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  2. I did a test recently which measured me as 57% Extrovert so I'm a fairly even mix. I'm quite sociable but I get anxious if I don't know many people or I'm out of my comfort zone. I can make conversation with almost anyone, and like meeting new people, but I've also been told that I'm really hard to read at times, so I'm definitely working on that. I'm just hard work so I'm grateful for the few that stick with me and make the effort to figure me out!
  3. So this week has totally been a rough one, I have basically struggled with depression most of my adult life and this week it just felt like I was drowning, everything just try dragging me under. Anyone who doesnt have depression probably cant relate. But dealing with the depression demon just takes it right out of you. 

    Im trying my best to get it together and today is a good day.  I pretty much punched the big D in the face with a chair, threw it in the abyss and hoping it takes a long while to resurface.

    Have a great day Ladies. 

    1. lsroses


      Big hugs to you! You're incredibly strong for fighting against it today cos it's not easy when you're struggling to see through the fog....but you did it and that's the main thing. You're amazing! Have a great day too!

  4. I am a Tarheel
  5. I am a mixture of both. I like to be around people but enjoy my alone time. Does that make me a bi-trovert?
  6. I need to quit feeling sorry for myself and get myself together and live my life & not merely exist. I want to LIVE
  7. Today

    1. JadeBleu15


      This song reminds me of someone. I forgot to put that on the original post. 

  9. Great article, thanks for posting. :-)
  10. We look back and reflect on those who hurt us, admittedly adding to already present damage, and we have to learn from this, lonely as it is, the need to protect ourselves from further damage is just so paramount. In fear we move forward, little steps, retreating when more potential damage shows its face, ever alert, wary. Step by step, one day at a time....

  11. Ya know, I wonder if we're talking about the right problem here. I live a fair distance from the middle of nowhere, and yet I meet new women all the time. Occasionally at church, sometimes at PTA, sometimes at the market, sometimes at client's offices, or even out for lunch. Unlike an app, I'm never unsure about whether they're women or men. They look pretty womanly to me. I'm not currently looking for a girl friend, but when I was, the problem wasn't meeting women. It was trying to determine which ones might be interested in the same things I was. This was much more than a passing worry because in my conservative corner of the world,the possibility of offending someone, and all the (potentially very) unpleasant consequences of doing so are not to be trivialized. So I'm curious. For those of you who met women you eventually were intimate with, and didn't do so in obviously gay venues (e.g. lesbian bars or dating apps), how did you know, and how were you able to move the relationship beyond the "friend for lunch" stage? Ame
  12. There is a lot of this that resonates with me. And some parts that don't. Something about getting actual serious attention from a woman seems to trigger a deer-in-the-headlights reaction for me, and I just don't know how to respond to it. Which is why I'm so useless at actually getting involved with women.
  13. So much has happened in the last 9 months. I met someone who at first I thought could grow to love but it didnt work out. She wasnt motivated to do a lot with her life and was lazy and even neglected me to the point of not even recognizing my birthday..all of which I started to feel resentment grow immensely. I called it quits..  I wasnt hopeless but felt a great sense of relief and felt like I could breathe again.

    *Skip ahead 3 months*  Ive been honest with myself in what I want and what I would expect even from a friend let alone girlfriend. I started chatting with some one at this time after valentines day and I was glad to make a friend. We talk(ed) daily and I learned SO much about her and she I. Shes motivated, thought provoking, ambitious, fun, flirty and very supportive.  I was surprised how we clicked and how I could be myself around her. Its slightly long distance (she lives 2 hours away..the next state over) but not too far and I am going to meet her in a week or so time.. I NEED advice! lol but all in all I am so happy!

