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  3. Yes would like to find someone that's happy to have a secret. I've just read threads about everyone fantasising so far.
  4. I'm with you on that one... Keeping it as your little secret. But it would also depend on whether your gf is on the same page as you. I think I've seen some lovely threads on here, on how others have managed a similar situation. ☺
  5. Yes, for sure meet up to make sure they are who they say they are. I dont ever intend to tell hubby to be honest just want to explore or more get explored ☺
  6. Bindy


    Hi Mariazena178. Hope you've had a good day. X
  7. Welcome to the forum @N111. I haven't had the opportunity to be with another woman yet and hoping it does happen some day. I guess it would be wise to first meet the person in a public place (coffee shop, pub etc) before taking it to the next level... That's just me though. Re telling hubby I would do the same and not tell him, explore my curiosity first and see where it takes me. But other members may have a different take on it ☺
  8. @WestMidsS totally know what you mean to randomly meet someone . Did you meet someone then?
  9. I'm married and have 3 kids. Sex life is good but I always want more. I wondered what it would be like with another women. I want some fun with another women. I have no intention on telling my husband. I've never done this before So just want to know, want to see what it's like to kiss and play with another women. Ideally Id like to meet up in a hotel and take it from there. Is that weird? Would anyone consider doing this not telling hubby and linking up for some new experiences. X
  10. tsikk

    New York!

    I'm on Long Island too, Suffolk!
  11. Alicia Keys- if I ain’t got you Beyonce-halo
  12. Sierrapac

    Ohio Bi Group

    I’m also from Cincinnati!
  13. Sierrapac

    Ohio ladies

  14. these-broken-wings(TBW)

    I miss you so much

    Hey you (o= Sending you well wishes in your time of heartache. xoxo
  15. 63395

    Struggling in my marriage

    @Gingermommy, I can hear the desperation in your post because I’ve experienced very similar feelings. Obviously this has no quick solution so you really need to focus on your physical health while you deal with it over years, not weeks. Work on getting sleep, healthy meals, exercise etc. Be incredibly kind to yourself. You didn’t ask for this and you haven’t done anything wrong.
  16. Jenniferbg

    new here || bicurious 21 year old virgin

    Yes I too am curious or everything this site has to offer. 26 looking to explore more
  17. Jenniferbg

    New York!

    20 min from the city. Westchester area ! I
  18. Jenniferbg

    New York!

    I’m in New York !!!
  19. For years it was Hey, Jupiter by Tori Amos
  20. My mother is still alive although doctors said she has 3-5 months to live last year in September.
  21. TBD78

    New and bi-curious

    This is a great place to work through and better understand these curious feelings. Lots of the ladies here can relate and there are many different stories and outcomes to explore if you set out on a journey to discover more. Enjoy the forum.
  22. Iman87

    Over-weight and Struggling

    How did you meet your gf?
  23. these-broken-wings(TBW)

    I don't understand

    Fathers NPD aside - thats something I'm use to (except seeing him disregard others feelings re: feeling secure, etc after a mass shooting)... Its interesting watching JoeBlogs do it in everyday conversations, something I've not paid much attention to, until now. I see mothers do it to children without blinking, ie "You can't go outside wearing that!" Without consider the childs feelings. Anyway, thanks everyone! I'm going to chalk it off as threatening my fathers worldview and as such, he mentally shuts down and switches off. As mentioned on here, afraid of his own emotions. This notion will help me deal with others who do the same with more empathy in future. A 'Danger, Will Robinson!' type response.
  24. Mariazena178


    Hey x
  25. Farmgirl0315

    New and bi-curious

    @Abbi77777 same about being with men 99% and it makes sense that we would be because thats the societal norm. But I feel that I’ve lived the norm for long enough that I need to make my own way and step out of the comfort zone of whats expected.
  26. Farmgirl0315

    New and bi-curious

    Thank you was just expressing thoughts in my head.
  27. Elaine86

    Hi, new from GA.

    33 in GA relationship with male, curious and attracted to females since school age. Confused. Nervous.
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