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    HUGE turn on! I looooove when I slip my fingers into my girl's underwear and she's soaking wet. Or even better, when I work my way there with my mouth and am welcomed with such a clear sign she's into it. Plus, it makes it easier to do a lot of other things without having to apply (or reapply) lube!
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    I'm unstoppable as soon as I find out that she's wet because of me. I cannot be trusted to stop because I cannot stop. I go wild
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    hey everyone, so glad a place like this is here! someone mentioned it to me and i decided to sign up and give it a try. i'm 27 and married (he's supportive of my curiosity) but never been with a woman. it's been on my mind since i was a teenager and i never got to experience that part of myself. i'm extremely shy and don't have much self confidence so even just saying hello here via the internet makes me a bit anxious. i'm excited to look around, read, and hopefully feel less alone!
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    “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” -Agustine of Hippo
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    Before Shybi, I used to think that I had to be either gay or straight. That anything in between was either confusion or a stepping stone to eventually coming out as gay. That by saying I was bi meant I was probably just in denial. Now I know that sexuality is fluid and any feelings that I might have are legitimate and not problems that need to be solved, but simply aspects of who I am.
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    Before shybi, I used to think there aren't that many married ladies who love women :-D.
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    Be afraid, ferocious kitten alert.
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    Mate, I think your hubby isn't being very nice to you. If this bothers you or it's a potential cancer risk, don't worry, let it be. We all have some sort of defect. We all can be self-conscous about our bodies, that's normal. We are all unique. I myself, am blind in one eye. It's embarrassing as it's slightly different in colour, and the bloody thing wanders. Pisses me right off. But, if someone likes me They like me for my heart. Not my eye. Most people do go on eye contact, something i can't do, so hopefully my personally wins them over instead. I'm sure if you meet a lovely lady, it will not bother her in the slightest. It certainly wouldn't bother me. You go for it girl, stuff him, there's more to love than just a split nipple. X
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    Hey all, new here and just taking a look around. Hope to get to know you all. It's great to have a place like this to share thoughts and experiences. Cheers Alexandrite
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    People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.- Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
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    My girlfriend is the best... She had an idea to send each other care packages. We were aiming to get them to each other by Valentine's day. Mine arrived at her door the next Tuesday after, but weather and other things delayed her sending hers. She continued to work on hers while at the same time feeling really bad about not having sent it yet. When it arrived at my door last Tuesday, I was out of town. I got back home at 4 am this past Saturday and stayed up all morning waiting until the post office opened so I could go pick it up. Once I had it and was back home again, we set up our cameras and commenced package opening. She wanted me to go first, so I did. She sent me a bear, which I already knew she was sending, but it's wearing a gi and a blue belt (like me) and a T-shirt with a ladybug on it (cause she's my ladybug). And it smelled slightly like roses, her favorite scent. She also sent mini boxes full of handwritten notes: good morning notes, lunch time notes, notes with random memories from our chats and video calls and dates, and letters for whenever I feel sad, or miss her, or need a hug, or feel anxious, or feel really happy. She thought of everything. She also sent a smaller, keychain bear, which included a ring. A ring she didn't expect me to put on the finger that I did, but secretly hoped I would if it fit. It isn't the ring she wants to propose to me with, but a promise. She wears a sapphire (my birthstone) ring on her ring finger as a promise, and I wear her ring on mine as a promise. Every time I read her little notes I want to cry. She put so much time and energy into her care package. I appreciate her so much. And yes, I've told her this already. That's one of the amazing things about her. I can tell her everything I'm feeling all the time, any time, and she is open to listening. I tell her I love her a million times a day. I tell her she's cute or adorable or beautiful the moment the thought comes into my mind. We don't hold back. The things I sent in my box, she loves as well. I knew she was cuddling with the bear she sent me, though she never showed me it. I couldn't let her send me her bear and then miss it while I had it, so I sent her a bear. I sent her a tshirt that I used to wear as a pajama shirt. It was also one of her favorites of my shirts because it's from one of our favorite