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    I wanna fuck myself to thoughts of you. I’m tired, and tipsy, and it seems like it makes thinking of you all that too easy. Thinking of your soft skin and sweet smell; your eyes, your hips, your lips. I wish I could fuck myself to thoughts of you. Not feel guilty that I only had you once and shouldn’t want more. Not feel bad about your fiancé not knowing. I can’t fuck myself to thoughts of you. I want you so much it itches at my flesh, but as soon as my fingers graze my body, I freeze. We’re friends; or at least that’s what we are trying to be. I shouldn’t... We’re a firework that’s been canceled, we’re exhaustion and satisfaction waiting to happen; we’re what’s pretty about war: When it doesn’t happen. I want you. Can’t have you. And, as it turns out, can’t even get myself off to thoughts of you. You’re too close. Too far. Do you ever think of me, wherever you are?
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    Congratulations for Australia's historic postal survery results - 61.6% say yes to same-sex marriage! (with a voter response of 79.5%) https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/live/2017/nov/15/australias-same-sex-marriage-postal-survey-results-live
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    Thank you everyone for making Shy such a beautiful place.
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    Here’s my take on the ‘ideal situation’...in an ideal world we could have everything exactly how we want it. We could have the perfect marriage to the perfect man...and while we’re at it, why not have the perfect relationship with the perfect woman. It sounds wonderful doesn’t it...two fantastic relationships coexisting...the best of both worlds...everyone’s happy. But can that really be true...can that really be the ideal situation for everyone involved? Just as @BiTriMama mentioned, having two primary partners who both feel valued and prioritized equally is quite uncommon. My guess is out of the four people involved, at least one would get jealous or feel under valued in some way. A lot of women (including myself) would LIKE to believe that we can have a fulfilling ‘secondary’ relationship with a woman, while keeping the marriage first and primary. In an ideal world we could control our emotions...not in the real world. I suspect that more often than not, at least one of the women would have feelings stronger than they anticipated and her primary interests would shift towards her female partner, and suddenly she has a new idea of an ideal situation, one that doesn’t include her husband. (Obviously this isn’t the only outcome...simply my observation). My point is, we all have this dream of having the ideal situation (believe me, I do too)....but if we somehow manage to achieve it, will it actually be as ideal as we thought it would be? Just something to ponder.
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    I just wanted to make a short introduction. Glad I stumbled upon this website. Was being a little douche-y and browsing the forums for a few days before mustering up enough courage to actually sign up. Even though, one can be as anonymous as one wants on here, I am still feeling a bit nervous and cautious. Been married for 14 years with two beautiful children. Absolutely in love with my husband. Feel extremely grateful for my life and all that I've been provided. However, just like a lot of ladies on here (remember stalky me was reading up on you guys?!), I have always felt attraction towards other women since forever. I had casually mentioned that to my husband when we were dating and he had made comments like, "oh too bad, you missed your chance" and "let's have a threesome!" We both knew that was just a lighthearted banter going nowhere. Plus, we are not that adventurous. Over the years, we'd talk about who we found attractive and agreed we had the same type! Again, this was all just talk. He is a pretty straight vanilla guy who just happens to be open minded enough to have chats like that. Him and I have an incredible relationship, he is my best friend and our greatest strength is healthy communication. Well, I had a very honest conversation about wanting to have an experience with a woman before I turned 40. Like a goober, I was hoping he'd give me his blessings and maybe even help coordinate! In reality, that conversation got quite intense and I think at that point, he may have realized that I was serious about it ...I had always been serious about it. He basically said that his biggest fear was that I'd leave him for a woman and he will be devastated. That broke my heart. And I kept reassuring him that, that wasn't going to happen. I have told him several times and I've meant every bit of it, that he is all the man I need or want and what I am curious about is something he can't give me. Our last conversation on this topic ended with him saying that he would like me to be happy and we have one life to live so if I want to experiment, I'd have to do it in secret. He wouldn't be able to be ok with it. I don't want to hurt him but I also agree with him that I should be able to experience what I think will bring me joy. I have found certain people attractive off and on throughout my life. I am finding it to be true more so now than before. I have never been with a woman before but I have a very strong feeling that I will love it provided the stars are aligned and the chemistry is there. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I can't see myself being the initiator. I am hoping it'll all happen organically. That's the only way I can justify it with minimal amount of guilt. Guilt. That's another topic for another day. Sigh. I have NEVER admitted to being bicurious to anyone other than my husband so writing this post has been terrifying as well as liberating. Thanks for reading and thanks for allowing me to be part of this community. I promise to keep my douchery to a minimum! Cheers.
