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  2. Hi & welcome. Your situation sounds like a good one to me. I understand the shy part but dont worry you are in good suppprtive hands here. Just browse the forum and check out some cool topics and extra cool women here. Looking forward to seeing you around.
  3. Hello and welcome, we are glad you found the site. I understand the not supportive husband but you are among understanding and supportive women. Check out the forum and different topics, if you have any questions first check out how the forum works, if cant find ot there Someone around here will know. So glad to have you here, enjoy the site.
  4. She's a violent storm of love, the kind of woman that reminds you what it feels like to be alive.  J Iron Word 

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  6. Yes I totally agree!! I would love to hear her thought process and how much she had wanted her throughout the day...seeing her in that dress!
  7. Sex

    Can't handle this... embarrassed to say how excited this made me.
  8. I agree with this person's statements about questioning yourself. Perhaps you can let him know you're having a personal struggle thinking about your past sexual experiences and feeling like you never pursued them all the way. Something similar happened to me early in my relationship (I'm now married) and I never told my husband. I felt guilt at first but now I feel fine about it. I DID tell him at the time that I was thinking about my sexuality though, so we had more of a hypothetical, abstract convo about everything so that I could feel like he saw and understood me on a deeper level. He made a point that I try to respect "it's not about whether it's a man or a woman, it's about being with a person and choosing whether or not you value being faithful to them and are willing to reject temptation". I'm not saying he was 100% right, just saying it's a perspective to take into account, even though I struggle to adhere to this viewpoint often.
  9. Sooo I am NOT a true Scot, aka I have never lived in Scotland, but I am Scottish. Anyone here either from Scotland or have Scottish heritage? My family name is McAndrew, which is from the Anderson clan.
  10. Thanks for everybody's thoughts. I'm about three weeks post-incident now, and have not said a word about it to my BF, nor do I have any plans to. Though I'm grappling with some guilt over that, I do feel it's the best answer for our relationship right now. With Charlotte, it does feel unnatural to cut these things off right when they were starting to get interesting... but again, I feel this is the best answer now. I am not pining for her or suffering a broken heart, I'm just dealing with a blast of cold water on a fantasy element of my life I had fun with for a while I've seen Charlotte once since our incident... briefly, in a group setting. I took her aside for a little check-in like "Hey, we're good, right?" and it does seem like we're on the same page, although things do feel a little sad and weird. Obviously our friendship has changed. Between her and me it always felt like this playful, girly fun but now here we are dealing with our complicated adult lives. For now this is the best solution I've come up with — it's hard but not impossible.
  11. I love to PRETEND like I'm dominate.... to use the first aspects of foreplay to decide when and how things will go but once things get heated up I want to be dominated. I want someone who pins me down or turns me over and tells me "no" when I try to boss them around. Give me a man or woman who can give in at first and then put me in my place and I'm weak at the knees. I have trouble with expressing this though. Anyone else feel like they might like something similar? Or maybe is the opposite to me?
  12. For anyone who needs it... my mantra for the day is: I will allow things to unravel as they are meant to. I will not try to hold them together when they are not meant to. I will embrace the messiness of living my most authentic life.
  13. I think allowing fear to hold us back is one of our biggest failures in being authentic to ourselves, I also struggle with this. I admire your willingness to work on it and to be brave with it. I think as long as your authentic and realize you can only control what you can control, things will be easier. <3
  14. I appreciate you replying to this... I actually texted this friend after writing this post and realized I feel much better after just putting my feelings out there and out loud. I agree that missed opportunities seem more memorable... I'm afraid I feel like I'm not in a position to take opportunities at this time though, which is hard to swallow. Have you ever felt that way?
  15. Been an awesome day. Me, sis and the niece went to the water park. I think for the first time ever I was not self-conscious of being around other people in my bathing suit. It's so refreshing to feel good about myself again. We came home, grilled out (had roast, corn on the grill with pasta salad and baked beans). Then we cut the watermelon I got earlier from the store. I needed today. Especially after the past few days.  

    Oh, and we drew on the driveway in chalk. My niece has this game where you draw a sheet of paper with something on it to draw. You are supposed to draw with your eyes closed, we never do, haha. Such a wonderful day.

    1. JadeBleu15


      Awesome on your day! Hope you have more of those....

  16. I have tried OKC and each time it has been nothing but disappointment for me. I gave decided to go to LGBTQ friendly spaces and mingle. Perhaps I'll just find someone there. I just hope to find other sites for married women who look for people open to V-dynamics. I do not want a triad or have a threesome. I just want one person for me. I also belong to a site that is for very special interest people, and I've met more there than OKC. However the vetting process can be so painful. Once get a hit, they seem to be phenomenal. I want to lurk on this topic because I hope there are other sites I can try.
  17. I have been anywhere from ghosted, lied to, be in the relationship for 8 months and then meet the girl for her to tell me she wasn't as serious as I thought, to a 3 year relationship with a verbally and emotionally abusive guy with a serious problem of jealousy, to rage quitting, the list goes on... I've gotten to the point where when I get an online relationship, I live in the moment. I expect the worst and hope for the best. Sure, it hurts when the relationship ends, but I just take my time out and jump right back in. It's a special kind of torture for me. One of these days, I am going to find someone who is genuine and right for me. Until then, I'll just continue deep sea diving for treasure online.
  18. Hi sweetie! How’ve you been? 

