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    Welcome to my world when it comes to women. Ha! The story is complicated but the gist is that I chatted with a bicurious woman when I was also curious. This was years ago. We chatted for a few years on and off, talked on the phone and became friends. She was married and hubby knew we chatted. We lost touch over the years and then she contacted me out of the blue a few years ago. We were friends on Facebook but I kept it casual and thought she was not interested in more than friendship. At this point, I had already been with a few women so I was no longer curious and was fine with remaining friends. Anyway, we reconnected and picked up where we left off and rekindled, so to speak. She had a lot of issues, including anxiety and was really socially awkward/bad communicator, which I think contributed as well. She flew out here and she had her first bisexual experience with me. There were some red flags while we were together but blew it off thinking she was just nervous and had some anxiety. When she got back home, I felt like she made a lot of excuses why her communication was not as frequent. I totally understand that she had a busy home life with her son and husband but I felt used. Then she and her husband really got into the open relationship/hot wifing scene and she was sleeping with other men so that was the writing on the wall for me. I blame myself because I knew that she was married but she claimed she had feelings for me but her lack of action spoke volumes. I was not expecting her to leave her hubby but even the courtesy of making an effort would have been nice. She also lived across the country so there were contributing factors but she was the one who contacted me and wanted to pick things up again. I ended our contact last year. Before I told her off and ended our contact, I explained to her that I felt like she used me for first time experimentation purposes and after she went back home she backed off--like she could cross that off her check list of sexual experimentation. She gave lame excuses. She had a LOT of issues so that was one of many reasons I ended our contact, but it is a lousy feeling. I also have had experiences with women, both real time and online (mostly married), who were really immature and played head games/messed with my feelings. They would run hot and cold with their feelings and attraction towards me. I understand that it can be very confusing and scary--been there, done that--but I feel sometimes that "curious" women forget that it is NOT just about sex and it is not a flirty, cat and mouse game like they are used to with men. If you are only looking for sex only with a woman and no strings fun, then if that is what you want then be up front and honest about what you want and do not want. I sometimes feel like most of the women I was attracted to needed a therapist. It seems like they all had crazy ass drama and were seeking sex/intimacy with a woman because they did not like themselves. They were looking for someone to build up their low self-esteem and poor body image--ugh no thanks. It got old fast. It was pretty disheartening for me and I have been laying low with women lately. I am not sure I would go down that path with a first-timer again and as a single woman, I do not think I would get involved with anyone who is married or in a committed relationship.. I am all for women experimenting and being true to themselves, but wish people would take others' feelings into consideration and understand that actions have consequences for all involved parties.
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    What was it like? strange, exciting, awkward? All three for me I think. I’d never touched another woman until I had sex with my first girlfriend. Both naked we laid down together and after some kissing my hand moved between her legs. When touching yourself you’re focussed on the sensations it generates but when touching her I was not only aware of her reaction but also a picture of what I was touching. I moved over the contours of her protruding lips, so soft and smooth. My thumb resting against her trimmed pubes. And when I used a finger to part her lips I was surprised how wet she was. Her clit felt so petite and delicate. At some point I remember gently sliding one then two fingers into her. At the time it freaked me at little. Never thought I’d actually do that. Good memories.
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    Grace could tell that Erika had arrived to work because she could smell her perfume. She wore the same Marc Jacobs scent every day. She popped up and leaned over the cube wall that separated them, intent on making a joke about how she was late when she saw that her friend was holding back tears. She walked around the cubicle row and, crouching in front of Erika, placed a hand on her exposed knee. "Erika," she whispered quietly, "are you ok? What's wrong?" Just then, a meeting reminder popped up on Erika's screen. "I'll be ok," she said, placing her hand on top of Grace's and looking at her with a soft smile. "Let's talk about it at lunch ok? I've got to go to this or you-know-who will lose her mind." Grace nodded and stood, laughing, knowing exactly who she meant. She declared "It's a date!" and headed back to her cubicle. Erika walked away feeling a strange rush of excitement. She wasn't sure if it was in her head, but she could still feel Grace's hand on her knee. Surely it was in her imagination, but she felt there was something to her touch. Something about the way she slid her hand into place. It was very subtle, but nonetheless it had made an impression on Erika. Erika continued to ponder this while half listening in her meeting when Grace, knowing her friend seriously needed a laugh, sent her a funny text. Grace was happy to get the crying while laughing emoji in response. Meanwhile, Grace spent the next 3 hours of her day anxiously waiting for lunch and daydreaming about how soft Erika's skin was. While she'd dreamed of it several times, she had never actually touched Erika. They were work friends only and had never hung out outside of work, other than going to lunch. So there had never been a need or opportunity to touch her in any way. Her skin was just as soft as she'd imagined it would be. She had fun imaging