shows. I sent her a keychain of the grape soda bottle cap from UP. She told me she had ordered one once but it was damaged so she returned it and always wanted a new one. I made her a bracelet from yarn with her name on it and crocheted her an adorable pink jellyfish because I'm her "Squishy" (from Finding Nemo). I sent her a little Pooh and Tigger plush that smell like cinammon apple because I'm her Pooh Bear and she's my Tigger. I sent her some letters that I'd written along with the original copy of the first poem I wrote for her. She didn't know how I felt at the time, and the poem didn't exactly say it either, but I read her the poem that day. It made her cry and I felt so bad, but she was so happy. It was my promise that I would always be there for her, and I meant it, even if it meant I was going to be her friend forever. I never expected she was already falling for me, too. I sent her some other bracelets as well that I bought: one that says "songbird" the first nickname I gave her, one covered in puzzle pieces matching my own, and a blue one that says "I love you too" to match my red "I love you". The color decision there was significant to our being Korrasami. I'm her Korra (blue) and she's my Asami (red). I managed to hold my tears until I finished opening everything in her box (everything was wrapped in multiple layers, each layer containing a dorky message that just reeked of how perfect she is to me). Her eyes leaked a bit as she opened my box. She refused to put anything down, hugging each animal as she pulled them from the box and doing her best to hold them all in her arms the whole time. I just... I just love her <3
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    Many of us have been in abusive relationships, and it seems each day there's a new thread or post about someone who thinks they might be, so I thought it might be helpful to put a few things together in one place. Whether you're in an abusive relationship, recently freed yourself from one, watching someone you love in one, or something else, this thread can offer something for you. It is and will likely continue to be a work in progress. I invite all members who have some experience with abuse and/or links to resources to post with the hopes of helping other members find health and happiness. I will link some of the threads already on the site with stories of abuse so that they might help others. Please hare how you experienced the signs of abuse, how they affected you mentally, what kept you from leaving, how you got out, and anything else you feel might be relevant and helpful to others. Remember that abuse isn't always physical, and doesn't always become physical. Abuse can be emotional, narcissistic, financial, psychological, sexual, etc. It can include shaming, gaslighting, isolation, violation of boundaries, making you feel trapped, invalidation, minimizing, feeling like you need to walk on eggshells, and many other unhealthy behaviors. Rarely is it all bad, either, which adds to the confusion. In the beginning, it is often fairy tale wonderful, and even as the relationship continues, we catch glimpses of this, just enough to give us hope that things might improve someday. Few would stay with someone who treated them badly 100% of the time, but many of us have stayed even being treated poorly 90% of the time. NO ONE deserves to be treated like this. I will also include some definitions and links as I build up this post. I can add helpful resources to the original post as they come up. Many of the links below are on very helpful sites with lots of other posts, so feel free to click around. Please feel free to create your own threads with questions, as this post is more dedicated to answers and resources. *********************************************************************************** Characteristics of an abusive relationship Excerpt: The relationship may be abusive if one of the partners: Withholds affection or approval as a form of punishment. Criticizes and shouts at their partner, or calls them mean, negative, and hurtful names. Ignores their partner's feelings and insults their beliefs, ideas, and/or values. Lies to their partner to manipulate and control their thoughts. Insists their partner look a certain way. Humiliates their partner in public. Keeps their partner from seeing and having contact with friends and family. Prevents their partner from communicating with others or restricts their means of communication, such as taking away their phone or computer. Withholds resources such as money or transportation. Makes their partner feel guilty if they spend time with other people, thereby isolating them. Puts their partner in dangerous situations, such as driving recklessly, driving under the influence, or abandoning them. Displays violent and threatening behavior, like throwing objects, or hitting, punching, or slapping their partner. Locks their partner out of the house, or traps them in a room. Rapes or sexually assaults their partner, or threatens to do so. Threatens to commit suicide if their partners leaves or confide in someone about the abuse they are facing. Threatens to hurt their partner or their loved ones, including themselves. Threatens to kill their partner if they leave or confide in someone about the abuse they are facing. A person may also be in an abusive relationship if they: Experience fear in their partner's presence, or fear of what they may do to them. Want to leave the relationship