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  2. Bad Luck Blue Wyes Goodbye- Black Crowes
  3. I'll give it a go if you will!
  4. FabulousMe

    Favorite Horror Or Vampire Flick

    Every so often I think I'm grown and can handle a horror movie, this usually ends with me refusing to be left on my own, trying to get in the bathroom with hubby, screaming at my own reflection in the many mirrors in my home. I managed to watch Get Out and I like dusk til dawn but I think my fave is Bram Stoker's Dracula
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  6. That feeling of not being wanted or welcome. That fear of being targeted because you are different. Having your feelings and worries dismissed or disregarded. Wondering how much worse things have to get before the general population also think these things are unacceptable. Sometimes the tide starts to change and it goes unacknowledged by most until the rot has truly set in. Happens all over, to many a minority, I'm sorry for all who experience hatred and the ugly attitudes and behaviours it manifests.
  7. FabulousMe

    Sucking Your Own Tatas

    I can and I have done it but for my enjoyment I prefer someone else does it
  8. FabulousMe

    Boobs Or Ass? If You Had To Choose 1.

    Boobs, nipples, nipples and boobs, all kinds of boobs, a rainbow of nipple colours and sizes but large erect nipples are a thing for me. A nice jiggly bum will make me turn my head too but boobs mmm boobs and nipples.
  9. Hahaha I will keep my fingers crossed for you... or she might take it literally and point you directions to the closest pastry bakery in town Either way, it will taste fine right!?
  10. So if I say, "Hi, I really like cupcakes," to a hot, gorgeous girl, do you think she will start stroking my inner thigh and kissing my lips?
  11. I can lick them if I try, but sucking them isn't possible unfortunately :/
  12. L'Draya

    Tough to meet bi women

    My frustration with finding someone, is that it's hard to find ANYONE when you want someone. Im sitting alone on this hot afternoon, wishing someone were with me with her head between my legs relieving me of the week's tension, but there is a process....I don't want to go through the process all the time. Errrr!
  13. L'Draya

    Boobs Or Ass? If You Had To Choose 1.

    Boobs are my preference, but I find a woman's body so-o-o very sexy no matter what part I'm looking at.
  14. leigh11

    Happy Weekend!

    Welcome, please remember that this site is support only. If you are looking for a girlfriend, then you'd be better off on a dating site.
  15. Right now, I would love an evening of wine and movies, --- wrapped in each other's arms on the sofa that becomes caressing, kissing,... exploring...
  16. I know these are absolutes. Not everyone is the same. I was just wondering. Cupcakes is a good idea. But I really like cake. So people may think I am like super gay!
  17. 11 days until my first Pride party ever (Glow in the Dark) with an all-white dress code and after three rounds of shopping, all I have so far is white lingerie... HELP

  18. @Androgynygrl Hahaha my Amsterdam women's pride party is coming up real soon (July 31st) Considering Amsterdam is very diverse and attracts tourists from all over the world, I'll start there...before we know it we have cups to our cakes worldwide
  19. L'Draya

    Happy Weekend!

    Hello! My name is L'Draya - Dray, Draya - you decide. I'm almost 50, - divorced. There is a man in my life, but Id like female companionship as well. This is not something I'm very open about and so I'm hoping to make meaningful, reciprocal connections with that in mind.
  20. JN2019

    Favorite Horror Or Vampire Flick

    Off the top of my head, I can think of these as my favorites for the past decade Insidious (the first one especially) Mama The Conjuring series The Annabelle series (especially the first and the third one) As a teenager I grew up with Wes Craven, I loved all of his horror movies. Especially the Scream series and I know/I still know what you did last summer.
  21. @JN2019 I like it! Spread the word .
  22. Or you can ask her if she wants to be the cup to your cake
  23. I can understand the nervousness. Sadly there are still lot of biphobic spaces around and bi meetups can be more validating. Those people who don't want them to be with a bi woman are either insecure and want to project their own fears and anxieties, maybe have internalised biphobia
  24. Maybe we should create a code word and make it go viral . If you see a woman you're attracted to say " Cupcake" . I just made that up, tell the others .
  25. Honesty , kindness, be aware of your partners feelings . Only go as fast as you are both comfortable progressing. Be completely clear about your wants and needs and expectations and listen to your partners wants and needs and really hear them. There are no rules and no guide book. You will find what works for you and your situation. You've already done the most important thing which is you were honest with your partner. Where you go from here is up to you. Best of luck on your new adventure.
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