the scenario had played out differently - that she had been able to push her long, blonde hair out of her face and kiss away her tears instead. Grace knew it was an unlikely scenario though. For one thing, Erika had no idea how Grace lusted after her, and for another - Erika was engaged. Then there was the obvious dilemma of them being co-workers. Not only were they co-workers, Erika was a team lead and she had their boss's ear. One wrong move could create huge problems for Grace. Grace nearly squealed out loud when she got a lunch meeting invitation in her inbox from Erika. Usually they'd just head out without any formalities, grab something quick and head back, but today Erika had blocked off their calendars for two hours. Unbeknownst to Grace, Erika suddenly wanted to spend a lot more time with her, to examine what it is she was feeling. Erika had always enjoyed Grace but now...was she attracted to her? She had never even considered the possibility of being attracted to a woman until today. But the idea of it was exciting. She was aware that the possibility was very real that Grace was not even on that wavelength...but she was almost certain. There was something about that touch. And it resonated with her. The two ladies decided on Italian for lunch. It was a really hard choice for both of them to forgo the wine, but they were already pushing the envelope by taking an extended lunch. "Ok, chica." Grace said, clasping her hands and leaning forward on the table while feigning a serious face, "Dish." "Oh, it's not a big deal really, Tony and I just had a disagreement right before I left for work. I got on his case because he didn't do something he said he would. Then, he accused me of nagging him and it really just upset me." "Awww, I'm sorry that happened to you, hon. I know how much you do for him. You are such a kind and loving person, it sucks to see anyone like you feeling anything less than loved." Erika looked at Grace while she spoke as if she were seeing her for the first time. Her hair, her lips, her eyes. Everything suddenly seemed appealing. She was certain in that moment that she wanted more of Grace. "Too bad you're not my fiance, sheesh!" Grace was momentarily taken aback by that statement. If only! She wanted to reveal her feelings to her crush right then, but instead replied, "Honestly Erika, a beautiful girl like you could have anyone you wanted. Tyler better get his act together if he knows what's good for him!" Erika played with her engagement ring as she started off in deep thought for a moment. "Well. I feel better now. Thanks for coming to lunch with me today. I know the last thing you probably want is to hear me complain about my relationship problems when you're fresh off of a divorce." Grace laughed, "Believe me, I'm glad to be single right now. My marriage problems really put a lot of things into perspective for me. I never told you why we actually divorced. It was because I cheated on him." "You? No way, I don't believe it!" "It's true. I had an affair. It ended up not working out, but it really helped me figure out who I really was and what I really wanted." "What happened? With the affair, I mean." "Well...in a nutshell, she wanted to be exclusive. But I couldn't handle all the things that would happen if I took that route. Not just with my husband, but my family, our friends. So, we broke up, and my husband was none the wiser. He had no idea but it weighed on me so much, I finally confessed and you know the rest." "Wow, I had no idea." "That I could be capable of cheating? Haha, I didn't either. But I totally fell for her out of nowhere. " "No, that you were into women! I'd never have guessed." "Ah." Grace felt a bit uncomfortable with her confession. She was afraid that Erika might not like her anymore, but her fears were soon put to rest. Erika reached over and placed her hand on top of Grace's. "That must have been really hard for you. I'm sorry, I had no idea. I can imagine how torn you must have been and this whole time, I just assumed your divorce was just a matter of "shit happens" incompatibility. To know you were hurting like that this whole time makes me feel like a terrible friend." "Aww thanks, Erika. But I'm totally ok with everything. I'm glad it happened before we started a family. Now no more gloomy chat. This is supposed to be a pick-me-up lunch!" Erika laughed. "You're right!" Erika wondered what she should do with this new information. Now that she knew Grace was attracted to women, she was certain that touch earlier had meant something, though she'd never really let on before. And knowing that made her even more attracted to her. Grace arrived for work the next day to find a box of chocolates on her desk, along with a card. The outside had a big red heart that read: Thanks for being so sweet. Inside was written: Thanks for being my unpaid therapist! I really enjoyed our talk. A hand drawn heart and the letter E. Grace peeked over the cubicle wall to thank her, but Erika was nowhere to be found. She texted her instead: You could have just texted me. But the chocolate is divine! Followed by a smile, pink heart, and chocolate bar emoji. For the next few days they texted back and forth both while they were at work and while they were at home. Then, somehow the conversations shifted from casual to full on flirting. To Grace's surprise, Erika was the one that instigated the transition. First, she was just very curious about Grace's experience with her ex-girlfriend. Then she started talking more personally about how she could see why someone would be attracted to Grace. Finally, she asked her point blank if she were the type of girl that Grace could be attracted to. Grace responded cautiously, but did admit that she found her attractive. It was just the response Erika was looking for, and gave her the fortitude to kick things up a notch. She then admitted that she was curious, although she was not sure she'd ever act on it. These conversations changed their interactions at work dramatically. They began to go out of their way to end up in the same place at the same time. Grace had already been lusting after Erika so these feelings were not new to her. Erika on the other hand, was finding it harder and harder to maintain herself. Passing by Grace in the hallway, she'd hold her gaze wordlessly with a flirty smile as