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Keeping fit and active. How do you do it or where to start ?

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  2. Lilacsoozy

    Fitness Goals, who has them?

    I'm wanting to get lean and strong before I hit 40, I'm 37 so have some time. I bought a fitness program a couple of months ago and love it but don't do it often enough at the moment, I'm trying to aim for at least 3 days a week, it's quite intense sometimes and I can ache for days haha. Turned half the garage into a gym and got some weights and a cable machine to go with my treadmill.
  3. clever-username

    Veggie challenge- flexitarian.

    I've been doing this kinda sorta for about a year. My old ob suggested a more plant based diet to help me lose weight. I don't think it really helped (my problem has always been portion control so it doesn't matter what I'm eating I guess) but I will say that I feel less sluggish when I'm not eating as much meat. One of the meals I see the biggest difference in is spaghetti because I do spaghetti squash and lentil meatballs. Gives you that spaghetti and meatballs feeling with none of the need to nap afterwards, haha
  4. I swear the more vegetables I eat, the more meat DH eats. It’s like he’s trying to balance it all out.
  5. I’ve started the veggie challenge. I’m not going vegan or vegetarian but started as a flexitarian. Meaning i’m cutting way back on meat and eating meat alternatives. So far i’ve had two BBQ’s with meat free burgers and sausages, eaten a veggie tikka masala and a qourn mince spag bol. No meat this week, although it helps to know I can eat it if I want it. So far though I’ve not been craving it. I don’t think I could ever be totally vegetarian, although I agree with the ethics, I don’t think I could completely give up meat. So I’m going to explore meat free alternatives and cut back. Anyone else a flexitarian?
  6. I started working out with weights a year ago and I’m still trying to stick with it. It’s getting harder now because the routine is the same and I think I’ve hit a plateau. I guess I need to shake it up some. I’m also following a healthy eating plan and have dropped a lot of pounds. I thought about getting out there and walking which has always helped me get fit in the past. The martial arts and biking definitely sound more fun than what I do lol.
  7. I’ve been doing self defence classes, which includes a short fitness session and boxing. My teacher said yesterday that my fitness had really improved and that he’d be grading me for a yellow belt soon.
  8. @Aylee I am doing intermittent fasting and I don’t fast a whole day. I don’t do it every day also. Although I do fast majority of the time. Once in a while I have a regular eating day. I did notice me fasting for 16 hours from my last meal till my first meal the next day is very effective. I usually eat 2 big meals a day. Healthy meals of course containing proteins, healthy fats and carbs and I drink a lot of water. I also bike 2-3 days a week and do HIIT for 30-40 min in between. I have a day of rest 1-2 days a week.
  9. (Compiled from numerous sources; this is written primarily for women, but much can apply to men also) What are some of the reasons women smoke? Women smoke for many different reasons in addition to being physically addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes. When you are thinking about how smoking affects your health, it can help to know why you smoke. The following are some of the reasons that women smoke: - to cope with stress or anger; - to avoid eating or to control weight; - to cope with poverty or unemployment; - smoking can seem like an old friend; - smoking can be a reward after completing a task; - to take a break from caring for others, such as children or elderly parents; - to take a break from work responsibilities; - to cope with relationship problems; - to cope with feelings of powerlessness; - to cope with the loneliness or boredom of social isolation; - to maintain social connections; - to create distance to cope with uncomfortable or dangerous social situations, addiction to other substances such as alcohol; or - to give themselves a sense of control. When you figure out some of the reasons that you smoke, you may be able to replace some cigarettes with different ways of coping. For example, with a short walk on your lunch hour, instead of a cigarette, you can take a break from the responsibilities of work, clear your head and get some exercise. How does smoking affect my health? Here are some ways that smoking might affect your health: - You may have more frequent coughs, colds and minor illnesses than if you did not smoke. - Smoking decreases your chances of getting pregnant. - Smoking and using oral contraceptives (birth control pills) greatly increases your risk of strokes, heart attacks and vascular complications. - Smoking while pregnant increases your chances of having a miscarriage, premature labor or a low birth-weight baby. - Smoking while you are pregnant or a new mother increases the chances of -- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). - Smoking decreases bone density and increases your chances of breaking a bone. - You may reach menopause earlier than you would have if you did not smoke. - You are more likely to suffer from strokes and heart attacks. - You