but feel as though they cannot. Believe they deserve to be harmed or punished by their partner. Feel guilty or feel like everything is their fault. Are afraid of being alone with their partner. Signs you're in a toxic relationship General info about abusive relationships Narcissistic abuse Signs you've been abused by a narcissist Gaslighting: manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. Signs you're being gaslighted More about gaslighting Isolation Financial abuse Financial abuse from Women's Law MANY helpful links on this site- click around!!! Signs of a sexually abusive relationship Physical and sexual abuse Getting the courage to leave Recovering emotionally Unspoken Secrets about Life After Abuse Rules of No Contact Hoovering and No Contact Gray Rock Additional sites with many helpful articles and links: One Mom's Battle: about divorcing a narcissist, especially if you have kids Narcissisticabuse.com Loveisrespect.org National Domestic Violence Hotline Darkness to Light child sexual abuse Luke 17:3 Ministries Christian-based abuse resources, excellent even if you are not Christian Out of the Fog info and forum about personality disorders Books you may find helpful: Divorcing a Narcissist series by Tina Swithin In Sheep's Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People by George Simon Jr. PhD Splitting: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing Someone with Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder by Bill Eddy, LCSW, JD and Randi Kreger BIFF Response by Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. *************************************************************** ShyBi Threads:
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    Has Shybi changed your perspective on sexuality? Perhaps you learned something about yourself. Let's share by filling in the blank in the above statement. I'll start: Before Shybi, I used to think I was only pseudo-attracted to women because society sexualize and glamorize women. I didn't acknowledge my bisexuality until I realized my attraction to women is real and is something that originated from within me.
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    See now part of me is tempted to answer that but I'm going to have to go with my sensible side and say maybe it would be wise to get things sorted out with your marriage first. Establish whether you both want to stay or whether you've reached the end of your time together. Because if you do pursue this woman it could so easily blow up in your face, especially with her being married too. There's a few too many potential pitfalls for me to say go for it...I know that's probably not what you want to hear! Good luck
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    A male co-worker was telling me he went to a Premature Ejaculation meeting last night. I asked him how it was and he said he doesn't know. He left early.
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    before shybi, I used to think I was the only married woman with desires for other women. I feel women tend to keep quiet about the possibility of being bisexual so it's hard to tell anyone. I don't want to be judged on my choices of being married to a man, yes I'm completely in love with him. but my curiosity for women has been overwhelming since I knew what "sex" was. kissed a girl once, I just remember her being so soft. it was on a dare. and she would ask me sexual questions and things but would always come back to "vaginas are gross". kind of misleading lol. sorry for the long post.
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    Before Shybi, I used to think.... I had to define what I am and how I feel, as if it somehow made a difference. I thought I needed to find all the answers in a singe description, as if sexuality was that simple.
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    I can usually tell by using, as @SioRan calls it, my 'sixth sense', but some women can send mixed signals, either purposely or not, and that can be confusing...so, as @BiTriMama said, it's best to just put it out there, in an unambiguous way. However, before doing that, it's best to find out if the object of your affection is actually bisexual or lesbian, or at least bicurious or open to dating a woman, because at least that way you won’t have to deal with the possibility of a homophobic reaction. You could mention something like a bisexual or lesbian actress or other public figure, or a gay pride event, and gauge her reaction. If she’s genuinely into you, it's more than likely that she’ll take the opportunity to let you know that she’s bi or gay...
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    Can I ask both your ages? 20 years is a bit of a gap but it really depends on the people themselves. I'm 55 but young at heart. Having my kids when I was older has helped in this as my youngest wont be 19 until July. My oldest is 22 and we get on well. I get used to their music and it keeps in touch with their sayings, and the gross stories I've heard from high school. Like any relationship, it's give and take. The older person has already done some things you haven't so she needs to step back and let you do those things, (things in general), you on the other hand may need to listen as she has a little more experience. ( just generally speaking), But it can work well if both parties are prepared to communicate. I'd say go for it. Love can represent itself in many forms.