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    I know what you're going through, as many of us here do. It doesn't make sense to me either to be honest. I wish I could switch it off but that's not possible. And I totally get the looking at women like I'm a single lady! I'm quite flirtatious and I have to be careful what I say these days too! And that's when I resent not having the freedom to do something about it. I have told my husband. We've been on a rollercoaster - first he was supportive, then scared and threatening to leave me, then handling it, and now he's given me the green light, to a degree, with boundaries and certain conditions, which I won't go into here. But, having said that, I know I probably couldn't balance 2 relationships and that it will probably hurt him eventually, so again, I go back to wishing I had the freedom to explore without hurting him. Then I feel guilty for being selfish! I just know I couldn't imagine life without him, and I made a promise, so again I'm stuck. No one can tell you what you should do. You know your situation and your husband, and if he can't handle it then it's best you're sure about what you want before approaching it with him. I told mine because I tell him everything. I needed to be honest with him, probably selfishly, to take away some of the guilt, and justify my actions. There's no easy answer I'm afraid, it's just a case of riding it out and figuring out what you want and need, and what makes you happy. You'll have these moments of feeling down and frustrated and resentful. Just know that you're not alone and it will work out.
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    Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well. While I haven’t officially come out to my family, I did change the privacy setting of my Facebook “interested in” section so that men and women is visible to my friends instead of just me. Obviously nobody is likely to see it unless I highlight it on my timeline but it’s a step in the right direction at least.
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    Sorry, not actually a newbie, but I have been away from Shybi for a few months. Just after the format change, got a little turned off by the layout of the new site. Anyway, missed chatting with you girls and missed all the great support and advice from the bi community. Not much has changed with me. Still happily married to a wonderful guy and still with my girlfriend that I visit still a couple of times a week. Only change in our lives is that my gf has separated from her husband and he no longer lives with her. The separation has nothing to do with me, they had other problems. Kind of a bummer, because we were just getting into our foursome weekends without any jealousies. It’s nice to have her to myself right now, although her kids do live with her. Still keeping busy with the kids, still working hard, and still partying hard. In fact we had a great party last night where, and this won’t be a shocker to anyone that knows me, Keiko’s nipples made a public appearance. Not apologizing for being a serial flasher though, lol. Anyway, just stopping by to say hi again, so ‘hi’.
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    I think my current situation is fairly close to my perfect situation. And I didn’t even know it was my ideal until I embarked on it. I have a great relationship with my husband. And I have a long distance girlfriend who he knows about and is perfectly fine with. I get to see her in person about twice a year because of the vast distance between us. But I talk with her daily and she is the closest person emotionally to me. Having that strong relationship with her and knowing that she cares about me is amazing. Being able to listen to her issues and try to be supportive is also pretty great. i guess when I first started thinking about all this i.e. bisexuality and nonmonogamy, I thought the situation you described would be my ideal. But I think practically it would just be too hard to give enough attention to both people and I would be exhausted and couldn’t hold down a job on top of it or have time for my kid. So in practice it would not be so ideal, just leave me stressed. the drawback of the current situation is that obviously I don’t get to spend as much physical time with her as I would like. But we sure make up for it when we do. And it’s nice that it’s this uninterrupted time where we can just be in our own magical bubble for a few days. That also would likely not happen if she were more physically integrated into my daily life. so, yeah I would call this pretty close to ideal all things considered. Could be maybe a little more ideal if she lived less than 20 hours of flying time away
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    Hugs. The first thing I would say to you is "Quit it with the negative self-talk, only idiots do that!" Oh wait that's not what I would say to you, it's what I say to myself when I'm in a spiral of self-loathing. To the extent that you can, be gentle with yourself. You have your own emotions and desires. That does not make you horrible, it makes you human. You have largely avoided acting on them so far because you believe that doing so would be destructive. That demonstrates restraint and concern for others on your part. Whatever decision you make will not be world-shattering, even if it feels that way at the time.