they passed, then follow up with a text to her, complimenting her appearance. Grace was not innocent, and indulged her by always playing back and giving her new things to go on. She always played it safe though, and flirted back just enough to assure Erika that she would take it to the next level if she wanted her to. Things really heated up when Erika, seeing Grace walk in the supply room, followed. She stood next to her and pretended to be looking for something also while whispering to Grace, "I want you." Grace was surprised, but did not show it. She parted her lips slightly and looked at her. Erika looked longingly into her eyes, and asked quietly, "Do you want me?" Grace breathed in deeply and nodded slowly as she breathed out. Erika bit her lip and smiled, still looking at her lustily. Then she turned and left, leaving Grace to catch her breath. By the time she got back to her desk, she'd received a meeting invitation from Grace. She'd booked a one hour meeting in Conference room 405, two floors above the one where her team resided. The conference room door was slightly ajar, and she could see Erika sitting there with her laptop as she approached. She briefly thought of turning back. While she wanted to be in a room alone with her, she knew that if anything happened, there would be no turning back. She walked on in and closed the door behind her. As soon as it shut, Erika stood up and walked over to her, taking her things and placing them on the table. Standing face to face with her, she said, "Then show me." Grace knew she was hearkening back to the question she'd asked her only moments ago, and her answer. Just as she'd done in her dreams many times, she pushed Erika's long blond hair back with her hands, grabbed her face and kissed her. She kissed her so gently, letting her lips linger for several seconds before kissing her the same way a few times more. She pulled back to look Erika in the face to make sure she wasn't regretting the situation. On the contrary, Erika had her brows furrowed in a look of deep desire. She pulled back in to kiss Grace fervently. Grace responded, her kisses expressing all of the things she wanted to say to Erika for months, but hadn't. Finally, catching a breath, they both spilled over into laughter, giggling at themselves for making out like a couple of horny teenagers. "I'm not a teenager," Erika said, holding her hands on Grace's back and leaning in to kiss her again, "but I am horny." Grace reached down and caressed Erika's ass while they made out, causing Erika to gyrate against her. It was really hard for both of them to stop. Between moments of making out, they mentioned repeatedly how they should, as they'd been in the conference room for over an hour now. After that they both started showing up for work early, desperate to spend as much uninterrupted time together as possible. They'd take risks out in the open like Grace reaching under Erika's skirt in the break room before anyone else came to the office one morning. Erika flashing her tits at grace while they walked down an empty hallway. Finally, it got to a point where it was obvious that they needed to fuck each other and get it over with, come what may. Because Erika lived with her fiance, Grace invited her to her place. Their first lovemaking session was everything that Grace had hoped. Erika gave completely in to her and allowed Grace to explore every inch of her body. Grace took her time working her way down from her mouth. Erika was already moaning by the time Grace took her nipples into her mouth. She arched her shoulders back and pushed her chest out when Grace pulled on one of her nipples with her lips while rolling the other between her fingers. She rocked her hips and pushed up against Grace's face as she ate her out. Grace relished every bit of her taste, letting her lips and tongue linger on Erika's clit before she lapped up the juice that gushed out of her from the pressure. You would think she were restrained the way Erika twisted and moved while keeping her hands to her sides and her legs spread open, allowing Grace to take over her completely. She came harder than she had ever come before under grace's mouth. She came so hard it sounded like she was crying. Grace kept her mouth still on her clit and relished the feel of it throbbing. Once it subsided, she slid up to lay on top of her. Erika then received her into her arms and kissed her, enjoying the taste of her pussy on Grace's soft lips. Erika begged Grace to let her taste her, but Grace wanted her to be sure that's what she wanted. "This is all new to you right now. If you don't feel weird tomorrow, I promise," she said while kissing her, " I'll let you eat me out all. night. long." Neither of them could stop thinking about the night's events. When Grace arrived at work the next day, she found a single, pink rose on her desk. Erika wasn't at her desk, but it didn't take long for Grace to figure it out. She smiled to herself in the elevator as she headed to her first meeting of the day, in conference room 405.
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    If one keeps things only for herself and not having told any single soul about her sexuality, then it’s like living in a high wall house, fully protected from outside world, and aggressively guarded. I’ve been there when I was young and it’s not a happy place to be, for me. It’s lonely out there. Very lonely. “Secrecy is a deliberate act of keeping things concealed from others out of fear.” For some, it may include some elements of shame, guilt and even feeling of being trapped. My bisexuality isn’t my little secret anymore. It is still guarded but very lightly simply because of prying eyes. What can I do? I can't stand people who don’t have anything useful to use their time and brain for. I don’t have fear. I regard my bisexuality as a “private matter” which I freely choose for others to know or not. I am out to my husband, brother, few friends and few colleagues. I am not scared, too, to be seen being reasonably and appropriately affectionate with my date in public.
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    I am not one in a million kind of girl, but rather, a once in a lifetime kind of woman. No idea who came up with this but I think we all can relate, I certainly hope that I am. Have a great week ladies.
