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  3. these-broken-wings(TBW)


    I get vibes from women more than men, or 'the look'. I brush it off to looking a certain way. It's kind of easy to tell I'm bi because of the vibes I give, but nothing I intend to act on, as in, go beyond friendship. Such an interesting subject given the lack of scientific proof.
  4. WingedPixie

    Massage Or Pedicure?

    My partner gives the best massages. He always jokes that I am going to leave him for a massage therapist because I love massages so much. I wouldn't go to a nail salon. The workers are exposed to such high levels of dangerous chemicals. The New York Times had an article about the risks. Not ok. If we love women, we shouldn't hurt them.
  5. Sithandra


    Oh, I agree absolutely. I always anticipate eagerly while I'm heating things up, but I never take shortcuts. It has to be suitably steamy, you know. Sweet, and hot as hell. And I intend to enjoy every bit of it, from that first taste on my lips to the profound satisfaction at the end, when it's completely drained. What were we talking about again? Oh, Vibes. well, anyway, I do think that the more accepting you are of your own sexuality, the more likely you are to pick up on a vibe given off by others. If you don't own your own sexuality, or bisexuality, or what have you, then you aren't likely to notice that others are capable of feeling the same attractions as you are.
  6. almocado

    Book reviews

    Hey I take it then you know of Andrea Levy's other well known book 'The Long Song'? I read it a little while ago and intend to also read the one you mentioned. Was very sorry to hear that she died earlier this month. She was relatively quite young.
  7. Well crops don't grow in droughts, so I guess it's better to be wet. Or have I missed the point here?
  8. To answer the question in this topic, I often think how wonderful it must be for someone to fall in love. It's something I'm always hearing about and even ask my own parents how they fell in love with each other and still remain that way to this day. The point is, it's not an emotion that I have ever experienced. So no, I have always been thousands of light years away from love and as a result feel that it may never happen. This isn't a negative thought for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy in the situation I find myself, drifting from one person to the next and having a great single life. People will say 'you obviously haven't met the right one'. Hmm possibly. Then again, do I need to be in love and live happily ever after with that person?
  9. moonbynight

    Discord and Privacy

    A lot of us use Discord for chatting, so I thought I'd address some privacy basics. There's no such thing as a truly private conversation on a Discord server. The server administrator, and possibly other individuals of the administrator's choosing, can see EVERYTHING posted on the server. Even if a limited-access channel is created, they will still have the ability to see. To see who has access to see a conversation in a channel on a Discord server, click the "Member List" (looks like two heads/torsos) at the top of the screen. However, sending a Direct Message (DM) to someone is totally private and cannot be seen by the server administrator or anyone else besides the intended recipient (unless someone else has access to their account). To send a DM, just click on the name of the person you'd like to send it to. If you add someone as a friend, you can continue to DM them even if you are not on a server together. See https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/218344397-How-do-I-add-my-friend-to-my-friends-list- for more information. If you want to have a truly private group conversation, you can do a Group DM. You must be friends with someone in order to invite them to a Group DM. See https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/223657667-Group-Chat-and-Calls for more information. The only privacy downside to friending someone on Discord is that they'll be able to see if you're active, so don't hesitate to friend people you'd like to stay in contact with!
  10. BirdLittle021

    Anyone from the Midlands here?

    I work in Cambridge. Live in Hertfordshire though.
  11. There is something about her that really has me feeling at peace in my soul.

  12. For the Birthday Girl...


    1. CallistoDidNotWin


      Thank you!  Love that song!  

    2. BenedettaC


      You are very welcome @CallistoDidNotWin ! I hope that you have a fabulous birthday! :happy0167:

  13. All yours baby :lips:

  14. Welcome! Your feelings are definitely validated by many of the woman on this site. It is quite something to discover this piece about your sexuality a bit later in life. Test the waters and find your comfort zone. You have all the control to have experiences and gather information about what u want, need & prefer. Go have fun!!
  15. Ive made some really good bi married friends here. Though im not married i can relate to being torn between worlds and how difficult it can be especially when you dont know others in the same situation. I know it can be hard to go to meetups wirh young children. So maybe an online skype based book/movie club can help. I know we are all spread out geographically I have a close married friend who is in tbis situation and im hoping to find more friends who can relate Books Dear john i love jane Janeland Movies Imagine me and you Perfect ending Beneath her mouth Disobedience These are some suggestions. Feel free to add to the list and please let me know if youre interested
  16. Hi...... Just a space here for me to tell you about the books that I've read. I read absolutely anything! Love to hear about the books you've enjoyed.... or hated. I've just read SMALL ISLAND by Andrea Levy.... Quite a moving story, set in 1948, showing us how appallingly black people were treated at this time. This book switches back through time, just to warn you, if this is not of the style that you like. There were many parts that made me smile, so it is definitely not all doom and gloom..... But it is disturbing at times. Descriptive writing, that really sets the scene. It took me a while to get into but was well worth persevering with.
  17. estee

    An old friend

    Clearly she was happy to see you.its awesome you have someone to flirt with. Every story has to start somewhere. So maybe this will you your... In the beginning
  18. I have noticed people talk about meeting other bi women for friendship and relationships. Has anyone ever gone to any bi book club or movie meetups? I know it can be kind of hard to find like minded bi people so i was thinking it would be great to have an online book or movie club maybe through skype or a similar platform. There are a lot of bi movies coming out as well as books which have themes many can relate to. Not sure if something like this but want to facilitate something like this. If anyone is interested let me know. Some books i can think of include Dear john i love jane The sequel to the above book Movies include Beneath her mouth Imagine me and you Elena undone
  19. Lookn4female4fun


    I love eating a woman while he watches and touches. Penetration only me. We are actually looking online now for someone interested in joining.
  20. The only threesome i would be interested is one where the husband is tied down, blindfolded and cannot participate. Then i use a strap on on the wife. Haha
  21. I wonder if any women here have been in a fff with one woman in drag and with a strap on. Two worlds combining. Rani's school of seduction will be taking this show on the road in australia, the US and UK
  22. blueberry


    @Rani Now you're talking! I wonder, too.
  23. these-broken-wings(TBW)


    Thanks @Sithandra my thoughts exactly.
  24. these-broken-wings(TBW)


    I did have warm fuzzies that is. Could easily settle down with her as a partner but the relationship doesn't have to include sex. Guess that's what asexuals feel like? she is a lovely lady.
  25. these-broken-wings(TBW)


    Excellent. Good for you
  26. I wonder what a female 3some would be like and if it would be different to a ffm
  27. I agree there is mostly no care and concern for the 3rd. She exists just to satisfy the man and woman. They hardly satisfy her. No wonder no one wants to be a unicorn. Its also really off putting when a woman is in a 3some to satisfy her husband rather than her own desires. I cannot see a bi guy doing the same
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