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    I've been married to a man for ten years, and we have two young children. I love him and our family and plan to grow old with him. But at the same time, I know that I also need to have a woman to be truly happy...I have an empty place in my heart that can only be filled by that female energy. It's so hard to explain. :( Anyway, the woman I've been seeing is also married to a great guy, and when I think about my life and my future, not only does it include a woman, but it includes her. She IS that woman. I'm not sure if she completely feels the same way about me, but in my perfect ideal life, she and I would be just as committed to each other as we are to our husbands. No other women involved, just the two of us. I don't feel the desire to have threesomes or anything like that either...again, in my ideal life, I would be friends with her husband, and she would be friends with mine. They would get along (and honestly, I know they truly would...similar personalities and interests, etc.) We would navigate the waters as they come...sometimes she would need more attention, and other times he would need more. We would just work it out as we needed to. This would be my absolute perfect life arrangement...when I think about what I would need to be completely fulfilled, I think that this is it. Is it too much to ask? Is it not realistically attainable? I know that I am probably overlooking and oversimplifying things and feelings. What does your ideal situation look like, and are you there? How did you get there? How do you know when you have truly found the situation that is perfect for you...or does that even exist?
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    I had a think on how I'm going to answer this one. Firstly, the course looks awesome if that's your cuppa tea. We're certainly having a shake up in the west in regards to gender, roles and social structure. My $0.2 some of it is for the better, most of it seems like hot air. You define your femininity, the same way you define the rest of your being. If someone had asked me a few years ago if I was a feminist my response would of been more clear cut and positive but these days I reserve judgement case by case and don't particularly consider myself one. I grew up playing with Lego, Barbies and Action Men, they'd fight together in my world. Then video games and technology came about something thought to be a boys thing at the time. My parents never told me how to dress, during my teens, I wore minimal makeup, didn't see a dress until college and men's shirts were a staple. When I explored my sexuality with women, I entered a gender fluid period that lasted a couple of years, I can't exactly pinpoint my reasonings, probably something to do with coming to terms with being intimate with women and also I'm logical by default - masculine traits and behaviors are praised and preferred in many of the areas I was interested in and more importantly good at. I've worked in finance, corporate business in both traditional and more creative areas and now I've moved into digital and tech. I've seen the women referred to as tethered goats in finance, women of all ages crying in bathrooms, or heard their woes in the elevator or had the joy sucked out of happy hour or break time with how much harder they're finding it due to something related to having a vagina. The way I approach being a woman in these areas is just not to buy into it in the first place. That doesn't mean that things haven't been said, implied, purposed, assumed and outright insults and negatives haven't been hurtled in my direction. But they come with the territory. and they can be stopped in their tracks. I should probably add that I've become more feminine over the years naturally, I own it the same way I do the more masculine facets of my being. Femininity to me, isn't fixed it's not solely a yin or soft ideal. It can be about fire, power, confidence, calm, emotional stability, kindness, communicating, honesty just as much as sucess and achievement and you don't have to break yourself or others to get there if you're willing to put the work in. Like everything it's a construct, while there can be more hurdles for women to jump, if you want it bad enough you will and you'll do so with grace and unwaivering pursuit. The whole push and buzz surrounding women in leadership roles, I recognize that many women struggle with this, but I think it's more about mindset than what you have between your legs. You define what kind of woman you want to be every day you go out into the world, it doesn't mean that everyone will like it, but over time they'll come to respect you if you lead by example. I'm not saying I grew to this point over night but I certainly never let men dictate my path.and trust me women in the corporate world and higher classes can be vicious! I also don't believe that women should work/band together in pursuits unless it's going to result in the best possible outcome. I've met women who instantly want to do projects or get coffee because I'm a woman, I get it, but it doesn't sit right with me? The thing about men that many women have yet to grasp is they quite easy to put in their place and many of the issues and anxieties lots of women appear to have are created and perpetuated by them I suppose why I don't consider myself a feminist now is because it shouldn't be about breaking a glass ceiling or being equal to men and empowered, to me it's more how can you harness your potential as individual, if you pay mind to the pitfalls you're more likely to fall! *Nobody has to read this, it's long I apologize.
