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  2. @Gemini82 I'm so glad you have support around you - still in awe of your decisiveness, it's totally inspiring. I can't match it but still I feel like you've put some steel into me If you want to pm any time, I'm here.
  3. Oh wow, you met here? That had to be fate, considering that everyone is thousands of miles distant! I think I'd be nervous to meet with someone from here, if only because I love that it's a space where I can be honest about what's happening in my life without having to worry about it somehow getting back to my husband and upsetting him. But I am feeling more and more like I want to meet someone in the real world, even if it's only something casual, so I guess I'll need to come up with a way of doing that that I can live with, or even be honest with him about... sigh...
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  5. Thank you Ame, Your words of encouragement are really appreciated and came at the right time. I needed to hear that!
  6. Although this forum is not a dating site, I was lucky enough to meet someone from here. I’d replied to her post, she messaged me to say thank you and we’ve since met up and had the most incredible night together! As for meeting people in the real world…I don’t know! Just stay open to opportunity I guess.
  7. Finding someone is hard. I’ve been lucky and have opened up to a couple of friends and let’s just say it worked to my benefit. The first one I wasn’t even sure how I felt. So I started asking her questions in general about how she felt about gays etc. After some time I finally kissed her. That ended up being a nightmare for me in the end. Straight girls are not what you want, lol. Opened up to another friend about her and she wait til the right time and made her move on me! We have been together for almost a year now! Never know who may secretly be bi. Just have to be careful who you open up to though.
  8. I feel like I fit in both categories. I’ve been with my girlfriend for close to a year now, but I still haven’t got to do what I want to do. I biggest fantasy is being sober in this amazing passionate sex with some sort of tribbing or scissoring. I know it’s kinda boring but drunk sex sucks. And unfortunately that’s all we get most of the time.
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  10. never been physically intimate with a woman..other than kissing... would just want a woman to be gently dominant over me and guide me through my first time with her.
  11. Want to. I want to make friends with someone like me who is comfortable getting touchy sometimes. A massage here and there is my fantasy.
  12. Welcome back love! I'm a new returnee as well xx
  13. London xx
  14. I have the biggest crush on Ruby Rose
  15. Ruby Rose!!! *droooools*
  16. Has anyone watched this yet? Thoughts?!
  17. Thank you everyone for the insight. It’s been an extremely interesting few weeks. I’ve had many conversations with my husband about this. He’s been super supportive, listening to how I feel, learning what it is I need. He doesn’t want to “give me away” but he’s open to “sharing”. It’s not quite the fantasy I envisioned but I can understand his reasoning. I don’t want to be with anyone else, like I explained to him, it’s an urge... a very seductive fantasy. He’s the father of my three children, we’ve grown up together, and he’s been my rock for so long. I would never do anything to hurt him in this capacity. I must say though, opening up to him has by far been one of the best things I’ve done for this marriage. If nothing else, we’ve been extra kinky in the bedroom. I got a surprise shipment of with all sorts of things we’ve never explored. He respects how I feel but he wants to explore our sexuality (Yes, him too) so we can have an incredible and fulfilling sex life, even without the presence of a woman. It’s been incredible. I’ve learned a lot of new things about myself and some surprising things about my husband. I may not get to live out this fantasy but I can tell you he’s created a few more which have been fully satiated. I’m lucky to have him.
  18. Ah, I just read your post, Ame, and yes I intend to read much more of her posts, most definitely.
  19. Oh, for my personal activities, I am sure I really only be "playing around" a bit with D/s type things. But I am nonetheless still very interested in the conceptual/theoretical side. I am always interested into deep-diving into all things relating to human psychology, motivations, etc. I am doing some "just for a bit of fun" erotic writing. But I do also have pretensions of perhaps a more serious literary nature, and on that score, I need to probe deeper, to get characters right in terms of their motivations and goals. My novel will not feature D/s, but it will certainly come across, in passing, some characters in that scene. So, down the road, I may well come on here to pick your brains some more, if you would not mind. I would ask one question now. Have you seen the movie Secretary from 2002, stars James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhall? It does not contain much in the way of hardcore sex scenes, but is rather a movie exploring the psychology of the characters, focusing on a young woman who does enter into a D/s relationship, or at least what I believe is a D/s relationship. If you have seen it, I would ask what your opinion is of it? Accurate? I mean do you agree with the portrayal of the psychology of this woman?