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    I used to use this site loads on an old account when I was 18, I forgot the log in details for (all saved to laptop long gone) back around 2014, I created this replacement account around then but took a hiatus for the last 4ish years! Well now I'm 22 and I'm back I still recognise a lot of the names and a lot of moderators, but there's also a lot of people I don't recognise so thought I'd say hey! And I'm back Looking forward to reconnecting with the forums and old and new friends! I've had a whirlwind since then caught up in a 4 year intense relationship that only really ended May 2017 and then had some time to myself to heal my wounds but then I remembered about this fantastic site and thought it's probably a good place to go when I'm feeling quite lonely and isolated from the whole kind of gay lifestyle but at the same time I'm definitely very far away from being in the right place to start dating again yet. Thought I'd drop in an up to date photo of what I look like now as I have changed quite a lot haha! Looking forward to meeting you all
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    I personally think it's really hot when someone gets wet either very easily or lots of wetness! I love teasing a girl for ages with foreplay and then when I finally do touch down there, if it's major wet it is SUCH a turn on!
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    Hopefully you will come up with some answers that only you can answer during counseling, and by doing some self evaluations on how you truly feel. If it's just staying for the kids, I say that isn't enough. Staying together just for kids won't do them any favors. They end up living in a home filled with negative energy and not seeing parents in love. Then, they will typically end up in those same types of relationships when they are older. I wish you nothing but the best!
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    It sounds more like pansexual than bisexual to me. Why not duosexual? LOL Or, just love and fuck who you want.
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    It sounds like these people have terrible boundaries. They should have warned you they'd be showing you a nude pic of her in the first place. Seeing a nude pic of a friend is so different from seeing one of a stranger. I have a few friends I have seen pics of, and it's always been kinda weird for me. I agree that, while maybe not homophobic, they are playing on your sexuality, and particularly your own discomfort with it. This has been a major struggle for you for some time, and if they've been around at all the past couple of years, they know this. Good friends wouldn't try to make that WORSE. Some people use joking around as an excuse to be abusive, and it's NOT okay. Not to mention the disrespect of the calls and texts in the middle of the night. Not cool. It sounds like these two thrive on drama. Don't be a part of it. Lay down some boundaries, and start phasing them out.
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    Turn on, definitely not a turn off. It is a glorious sign for the other woman to discover how turned on her lady lover is.
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    Rather lovely being greeted with this vid when switching on the tv this morning Happy Saturday everybody!
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    “Do a loony-goony dance 'Cross the kitchen floor, Put something silly in the world That ain't been there before.” ― Shel Silverstein, A Light in the Attic
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    Reached 100 pages on my novel today- finally some progress. I know the saying goes, 'practice makes perfect', but in my case I'd like to hope that practice makes me JK Rowling.
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    Before Shybi I used to think... Well. To be honest I'm not sure what to put. I've known and been fine with being bi from a fairly early age. I've had some experiences which were great. So all good in that respect. I suppose before joining shys I've always felt like an outsider, not because of my sexuality but just in general, and it's never bothered me but i sort of feel like I fit in here and its quite nice. Talking to so many like minded women is great
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    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. – H.Jackson Brown Jr., P.S. I Love You
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    Hi @RaleighAnne - welcome to Shy. I'm much older than you (in my 50s) but can totally relate to what you're saying, as I felt the same way when I was your age...and like @SioRan I usually ended my relationships with men when it felt like things were getting a bit too serious, because I knew that I had a greater preference for women than men. If you feel like you may lean more toward women, then despite feeling that you don't want to disappoint your boyfriend/partner of four years, you really can't worry too much about that. Of course, it's important to be kind and considerate in any relationship, but you can't live your life to fulfil the hopes or expectations of someone else. After all, it's your life, not his. Alot of women (and men) make the mistake of staying in a hetero relationship so as not to rock the boat or hurt their boyfriend/girlfriend/partner, and then, as @BiTriMama alluded to, even go on to get married and have children, full well knowing all the while that they might be, or probably are gay, which then leads to very difficult situation later on - one that's best avoided by being honest with yourself now.
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    Is there a purple pill somewhere that’ll take me to about age 30 with say 25 million in the bank? I can never decide these things lol ...I’d probably grab both pills and swallow them fast just to see what happened!!
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    Before Shybi I use to think........ I was the only one that felt this way. I felt it was wrong to like men and women. I felt like I was cheating on my husband for having these feelings.