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    good communication will offer freedom. being with someone who understands that core need of yours and is willing & able to extend the space & independence you need will pay u and them dividends. if you can be confident in feelings, boundaries and basic needs to partner romantically, u can achieve this. much of this will be on you to articulate with whoever u begin to build a connection with. co-dependency can be a major trap, so be honest about the ebs and flows of your needs & be vocal if you sense any signs of control and be able to talk through it.
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    I just wanted to say hello to everyone, I actually posted in another forum before seeing the welcome page lol, so please pardon the double exposure. I have never done this before, and I have no idea what to expect, but I am thrilled I chanced onto this site!...
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    What you describe, @BellaLuna , sounds ideal to most of us married ladies but very far from ideal for most of our husbands. I think it's achievable for a few, but not without huge doses of frustration, heartache and tears for everyone involved.
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    The first thing you need to do before you leave the house every day is turn your gaydar on. How do you do that? It’s easy. You realize that 1 out 4 people have gay tendencies, whether they admit it or not. So the chances that the cutie pie at the checkout is into girls is actually higher then you think. Even if she hasn’t dated women before it doesn’t mean you can’t be her first. So turn your gaydar on by simply realizing that we’re everywhere. I know, I know, life would be so much easier if we all wore some sign or name badge identifying our sexuality, but we don’t. So get over it and step out of your little box long enough to realize that the girl you’re eyeing may be just as terrified as you, of making the wrong assumption. (from cardcarryinglesbian.com) Basically this is my personal technique for activating my gaydar: I assume that every woman I meet is either gay or at least bi until proven otherwise. That way I don’t close the door to any opportunities that might present themselves. Try it. It works. You’ll find yourself making eye contact more often, letting your eyes linger a bit longer on her lips, looking for signs of her queerness in the way she dresses or moves. You’ll start to get better at this the more you do it. Like anything, having good gaydar takes practice. So before we go any further with how to meet women, let’s work on recognizing fellow lesbians and ladies that may just be open to another woman, regardless of her current label. So my homework assignment for you is to do the following: Next time you’re at any store that you frequent, assume that the cute girl you see is gay. Just pretend that you know for a fact that she is. This doesn’t mean jump her bones in the chip and cookie aisle. It just means to act as if she is. Notice if you feel more comfortable around her? Make more eye contact and see if she holds your gaze, does she look at your lips and then back up to your eyes? But more then her reaction, it’s your reaction I want to know about. Let yourself act as if we live in a world where gay people outnumber breeders. Try not to be so self-contained, self-conscious and cautious all the time. (This doesn’t mean be reckless if you live in an area that you could get stoned for being gay.) I’m talking about a subtle attitude change that will affect the way you relate to other women.
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    In my limited experience, the women who have been very blunt with me have been the ones that have won me over. I admire the courage to put it all out there and say what they want. The woman I'm with now and the one before her both VERY explicitly propositioned me (verbally). I'm realizing that this is a personality trait I find very appealing! Laying it out on the line and making yourself vulnerable can be very flattering. And yeah, being with a woman is amazing. I can hardly keep my hands off my lady!
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    Lesbian sex is not a matter of 'duplicating' intercourse with a man... It definitely has it's own merits! There is really nothing like sex with a woman who really knows how to f**k with her hands...and with her entire body...