  20. Brave, brave woman @Gemini82. It's so easy to continue along a path that is unsatisfying but not overtly threatening. It takes great courage to forge a new, unpredictable, reality. We have nothing but the greatest admiration for you. Please don't hesitate to come for support any time you feel you need it. Godspeed my dear Ame
  21. Let me say at the outset that I am not personally attracted to a D/s relationship. I'm not prepared to be totally responsible for another persons happiness and satisfaction, nor am I prepared to completely surrender my own to someone else. That said, I understand @CallistoDidNotWin difficulties with understanding this very complex relationship, but if you DO want to understand it, or might be interested in trying it, I suggest you read EACH and EVERY ONE of @BenedettaC's posts. I don't claim to have an in-depth insight on these relationships. But virtually everything I now understand about them came from her careful, approachable, and understandable posts. She is a very valuable Shy resource. Now, if I could just get her interested in trading stock options ... Ame
  22. @Savanna: I would strongly second @just_me_laurie's advice. You've been with your b/f for some time and it can be easy under those circumstances to just let things roll along until you find that you've made promises and commitments you're ill prepared to keep. You are exploring aspects of yourself that are VERY important -- fundamental really. You should carefully avoid making promises to your boyfriend until you're confident you know what they mean to you. You should take some time to consider what promises you have already made -- explicitly or implicitly. There's no shame in acting outside of un made commitments or rules you haven't agreed to. But there is, I think, in doing so if you HAVE agreed. If you have, I think you need to talk to your boyfriend. If you haven't but are contemplating doing things he'd be surprised or unhappy about, you need to talk to him and get yourself more space. That talk won't be easy, but it's very important and you'll be both proud and thankful for having it (albeit probably not immediately). Good Luck Ame
  23. @naruto: Welcome back. We hate to lose members and are always grateful when they return -- perhaps with new ideas and wiser. I suppose, since you've been here before, "welcome" isn't really appropriate, so maybe: Happy To See You Again Ame
  24. Further to my previous message, @CallistoDidNotWin , I should also say that unless you are seriously interested in getting into a formal D/s or BDSM relationship, there’s no need to worry about the conceptual or theoretical side of things. If you’re interested in exploring that dynamic further, just carry on experimenting (perhaps with a woman), and do whatever feels good and works best with your partner(s)...or you could explore by writing about it.
  25. Originally I would have said no. But, then I met someone who is incredible. She lives about 4 hours away, which isn’t horrible, but she isn’t here. One thing I’ve realized is that, at least for me, when you video each other, send pictures, etc., you notice the little things about them. You memorize their smile, their eyes, how their lips move when they talk, everything. I’m not sure you would do that if you were face to face. I know I’ve never done that when I was face to face with someone. We keep in contact throughout the whole day, and we’re open with everything. When she or I feel insecure about something, we talk about it and work through it because it’s our job, whether we’re in physical proximity of each other or not, to make the other person feel secure. We haven’t met, but will soon. It’s going to be worth it when I have her in my arms. If you have a truly deep connection with someone, don’t let distance stop you.
  26. Hi!

    If the picture is on the phone, you can use an photo app and save the picture to a smaller version. I use pxlr app on my phone and just resave the picture to the smallest size. Sometimes I have to do this twice to have it the right size for this site. Also, I suggest for you to check out the "How Our Forum Works". Has a lot of posts on how things goes on this site.
  27. we are neighbors and be come friends?!!! :-)
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