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    Before Shybi i use to think..that you couldnt be Bisexual if you had only 'fooled' around with a couple of girls..and that is just 'greed'..its amazing what you believe when you hear it enough times.
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    There's been a few sightings of a mountain lion at a park near my house. I went hiking there tonight with my mom to try and spot him, but no luck. I wanted a pic!
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    I am AWFUL with this. It literally takes a woman telling me she wants to get naked with me for me to catch the drift! Reading between the lines can be crazy-making, and it's VERY easy to misinterpret things. Really, you're better off just putting it out there if you think she's interested and you're interested back. I did ask out a woman I'd had a crush on for years about a year ago. She turned me down, but it was weird to see her for a bit after that, but now it's fine.
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    @ExploringLife - I'm 56 and, like Vampire, young at heart, and I totally agree with her that life is to be lived, and the success of a relationship in which there is an age disparity really just depends on the two people involved. Plus, IMO age disparities are very sexy... When I was your age I was into older women, and now that I'm older, well...let's just say I have an appreciation of younger women... Just relax and enjoy your time with your new lover!
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    Hello ladies, In just a few short days the love of my life, netballer1973, will be here once again to spend ten wonderful days together. I've gotta tell ya it's been a very hard eight months because each time she visits our connection grows deeper and the desire grows stronger. Without having a hope of being together soon, there's no way either one of us could've lasted this long. This year I will once again get to go and visit her for ten days over there and that's going to be hard when it comes time for me to leave because it'll be even closer to the time I'll be able to fly there and not have to come home. When I go to see her in October, my youngest will be in her last year of high school. It's a bittersweet time for me because she's the last of my three children to graduate high school. Originally I had planned to move over to be with netty as soon as my daughter graduated high school, but I think I will probably wait until later to make the move, and hopefully netty and I will be able to get married before I move over. So back on track here, yes eight months is a long time and we will have a lot of making up for lost time to do once we check into the hotel. I have so missed kissing and embracing and holding each other. The longer we're together the deeper my love for her grows. We've been together now over 3 years and she's been here to see me more times than I can count. When she comes alone of course our time together is much different than when she comes with her daughter, but each time she brings her daughter I feel like we connect better and gel better together. A blended family is tough and I know it's hard for netty to be away from her daughter, but both her and I know that she needs to have that time free from that responsibility for a little while so she can enjoy our relationship and what we have. The obvious that goes without going into too much detail is that we are both also looking forward to being able to make mad passionate love to each other and show each other just how much we do love each other. I can also say that reading all the books her and I have been reading hasn't helped in the distance department, but we both agree that when we're reading those books, we're thinking about each other and getting ideas, lol. I guess the reason why it isn't as hard on me as it is on her is because she craves the physical touch to just be able to hold me and touch me, not that I don't, but I don't think about it as much. We both have to bury some of our feelings so that we don't get too emotional and lose it over the fact that we can't be together all the time because of our current circumstances. It will be a little bit easier this year because shortly after she comes to see me next week, she'll be back with her daughter this summer, and then I'll get to fly over to see her in the fall, so more frequent this year. I can't wait to get back over there to visit her again because I love being there and there's so much to see and to enjoy. When I went over there the first time she took me to pick strawberries and what she didn't realize was that it reminded me of a place I went with my parents when I was young. I had so much fun that day with her and I thought how great it is going to be when I live there and we can go and do those kinds of things all the time. I'll have to find a job and she has her job, but I have no doubts that we will feel so much better once we're able to be together. Don't get me wrong I know it won't always be easy and we'll probably have a few disagreements along the way because relationships take work. Period. Some relationships are harder than others, but the main thing is that you give of yourself to the other person and they give to you. I'm sure we'll both want our way when it comes to certain things, but we'll work through it like everything else. It is going to be a big life change for me as I've only lived in America all my life and only lived in Florida, which is a tropical warm state most of the year and very very hot in the summer time. Will I miss it? Yes I will, however I love the country, the mountains, the hills, and the ocean and I will be quite content to live over there because I can go just about anywhere and see those things, including cool rivers and streams. I will have to get used to the cold, but as long as netty and I can snuggle up together on the couch then what else could I possibly want? I'm also looking forward to being with the animals because I miss not having pets of my own. Hopefully I'll be able to own a horse again because I miss that connection that I shared with the horse that I had and netty's daughter will be able to have a horse to care for and learn about the responsibility of what it means to care for someone else besides yourself. I could go on and on but I think you get the gist of this blog. Woo hoo only five more sleeps and she'll be in my arms once again and her lips will be on my lips and her body will be in our bed at our place which is where I live at the moment until I can move to the place she lives and then I'll be in our bed there. Hope you enjoyed this blog, until next time, Wolfie
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    @LeedsLass - Sometimes we're just on the receiving end of other people's issues, or developments in their lives that cause them to drift away from us (it happens to everyone), and of course, being ill makes that seem even worse than it really is. It's also possible that the people who are leaving you aren't good for you anyway, and that you're experiencing a 'clear-out' of sorts, which will ultimately have a positive effect on your life. That's usually to do with your own subconscious thoughts and feelings about your relationships with those people... I was very ill with cancer awhile back, and found that the people and family members who were my true friends stuck with me, while those who weren't fell away and left my life. Illness has a way of doing that... It separates the wheat from the chaff...