  14. Pretty bi pride ring I bought off Etsy - seller is VyTvir and it's made with flowers - so pretty! 


    1. celeste teal
    2. Nidalaeh


      That is pretty, might have to check it out

  15. This video is both erotic and romantic....erotomantic
  16. Absolutely, I have opened up romantically and emotionally to a woman and had my heart smashed to bits. Women are very complicated, I can only say as I have said before on this site that I no longer trust Lesbian women for different reasons than they don’t trust me although much the same. I differ from the article in that I would never contemplate a relationship with a straight woman, I am more likely to dislike or have zilch in common with them. I am bi but don’t intend, based on negative experiences, to act on it. That doesn’t mean I am any less bi. I would be more likely, particularly at my age, to form a companionship relationship with a man or remain single.
  17. I wonder how many of us can relate to this
  18. A great list of reasons by a lesbian girl on why she appreciates bi women
  19. Interesting collection of articles 3 to 2 women win
  20. I like athletic thin women, love tall ones but they don’t have to be. I’m not really into curves and I like their body language to be femme-y, relaxed and confident
  21. I so love this description, just sounds so beautiful and intense to me. Lovely.
  22. A quick little background: I am a happily married mother of two. But like many here, I am bi-curious. I've felt this way for years but now in my early 40s, these feelings seem to be so much more intense. Husband knows and has said that I can do whatever I want, he just doesn't want to know about it because he may not be able to handle it. That's a whole other discussion. : ) Anyway, I met a girl a few months ago and we became best buddies almost immediately. We went through some similar life experiences that brought us together in the first place and that bond is still very strong. We both are very similar in terms of personality, humour, wit, values etc etc. I was over the moon when we first started getting closer because I hadn't had a friend like her in a a very long time. We are very open with each other and have shared some very private and intimate details of our lives with intrigue and support and never judgement. It comes so easy for us to be ourselves with each other. We constantly text each other all day long and still feel like we can't get enough of each other. We try to see each other as much as we can, sometimes daily. And we are also very physical, as in lots of hugs and cuddles and kisses on the cheek when we say hello or goodbye. We have been there for each other in terrible times as well as really fun times and so cuddles come in handy in such situations. It has never gone any further than that. We do make sexual innuendos about how hot each other looks or make comments on body parts and always complimenting each other on our looks. She thinks I am hot and I think she's hot! : ) We went away on a girls weekend not too long ago and had the most incredible time! There, I told her I was bicurious and she was super accepting and loving about it. She made some comment that she wishes she swung that way! And I blew it off by saying something like, you're not my type (not exactly those words but something along those lines - we were under the influence of various substances!). Things have been same since then in terms of our relationship and comfort with each other. In fact, we have become a little more physical. Now, my question is, is that normal in platonic friendships? I have never been this close to another woman before. In the last week or so, I have been fantasizing about her which is so freaking weird for me because she is my best friend but it also feels so right! I think about her all the time. She has told me a couple of times that she is pretty straight so I don't know what to make of all her extra physical contact with me. Obviously, I have had a million friends but it has never been like this. She text me as soon as she wakes up, I am her last text and a million texts and meet ups in between. We tell each other we love and miss each other all the time, and how grateful we are for each other. She loves my kids and they her. She is always complimenting me on ...pretty much everything from my legs to my humour and I reciprocate because she is just the best human girl I have ever met in my life. There is no way I will do anything to jeopardize my relationship with her but I also have some very strong non platonic feelings for her. I can't believe I am typing/thinking/feeling this but I might be falling in love with her. Any feedback or suggestions or similar experiences will be greatly appreciated.
  23. You have your own personality and thinking. If it makes you more anxious to share then simply don't share. We all have wild fantasies and damn there's nothing wrong with that as long they don't consume you. Find someone to share your thoughts if that'll help you. Someone who's not going to judge you and maybe the two of you will end up exchanging notes about bdsm. Lol. Take it easy.
  24. Rani : I went back over the list of things your gf does for you. My personal opinion is you've fallen into a tub of warm butter. There may be a fantastic guy somewhere waiting for you, and I can certainly say that sex with (some) guys can be fun and wonderful. But you got a ticket to fantasyland. Were I in your shoes, I'd soak it in till my pores popped. Just Sayin ... Ame
  25. I totally missed my 1 year anniversary on here (May 17). Man I've been through a lot of stuff in a year. 

  26. Happy birthday babe x

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      Thanks hun!! Good luck at your Golf Tournament tomorrow!!

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