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  3. Gingermommy

    Fitness Goals, who has them?

    @Active Life well, what i am able to do will depend on the location. If travel is required, than its a no. I think the arctic enima was actually my favourite but i’ve swam in colder waters (yes, really) so i found it pretty refreshing. Also, if its. Hot day than it might be more refreshing? Not sure. Where did you run yours? I ran mine just north of Toronto.
  4. I am looking for something similar too. I am in a relationship with a man but I have had fantasies of being with a woman for a while now. My ideal set up would be quite similar to yours @Mariazena178- a good friend to have some discreet fun with. I have tried different apps but decided to pull out when I found out some of those interested were men.
  5. Scanters123

    Anyone in Texas

    Hello! I am in the north Houston area. New to the site
  6. Scanters123


    Hi everyone! I am new to the site. I am a married mom of 2 living in Houston. I am bi-curious, very attracted to women but have never had the experience. Looking forward to participating on this site.
  7. TBD78

    Cyber Sex And Sexting...

    Amen! And i conquer
  8. Active Life


    You'll have to tell the person that you are meeting up with that you are into women . I only tell people I trust to be discreet and not blabber it all over. Honestly, if no one knows you're gender flexible, your hopes of knowing other women with the same feeling is going to be difficult. I've found that surrounding myself with women who are very liberal leads to meeting new women with those same beliefs through them. If you plan to use dating apps, I can't help here. I don't use those as I think there are too many work colleagues using them and I'm not comfortable with people at work knowing I'm married but also looking to date women.
  9. VirgoGirl

    Cyber Sex And Sexting...

    That's disappointing....sorry for that. It really can be so exciting....hope that one day that can change for you.
  10. Active Life

    Fitness Goals, who has them?

    Congrats on running this race! Argh, I did this three years ago. It was lots of fun until I started cramping after freezing my arse off in the Arctic Enima. I couldn't run the last 6 miles, it didn't help that I sprained my ankle 1.5 months prior to the race and was unable to train. I'm so glad I did it though and would run it again. You are correct, there's lots of training required to help prevent injury. There's other shorter races of this type which you may have time to train. Tough Mudder even has a 5K version now. It sounds like you may be able to do this.
  11. Ona

    Advice... for the hubby

    I think everyone should act how they feel. No one should have to pretend. Because in the end, in my opinion, that’s a recipe for disaster. And I know other people don’t share this opinion. But I think he should be free to tell her if he feels uncomfortable with anything she is telling him and she should feel free to experiment. Of course this only works if both people are willing to listen and find compromise and are committed to being in the relationship that works for both. If either one of them is uncomfortable with that, well maybe their relationship has run its course.... As to whether it’s possible to feel desire for a man after having sex with a woman. I think it definitely is. I feel it. It feels different than my desire for a woman, for sure. But the real question is not whether it’s possible in the abstract for any woman, the real question is whether it’s possible for her. And that’s something only she knows
  12. How do you ladies act when you're around/interacting with women you're attracted to? I'm relaxed and don't get nervous which is no different than when I'm around/interacting with all women. After reading the responses, I'm in the minority here. I find ways to spend time with her by finding out her interests and if they align with mine, suggest doing something together. We exchange numbers and begin texting. This doesn't always lead to anything, but at least I can spend time with someone who enjoys doing some of the same things. If we progress and meet each other, I will look her directly in the eye and hold eye contact which can be an incredible turn on. I turn my body toward hers, move closer and tip my head in. I ask open ended questions to get her talking and look at her mouth off and on as she talks. I love watching her lips, incredibly sexy. I also will ascertain her beliefs on non-straight issues and lifestyles. If there is a hint of homophobic thoughts or she's strictly straight, I'm out. I won't really engage like I do with someone I'm interested and become somewhat aloof. I may still flirt a little, but it's just all in good fun. I have no intention of moving it past the friend stage. Oh, I'll probably still be touchy because I'm like that with everyone when I drink. If I'm wanting to figure out if a married bi woman is interested in/attracted to me, how could I tell that she is vs just being friendly? This is where it gets tricky for me, and for most, from the responses. I've had some women come out and tell me point blank they are interested. The others may or may not initiate physical contact. They compliment my looks or maybe look me in the eye or use sexual innuendo. Honestly, I think I'm right most of the time, but for whatever reason, they are afraid to take it further. I get it, I did it before my dh gave me the go ahead. I didn't want to bite off more than I can chew and lead someone on when I had no intentions of moving past flirting. I really enjoy flirting with someone where we kind of know, this will go no further than this. It's almost like I can be even more bold and crazy with my flirting.
  13. TBD78

    Advice... for the hubby

    This is super complicated and i think depends on the woman and her relationship with sex. For many women in this newly discovered and acceptance of their bi/gay side - if passion with their male partner is gone as is many fundamental aspects of what is a good relationship is also gone, it is very hard to regain the desire. However, if the marriage and sex is good and this is just a yearning that needs to be satisfied and she can still desire her man and they maintain the passion - then it is totally possible for it to be balanced. my advise to him is to manages his insecurities and jealousy and try not to alienate himself from her. As for her, i’d advise her to be real to herself and her reality if she starts to lean in one direction or the other... Hope that makes sense. It is very complicated but sounds like her H has a good understanding of his wife and sounds open to sorting it... just my $0.02
  14. TBD78

    Music really is a universal language.