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    What a great thread and great information you have all shared. Thank you.As someone who has suffered,verbal,physical,financial abuse and only now just being able to admit it, i understand how hard it is not only to find the courage to leave but the strength to stay and keep going as it seems easier in some ways. Finally i found my voice in january and made him move out. I feel such a difference in my health it is scary and as much i still feel the pull he has on me, i have promised myself to take each day at a time and remain strong. If all else fails i remind myself that, if i would not want my daughter to going though it or i would hate for my sons to behave that way then why should i put up with it and suffer. Stay strong ladies we are wonderful.
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    I've known my best friend Kat since college. While I was experimenting with girls, she saved herself for marriage to the perfect guy. They really are good together so I was surprised when she revealed to me that she was not entirely satisfied in the bedroom. He could give her a good dicking though. Guys, she even gave up her ass to him!! And apparently, his fingerbanging skills were top notch, but he would not put his mouth anywhere near her vagina. She gave him head all the time, but it was because she liked doing it as much as he liked receiving it. He's never returned the favor so she really didn't know...but the way he responded differently when she sucked him off made her want the same. She knew I was bi; I never hid it from her, so I wasn't sure why she was telling me this. I could have responded like a normal human, but Kat was gorgeous! And, she just so happened to be talking to me about something I was an expert in. So the words that came flying out of my big mouth were, "Jesus Christ, I'd go down on you in a heartbeat if I had the chance. You're hot as hell!" I instantly regretted it. The truth is, I'd always found her attractive, and I'd had a naughty thought (or two...or three...) about her, but I always feined disinterest for obvious reasons. Yet, there I was...basically telling her that I would fuck her. She took it in stride though and just giggled and moved the conversation forward like it was no big deal. That was 9 months ago. Besides my occasional bouts of feeling like a dumb ass for saying that, nothing about our friendship had changed at all. Fast forward to last weekend. She asked me to travel with her to a jewelry exposition she was having. This was not abnormal, we had taken overnight trips together on several occasions. But not since I said what I said. So the whole time we were driving there, I was being ultra careful that I did not do or say anything to make her think I was lusting after her. Everything was going well until the night after the tradeshow. It was a crazy busy day so we decided to have drinks and relax at the hotel bar. By the time we made it back to our room, we were both tipsy and giggling like teenagers. I headed straight for the shower while she plopped down on the king-size bed to call her husband. She surprised me by coming into the bathroom while I was still drying off in my towel. She undressed in front of me while I was brushed my teeth. She was lingering while naked a little too long so I had to ask her, "Ummm...what are you doing? I'm --" "Relax," she said, cutting me off and gesturing to her body, "we both know I don't have anything YOU have haven't seen before!" and stepped into the shower. She laughed heartily as she closed the glass door. I shrugged as I walked out laughing as well and called out, "Touché!" over my shoulder. So, about that king size bed. It was literally big enough that we didn't have to be anywhere near each other. I slid in on a side and hung out as close to the edge as possible. As soon as the lights were off and were laying there in the dark and silence, my mind started to wander. As I said, she was gorgeous and it was a real treat to have seen her naked earlier. Her tits were the perfect size. Her caramel colored nipples were tiny but erect. Her pussy was bare except for a small patch that was trimmed super low. By now you're probably getting how this whole time I had been overthinking & trying so hard to pretend I couldn't see her that I drove myself to thinking about her non-stop. I lay there fantasizing for a long time. Hearing her steady breathing and assuming she was fast asleep, I brought my hand down and started touching myself as I thought about how delicious she looked earlier. It was slow at first but then I started really getting into it. I realized I was getting carried away so I turned to make sure I hadn't woken her up and oh my fucking god, she was watching me. I don't know for how long, but just knowing that I'd been caught sent my heart racing. She didn't say anything though. She