are more likely to have lung cancer and a variety other cancers than if you did not smoke. Smoking causes at least 85% of lung cancers. Smoking is also strongly linked to cervical cancer and breast cancer. In addition, it is linked to cancer of the bladder, kidney, pancreas, mouth, esophagus, larynx and colon. How can I get healthier if I'm not ready to quit smoking? Even if you are not ready to quit smoking, you can take some steps to improve you health. - Eat a variety of healthy foods every day. Include high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and lentils. - Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Water helps to flush toxins out of your body and to keep your organs and skin hydrated. This may help with some of the dehydrating effects of cigarettes. - Limit your use of alcohol and caffeine. - Schedule regular visits with your health care providers and have an annual Pap test. - Learn about how to care for your breasts throughout your lifetime. - If you are over 35, learn what you can do to ease perimenopausal and menopausal discomforts. - Practice relaxation exercises - deep breathing, yoga, and meditation are some of the ways that women find to slow down, take a break and relieve stress. - Begin to exercise regularly. See your doctor for an overall health assessment prior to starting a new exercise program. Be aware that smoking does decrease the functioning of your lungs so you will need to start slowly. - Increase your intake of Vitamin C as smoking depletes your body of this important vitamin. - Reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. - Smoke lighter cigarettes, but only if you are comfortable with them. If you're not, you will wind up smoking more, and inhaling more deeply, to keep your body supplied with nicotine. - Be comfortable with the length of the cigarettes that you smoke. If your cigarette is too short for you, you're more likely to smoke a second cigarette immediately after the first cigarette. And if your cigarette is too long, you may very likely be smoking more than necessary to be satisfied. - Consider smoking all-natural cigarettes, but only if you enjoy them. All-natural cigarettes lack the additives and preservatives that are found in most cigarette brands, which often are in themselves very addictive, making non-natural brands more addictive than their all-natural counterparts. But if you switch to all-natural cigarettes, please know in advance that you have withdrawal symptoms for about a week, just as if you were to quit smoking, but not nearly as intense. This is because your body is screaming for the other chemicals that were in your old cigarette brand. - If you smoke menthol cigarettes, consider switching to regulars. Women who smoke menthols inhale more deeply with each drag. Consequently, they take in more nicotine and toxins than smokers who smoke regulars. Menthol stimulates cold receptors in the throat, producing a cooling sensation, so smokers find the smoke less irritating as they inhale. Which leads them to inhale more deeply. When you're finally ready to quit smoking. If you decide to that you are ready to quit smoking, please think about this: 1) nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), and 2) your menstrual cycle. - NRT is the use of various forms of nicotine delivery methods intended to replace nicotine obtained from smoking. These products are marketed for use in smoking cessation efforts to help deal with withdrawal symptoms and cravings caused by the loss of nicotine from cigarettes. Several forms of NRT have been marketed, including the nicotine patch, nicotine inhaler, nasal spray, gum, sublingual tablet, lozenge, and electronic cigarette. As a method of delivering nicotine into the bloodstream, NRT is thought to be is a comparatively less dangerous method than tobacco smoking. Most smoking related ailments are not caused by nicotine, but by other constituents of tobacco smoke such as carbon monoxide and the other 4000 chemicals present in tobacco. Nicotine merely serves to keep the smoker addicted. NRT reduces the urge to smoke that most smokers have in the early days of being quit, giving the smoker a better chance of keeping her quit. Pregnant women and light smokers should avoid NRT, and utilize behavioral counseling cessation interventions. No two women are the same and it is recommended to discuss with your doctor as to which nicotine replacement is best for you. - Scientists have discovered powerful causal connections between the hormones and the need for cigarettes. Most doctors agree that women who quit smoking in the first half of their menstrual cycle, or the follicular phase (from the beginning of menstruation until ovulation, or the fourteenth day of the cycle), are not as likely to stay smoke-free, as women who quit smoking in the second half of their cycle, or the luteal phase (after ovulation, until menstruation begins) This is because the high quantities of progesterone is found during the luteal phase, which is helpful in clearing nicotine from the body. And this reduces withdrawal symptoms. Also during the luteal phase, women are less tempted to smoke when they see other smokers, because of reduced quantities of estrogen, which are much higher in the follicular phase.
  10. Men who smoke are also more likely to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. :(