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    Many of us are drawn to a bit of emotional danger. We like the girl who is mysterious, who keeps us guessing, and on our toes. We like the girl we know we have to compete for. It makes us feel awesome when and if we win. She's had a rough past, and we want to believe we can be the one to change things for her, we think we could be the magical cure that makes her feel happy and loved. She is the kind gestures that you have never preformed for another women. She is the thoughts that consume you at night when you're alone, and you hate to admit that you're thinking 'Is she in someone else's bed tonight?' Eventually you wake up and realize that you're not enough for her, no one is, and no one ever will be. After enduring these kinds of relationships and wondering if all people are like her, you cross paths with a different type of girl. She seems to be like a magical creature, handcrafted by Disney, she is the unicorn girlfriend, you blink twice, checking to see if she is real. Someone so beautiful, funny, intelligent, emotionally sound and uncomplicated couldn't possibly exist outside of a work of fiction. Could they? You're amazed when you discover she doesn’t play games, she tells you her intentions from the start and holds true to them. You're confident you aren’t going to lose her, she loves you and has prioritized you as important, that not only makes you confident in her, but yourself as well. She tells the truth, when you say or do something she may not agree with, she’ll let you know without being passive aggressive about it. She follows through with her promises, the things she says she’ll do she actually does. She values your relationships with others, not only is she trying to make things work with you, but she tries to make a good impression on your friends and family too because those people are important to you. She doesn’t add extra stress to your life, and she makes you feel better just by smiling at you. She’s doesn't insult you or make you feel bad, she lifts you up and her affection is genuine. She challenges you to be the best version of yourself, she doesn’t want to change you, but sees the potential of what you can be, and encourages you to live up to it. She loves the wonderful things you do for her, but she isn't a one way street, doing sweet things for you too genuinely makes her happy. Like showing up during menstruation week with your favourite movie and chocolate and lots of cuddles because she cares. When you go out with her, all other women seem to fade into a blurry grey background, and all the colour and light in the room seems to be coming from your girl. That's how awesome you think she is. The best part? You're not afraid to tell her, because you know you're the apple of her eye too. There is no fear in your relationship with her, no insecurity, no anxiety, no games, and the love is true. I'm making a point to stay away from headwreckers from now on. Bring on The Unicorn!
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    Exactly that. When I met my husband I thought I was probably bi. But I'd had lots of good sex with men in the past so it didn't feel like something I needed to worry about, just a slight quirk in my sexuality, that's all. But now, twelve years later, I'm really struggling. Objectively I can see that he's still an attractive guy but my body says no, I freeze up deep inside when we're in bed together, I close my eyes and think about women and try not to be kissed. It's so upsetting because I do love this man and I don't want to feel this way, he doesn't deserve it. And I want so much to be touched, but somehow his touch just feels wrong. In case in anyone can relate (I know this is an old thread but it's so relevant to me that I couldn't help jumping in) I'll try to pin down how I'm thinking and feeling about all this. I suppose the main thing is confusion. I don't really know what's driving my feelings and until I know what the problem is I can't take any action to fix it. I mean, I'm not enjoying sex with my husband but that's true of lots of straight wives too, right? As soon as we became parents it's like my body re-categorised him as 'family' and when we're at home, surrounded by kids toys, and very much in our mum and dad roles, my body doesn't want to put sexual feelings anywhere near that. My conscious mind knows that it's ok to fancy your husband, but at some deep down level my body sees him as 'dad' and kind of freaks out at the thought of him even having a sexuality. And there's all the cultural crap that comes with het relationships. I don't consciously believe that it's my duty to sleep with him but a deep, dark part of me does kinda see it that way. So when he comes on to me it lands like a demand, just another female duty to add to my long list, right below cleaning the fridge ;-p Then there's my bi-ness. My sexual fantasies have always been mostly about women. But at the same time I've had lots of good sex with men so I never considered that I was gay. Now, though, I can't remember the last time I found a guy attractive and I'm constantly checking out women. So, does that mean I'm too gay to want my husband now? Or is it just that my secret online relationship with a woman (started two years ago but now in its ending phase) has temporarily oriented me more towards women. Or is the intensity of my feelings for her a sign that I should have been with women all along? I have no f**king clue and I'm thinking myself in circles ::groan:: Or maybe I'm just really bad at wanting what I already have. That's a very human problem, after all. Maybe what made it so intense with my GF was the fact that we couldn't be sure of each other, we had no right to each other, there were huge obstacles in the way and it all had to be secret. It would be pretty hard not to find that exciting, especially in comparison to a guy who has literally signed himself over to you for the rest of his natural life - even though that's such a beautiful thing to do. If I could enjoy sex with my husband our lives would be so much easier. And I've tried, but probably not as hard as I could have - I think I felt slightly defeated before I began. I'm hoping that perhaps when our lives are a little less child-centric I'll feel a spark for him again. I'm definitely committed to trying to work things out and I have no plans to leave. But even if it was perfect between him and me... oh god, now that I've been in love with a woman and connected sexually online, I would find it very hard to deny myself more of that in the future if the opportunity came up. Maybe even a physical experience if it felt safe. I think maybe my gay life wants to stay secret and separate from day-to-day mundane life. I want to have a secret place that's just for me and her... whoever she may be ;-p Wow, long post, thanks to anyone who stuck with me to the end of this xD
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    I think it can be a huge turn-on, especially with someone with strong writing skills and a naughty imagination.
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    I've had one online relationship with a woman and I started it by propositioning her in a message - that was our first contact - and she responded enthusiastically ;-p. But I kind of 'knew' her already from reading her work and her posts so I was pretty sure that I wanted more than sex - I may already have been slightly in love with her. After that we tended to write longer messages... sex scenes I guess you'd call them?... for each other and send them via email. I liked having time to consider what I wanted to do to her and what I wanted her to do to me. And even the process of writing and editing it was very erotic... I had to take a lot of, um, keyboard breaks ;-p It made the pleasure last. Every time I re-read a scene or changed a few words I was having sex again. I think I actually had stronger orgasms from that than I've ever had from physical sex. I'm not sure why that is... it's not a confidence thing, I've always been pretty confident about my looks when I'm with a person physically, but I am a fairly anxious, secretive person and I find it difficult to be completely open, emotionally and sexually, with people who are right next to me, so perhaps it was easier to have more fearless, fully expressive sex, with a partner who was thousands of miles away. Now that I'm kind of single (at least in terms of females, I'm still married to a guy who isn't really cool with any of this ;-p) I'd quite like to be having email sex again, maybe in slightly more of a fun, casual way. But at the same time, I don't exactly want to go looking for it. I'd rather it happened like last time, where a crush just strikes me out of the blue and I can't help acting on it...
