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  2. "I thought you'd quit drinking?" A friend had a rough night
  3. I remember being taught in Sunday school that "love can't wait to give". Meanwhile, "lust can't wait to get" , which is apparently a damaging bad selfish thing you'll never recover from. They thought they were being really progressive and open-minded by talking to teenagers about sex. A gazilloin years later, I have to say that "can't wait to get" can be a beautiful thing. And feeling like someone loves you so much that they'll do you the favor of having sex with them is about as unsexy as it gets. I need a balance between the two.
  4. Even though I've always been attracted to women, this is something I was particularly concerned about. It was something that seemed like, when the time came, I would tolerate more than enjoy. I don't even like receiving oral from male partners. Recently I experienced both giving and receiving oral for the first time with a very close friend. It was incredible. And honestly, so natural. I can not get enough of it (of kissing her.. and while I actually really enjoy it from her, I feel satisfaction enough just to bring her pleasure). Studying porn did not work for me, so much of it is still so male-centric, its all about how the scene looks. In real life, it is about feeling. For beginners, I would say rely on your senses. We have the benefit of really being able to imagine what it feels like while we are performing, our bodies are the same. Though we may prefer different things, I like to think we are naturally inclined to read one anothers bodies really well. It is as natural as kissing. It is great to hear that certain anecdotes have worked for many of you, spelling things out with your tongue. That is probably great if you are feeling nervous. It is certainly something to focus on. More than that, focusing on how it feels, how her body moves against you, how she is breathing. Focus on that.
  5. hey you!
  6. welcome back. sounds similar to many times I stop dating someone I really enjoy, for one reason or the other. This last go around, we were really close, and it was a first for me I think to be so close to someone I dated. That was an adjustment not being single after a few years, and then to go back to not having someone in my life again. But I do not know that many people here, so I think just cutting him out of my life entirely wasn't healthy either, so every few weeks we do hear from each other, but in a friendly way, not an intimate one like before. And sometimes I think maybe it should go back to being more. And then I remember why it's better to keep moving forward.
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  8. Beautifully written. Despite the agony that led you here, we are lucky to have you back.
  9. danger of following your crush on twitter, maybe without her realizing it, is seeing her pop up in your newsfeed and blushing. good thing she can't see... :blush:

  10. Gotta love family. My sister and niece came by to brighten up my day because I had a bad one :) She doesn't know the real reason it was a bad day, but that is okay. I do know I'll have one family member in my corner whenever I come out. 

  11. I hear you too with empathy.
  12. Hi from me, doggy looks nice, love his colours.
  13. When sleep eludes you make a cup of tea and enjoy the sound of cat purring.

    1. Hungry


      Are you sure it's the "cat?":P Relax, we've got all night, you'll get there eventually..

    2. myladylove


      Yes, it's been a long time since there was a lover of either gender in my bed. Cat sees me through my sleepless nights. Heard strange noises out the front of my house, put the porch light on but feeling tense. Sound carries on these warm nights. 


  14. I will make a point to read it, although I seriously doubt I would practice it. I also live in a small area, there aren't many resources where I'm from. I can appreciate the concept of a poly life but if I were to explore it, my version would be just shy of monogamy. Or at least that's where my comfort level is at the moment. Not to say that could never change, two years ago I would have said I have absolutely no comfort outside of monogamy.
  15. Hello! It is exciting to see a cute dog around here! ❤
  16. Welcome back! Seriously cute pooch
  17. Been away for a while, thought I'd pop by and say hello again. xxx


    1. Hungry



      It's great to see some familiar faces coming back. Once you get your barings I hope this means I'll have some new posts to enjoy. I hope you're keeping well?

    2. Amora


      Yeah getting there.  Busy as anything as now training as a midwife.  not been remotely near a woman in over 2 years now, LOL.  But otherwise great. xxx How about you? xxx

  18. Hello again lovely. xxx Long time no chat.  How are you? xxx

  19. My dream too, but never quite get there. xx
  20. Totally. xxx I would love this to happen but it never works out that way.
  21. I've been looking for just that for years but seem to just keep meeting people who haven't thought the situation through thoroughly. xxx
  22. Satisfied with the day, anxious about the perps.
  23. Tired of missing women, I miss that intimacy.  It's different with a woman!

  24. Wondering what shite my neighbours are cooking up against me now...
  25. The same way here. I've been curious for awhile. But when I started liking that girl at work, I couldn't hide from it anymore, I just knew. Too bad that didn't go anywhere.
  26. Once again, I was just posing a question about a particular dynamic, and not intending to reduce all female bisexual experience to it. Also, I never said that bisexual women were 'pretending to be straight', and really didn't intend to be condescending in any way. The interesting thing here is just how many of you are taking offence to my moment of reflection, and misinterpreting what I was getting at, which demonstrates the level of sensitivity that surrounds this issue. I should point out that, over the course of about 40 years, I have been on the receiving end of plenty of discrimination for being bisexual, and a lesbian, so the idea that I am in some way expressing a discriminatory attitude toward bi women is completely absurd. But I guess this just demonstrates the dangers of posting on open forums, where our words are open to interpretation.
  27. @BiTriMama, thank you for sharing your experience. Definitely food for thought. I'll definitely check out that book. It's been mentioned all over the place!
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