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  20. She seems cool. Didn't want any more misunderstandings.
  21. Totally got you. Sorry if the transition wasn’t as smooth as it should be. My bad. Anyway, I’m sure @Sithandra understood where I’m coming from. She’s cool!
  22. I understand that this is a dicey subject when contemplating sharing. I've shared that knowledge in every serious relationship that I've had. 3 prior to now. 1 with no impact. 1 where we had a threesome and that turned out horribly afterwards, and on in which I was called horrible things for my bisexuality. Finally, there is the far better experience I've had with my husband. I was honest with my husband when we were just seeing each other and it didn't phase him at all. As we had gotten seriously involved, there was some conversation we were having, that I led, about sexy women. At that point, he mentioned something about a threesome. That's when I told him that it probably wouldn't ever happen because there was just no way that I would want to share him with someone. Part of the reality is that I didn't want to do it just because he wanted to. Also, despite being a couple of years deep at that point I didn't want to have to wonder if he thought about her more than he thought about me, and find myself questioning us. As time went on within my relationship, I found myself landing in incidents of pursuing women and winding up engaged in passionate makeout sessions. Nothing ever serious. Then, one day, I ended up building this relationship with the mutual friend of a couple of my close girlfriends. She messaged me randomly on social media and we hit it off. I never saw her coming but when she did, I didn't want her to ever go away. I told my husband we had developed a friendship and had been flirting. I told him that if I could have a girlfriend then it would be her. He and I had a few conversations about how she would be mine and revisited the conversations from the past, as well. He said he understood and just wanted me to be happy. Shortly after she and I became romantically involved for the next 18 months. In the long run, things didn't turn out with her. She just wasn't honest about who she actually is with the people in her life. I understand that, because she had her own fiancé and children (we were both engaged, with children for our duration) and that certainly complicates things. However, I learned a lot about my husband and just how truly supportive he is, all as a result from my own personal honesty. Throughout the course of my experience, I learned a lot about myself. I've found that I am unable to deny my own curiosities as to what it would be like to have a lady lover accompany me with my husband and realized that I would most likely get much pleasure from that scenario. I've found myself longing for hands and mouths in places and on places that aren't anatomically present for me to indulge in. But such a delicate and interspiritual experience is something that could only take place in the right circumstances, and I think that would require me having a bond with another her. We have yet to go there, but I did tell him that if things lined up right, it just may be something that I ask for. Point being, the good and the bad of it... if there's any chance you may want anything to do with a future her, it starts with an honest tongue and that honest tongue will always shed light as to whether or not there is an open mind. I didn't at all think there would be any sort of future involvement with another woman, on either of our ends, within my relationship. Not the first time we talked and certainly not ever until things became reality. The greatest thing I've ever done is communicate openly and honestly with my husband. It's not always easy but it's always, always, always been worth it and has given me a 7 year happy and healthy (definitely not always smooth though) run with the love of my life. My husband loves me for the me that I am and I honestly believe that it's stronger than anyone else in my life ever has actually appreciated me, because I've given him the opportunity to know all about everything that I am. All the best to you,
  23. You feel lighter and breezy, huh? And the sense of hope and optimism comes back to you. Oh, how we become so attached to those who aren't good for us. So wonderful when one day, we find that we've let go.
  24. My cover photo is of my lips. I decided to take various pictures of my lips, and I think I did a pretty damn good job! Lol!

  25. I wanna put a new pic of me because my hair is much longer, but I'm such a critic of pics to put on here. Lol! I'm so silly. :P

  26. The sooner, the better. Allow me to preface this: whatever works for me may not work for everyone else, but I'd like to share my experiences, if I may. With all the men and women I date, I tell them up front that I am bisexual and I open myself to whatever questions they may have. I feel that my orientation is valuable to me, and it helps creates more bi-positivity out there. If my prospects feel uncomfortable with me because of that, then I do one of two things: give them time to process or leave because they're not the right one for me. I also wanted to comment about how you mentioned that because you have not had a relationship with a woman, it somewhat discredits your bisexuality. This is far from the truth; there is no need to prove your bisexuality to anyone. If you know you're bisexual, then you need not prove it to anyone by having a body count of people from different genders to back you up. I think you're just as bisexual as someone who has been with several people of different genders. Bisexuality is part of you, and I don't think you need to hide it, especially if it is from your partner. When you're ready, I think a great way to open up to him is sharing who you are and allowing him to ask you questions if he has any. This way it shows that you're real.
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