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    Umm, my first.... yes a very nice memory indead. I was 31. Never touched another woman except to shake hands. It was a cool night, she had a log fire going so it was warm and very comfortable. We'd both had a couple of drinks. I was having feelings for her I'd never really experienced before. I had no idea how to deal with this. As far as i new i was straight and she was very straight. Amway one thing led to another and we started kissing. Well that was it. That kiss was a drug. After that she ripped my shirt off and dragged me off to her bedroom. Pushed me onto the bed, pulled my jeans off and started kissing my stomach back up to my mouth. I was scared, excited and totally in ore of what was happening. She was 14 years older. I'd fallen for an older, incredible woman. But it was a love that could never be. It had to end. That was over 20 years ago. An experence I'll never forget and one that changed me in more ways than one.
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    Never gave a thought before about whether there was such a thing as a forum for bisexual females, until I happened to stumble on Shybi. Just spent quite a bit of time in the past few days reading a load of threads and posts. I must say they are all so interesting and you all seem so supportive to one another. So yeah I thought how can I not join too?
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    I am a married woman and I feel like I have to contribute my experience in this thread. One with another woman and another with a single woman. I had to turn down (with huge effort) a booty call set up with a local bisexual married woman that I met on a random encounter last year. It's like, "hey hun, I'm in town, you wanna bang?" It's probably okay if sex was only what I was looking for but not. At least, she was clear in the very beginning what particular situation she thought only worked for her to keep her marriage intact and at the same time still be able to satiate her craving for women sex. Initially, the single woman who I was dating briefly was okay and didn't mind that I was married. It was after a short while when she realised that she's wanting more and more of me. She wanted me for herself only. The first one, I thought we had a perfect chemistry but I found out her ideal situation was not matching my moral compass. The second one, I thought was perfectly fine in the beginning but then she realised that it's not her ideal situation. I still don't know what to make anything of these at all. The more I think and analyse women, the more I fail. Hahaha!!! So ironic because I'm one of them. So, nowadays, whatever! I don't care if you're married or single. If we can create perfect moments, if we can be even once or twice be honest with each other on what really feel at that moment. If we can be genuine in bed wanting each other not only for the sake of sex but because YOU want ME and I want YOU, then, that's good enough for me. That's good enough because I will not be perfect for you in the real world and you will not be perfect for me, either. But the moments we create will be. Because it is ours in our limited perfect time. Yesterday, I was talking to a very wise good friend about my growing affection for this certain woman. I asked her if she thought that I had a penchant for self-torture. She said, "no, I think you have a penchant for romantic ideals which isn't dangerous, just means you don't wanna quit sometimes." Hmm, yeah.
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    Hi, New to all this and a bit nervous! I'm from Scotland, separated after 26 years of marriage and just wanting to chat to other bi ladies. Maybe there are others like me who are older and not sure where to start? Anyway, thats it really. Thanks for reading.
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    I really enjoy late night chats with my teenage son. I hope at some point in his life they will mean to him as much as they do to me right now. I know these times will be dwindling so I plan on enjoying them while they last.
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    "I want to love you wildly. I don't want words, but inarticulate cries, meaningless, from the bottom of my most primitive being, that flow from my belly like honey. A piercing joy that leaves me empty, conquered, silenced." (Anaïs Nin)
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    Ladies - The sad and hard truth about this is you might not be able to find a balance within the situation. You find a solution you can accept and live with, but I suspect it won't feel balanced. One thing I would counsel: don't do something you absolutely don't want to do just because your husband insists. You'll come to hate him for it. This leads more surely to the demise of a marriage than anything else ... even including cheating. Just My View Ame
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    Married women are tough, especially as a single woman. Most of my experiences have been with married women and did not turn out well. However, I also had a disheartening, hurtful experience with a longtime bi friend who was single. She threw me under the bus for her control freak ahole BF whom she barely knew and we had been friends 10 plus years. We are no longer friends. I cannot speak for married women but I think if everyone is open and honest and on the same page, I think it might be easier for married women to date or be sexually intimate. It really depends on what you want and your boundaries. From my single woman's perspective, I felt like I was getting the leftover crumbs and was an afterthough in the married woman's life. Some single women may not have a problem being an occasional sexual hook-up, no strings attached set up, but sex minus an emotional or mental connection does not work for me--man or woman. I also want someone to give me their full attention and not always possible. With married folks (and even divorced/single moms), they have a lot going on, especially with kids and family responsibilities. Some people can make it work but I feel someone is going to get hurt in the end--why the poly lifestyle is not my thing. I have gone down that road briefly with married men and that sucks too. If you are single and date a married woman, just go into the situation with realistic expectations and your eyes wide open. Be honest and transparent from the start. It is when people start to lie and act sneaky that things can take a bad turn very quickly. Please be respectful of the other person's feelings. Whatever your status, just remember the other person is a human being and has feelings and thoughts and it is not a one-sided situation.
