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  2. I love it. I heard it in Greek and to my language it has a powerful meaning,of course that's because I am Greek
  3. To love is to recognize yourself in another
  4. Couldn't agree more I need one desperately!!!!!!!!!
  5. Silence says so much more than words!!!

    1. myladylove


      You say it best when you say nothing at all.

  6. I usually get confused with them too.
  7. Hiring and serving seem like the more important things here. I don't eat at Chick-Fil-A simply because I'm vegetarian so there's very little for me to eat there. I certainly support those who boycott eating there to combat homophobia. However, I worry that sometimes we get caught up in symbolic battles and don't look at the underlying issues enough. This is in no way intended as a criticism of the OP, rather an observation of the less than constructive ways mass outrage can be channeled on the internet.
  8. You won't get rid of us that easily!
  9. Does that ever work? I feel like most of the time that just ends up being crazymaking for everyone involved.
  10. I'll admit that prior to being on Shybi, I thought I was too old to be bi, and that I have missed my opportunity to ever connect with women. Of course that's nonsense, and there is no biological clock for being bisexual! This discussion thread makes me feel a lot better.
  11. Waking up with a headache, being brought tea and now  listening to a very easy playlist on Spotify whilst loafing in bed still... and chill... 

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      Oh no, that's a horrible start to the week! Hopefully it will end on a better note :) I recommend loafing for at least a couple more hours. I'm an expert in these matters you know. x

    2. Violetta


      I'm sure it'll definitely end on a better note! I have a good feeling;) x 

  12. That's quite alright ;) I have regular brain farts ..
  13. Depends on what you define as older. When I was younger, my BF then was nearly 20 years older than me. I was 19 and he was 38. My younger daughter now is 18 and loves to tease me about fucking a grandpa (apologies for my language). The age gap wasn't a problem at the time. My one and only GF was 14 years older, age again wasn't an issue. It would be now tho if we were together. My ex-husband was 2.5 years older. I managed to get the gap smaller. lol. I'll be 55 next month but a younger woman is more appealing now. I'm young at heart, so definitely someone younger for me. How much younger? Idk, depends on the person.
  14. I haven't had time to read the article fully but it hit home in a way for me. I was brought up that sex was for reproduction only and a woman wasn't meant to enjoy it. These old-fashioned views remained with me most of my life. I've only once had an orgasm through intercourse or penetration itself. Many times I've had sex with my partner/husband to keep him happy. Intercourse was nearly always painful for me. I have a hard time relaxing (pardon the pun). It took me ages to communicate to my partner how I felt and what I wanted. My husband was patient mostly but I still never achieved orgasm with him without helping myself as well. My opinion is men aren't taught enough about sex, the effects it can have psychologically on women and some men to. I grew up with the opinion if I didn't lose my virginity I wasn't a woman. So I lost it at 15 in a bad situation. I had a few hangups because of this. Sometimes I think this maybe the reason I prefer a woman now. After being with a woman I found how wonderful sex could be. I've encouraged my girls to make sure your man is gentle. Talk to him and let him understand how you feel. If it hurts, tell him, don't lay there and take it.
  15. Just checking to say hi, so HI!

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      celeste teal

      Hi KeikoM, nice to see you! 

  16. I don't have a problem with looking into the root of why women are more inclined to worry about their partner's satisfaction at the expense of their own. My own thoughts on the matter is that it's likely a mix of biological and social reasons, What I do have a problem with is automatically assuming or implying that the actions of men are a direct cause as a rule, or that they don't care as a rule. This is an overly simplistic assessment that disregards the motivations of women in favor of having someone else to blame - a trend that becoming annoyingly problematic these days. Perhaps since women assume more physical risk from the repercussions of sex, we may be more instinctively prone to want to please our partners to keep them with us, which may include accepting discomfort during sex, because we wish (subconsciously or otherwise) to prevent them from feeling inadequate or undesired. From an evolutionary standpoint this would make sense because it would decrease the likelihood of that partner choosing a different sexual/life partner. Thoughts?
  17. In that the owner is no-longer anti-gay and doesn't donate to groups that are also anti-gay? No, I don't think that's changed - or at least I haven't heard of it. What I do know is that they still hire gay employees and serve gay patrons, which they did before the bru-ha-ha with Dan Cathy.
  18. I honestly don’t know. 14 years ago when I met my husband, I had zero interest in women. It was something that was forbidden and I pushed those feelings so far back I couldn’t even find them anymore. Then I met someone who made those feeling surface. I think I could be happy with a woman and only a woman. But I don’t know. Bc of that I don’t know if I could be with someone that is Bi. I don’t know how my husband does it honestly. I would struggle if our roles were reverse.
  19. Very Christian fast food restaurant. I highly doubt they will ever turn over a new leaf with this issue. I love Chick-fil-A though, I can’t help myself. I also live in Ga, and we have at least 6 within a 20 mile radius. I just look at it as they are entitled to their opinion just like everyone else is. If I boycotted every company based on their beliefs then I would end up living off the grid.
  20. Oh my, I figured out what happened. I confused @Violetta with @Veronica and tagged the wrong one! You both have lovely names but they sound similar and I had a brain fart. My apologies.
  21. There's something delightfully archaic about using wife as a verb. I love it!
  22. Against all odds by Phil Collins- 1984
  23. There's a lot to unpack here. To answer your titular question, it definitely sounds like you lean more lesbian, even if you have some interest in men in a fantasy context. If you merely expressed indifference towards men in real life, I'd just say "hooray, you're gay" and leave it at that. It does however sound like your disgust at everyday interactions with men is causing you considerable distress. If you can afford therapy, I would highly recommend it. It's helpful for everybody I think, but especially when dealing with complicated issues such as what role your father's behavior may have played in this. At any rate, welcome to ShyBi. We're certainly not mental health professionals, but we can provide support and first hand perspectives from other women who love women.
  24. What a lovely video, books and a pretty lady, sounds very good to me.