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    I too felt so guilty before I found Shy and realised I wasn't alone. Unlike you I've never experienced being with a woman but know I would given the right circumstances. I found the strength after being here a while to tell my husband about my attraction to women and the weight it lifted off of my shoulders was immense. He now knows and I am free to be myself and look!! We look together which is always fun, seeing who spots the lovely ladies first. If you can I would as others have said try to just tell him about your attraction and if he asks questions about how long have you known go slowly as it will be difficult at first for him to take it in but if he loves you he will accept all of you. When you tell him you will find that your whole mindset will change until then be gentle on yourself we are only human and what we need in life changes over time. We change. Nobody stays the same. Hope you find the strength to tell him Xx
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    You might've be surprised. When I started coming out as bi, I cannot tell you how many people came out back to me!! I was shocked! What's more, I was married at the time, and we had a GF, and when I would come out about that, several friends were looking for the same thing! My point is, a lot of people are bi and into this stuff, but no one talks about it. The more time you spend here, the more and more you'll see that. I would guess some people were bi, but you may not have known about it. A friend came out to me as bi in the late 90s, and I had never heard of it before. She had to explain it to me. I grew up in a small conservative town, as it seems so many of us do. I was isolated from that kind of stuff, and gay people were perverts. Well, later I figured out I am one of those perverts. I would encourage you to keep coming out slowly, at your own pace. It is a huge weight lifted as you start coming out. Just be careful about dragging others into the closet with you instead. Likely, your sexuality is a much bigger deal to you than to anyone else. Your husband may have his own feelings, but that's because he's your spouse. Give folks some credit. I've generally had way more positive responses than I would expect.
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    Feeling extra gay this week. :: creepy voice:: Ladies!
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    The great news is out! Australia voted Yes to marriage equality. So happy.
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    HUGE CONGRATS to all lesbian, gay and bi Australians - your day has finally come!!!
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    I just did this a couple nights ago. Started sexting my girlfriend mainly just to frustrate her. It got really carried away really fast and she called turning it into phone sex which was very hot. Apparently she had left her sleeping husband and gone into another room. it's amazing to me that just hearing her on the phone can drive me insane. Anyway the next morning I stopped by to see her and turned all the talk into reality. All I can say is sexting and phone sex are the BEST foreplay ever!!!
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    She's gone. and I'm heartbroken again....... Gonna concentrate on all the good we had the past week, the many wonderful days, trips, moments we got to share.. *Seeing her from a distance waiting for me to pick her up at the airport *taking her away for a day to a little island on bikes and riding the ferry back at an amazing sunset! *cheering me on all day with my first Triathlon and being my person x *treated for a lovely dinner just us 2 * Her organising a Christmas day at her place with games, crackers, and silly hats & T shirts and hiding a special present in the Christmas cracker! Such fun, so lovely! (What was the scores?) * going for coffee together *shopping for sports equipment together *waiting at my bar all night for me to finish my shift! *playing basketball, football and just hanging out with me and my daughter! *cooking an amazing dinner for me and sharing good wine .. *cleaning my feet! Haha - smiling *and of course the amazing hot sex! Even if we got battered! There's more, so much more but I gotta keep some for myself! Love you @Beaulieu1 My Queen! Xx Till the next time........
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    Welcome to the site! I'm glad you recognize that she isn't interested and that you need to move on as two adults. It CAN be done. I asked out a doctor that I work with occasionally (I'm a nurse), and got a soft no with no follow up from her later when she could have changed her mind, so I let it go. Keep conversations light and breezy for now, and slowly, you two will get past the awkwardness. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging the awkwardness, too. Sometimes that can deflate it a bit. Show her that you're moving on from it and will be professional. Try not to overanalyze conversations or read into them. I agree about telling your husband about your sexuality, even if you don't plan to do anything about it. It will lift the burden off your shoulders, and allow you two to have open conversations about it. There will always be an excuse NOT to, never be a "good" time. But feeling like you're hiding this from him will keep eating at you. It IS possible to be attracted to, or even love, more than one person at a time. Consider how you can love more than one close friend or a child. It's a different relationship with each, and they don't necessarily interfere with one another. Time and energy are finite, so even if, somehow, you did eventually have more than one relationship, they will be limited by those. I agree about lesbian bars maybe being far into the deep end. You might even look into support groups and Meetup groups, and be honest about your situation and sexuality. Be forewarned that a lot of lesbians are not fans of bisexual women, so you may not be welcome everywhere, but by being honest, you will find your home where you can be you. This site is a great place to start. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Emily. That's absolutely heartbreaking. Sometimes people are in more pain than we see, and it's not something we have any control over. Losing someone like that, especially someone who holds such a significant place in your heart, is never easy.
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    My ideal situation looks exactly like this...but I am nowhere near there, nor will I ever be there....in all truth, I don’t believe it’s realistically attainable, but if it is, and you manage to find it, hold on and don’t let go
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    What a perfect situation if I could describe mine, that would be it!
