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  2. just after the break-up phase is the worst you can feel: you just feel so shitty, like getting through the day itself is a torture

  3. @lsroses - That's such a sexxxxxxy song...
  4. Thanks No1Crush! Anyone who spent time in lesbian or gay clubs during the 90s knows and loves this one!
  5. I absolutely ADORE Suzanne Vega, and this is one of my favourite songs of all time, in all of its various versions!
  6. Ha, ha, ha... I hadn't seen it until recently either (good 'ol YouTube often shows us things we missed the first time around)... Yes, definitely a lovely surprise bonus! Hmm...easily pleased, eh? (Well, I know you like a sexy vid...)
  7. Loose women’s cool attitude is that sexuality has gone way past needing labelling and that it is none of the NHS’s business. Apparently most young people these days identify as fluid bi. Based on that if I was really pressured into giving a label I would say fluid bi and that’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I would like to think that gone are the days when we are made to feel guilty and ashamed for having sexual feelings. All the recent fluid bi on the soaps has made me feel relieved of the pressure to label myself either way and made my biphobic neighbour who is always calling me ‘Lesbian’ and spreading shite around about me look like the arse that she is.... Hooray for relaxed attitudes and informed people. Perhaps the NHS should ask the bigots and bullies to define what their issues are and get them specialist help. I do think that a better idea might be to put some info on the notice board in doctors waiting rooms pointing lgbt people in the direction of others, that way it would prevent it becoming a problem in the first place.
  8. From the movie The Rose.She has a great voice!
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  10. My husbands favorite.It gives me the creeps but i like it at the same time!!
  11. Some people feel the rain others just get wet.... think it’s time for a coffee!

    1. myladylove
    2. BenedettaC


      Oh my, girls... That's such a loaded statement... (My mind is ALWAYS in the gutter...)

  12. Ahhh, yes the lyrics are beautiful. I've always loved this song but I actually hadn't seen the video until I searched for it for this post so it was a rather lovely surprise bonus I'm easily pleased you know
  13. Very positive for me and my husband. He has always accepted my bisexuality, but we didn't have serious discussions about me possibly hooking up with women until now. I feel safer and more confident now that we've gone over our expectations and limitations.
  14. FFS! Why do you have to be so wonderful while you break my heart? I know these feelings of mine need to end, but it hurts like a mofo. ( Painting tilted Unrequited Love)
  15. 1:40am and this bronchitis got me up coughing up a lung again. Need sleep badly. Gotta work in 6 hours:sorry:

  16. I wish. That was over 10 years ago. My next time will be one on one. Just me and the wonderful woman that chooses me. And yes some days I do feel unicornish (yes I made that up).
  17. Hi first of all welcome to the site. Glad to have you here. How often do you see your friend? I am not in that kind of situation but if I were I think I would test the waters so to speak. Hangout with her do fun things, see if you can pick up on anything or if she admitted anything. The thing is she maybe wondering the same about you, but I think at some point, if all other things fail to produce results, you may just have to ask her otherwise you may always wonder. Good luck Sweetie
  18. I am very switchy, and can go far one way or the other. Sounds like this couple needs to appreciate you for the unicorn you are!! Most couples would be lavishing attention onto you!!
  19. writing

    I have had a couple of select partners that have inspired me to write. My current partner is stirring those creative juices within me, and I'm curious to see where that takes me.
  20. I love a good makeout session! I think the stuff you mentioned is more about the touch and connection than anything sexual, and yeah, I love that part of things, too. If someone I'm seeing isn't into it, it doesn't work out for long!!
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