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  2. So my home town band that I love
  3. SammiLynn- I am 28 and have been with my husband for almost 11 years. I feel the exact way you do. I wish I had answers for us both. Wishing you the best of luck ❤️
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  6. I’m also in TN! I’m recently widowed but always wanted to meet curious women
  7. My ideal as a fluid bi, who is now single, albeit it by a tragedy, would be to be able to have lover/s of either gender depending on whom I meet and how we both feel and for that to be private and personal to me and nobody else's business. However I find myself living in a situation where I have become a victim of bullying and one persons obsession with my 'exposed' bisexual past. I feel undermined and demoralised by this and as they watch my every move in complete idle ignorant fascination waiting to see which gender I team up with, I deliberately team up with neither. Lack of opportunity comes into this as well although of course there would be ample online as my recent trials have proved to me. Had my primary partner have lived my bisexuality would be in the past but without him I am left in a bit lf a quandary and under extreme pressure which quite frankly wears me out. One good thing, I recently had to explain to my son why this particular neighbour harasses me and how she behaved and things she shouted in the street when I first moved in which involved me telling him I was bisexual. He didn't bat an eyelid, and to her behaviour just said, "what? in this day and age? and nothing more was said. So yes I am 'out' to my son. I don't work now, Im retired so don't have to hide in that environment, however I am finding it very difficult to stick at exercise classes and other social groups that would be good for me as I am soon 'exposed' and humiliated. So my bisexuality is being used as a weapon against me and quite frankly making my life quite miserable at times, so I can understand why people choose to hide it. A lot depends on where you live and how informed and accepting the people who you come into contact and interact with are.
  8. Just saw it, I enjoyed it - felt the dynamic between the actresses was strong and quite relatable. Slightly unsettled with the ending - left a few questions open. Surprised with the two leading Rachel’s this movie didn’t have a bigger release...but i guess religion and sexuality are still taboo to mainstream movie goers.
  9. This lass is from Scotland, too!
  10. Pretty sure this was taken from his X Factor audition. Wow, this song... hit me hard. As a songwriter, I feel him, his every word came out from his heart. *Edited* Decided to post the audition instead. His pain :(
  11. Someday my pain will mark you
  12. And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat
    I tried to find the sound
    But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness,
    So darkness I became.

  13. Ah, @lsroses... How could I forget that it's one of your favourites...!
  14. A lot has happened so I made another update blog “Update 2018 #2”

  15. So I’m 5months along and single and jobless. Last month, I’m chilling in my room talking to my mom on the phone, and I look up and see my boyfriend walking up the stairs. I get excited because I hadn’t seen him for almost two weeks. I tell my mom I’ll call her back and hang up. He hugs me and says the worst words possible. “We need to talk.” So we both sit down and he flat out says, “We need to break up.” I’m too shocked to react as he goes on about us not being right for each other and that he thinks it best if he has time to figure stuff out. He trembling at this point and I reach over and take hold of his hands. He proceeds to say he still wants to be there for the baby and he thinks I must hate him now. I told him that I don’t hate him. We hugged and he got most of his stuff and left. Then everything hit me at once and I called my mom crying and she (being the mama bear she is) got pissed. After getting off the phone with her. I called my best friend and talked about it with her. She helped calm me down and convinced me to go eat something (after finding out I hadn’t eaten since 10 that morning and it was about 9pm when we started talking). I just felt so lost. I didn’t understand and probably won’t understand what went wrong. Over the next few days it started to frustrate me more and more. Why hadn’t he talked to me about how he was feeling beforehand? Why did he go to other people? He got upset with me earlier in our relationship because something happened and I felt I couldn’t say anything to him. So he found out what happened and then got upset that I didn’t communicate because it was all a misunderstanding. So from then on, we had been open books about stuff to each other. Or so I thought... A few more days go by and I found more of his stuff to return and I figured, he said he wanted to be there for our child so I’ll give him a couple of the ultrasound pictures. I put them in a baggie and then put it in on the side of the big bag with the rest of his stuff. I had a couple errands to run that day in the same town so I sent him a text saying what time I’d be up there. Well it started to storm and he wasn’t answering, so I just texted his mom and asked if I could just drop off the stuff at the house. She told me she was absolutely okay with it. So I got there and it was pouring down rain. His dad came out of the house and waved at me to park under the covering. So I did and as I was getting out he (being a nice guy) takes the bag from me to take inside. Then an “oh sh*t” moment happened. I had my back turned head back to my car and his dad stops me and asks if I could come inside for a minute. I kind of thought that was weird, but I obliged. When I got inside his dad was at the bathroom door pounding on it and yelling out my ex’s full name. His mom greeted me and asked me if that was his stuff in the bag and when I looked over (after confirming) I saw the pictures on top of everything. His dad and, now, his mom had seen them. So, not only did he break up with me, he never told his parents about our child, and he didn’t show up to any of the appointments. Well, at this point I’m heartbroken and hormonal. One of the worst mixes of emotions and I ended up getting fired from my job because a comment I made was taken out of context and they wouldn’t even give me a chance to explain. They suspended me and then told me I was okay to come back to work and then fired me when I stepped foot inside the building. So, currently, I’ve been trying to find a desk job and dealing with other stuff going on. Good news is, my parents put an offer on the table for me to live with them once my lease is up, not worry about working, so long as I do some housework, take care of my son (yup, baby is a boy!! ), and go back to school online at their expense. How could I say no to that?
  16. Yay!!! More please!!
  17. Hi MrsLovett, sounds trying new things, can't wait to try it.
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