    I love music, it is my salvation. It is a great way to express yourself when you can’t find words of your own, it can instantly change my mood. Live music is my happy place - being at a show can transport me to such a happy free place. there is a lot of really awesome music to discover.
  15. Kiehneamber2011

    Music really is a universal language.

    Music is the one thing I go to when Im in a mood or just some me time.
  16. Gingermommy

    Fitness Goals, who has them?

    I have a few goals. Small ones and big ones. Its a list in progress though. For now, I’m doing 30 day challenges and its going great. Totally meeting those goals. I just needed to learn my level before hand. I’m in month 4 now. I’d love to the stair climb in the cn tower. I might try to find a group to do it with in the fall. I think it runs twice a year. I might run tough mudder again. Though that was really tough for me and i trained really hard for that. 3 kids later I’m not so sure i have the time for it. We get a lot of races in our city, i need to find out what other things we have.
  17. confused007

    Advice... for the hubby

    I meant to say the advice is for him. I am the confidante of both of them
  18. confused007

    Advice... for the hubby

    I have a friend who thinks she may be bi..... Make of it what you will, this is how this post will go. And I have read many of the posts, and this may go against what many say. There is a definite anti-man sentiment in many. Rightly so, I am sure, in many cases; but not in all. I desperately need advice for a friend - because I care about her; but the advice I need is for the hubby, not for her - or I suppose for both, but primarily for her. He supported her from the start-even before she knew he saw it, which I think was quite a feat. He pointed out to her the glances in her direction and sowed the seed. Now the seed has germinated. Unfortunately, life is complicated; relationships are complicated, and theirs are complicated. They are rocky for many reasons, and she cheated on him with a man. That is sorted, but she has now blossomed with her first bi experiences. He has understood where this came from, why it is so, and encouraged her and assisted her to fulfil this desire. As far as I can tell, his motives have been pure, realizing that there is something she lacks to be complete, and understanding the special sensitivities which can co-exist between a woman and woman. even though she is married and does not identify as lesbian at all. The problem is now how to deal with this in a positive way. He tells me his doubts which he does not share with her. He was on the mending path with their rocky relationship, and obviously there are serious doubts mixing in his mind. She is excited and elated about her bi-experiences, which she shares with me and him - so where does that take their unsteady relationship. The usual doubts - will she lose interest in men; or him specifically?; he hears her excitement and shares her joy, but as an outsider - how do all this come together in a marriage? just give me something to tell him - how to act - must he stay calm and be happy for her, and just believe this will not affect their marriage? Do you think a women can ever experience the same joy with a man again - surely never as exiting with her hubby as with the girl on girl flings no.w . Its all really confusing? He is prepared to act the best way to protect their relationship. Is it grin and bear? No question of putiing utimatums to her - that he will never do - but how does he deal with the insecurities which now come?
  19. Tuesday472


    It's my favorite.
  20. TBD78


    Take your time, figure out what you want and then make sure you have boundaries with your H re: your and his expectations of how much or little you share once you meet someone. Just some hind sight stuff/perspective I wish i had.
  21. Hi Wonder, I wonder...

    Are you still around?  a fellow South African


  22. So happy for this post. Ive been struggling with a crush in a moms group I’m part of. Every time i see this woman, my face probably goes red. Im sooooo attracted to her. The last time we spoke i had a cold and allergies and looked and felt like hell. She came up to ask me if i was ok. I was a little embarrassed and seem to stumble on my words when i talk to her. At least that time i had an excuse for seeming weird around her. Lol. I’ve thought of telling her about my crush on her for a couple weeks. I’m a pretty direct person. I wonder if being direct would cause more harm than just being subtle.
  23. I miss Canada, I really do. Used to live there, TO and Vancouver. Sadly I am not bi....lingual that is...lol.
  24. Gingermommy

    Married & would like a girlfriend

    @Jansen no offence here. That was cute to read. Being bilingual myself (french, english) i appreciate seeing this actually.
  25. Oh, Steve Harvey is no dating expert. He's a comedian who has no empirical evidence of what his book claims. Whatever he's claimed in his books is purely his observations and hold as much merit as mine on the subject.
  26. Gingermommy

    I'm cheating on my husband.

    @kairi i love the quote under your name. Where is it from? i think we do what we need to do to feel right. I agree that cheating is wrong, but at the same time, i believe hurting others is also wrong. If being honest about something that cant be changed will hurt others, than maybe its best to keep it quiet. If hiding the truth won’t hurt anyone, than thats ok too.
  27. bikiwi

    I don't understand

    Different generation, outlook, society, values, socio economic times. most kiwis of the older generation have only dealt with Maori or Pakeha for instance, etc.
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