  25. i like women's faces, bodies and personalities. i want sex and relationships with women. i like men faces and bodies, but not their personalities. i find male sexuality disgusting and annoying, but somehow i like straight porn more than lesbian porn. but dick in porn seems overrated and boring, i like looking a men faces. but only straight porn where the guy is handsome in the face and doesn't seem like a jerk. but most straight porn is like boring. i don't know i think i've seen it all. lesbian porn is ok, but it's not as animalistic as straight porn, but i love strapon lesbian porn. i like looking at the girl face while she fucks with the strapon porn. after watching and masturbating to straight porn i feel very bad, but this doesn't happen when i watch lesbian porn. i feel happy after watching and masturbating to lesbian porn. in real life i enjoy looking a men with handsome faces. but it has to be a very handsome man like a model or someone very good looking. sometimes i watch average guys faces out of curiosity. i think male muscles look good, and i am curious to touch them. but honestly i don't feel very comfortable with the idea of having sex with men. it's like i like to watch them, and maybe touch the muscles to see what they feel like, but actually engaging into anything sexual would left me feeling like shit. like i could sleep with a guy, and enjoy it but would feel awful afterwards like i would have to kill him or kill myself. i rather not act on my attraction to men ever, because it makes me feel less than ideal. and it's cool according to my own standards lol. i would love to be in a relationship and have sex with a woman. i would feel great about it. everything about it seems awesome. but i don't act on my attraction to women because homophobia stresses me out too much and i suffer from a mental illness caused by homophobia from a previous coming out attempt, basically every little lesbophobic thing people say or do gives me stress that make me angry and i want to tell everyone to fuck off because it's not appropiate at work, i hate feeling angry all the time but also feel empty inside knowing that i will never be able to have a long term relationship with a woman. but then again pretty girls don't find me attractive and i am a little too crazy antisocial, and there's too much homophobia to deal with. still i refuse to ever kiss, date or have sex with a man ever oh and threesomes involving a man is the most disgusting thing in the world and i hate that even in porn i feel my male are only necessary for watching porn sometimes, but then in real life i hate that a guy notices i am looking at him like i want to punch him in the face or humilate them or something, i hate men having any sort of power of me. i love liking women though i think i have issues with men for real like i can't deal with them having any sort of power over me if a guy treats me bad i feel like shit if a girl treats me bad i can move on maybe it's because when i was a kid and i was with my father, he was holding a picture of a young boy and i asked him about it then he laughed. later i realized it was a picture of his son with other woman. he left my mom because he wanted to have a son and my mother couldn't give him more kids because she had her uterus removed so basically my father laughed at me, and now i hate him and all men, and i feel they will laugh at me again and make me feel like shit but with women i can deal with any drama and feel ok about it i mean my attraction to women is higher than my attraction to men so whatever, right? i can't deal with another man laughing at me or mistreating me ever i don't wanna risk getting hurt by a guy and let's face it dicks are overrated, kinda ugly, and strapons are somehow hotter and i don't care much about sex because i watched too much porn and somehow desensitized myself i just wanna cuddle with a woman and find real love i don't think i could ever love a man oh and i hate it when people noticed i am attracted to men, or pressure me into getting a boyfriend or getting married like i feel rage and wanna tell them to fuck off i really wish i were 100% lesbian i do love my mom a lot and spend a lot of quality time with her and support her financially so, what am i? what should i do?
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