the torn page) anymore, after my pc got infected with a virus. I rebooted my system and reinstalled everything and it has been this way ever since :( I can't even upgrade to explorer 9.


I can happily send you screen shots via email.



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