  11. So my blood pressure and cholesterol were high when i went to the doctors and my mom has heart issues, so we are working on exercise and eating better. We started walking over the weekend and i have an aerobic strip tease workout im starting tomorrow.
  12. I've been doing keto for about 2.5 years. I started with a goal of losing about 25lbs, lost about 35, and am now well within my normal weight range. I do extremely lazy keto - for the most part, I don't count macros or calories or anything, but I have a good knowledge of nutrition and know what to avoid (and look it up if I'm not sure). I can't really say this is super effective - for the first year I really didn't lose much at all, but stuck with it because at least I didn't gain. The weight loss I did have may realistically be more because of fracture healing (super effective for increasing your caloric needs, but I can't really recommend it!) than anything. I do find that I lose much better if I am strict about avoiding dairy. Cutting out cheese makes me sad, but I'm perfectly happy without it other than that. I stick with it because it helps so so much with reducing carb cravings, and hopefully can continue to do so for life, though when I'm at a good weight I allow a little more fruit. I'm one of those people who has a really hard time with moderation - if I get started eating carby stuff, I have a very hard time stopping. Keto doesn't get rid of my sweet tooth entirely. I'm not at all one of those people who start to actively dislike sugar. But makes it much easier to pass things up and avoid getting started in the first place. I did fall off the wagon recently and have about 5-10lbs to lose again to get back to where I was. Or maybe not, because my clothing actually fits better where I am now. But I would still prefer to be back on track diet-wise (and have been pretty good for the past week).
  13. I'm on keto and have just restarted IF, I do 16:8 as @moonbynight has suggested, but even on doing that I have bone broth outside of my 8 hours which also helps me keep my fluids up. I also have MCT oil daily to help reduce brain fog. I mainly experience fatigue around my period time, and also if I'm not eating clean keto. As I don't eat most meats and can't have dairy or eggs I have to pay attention to that. How long have you all being doing keto and what results have you had?
  14. I looked back at my goals from the other thread. Haha... I did start biking to work shortly after that post and did really well with that. That's the sort of exercise I do best with - when it's just an unavoidable part of the day. Then I got knocked down by some loose dogs and got a number of injuries that, while not life-threatening, are probably going to be lifelong problems. So I don't feel like I can go back to that, which kind of breaks my heart, because I've always been a biker. I still need to get back to doing weights. Even moreso now. Still resisting it because it's sooooooooo boring and I hate it. Plus I probably really should get one of the problems evaluated and some physical therapy input before doing much. Still haven't changed jobs. Still need to. Since the weather has gotten better, I've been good about getting out and walking on pretty much a daily basis. I've been meeting my fitbit activity goals most of days. So that's something.
  15. I think you should listen to your body. If you're not getting the energy you need to function, then maybe it isn't what you need right now. Another way to look at it... keto teaches your body to burn fat, and IF can eventually develop naturally out of that. You may have more success if you wait until you're a month or two into keto. You might also want to start with the 16:8 version of IF (eating only within an 8 hour window), rather than jumping straight to a full 24 hours. Or look at other forms of fasting, like broth fasts or fat fasts.
  16. Please share any progress that you’ve made regarding your fitness goals. I saw the fitness goals topic. I was curious about the progress everyone’s made on those goals so far. I might use this as a way to share my continual progress. Feel free to do the same. I hope we can encourage each other to keep going here. As of myself. This morning, I jogged without stopping for longer than I ever have before, which is half a mile. That might not seem like a lot to some of you, but I used to smoke and never really jogged before until recently. So, I’m super happy about that. :))))))))) I was also able to go most of the day without thinking about food. It’s taken a long time to get to this point. How about you guys? Please share your progress, no matter how incremental, it’s all important, and should be acknowledged.
  17. Hey guys. I bet everyone’s tired of hearing about keto and intermittent fasting, but I’m doing them. I’ve been attempting to do them for a while, with varying success. I think I finally found the mindset I need to stick to it. I just ended a 24 hour fast. But, after about 2 pm, I started to feel tired mentally. I ended up taking a 4 hour nap because I thought that if I didn’t, I would be too tempted to break my fast for energy. From what I understand, as I continue doing this, my body will adjust and learn to make more energy from fat. But until that happens, what do you guys do to deal with this fatigue?
  18. Gingermommy

