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  2. I was very aware of my sexuality from a young age, but circumstamces meant l suppressed it for most of my life before finally accepting that these feelings were real and weren't going away. I didnt have the internet or sites like you tube when i was a teenager, but it's helped me massively now. I stumbled across these lesbian you tube vloggers called Rose and Rosie, via a comedian i was following on social media. I started watching their videos, and others, which opened up a world I'd locked away for a long time, and eventually led me to shys. I think You Tube deserves a thread of its own, showing vloggers, discussions, interviews, music videos, short films, funny sketches etc.....anything really, as long as it's something that helped you or moved you when you watched it. Here's one to get started but I'll keep adding....
  3. BBC quote of the day: 'Remember AI and robots are different. Your job may be safe from one but not the other.'


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  5. @BabyCotton Yes! You will find a very nonjudgmental community here
  6. I've always known that lesbians liked to steer clear of bi girls as far as relationships, but I had no idea that some lesbians actually *hated* us to this degree. It's disgusting how these people are talking on this thread less than two years ago!!. Also, I'm shocked that lesbians feel they don't have a place on the web. Anyway, another good reason I'm glad I landed at shybi which is extremely tolerant of lesbians and bi girls alike; love that about this place!!
  7. Sometimes it's good to be alone. But the worst thing about being alone is having no one to talk too about your problems and how you feel.
  8. Afternoon all, Can anybody from the UK recommend any dating sites for bi curious women in the UK?
  9. This is how most men respond to hearing I work on my own car or help people move furniture. I'm only 5 ft and look small, but have a lot of muscle so people are always shocked. They should really stop under estimating us smaller women.
  10. I was a bit of a tomboy growing up and I LOVED watching this film over and over.....I still do actually. I pretty much watched everything with Doris Day after this. Thanks for posting
  11. yes. I'm looking to make new friends who can understand how I feel and NOT judge me
  12. I can't remember when. All I know is that ebony girl on girl porn turns me on and I want to experience it
  13. Can't have a 90's thread without Enya....
  14. @BabyCottonHi and welcome! You will find many woman on this site that are curious. Keep in mind that this is not a dating site. This is a support site for women looking for advice and comradery. If that's what you are looking for then you have found a great group of women! Hope you enjoy Shys as much as I have!
  15. It's an Enya kind of day....relaxing at home.....watching the snow fall.....deep in thought....and remembering my younger days when I could still play this on the piano. :)

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    2. BenedettaC


      I"m sorry to say that I have an Enya Phobia...ever since I took a road trip to Florida with my brother and his partner, and he played "Sail Away' ALL THE WAY THERE!!! 

    3. lsroses


      Haha! @BenedettaC I can understand that completely! There are only a handful of Enya songs I can listen to now....sail away isn't one of them!

    4. BenedettaC


      It actually makes want to get up and run! :O

      But the one you've posted above is lovely...and how wonderful that you were able to play it on the piano... :)

      Is it still snowing where you are? It's really coming down here, and starting to stick... Isn't it supposed to be spring now?!

  16. Absolutely...and it never gets easier
  17. Thank you for another wonderful blog...... Good dream....we all have those.....shame we have to snap back to reality again. I think that dream of closeness and intimacy is the one that hurts the most though...
  18. Hello ladies, my name is Baby Cotton and I love in Texas. I've been curious for a long time. And I've decided to try to find a friend who would be willing to be my friend. However descripion is a MUST!
  19. I am a naturally very dominant person. I am the disciplinarian with my son, I am the strict one with rules and bedtimes. I am (was) the manager who takes no shit. And I can talk a BIG game about how I'll get what I want from you, however....I really, really enjoy submissive behavior. Like not in an abusive way, but to turn off my brain and turn on my sex drive and let my husband or some hot fucking chick use me and my body exactly how they want. Tell me they want to do to me, or what they want to watch me do to them....good lawd it's a turn on! I LOVE it when someone tells me what they me to do to them, or makes me do it. I suppose I can go both ways, but being a sub is a much bigger turn on for me. If I know it's a turn on for someone else if I take control though, I will.
  20. hello I'm Baby Cotton and I'm new to the group. I have the same problem. Only I'm unsure of where or how to start
  21. I'm not a girly girly super femme type, I kick it in jeans and tennis shoes most often with very little make up, but if I put on a pair of boots and a little mascara I can get a LOT of male attention, so I assume my curves make me look feminine. I got nice curves. As far as attention goes it would be nice to know if I ever attract female attention. It's never obvious enough for me to pick up on, if it's happening. Women are hard to read. Since I'm married I don't think most people try to put me in one category of the other. My ex girlfriend always said she loved how butch I could act because i didn't look it, anytime I was working on my car or chopping wood she'd ask for pictures. lol
  22. She smiled at me again. I appreciate it every time.

  23. A whopping 4' 12" . I've been begging the DMV to put that on my license for years. I'm commonly referred to as fun sized.
  24. 5 feet and 5 inches. Is there an official average for height under different categories for men, women, age groups, and different races or countries?
  25. Like in anything with a relationship, there has to be give and take!
  26. Me too...sometimes to my detriment lol. My imagination is way more fun than my reality
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