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    LouLou - I can't say I have had exactly this experience with women. Both of the adult women I was with had a strong need for an emotional and sexual connection. I happened to be "standing in the way". In one case, that didn't work out well. I couldn't be what she wanted. In the other, it was one of the happiest, most fortuitous experiences of my life. I totally loved participating in her experimentation and search. With men, being an "experiment and a bit of fun", while not bisexual, was sadly not uncommon. I expect nearly all women would say the same thing. I know I haven't really responded to your post, but I'm very glad you started this. There are a lot of women here that have expressed an interest in a "sex only", or FWB type relationship. It's important to remember that their is a person on the other side of that relationship whose objectives and hopes might be entirely different. I have a dear friend that counsels being very open and forthright about what you want and expect at the start. But even she acknowledges that's easier to say than it is to do. Ame
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    So I’ve never been with a woman not even a kiss. I read all the stories and like hearing about everyones experiences. Am I the only no one who has never had an experience?
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    Secret - I suppose I'm a "semi-secret" bi woman. I'm not bi-curious; I've had some experiences so, of course, those women know. I've told my husband and and a few close friends. And of course, everyone here. What I keep asking myself while I'm writing this is why secrecy is still so necessary? I know why for me. I live in a very conservative part of the country and having this known about me would have a negative effect on my children and my family's businesses. I know many wouldn't agree with me (including most or all of my neighbors), but it seems like you should be able to love who you love, and lust should be a personal thing that's nobody else's business. My Thoughts Ame
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    GYMNOPHORIA - the sensation that someone is mentally undressing you. (can’t help not to respond to your post @JadeBleu15)
  24. 3 points
    Im at this place where im not sure who Ill end up with but I feel like I need to have a set of disclaimers: -Be gentle with my heart and soul -Be open to me and honest -Communication is the key (verbal, texting, phone and or skype)
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    There's nothing more sexy than a sext that is well put together . I find intellect a turn on anyways. So when a woman sends me a message of what they are doing or want to do and it's more than a picture or repeated phrases, yes! Hell yes!
  26. 3 points
    Also that is a loverly thing about sexting with another women, no real need for pictures!!!! Our minds being stimulated is often enough!!!!
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    The world will be saved by the Western woman - Dalai Lama
  28. 3 points
    This was fantastic! I agree, you are a very talented writer. You're really able to invoke strong emotions throughout the whole story. I am a grammar and punctuation nut, and I have to say this was very well written. I was enthralled from beginning to end. I might have some story ideas for you … hehe
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    Honestly, I'm not so terribly sure. Random thoughts: Having sex with a man is easier. They pretty much take care of everything. Having sex with a man is harder. Mostly they don't know what they're doing and are in too much of a hurry to find out. "Skills training" is pretty much hit and miss. Sex with a woman comes with an almost iron-clad "Full Satisfaction or your Money Back" guarantee. I always worry about whether or not I'll climax with a man (unless my experience with him convinced me it's NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN). The question never crossed my mind with a woman. Getting sex with a man is easier. I've practiced attracting them since I was 12 (a conservative age estimate). I can tell when they're interested and know when I am. A hand to the shoulder or cheek, or a top button undone is often all it takes. Getting sex with a woman approaches impossibility. Unlike many women here, I have no problem meeting them ... but I have no conceivable clue if they were interested. Having sex with a man is perfect ... if you're in a hurry. Having sex with a woman is perfect if you have the time and circumstance to enjoy it. The non-sexual aspect of a relationship with a woman are deeper, and more intimate, but can be fraught with drama. The non-sexual aspect of a relationship with a man can be exciting and puzzling -- like peering into your neighbors back yard. But if you want drama, better bring a hand grenade. ...and probably dozens of other thoughts better considered and expressed Ame
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    "Do men or women make better lovers?" indeed. It's like asking whether taller lovers are better, or if green is better than orange. The people who have been really into me and vice versa made better lovers. The people who got me. The people who had the right kind of overlap of - what euphemism shall we use - bedroom tastes. Gender - even just amongst the big-ticket two - is just not a reliable predictor of that.
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    Whaaa....15 months today...!!! She turns me on like no other ever has.....makes my heart skip..just the thought of her makes me whhhooossshhh.....from head to foot.. x x To feel her on me...ohhh nothing is more beautiful....our skin was ment to touch....mine comes alive... Every minute of everyday she is in my head... To find someone so right is magical ..i didnt think she was out there...i now know i was wrong... We will be together... I promise x x
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    While I was in college I met a girl, Sonya, who identified as lesbian. She was gorgeous, medium height, brown hair with bangs, green eyes and perfect little cupid lips. She was trendy, always wearing 50s/60s style clothing and not wearing much makeup. I was infatuated as soon as I met her. She invited me out to a bar with some friends (including my then bf) and I decided to go, thinking that I just appreciated her as a beautiful human being. A few drinks into the night she and I kept making eyes at each other, my goodness was she beautiful. I had to use the restroom and she got up too saying she had to go as well. While standing in line we looked at each other and a spark happened. I'm not sure what... but the pit of my stomach dropped and I could feel my lips pulsing with desire to kiss her. I remember she even licked her lips and I about died! I had never felt sexual desire like this before. It was my turn next in line for the bathroom. I started to go in and turned to give her a look that asked if she wanted to join. Next thing I knew we had locked the door and were all over each other. Hot mouths, grabbing hands, bodies pressing hard against each other. Before I knew it my hand was up and down and all into her shirt. I couldn't handle it. Then I remembered my bf was out in the bar and I pulled back. I looked at her and we both had a moment of complete wanting. She kissed me lightly and said "if you ever want to, I'll be here" and then she left the bathroom so I could have a minute. I still get wet thinking about her... We never went further than that night (my bf knew something was up and had very rigid boundaries about her) but I still want her. I'd say she's been my fantasy for a few years.