    Fitness Goals, who has them?

    @Active Life well, what i am able to do will depend on the location. If travel is required, than its a no. I think the arctic enima was actually my favourite but i’ve swam in colder waters (yes, really) so i found it pretty refreshing. Also, if its. Hot day than it might be more refreshing? Not sure. Where did you run yours? I ran mine just north of Toronto.
  19. Active Life

    Fitness Goals, who has them?

    Congrats on running this race! Argh, I did this three years ago. It was lots of fun until I started cramping after freezing my arse off in the Arctic Enima. I couldn't run the last 6 miles, it didn't help that I sprained my ankle 1.5 months prior to the race and was unable to train. I'm so glad I did it though and would run it again. You are correct, there's lots of training required to help prevent injury. There's other shorter races of this type which you may have time to train. Tough Mudder even has a 5K version now. It sounds like you may be able to do this.
  20. Gingermommy

    Fitness Goals, who has them?

    I have a few goals. Small ones and big ones. Its a list in progress though. For now, I’m doing 30 day challenges and its going great. Totally meeting those goals. I just needed to learn my level before hand. I’m in month 4 now. I’d love to the stair climb in the cn tower. I might try to find a group to do it with in the fall. I think it runs twice a year. I might run tough mudder again. Though that was really tough for me and i trained really hard for that. 3 kids later I’m not so sure i have the time for it. We get a lot of races in our city, i need to find out what other things we have.
  21. Active Life

    Fitness Goals, who has them?

    I have some hiking trips lined up this summer in Zions National Park and Yosemite so one of my goals is to build up my endurance. Last weekend I did a 10 mile hike and was left with some blisters. Hopefully they will be healed by a grueling hike I've scheduled on Saturday. Aside from that, I'd like to lean out a bit so I look a little nicer in the bikini this summer. I'm doing that through lifting, upping my cardio, and adjusting my calories down a bit. This is hike is on my bucket list and I'll finally do it the end of May!
  22. Jansen

    Fitness Goals, who has them?

    I do have fitness goals, actually more like skill goals. I am in the process of learning to skate in order to play hockey. It is a humbling sport. I am determined to put 1 year of at least 3 times a week skate training combined with lessons to get my skating to a level that I feel comfortable in order to attend a hockey camp. I admire the skill level of the women I see skating. Luckily I am fit to begin with and posses a decent amount of athletic talent so with hard work I know I will get there and be able to fulfill my desire.
  23. Mabon

    5K Training!