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    How to cheer yourself up. Dance round the bedroom in your bra and knickers! ‘Cat looks on in horror’....
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    Beautiful two days with my beautiful girl....heaven
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    As an over thinker myself, I can appreciate what you're going through. It isn't easy when it consumes our thoughts and you're so unsure whether those feelings are reciprocated, but want them so much. What I would say on the messaging front, is to remember that she is probably unaware of how you're viewing her responses, or lack of them. Whilst you'll be making sure what you put in your message reassures her of your feelings, she's probably running all over the place, with work, kids, husband etc and a quick response is all she can manage right now. I say this from experience and have learnt not to worry too much about what it means, as long as you're reassured later on. Just keep being yourself cos that's what she likes about you. From what you've said it sounds like she craves the affection, closeness and intimacy that she gets from you which is great. It means she's totally comfortable with you and I can understand how you wouldn't want to ruin that in any way. It sounds like there is already a relationship here but obviously this is more complicated as there are other parties involved. You're open with her so I was wondering whether the subject of sexuality or polyamory has ever been discussed? Do you know her views? What does she say when people say you're lesbians? It might be a start so you can gauge her reaction before anything else. There are TV programmes and even movies now, which cover the subject of open relationships and might start a conversation.
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    You're doing the same thing I've done. As you can see, looking at it from the outside, it's obvious and a bit "duh". If a friend of yours told you this story, you'd have no doubts it was mutual. But then our crappy self-esteem kicks in, and instead of believing their actual words and actions, we decide that that one time they didn't text back right away or some other stupid thing means that they don't care or they just like messing around with no strings, etc etc.
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    The fact that each one's husband is calling the other his wife's girlfriend is encouraging. That indicates that they have at least some awareness of what's going on. You said part of the reason you drink so much is so you can be intimate. It might clarify things to try to replicate this sober. It doesn't have to be a full blown declaration of love, just maybe a bit of the cuddling you described.
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    I agree about making a bold statement and letting it go from there. That's how my last two relationships started- they both made very clear proposals to me, and gave me the opportunity to take them up on it or not. The second time I had time to mull it over, which I needed, but I am so glad I chose to take her up on it! Make a statement where your intentions are very clear, and that it's up to her to take you up on it or not. Make it clear you can hear no, if that's the case, especially since you work together. Just because someone isn't someone's type doesn't mean they will automatically be ruled out. My GF now isn't someone I would have said was my type before. Every time I think I have a type, someone comes along who totally bunks that!
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    In the bi/lesbian world, among women of all ages, 'cute' is usually meant in a very positive way, to mean attractive, and it can definitely mean 'hot' too... In fact, I haven't ever heard it used in a negative way...and it's usually said with a particular emphasis, as in 'She's really cute' (emphasis on 'really cute'), or 'She's cute' (emphasis on 'She's')... I'm sure you get my point... So, you seem to think that women are saying you're cute because you look younger than you are, but that may just be your perception...and the issue concerning women not realizing that you're hitting on them is probably something separate... You really don't need to try to change your appearance to attract women... Just relax and be yourself, because there's nothing more attractive than a woman who is confident, and comfortable in her own skin...
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    I agree some with each of what @BenedettaC and @Ambrosia are saying. In this specific instance it seems like everybody is on equal footing and all are being open about what they need and want. Well and good. However it is well worth considering as a larger question. Casual sex does not necessarily imply objectification, it is true. It's fully possible to see someone else as a complex and complete individual pursuing their own goals, one of which is to get eaten out by a stranger. ;) Conversely, there are cases in which people profess a strong emotional commitment to their partner, yet seem incapable of conceiving of them as anything more than an extension of themselves. Whether we like it or not, we still live in a society that treats men's desires as more valid and important than women's. In questioning our own motives, we have an opportunity for richer relationships of all types. \essay @Spicysweet sorry we're turning your advice thread into a mini-seminar on queer feminism. Hopefully it's still helpful.
