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  3. The Walking Dead. I never watched an episode, but my son started binging the 1st season and I got caught up.
  4. Jeans, definitely Jeans. Would you rather have a wonderful day being enjoyed while enjoying the the company of others (singing, dancing, whatever your pleasure) and then go home alone. Or... Spend a month being lonely, and then meet someone who might be special?
  5. my ex bf, who created drama about a supposed new gf in october tweeted tonight he is going to be lonely at Christmas #notmyproblem

  6. So beautiful... x x:wub:

  7. Urgh, why can't there be just one simple dating site for us? I have no idea where to start looking. Tried swinging sites, but they're full of single men, and the majority or single females are straight. :/
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  9. You are welcome
  10. You know what I meant Thanks though!
  11. You have plenty to offer
  12. I religiously follow Dr Doe on her sexplanations site. She discusses things like sex, relationships and health topics that are truly thought provoking that I'm sure if you watched you'd be a follower of her site. Please do yourself a favor and take a peek of her site. I think you'll be entertained if nothing else.
  13. Oh totally and I have nothing to offer anyway Plus we've grown into different people and while we'd probably still get on.. I'm not that out, queer or a feminist. I respect it but I wouldn't want my life to be more so in those arenas, I also like privacy. I'm glad she seems happy though and I don't regret never going there, it's clear it wasn't in my head but I quite like that rather than I wish I had, it's more comical and it didn't consume me or anything at the time, I just appreciated her for all that she is and I'm sure I still will occasionally in photos
  14. Intriguing yes, but overall sounds like a better platonic friend than lover. You're making the right choice @Hungry
  15. I assumed she was straight, but I think she always knew she was just waiting til she got done with school, she seems too self aware for it to a total surprise, she came out on social media few months ago and friends told me.
  16. Oh goodness, well she sounds intriguing!! Was she straight before, or bi?
  17. Does she ever have it! A top 10 google search finish is pretty amazing. Hooray!
  18. Cos she's crazy hot, which is partly why I was so surprised about her girlfriend. But there again, she was always the one to really see people and take people as they are.. which while very endearing, I can see now that along with a few other things it'd never work which is why I haven't bothered adding her or reaching out. She is well liked on social media so I'm grateful all her Instagram photos are viewable. Don't worry though, I haven't checked in days.. weaning myself off her!
  19. Whatever it is, we can all agree Gal Gadot has it. I'll get round to watching it soon
  20. Thanks for the follow. How are things? Looking forward to the school holidays? X

  21. I've always been in love with the world.

    1. BellaLuna


      Same here...too much to give! 

    2. Hungry


      So much to see and do and be. It's beautiful :D

  22. Definitely Country. Do you prefer to wear Jeans or a Dress?
  23. Didn't feel like saying hello then? X

  24. I do nothing in pms hungry I am misunderstood, I am good and innocent. Well, not that innocent but in PM's I do innocent stuff
  25. If you want to join you know I don't mind ;) and you know what I think of you.
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