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    She's a violent storm of love, the kind of woman that reminds you what it feels like to be alive. J Iron Word
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    The sooner, the better. Allow me to preface this: whatever works for me may not work for everyone else, but I'd like to share my experiences, if I may. With all the men and women I date, I tell them up front that I am bisexual and I open myself to whatever questions they may have. I feel that my orientation is valuable to me, and it helps creates more bi-positivity out there. If my prospects feel uncomfortable with me because of that, then I do one of two things: give them time to process or leave because they're not the right one for me. I also wanted to comment about how you mentioned that because you have not had a relationship with a woman, it somewhat discredits your bisexuality. This is far from the truth; there is no need to prove your bisexuality to anyone. If you know you're bisexual, then you need not prove it to anyone by having a body count of people from different genders to back you up. I think you're just as bisexual as someone who has been with several people of different genders. Bisexuality is part of you, and I don't think you need to hide it, especially if it is from your partner. When you're ready, I think a great way to open up to him is sharing who you are and allowing him to ask you questions if he has any. This way it shows that you're real.
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    Based on my previous experience of which I've done it early, later and not at all. Out in the open is best for sure. I usually mention it whenever the conversation turns to dating, partners etc. No big gesture, just drop it in. You don't have to be "bisexual" I usually say I've had relations with women, but it's still quite obvious I like men. The response is usually small to really positive, but as long as the person knows and if the guy you're seeing is open don't miss an opportunity to express yourself!
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    I think missed opportunities are the ones that we remember the most and sometimes regret not pursuing. I had a similar experience and have often wondered what if.... I've learned not to pass up any opportunities regardless of how fleeting they may be.
  38. 3 points
    I took it as a compliment, Nidalaeh. And thank you for it. I might not everyone's unicorn, but I'd like to think that maybe we could all be someone's unicorn. Thank you,, Blueberry. I'd like to think that while I wouldn't really want to hurt anyone, I would be worth competing for. And that maybe someone who was charmed would crawl back for more. Not because I'm more beautiful than everyone else, but because we're all beautiful, each in our own way. So I can be your headwrecker. I can be your unicorn. And maybe, just maybe, I can make you crawl. And I think for someone, somewhere...you're a unicorn too.
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    My situation is a bit different from everyone above, but I have recently had to transition a romantic relationship to a platonic one so I can't help wanting to chip in - she wasn't bad for me exactly, it's just that loving her became messy and complicated and painful and I wanted to salvage a friendship out of it before things really disintegrated, so I decided to make a definitive, no-coming-back-from-this switch to platonic. And it was (is) so incredibly difficult to do, so I both massively empathise with what everyone here has been through, and feel inspired having read stories from people who are further along in the process than I am and enjoying the sweet relief! There are still mornings when the first feeling that hits me is 'I'm so in love with her I could die from it right now!' (or something similarly melodramatic ;-p) but they are getting fewer and further between. I know I'm going to come off like an android now, but honestly, I feel like you can achieve anything if you have a plan and a list? And I think, neurochemically speaking, it makes sense to treat love like you'd treat an addiction. When I decided to make this change, I actually sat down with a notebook and pen and I brainstormed what action I could take to help myself fall out of love with her. Some of it really helped, too (this was an online thing btw): only check my email account once every four days (she didn't use my main account which made things easier - I felt so much more in control when I put the checking impulse on a schedule) stop listening to the romantic songs she sent me - I even took them off my phone so I couldn't see the track names as I browsed make an honest list of her five most negative traits and memorise it - when I thought of her I'd make myself recite it like a poem put an elastic band around my wrist and snap it, painfully, whenever I think of her romantically don't write to her more than once a week and don't use any terms of endearment if she tries to re-open the door to romance and sex make sure that I gently, compassionately, but firmly, close it (that was the hardest) Rituals can help a bit too. I mean, I'm super-sceptical and rational so I don't buy into spiritual anything, but I do think the human subconscious really needs and responds to ritual, so I came up with a little ritual to symbolise moving on and acted it out a few times. I won't share details because it was the sort of thing that would look completely ridiculous on paper xD, but I think that helped and I'd advocate trying it. It would be so much easier if I weren't trying to stay friends because then I could cut contact completely and, like others have said above, when you have distance it seems suddenly easier to get perspective - make yourself believe that this is just another, mortal, fallible human; worthy of love and respect, absolutely, but not some super-human goddess, the like of which the world has never before seen ;-p
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    Gee, this is sad. I have only been with 1 lady and she was an angel and a life saver for me. I can't imagine someone doing this. I hope you can move past this and find someone special. I've had 1 man just use me for fun, I fortunately woke up to it and he got the biggest serve (lecture) he ever had. Piece of shit he was. Lol.
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    Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time
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    When I was younger, back in the good old days when it was netsex and not sexting, I was more than happy to jump straight to it. Now, I don't really have any desire to sext outside the context of some sort of relationship, and I would be unlikely to seek out a relationship specifically for sexting. Not trying to say that one is better than the other, just that different people have different goals, and you can probably find someone interested in jumping straight to it.