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    @function808 my best advice comes from a conversation that I had a few days ago with a coworker. ‘If you could change anything from your past what would it be?’ she told me about this high school boy that had a crush on her, and that she liked him back. She never acted on it, and now she has a pretty tragic backstory (and I mean tragic!). She then asked me what I would have done ... yeah, well I’m not answering that truthfully bc she doesn’t know I’m bi. Put out some bs that I would have been more carefree in my college years. What I wanted to say was LIVE MY TRUTH. I’m married to a man and we have a child. They are my world, and I would gladly lay my life down for them! But this desire to be with women has only gotten stronger as I get older, and it has caused issues within the marriage. If I could go back, I would travel down the bi path and be more open to having a relationship with women. You have the perfect situation to explore whatever you want! To be with whoever you want to! Live life to the fullest - Live life with no regrets. Take the leap and live your truth! You might stumble, but you’ll always find the strength to pull yourself back up.
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    You have to be willing to stick your neck out a little if you want quick results. Go out to a few bars or clubs, join the gym. I found my latest girlfriend at church lmao. Go places where women tend to hang out and take it from there. Pay close attention to the clues they send. Maybe they look too long,, or things like that. Don't be afraid to play along. If you get shut down, just look at it as a lesson learned and try again. Whatever pace you are comfortable with.
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    I stepped in to the bedroom wrapped in a towel, fresh from my shower. She stood in front of me, shirt unbuttoned. I slid my hand inside her bra, pulling down the lacy material, exposing her large, pert, pink nipple. As I squeezed it gently between my thumb and forefinger, her moans were encouraging. I leaned forward and took her nipple in to my mouth. A gentle suck. A louder moan. I sucked harder, biting slightly. More moans. I slid the shirt from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor, sliding each bra strap slowly down her arm, pulling the scrap of lace away from her other breast and taking that in my mouth whilst teasing her other breast in my hand. I rolled her nipple in my mouth, tasting her slowly, listening to her moans. My hands reached round, unhooking her bra, it too fell to the floor. I walked behind her, reaching round to play with her breasts as I kissed her neck slowly, deliberately. She pushed against me, desperate for me to touch her in other places I knew were longing for my touch, my kiss, my tongue. I pulled off my towel and pressed my breasts against her back, moving my hands lower, across her tummy to her hips, down the sides of her legs, pulling up her skirt, inch by sexy inch until it exposed her lack of panties and her cute, shaved snatch. Her legs parted, inviting me to touch. I wanted to but I had other plans for her... ”You naughty bitch,” I whispered in her ear, rubbing may hands against her legs and then over her rounded, sexy ass, squeezing her butt cheeks. I yanked her skirt down so that she was naked too and then stood behind her kissing her neck and fondling her ass. ”Bend over bitch,” I ordered. She bent over, her arms and elbows on the bed, her ass in the air. “Nice,” I commented, running my hands over her ass, “now part your legs for me. I know you want to. I can smell your sex from here.” She didn’t need telling twice. She spread her legs. My hands cupped her buttocks as I knelt and buried my face in to her cute little cunt. Kissing her clit, my tongue flicking over it as she moaned and cried out my name. I pushed a finger inside her, toying with her as I sucked hard on her clit, licking out the letters in her name in her clit. She tasted sweet, and wet. So, so wet. Pressing herself against my mouth. As I licked her and fingered her, she continued to scream my name, telling me how much she loved what I was doing. She was almost there. I stood up... “Nooooo, don’t stop,” she yelled. My hand came down hard on her bottom and I began to spank her. Three times. Then I pushed my fingers back inside her until she was moaning loudly again. Then I spanked her again. And again. Fingers. Spanking. The screams of the pain of the redness of her arse and the moans of pleasure of the fingers inside her merged together in to a sexy symphony of sound. I stopped. “Stand up! Turn around!” I ordered. She did. We kissed. Hands exploring each other. Mouth on each other nipples, her fingers inside me. Mine inside her until I could resist no longer. I pushed her on to the bed and followed her... she opened her legs and I dived in. Licking her hard, whilst straddling her face, so she could pleasure me with her tongue. Her moans vibrates against my clit, causing ripples to shudder through my body. We were writhing against each other, fingers inside each other, tongues devouring each other’s wetness, when the bedroom door opened... ”What the...” a deep voice cried out. I looked up from between her legs, my tongue glistening with the taste of her. She continued to lick me. I looked sheepishly at him... “I’m sorry darling. I brought my work home with me. This is Susie my new secretary. I’m showing her who is boss. God she’s good!” And I moaned loudly. He leaned over and kissed me. Licking her sex from my