    Hello Ladies, I decided to tackle the c25k again (last time I got to week four and stopped as new job) as I have gained weight again. I am using an app, so far I have completed week two and it has made me happy. I am pushing myself even when my knees complain lol (I know how far I can go) and I intend to complete c25k and continue to run 5k for a while then go up to 10k .
  24. If you are thinking to plan your family then, you have to be definitely in good health. Because the majority of health conditions can lead to infertility, which means unable to get pregnant or conceive. In addition, smoking can worsen your condition because it is harmful to a reproductive system which plays an important role in fertility or conception. Smoking can lead to many health problems related to fertility such as low sperm count, hormonal imbalances, cancer, premature delivery, fewer eggs, and less effective infertility treatment in India. A recent study reveals that if you quit smoking then it may lead to successful pregnancy and delivery as well. Because once you start consuming healthy products it will give you more strength than the previous time. Which is useful for better reproductive system functioning. Smoking Effects on Fertility Effects on Hormones Smoking is injurious to health which negatively affects your hormones. Hormones play an important role in fertility. Low levels of hormones in both sexes can lead to many health conditions including fertility. In this way, it also affects your egg count and quality which your ovaries release every month during ovulation cycle. Low Sperm Count Smoking and other drugs cause problems in men also such as low sperm count or poor quality sperm. This is not the only condition which can cause due to smoking, additionally, smoking is also responsible for the continuous decrease in sperm count and motility. In this way, low sperm count or poor quality sperm cannot able to fertilize healthy eggs. Fewer Eggs and Earlier Menopause A study demonstrates that women are born with fertility eggs and these eggs have a certain amount which cannot increase during entire life. Smoking is responsible to decrease the count of these eggs which can lead to infertility. Additionally, they also reveal that menopause can occur 4 years earlier than an exact time. More Abnormalities People who are passive and regular smokers experience many health problems as compared to others. Smoking may worsen your condition and decrease the chances of success of pregnancy or conception. Quit smoking Stop smoking can lead to a healthy pregnancy, healthy eggs, and increase sperm count. This will help you to conceive without any problem or obstacles. You must talk to your doctor he will suggest your tips in order to quit smoking. When Men Quit Smoking If men are decided to quit smoking then it is a good decision because it is useful to increase the sperm count and quality. In addition, men who stop smoking are most likely who experience healthy sperm and good quality sperm which is responsible for fertilization in order to conceive a child. When Women Stop Smoking When women quit smoking it will lead to healthy delivery or decrease the chances of premature delivery. It also reduces the risks of birth defects because you are able to improve your reproductive health with better ways or healthy foods. It will also maintain your hormone levels because hormones play an imperative role in conception. so. It is a good decision to quit smoking as soon as possible if you want a healthy pregnancy.
  25. Active Life

    Does Anybody Do Hiit Workouts?

    HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. You alternate between short periods of intense exercises and recovery, usually 1:1. It's usually over a shorter time period than you would spend doing just LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State Training. HIIT allows you to fit your cardio into a shorter time period than LISS (Low Intensity Steady State Training) while burning the same calories depending on how long you normally train for both. You can really use almost any cardio exercise to do either. For example, you can use a bike and alternate with sprints and easy peddling. You can also use a treadmill to run sprints (say one minute) then walk to job for a minute; you alternate for say 20 minutes. Your calorie burn in that 20 minutes will equal say 40 minutes of walking. I do HIIT while hiking; I walk uphill and run downhill. If I want to really up the intensity, I'll do the opposite. Here's a good article on Bodybuilder.com that may help explain it better. https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/what-is-the-best-hiit-workout.html
  26. Phalen and I are both members at Planet Fitness. My routine is i do both leg machines and then 1 ab machine and 3-4 arm machines with finishing up with eather free weights or bench press 40 pounds. My Work out usually takes 30-45 min and was going 2 times a week. But right now going once due to having accupuncture 1 day a week for back issues. Been working out since last June and i have seen some positive results. Still don't have a 6 pack or real big arms but there all toned up.