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  2. Love these lyrics. 

  3. Dear Red, reading your post, my heart aches for you, I cant fathom how that must make you feel, I suppose I could take a guess though. The only words I can think to share is, no matter what happens to us in life, sickness, sadness, depression, etc etc. there is always hope for a better tomorrow. I think about things sometimes and if we quit on anything, what if, if we kept going a little bit longer we would have that break through or whatever the case maybe. I know that I don't know how you feel and I really hope you are not suffering to terribly, but I think we need something in our lives to motivate us to want to keep going... love, family, friends, goals, life experiences, etc... I hope you can find something to put that fire back in your heart to keep going and living. I do wish you much joy and if you need a friend, my door or inbox is open.
  4. Dear Universe:

    I hope this letter finds you doing well.  I am writing today to inform you that as much as I love  adventure (  good kind) I am not excited about the adventure you bestowed upon me yesterday ( bad kind).  I am confident we discussed quotas in a previous letter and I will state my belief that my bad kind of adventure quota has been filled for quite sometime. 

    In fact, I do believe according to the Universe Guide To The Cosmos, you owe me some good kind of adventure refund and I would  like to set up a time and/or dates to receive said refund.   I am very open to any and all dates that you have available, with you being the Universe I would think you would have the talent to multi-task but did not want to just assume this, respectfully. 

    In closing, I would like to thank you for your kind attention to my request and I look very forward to hearing from you soon, I realize you are busy but I have pushed for my request to move up to the top of your list, Mother Nature owed me a favor. 

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration



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  6. NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is currently pregnant if anyone is interested - she's 37 and is probably the youngest we've had. Interesting story here about the welcoming, popular reaction to the baby news etc and possible political effects:
  7. I am in New Zealand. No slaves here, there is an indigenous population called the Maori, there hasn't been as many issues as in Australia. There was a treaty between the British colonists and the Maori that is the nation's founding document (1840) and this underpins much of history and NZ governance to this day. New Zealand is a separate country to Australia, though of course we are similar and close by - but it's not like I can walk or drive to Australia - takes three hours to fly and it's much larger in landmass and population! . Today NZ is multicultural, Here's NZ's second highest govt figure, who is part-Maori the Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, who will be acting Prime Minister when the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has her baby in a few months. I don't think I'll be back soon to reply here as I am busy currently but just thought I'd give some accurate info about NZ.
  8. It's that time of day!
  9. Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have an AMAZING adventure ahead of you! So awesome! It’s great that you’re husband isn’t so supportive of you dating women. Can I ask, what is keeping you two together? If you haven’t already, be sure to check out How Our Forum Works to see the site rules and other helpful posts. Sometimes it takes us awhile to figure things out in life, and right after a heartbreak can open us up to new possibilities. Hopefully you’ll get some answers for yourself along this journey you’re taking!
  10. what time is it??
  11. I have been ill with chronic pain and other symptoms for a long time now and it seems it’s incurable. I live in a lot of pain every day and although I have a lot of great wonderful things in my life and I feel I have done most of the things I wanted to do and learnt so much. I can’t help but feel I’ve had enough and my soul is tired and each good thing seems to get tainted with pain. I guess I’m writing to you all to because I was hoping maybe there are some out there with some experience to share or offer that might help in some way to keep going x
  12. I hope he will be ok (at some point) with me having a fwb...dont get me wrong, i don't mind going solo but i much prefer having a partner lol! That and we go through a lot of batteries...its becoming an environmental issue!!!
  13. Not many of us here is there lol xx
  14. I was in bed with a beautiful lady and we were away for a weekend somewhere and we were fooling around and experimenting and it was amazing until her wife called her and then I got pushed away and I woke up.
  15. I keep dreaming about being in bed with a beautiful woman and I wake up longing for it to be real more and more. Just being able to lay with another woman and feel her skin and touch and to kiss for ages and ages. I don’t want to die with this never coming true.
  16. Yes! Maybe it was the other way round and she was MY bitch! You could be right but I did love her though, or I thought I did, and would never have thought I was using / disrespecting her. It could be self projection, but then I know more about my relationship with her than anyone else and I have come to the conclusion that she is a bitch!, fundamentally.
  17. Heartburn Every night lately for some reason
  18. So true, if only people could grasp this concept in general.
  19. Hubby tries to keep up lol but as you say I'm happy to take care of myself when he's not up to it!!
  20. Perfectly said...labels are overrated. Who we were attracted to yesterday has no relation to who we might be attracted to tomorrow.
  21. I think you are right. It happens when I can completely relax and lose myself in the moment and don't hold back. Its a surprise when it happens and such a turn on for hubby!!
  22. And I think this is how it should be, that we can choose either gender without the pressuring need to label ourselves.
  23. Welcome to the wonderful world of Shy. We were all nervous first thing but everyone is so friendly and such a safe place to be
  24. Nothing will turn me off more than kissing a cigarette breath..........yuck A woman who doesn't know how to act like lady..........sloppy drunk, loud, and cursing like a sailor..........then she wants to fight( we have all seen the type) Braggarts........ I got a new purse today it cost $300.00 Next week I am getting new red on and so forth. Complainers, users, no no Moody people......that blame you just moody
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