just smiled and bit her bottom lip a little. What she did next shocked me. She slowly pushed her t-shirt up, exposing her breasts. Then she kicked our covers down so that I could see her hand which was now reaching down into her panties. I watched, in stunned silence, as she squirmed beneath her own touch. At this point, I knew that she knew what she was doing to me. I reached into my own panties again as I watched her. Her face took on a look of absolute pleasure as she watched me too. I couldn't stop myself from doing what I did next. I moved and laid on my side right next to her. Even then she didn't stop exploring herself, so I put a hand on her stomach, brought my face to hers, and kissed her. She kissed me back in a way that I can only describe as hungry, like she'd been waiting for my lips for so long. I moved to straddle her as we kissed and suddenly her hands were on my face and in my hair, then on my back pressing me onto her. I pulled away from her to take my shirt off. Her hands then found my breasts and she rubbed over them, gently grazing my nipples. I put my hands on top of hers and squeezed my nipples with her hands. I didn't want her to stop touching me, but there was something I wanted even more. I leaned back down, bringing her arms up over her head and holding them there as I kissed her again. I moved from kissing her mouth to kissing her neck. I could tell she wanted to reciprocate so badly. She was pushing her body hard against mine. I brought my face back up to hers, looked her in the eyes and said, "Keep your arms here. Just lay back and let me..." She inhaled deeply as I let her go and moved down, taking a nipple into my mouth. She let out several whispered Ohs as I teased her nipples back and forth with my hands and my mouth. I kept traveling down, leaving a trail of kisses from her chest to her stomach. I tugged at her panties and she moved to help me get them off. Wow were they soaked through! I continued my descent of kisses, returning to her stomach where I had left off. I knew she'd been craving this next bit for a long while (& if I'm honest, so had I!), so I took my time. I alternated between kissing and rubbing her mound as well as the crest of her closed lips. Whereas she was eager and rocking against me before, she was now calm and breathing deep, anticipating breaths. She yielded to me and allowed me to spread her legs myself. I kneeled between them with my hands on her knees. I took in the full view of her beautiful body in front of me as I let my hands slide down her thighs. I fondled the very outside of her lips with my thumbs, pulled them apart to see the sticky wetness that had gathered there. Laying down, I kissed one of her thighs and kept kissing down and down until I reached her pussy. She was so turned on that my mouth came away wet with her as I pulled back from my first tiny kiss. The first taste of her juices nearly sent me into a frenzy. Part of me wanted to be greedy and devour her. But I kept my resolve and kissed her clit gently at first, reaching out with only the tip of my tongue, then mouthing as much of it as I could, gripping with my lips and pulling it into a deep kiss. I felt her hands on my shoulders. "No touching, remember?" I cautioned her playfully. She brought her hands back up to rest on her head and tousled her hair, whimpering a little in frustrated ecstasy. I teased her like that for a little while, relishing the taste of her as she squirmed and moaned softly. Then I went all in, spreading her pussy open with my fingers and and putting my mouth and tongue all over it. I reached up with both hands and pulled her nipples while I continued to circle my tongue around and around her clit. She was moaning loudly now and I kept at it until my face was messy and her juice was dripping down my chin. I slowed down the intensity and rubbed her pussy with my fingers. She spread her legs as wide as she could and pushed her hips up just a bit as if to ask for more. Finally, pushing one finger in deep and letting it come to rest inside of her, I pushed my tongue down on her clit in a licking, sucking rhythm that took her to the edge. She was moaning very loud and grabbing at the bed sheets. She got louder and louder, screaming as she orgasmed. I liked the sound of that. I put my hands on her waist as her body shook hard and just held my mouth over her clit until the throbbing subsided. When she settled down I crawled back up beside her. She grabbed my face and kissed me, sucking my top lip, then my bottom lip, tasting herself off of them. I thought she would have been ready to settle down but she was instead ready to take what I had denied her earlier. Her hand reached down and rubbed my pussy outside of my drenched panties. She kept fondling until she had pushed my panties far enough aside that there was no longer a barrier preventing her fingers from sliding against