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    I have a fantasy of spending time with a beautiful woman at night while my boyfriend is at work. We would lay together and watch movies then I would make the first move by touching her thigh. My hand would slowly make its way up and I would find her already wet. I would place kisses on her neck, collar bone and chest as I play with her clit. I would lick and suck her breast until her nipples are as hard as I could get them. Then She would return the favor. I want her hands to pleasure me while I do the same to her and we both cum at the same time... I've never been with a woman but this is how I always imagine it...
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    I am not a huge country music fan but some songs just jump out and grab my attention. This is one of them... Enjoy your day.
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    I especially love the popcorn part................god that really hit home
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    Hi, and welcome! This is a great place to talk through your feelings with like minded women. Lots of different situations here, and different experiences, but everyone is welcoming and understanding. A lot of people underestimate online relationships, thinking that somehow it’s not as real as physical relationships. But you’ll find that there are plenty of women here who have some experience with online relationships, and understand the intensity that can sometimes be involved.
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    I'm sitting in a library and I'm typing this out. I have realized today that my fears are taking over my life; see, I have a fear of "looking dumb" or "stupid." If i were to be in danger and had to ask someone for help, I'd choose to continue to be in danger because asking someone for help is something very hard for me to do. Just now, I avoided going to the restroom because there was a group of ladies blocking a hallway and I didn't want to look like I didn't know where I was going (I didn't). These fears hold me back much of the time. I have trouble trying new machines at the gym I find myself going to the gym very early because there are less people at the gym during this time I avoid going to the "front" of the gym where the mirrors are at (and where I need to view my form) because it's highly visible. I would much rather shrink in comfort than expand in the uncertainty of what would be growth. A lot of this stems from my mom. "You look like a dork" or "What are you? Weak?" are many things I heard in childhood. I was constantly shrinking down for her. To do what she wanted and to be how she expected me to be. As an adult though, this voice in my head (which is very much what I heard as a kid) is leaving me perpetually exhausted. I have big dreams and large aspirations, much of which include being in the public eye. At this point, how am I going to accomplish that when I don't want to be seen in a "negative" light by anyone (by making a mistake or having to ask for help or directions), which means I won't allow myself to be in a positive light (and fulfill my hopes, dreams, and wishes). To go anywhere new and for me to feel "safe," I often have to take my ex-husband. He's pretty agreeable with this, but he doesn't get the point. When going to a new environment, I could easily panic. How to get there? Will I get there late? Will I fall on my way in? Who will I talk to? Will something embarrassing happen, like my stomach grown in a quiet room? It's fucking tiring. Once I get there (to whatever place) I'm going and get settled, I'm absolutely fine. I get along well and am quite outgoing. Even as I sit and type this while in the library, I worry. How do I look? Are my shorts too short? Am I attractive enough? How's my hair? Like ANYONE is even looking at me and also, why should I care? In the past few weeks, some things have happened with my mom that leave me a bit uncomfortable.. At a group lunch, I walked up to a full table and my mom said- very loudly- "Damn! With all that weight you lost, I have bigger boobs than you! What happened to them?" Weeks later, she told me I shouldn't lose anymore weight (with the inference that my face is too gaunt, thereby, I look older). A week ago I ordered a shirt through her web-site that says: "I'm his gay friend. He's single, ladies!" My ex is always accusing me (jokingly) of cock blocking him. I ordered the shirt to wear while out in public. My mom said, "I don't know. I'd personally be very embarrassed to be with you if I were him." These comments, which are minute in their individuality, seem to gain in strength when added together. I carry her voice around everywhere I go. It's hard for me to go to new places. Meet new people. I find that I'm very judgement myself, a trait I am not proud of, as i feel we judge people based on what we think of ourselves. I sincerely want to get past this. I don't do therapy anymore, as that has run its course for me. Does this resonate with anyone else? I know I'm going to have to force myself to "get out there." My ex-husband did a lot for me. This was also done in a controlling way, as I had complete and utter dependence on him. Now that I'm trying to get where I need to go, these challenges can be daunting and as an adult, it's very hard to admit them. Most days, I'm harsh with myself and unforgiving, but today I realized that when people are harsh with me, I shrink down. How do I not do the same for myself when I'm harsh about the mistakes I make? I dunno. I'm trying my best. It can seem like a lot at times.
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    Omg. I’m going through a “longing” and “aching” for it stage, right now. I haven’t had sex with a woman since April of last year. I’ve officially created a new record of the longest time w/o doing the nasty. In the meantime, I’ve turned to porn to get some jollies. Lol. I’m absolutely obsessed with real, homemade porn. I LOVE it when I can hear the girl cumming. I love how she rides her face. Ugh. And since I have no one else to share it with in my real life (my straight friends would think I’m prob trying t throw a hint their way): http://www.homemoviestube.com/videos/396813/lesbian-face-sitting.html
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    And it feels amazing doesn’t it???? I’ve never felt better in my life! Letting go of her was one of the best feelings in the world! Freedom!
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    I struggle to talk when 'busy' so I end up saying very little except mmmm or yes. I like moaning, sighing, breathing heavy and letting a few other indescribable little noises escape as they will. Nothing loud