mouth. “Hmmmm she tastes good too.” He laughed. “We’ve talked before about you bringing your work home. You work far too hard...” My fingers continued to massage her clit and Susie continued to fuck me with her tongue as I rode backwards and forwards on her face. He sat down and watched. I went back to my work. My tongue flicking backwards and forwards on her clit, three fingers inside her. I felt her screaming against my own clit as her orgasm wracked her body and she lost control. I felt myself cumming hard as the vibrations of the sound forced me to a climax, over the top, as I screamed out too, making her cum again with the vibrations of my moans against her clit. We fell satitated on to the bed and began to kiss, wrapping our arms around each other, giggling as he watched us both with hungry eyes. He stood, pulled the belt from his trousers, looking serious. ”Oh dear, you two have been naughty girls haven’t you.” ”Yes,” we both giggled. “On your hands and knees you naughty girls!” He opened the drawer next to the bed as we both assumed the position. I knew what he kept in the drawer. His spanking paddle came down first on on my ass and then on hers. He spanked us both until our bottoms were red and then slid a finger inside each of us, as we decided to kiss each other as he finger fucked us making us both cum again... another symphony of sound to wake the neighbours. It was going to be a long night. It always was when I brought my work home with me...
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    Developing a bit of a crush on Gillian Anderson as of late. I don't even know that much about her apart from the X-Files stuff. This pic kind of grabbed my attention though...can you blame me? Then I started watching some interviews and I was like...
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    ...lesson, I've never been trained as a pilot. I just bought the book "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck". So far it seems quite good, more grounded and realistic than others books that claim you will find a way to stay positive all the time. Has anybody else read it?
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    Kik...no pics go to your camera roll. Also LINE...again no transfer to camera roll, and it has a handy little feature of being able to create photo albums so that you can save photos within the app and doesn’t appear anywhere else on your phone...just beware the album is shared between both texting partners, so don’t try and save something without her knowing. This app can be setup with passcode or thumb print ID, I’m not sure about Kik, but I would assume. I’m sure there are lots of other suitable apps, just do a search for texting apps in your App Store. Sexting can be sooo much fun....enjoy!!
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    it is like finding a needle in a haystack.... but it is possible. however it is (or can be) really hard depending on how it is managed. in my situation, the H’s are friends, but do not know about us. they have insight to past encounters that almost wrecked one of our marriages. a lot of trust and boundaries and discretion must go into this. communication is key too. good luck!
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    Without going into a lot of detail, the main reason I was depressed last year and having a really rough time is because since the summer of 2015, I had increasingly more intense obsession with sexual things, but more roleplay and other online interactions, not physical. But I put myself in some very dangerous situations and it got so bad I couldn’t think about anything else. My family didn’t know I was having major issues until fall of 2016 and things got extremely tense because I was hiding things and lying even though they were just trying to protect me because I trust people too easily. I reached out to my brother eventually and he’s the reason things got better so I’m so thankful to him. I’m doing way better now, I still have the occasional but small issues but nothing as bad as last year. I just wanted o explain that so everyone understands my avoidance of those topics because I’m getting better and I don’t want to feel like I did last year so I just stay away from it.
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    Ok tell her to save you a couple and you be over to eat them tomorrow and some wine would be nice to wash them down.. U gotta be bold..
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    I am going to add my two cents to this topic while I have the opportunity (busy weekend). I have been married for 5 years now and hubby knew from the start I was into women. He would help me check out females when we would go out and at first we would just talk. Getting used to the idea while showing him that he is my number one. Any insecurities, I would talk to him and remind him how important he is. Basic fear of getting left for a woman, which is normal male or female in a relationship at some point. We even had a threesome which didnt end well cause of the immaturity and mixed feelings on their part. Now I have a huge crush (make juicy post about later) of a temporary manager at work and he pushed me to go hang with her after she got off from work on her last day. Needless to say we talked for 5 hours nonstop. Now my husband has opened up to me that he is also bi. And i get to return the accepting supportive behavior that he showed me. Main thing is, communication and taking your time. And don't be sneaky, be open!
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