my wet folds. She slid down and sucked on one breast as she gently rubbed my clit and dug deeper into my wetness. Her strokes were unsure but she continued to explore me trying to find my hole. I reached my hand down and guided her. Her confidence then grew with every thrust of her finger and at my insistence she gradually inserted another and another. She fingered me for a while before pulling her fingers out of me and putting them in her mouth. She looked right at me, coyly, as she sucked my juices off of her fingers. I turned onto my back and started masturbating, assuming she was not going to go down on me. I couldn't have been more wrong. She pushed my hand aside and brought her mouth down on my pussy and reinterpreted some of the same things I had done to her with my tongue. I reached under my leg and fingered myself as she licked me until I came. She came back up beside me and we kissed a few more times then caressed each other until we fell asleep. The next morning, I woke up to her kissing my shoulder, her tits pressing into my back. She reached under my arm and fondled my nipple as she grinded her pussy against my ass. I turned over and she straddled me. I reached down and pressed against her clit as she rocked against me. I couldn't believe she wasn't freaking out and instead wanted more. So I put my hands under her ass and urged her to sit on my face. I ate her out like that until she screamed again, grinding against my face as she orgasmed. Her tradeshow was from Friday to Sunday, so for three days I fucked her and made her come over and over again. She's tried to find an excuse to be alone with me since. Finally, tonight, after trading dirty pics and sexting all week, she's coming over to (her words, not mine) sit on my face. Mmmmnnnh. I should probably feel used, but I'm loving every minute of it! -------
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    Happy Easter everyone!
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    From The L-Word: Helena: Have you ever fallen in love with a straight woman? Tina: You're asking the wrong person. I was straight until I met Bette. Helena: Then talk to me as a straight woman. What went through your mind when you first had these feelings? Tina: It was terrifying. I mean, the falling in love part feels good, but there's so much to wrap your head around. Helena: But why? I mean, isn't love just love? Tina: No, it isn't. It's not the life that most straight women want. Most straight women, they spend so much time preparing for the husband, the kids, the house, it's too much to undo. I think this makes a lot of sense.
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    The person I'm with right now is the only one who really actually makes me wet and it's a mess. For both of us though. It's a running joke. After sex I'll say "you have to sleep in the wet spot"
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    In my experience you can never be to wet, its a turn on when the person you are pleasuring get really wet.
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    Thank you for sharing and for your honesty. It's a hard thing to talk about bc no one wants to be in this position. I think at least we can respect the fact that every marriage is different and support each other in the struggle to be true to ourselves and our partners.
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    Also make sure that you clearly deliver the message that "it's not okay" to treat you like that. Their joke has gone too far and too much. They are being disrespectful to you. People like them are straightaway discarded in my book.
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    Eh, it seems like it's a reaction to the "bi means two" crowd. There have been many wonderful explanations of how one can be bisexual without being transphobic or supporting the binary. My favorite is the definition that being bisexual means you can be attracted to someone the same gender as you, or a different gender from you. Despite this kind of nuance there will always be the "rawr evil bisexual types." Haters gonna hate.
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    I second The Ethical Slut. Me and my husband are currently reading it and it has opened up amazing discussion. I would still say so far we are wanting to keep our marriage closed but the book is making me think of the why behind that decision and it’s making it feel more like a decision and not just a social expectation.
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    Thank you so much for all the time and energy you have put into this post. I'm not on here as often as some but I have experience with physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse, gaslighting, narcissism. . . basically the works. I try to offer gentle advice when I see a woman in pain here and reaching out for help.