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    So after meeting my amazing other half right here on Shys 3 and a half years ago, this happened on Monday. She became my wife <3 xxx
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    I came out on Facebook today to all my friends (hid family): On the last day of Pride Month I would like my friends to know, I am Bi as can be and it has always been so. I hid it away until just last year when my obsession with Holtzmann made it undeniably clear. To some of you this is big news, and to others there have always been clues. I want to thank those who will stand by me no matter what, and those who will not, don't let the door hit your butt.
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    Got some absolutely gorgeous flowers from the missus for my birthday! I am so thankful to have her in my life. She is amazing. Also thankful the dogs went off when the delivery man pulled in the drive so I could get some clothes on
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    Not posted on forums for ages and boy have things changed. As I said before after discussing my bisexuality with my hubby turns out he's bi too so we set out to explore together. We joined a swingers site and found other bi couples. We have met one other couple. The guys played and the girls played. Great fun! I've also had a night away with my bff which resulted in us getting it on unexpectedly. She has always flirted but I was never sure how to take it. Hubby has found a new BFF too through our swinger site who is also bi and great fun. So all in all a very happy journey so far
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    I'm with @Tpearl002, there are three small intimate details that are missing from my sex life but would make a world of difference.....kissing, breast play and oral....pretty simple right! Sex should be about more than penetration. It's the one time in my life where I'd like to be the center of attention. I believe that's part of what makes sex with a woman so desirable to me, I don't think those things would be an issue with a woman. Men are selfish in sex, I believe women are more eager to please. While I'm at it, I could do with a little variety and adventure. Some dirty talk would be welcome, maybe some role play. I could be onboard with a little kink, if my husband were into it. Lets not forget threesomes, I'd love to experience this at least once in my life.
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    All I have to say as a married woman who also accepted this part of myself recently...it is tricky. I think the majority of us married & curious or bi feel it necessary to have a "connection" before even considering any exploration. I think a forum to discuss ideas with like minded ladies is a great start to meet people and exchange ideas. Some folks are braver than others and will put themselves out there on a dating app, others, more private may need to establish friendships and comfort levels and connections ahead of time. No good answer other then, make friends here, establish connections and exchange ideas....or personal information ;) my advice is take your time, figure out yourselves and ultimately what you want and what u r willing to act on and then go for it! just my $0.02
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    I agree with all this here. Going on my personal experience I was surprised how involved I was in the act itself, and also how connected I felt. With my previous relationship with a man I never felt like I was there half the time. Maybe I zoned out, maybe I just didn't like it, but I always felt distant like I was waiting for it to be over because I got nothing out of it. For the first time all my attention was on her, I was wrapped up in the moment. I felt like it was a very mutual experience. Of course I was inexperienced and as Allie said it's a learning curve at first but I was surpised how quickly I figured it all out. I was actually getting something amazing from sex and that shot my libido up tenfold. I'd avoid sex previously, now I was craving it because I finally understood why people wanted it so much. I do believe it was partly because she seemed to know exactly how to make me feel amazing and partly because she was a woman, which definitely turned me on more. The connection is something I've never experienced before with anyone else. I also enjoyed the newness of soft skin against mine, no hair or stubble scratching me. That was incredible. Even her smell was intoxicating which is also something id never experienced with men. It all added up to an incredible experience. I feel like I'm constantly learning new things and new ways to make it better too, it's not the same old routine. I was definitely scared of being naked in front of a woman. I felt maybe I'd be more judged or they wouldn't like how I looked. But i was made to feel more comfortable naked than i ever was my whole life. I was also worried about whether I'd like oral, it was one of those things I always thought about over the years. That even though I was attracted to women would I be able to go through with that. My lack of confidence in that made me feel like maybe it was just curiosity and sex would never happen because kissing was the only thing I felt comfortable with. Safe to say that when I met her that all changed, I was the one making all the moves. Which was a huge surprise to me. Anyway didn't mean for this to be so long, but I've had a mostly positive experience with sex with a woman. I've learnt to be more giving in the act as well as be more involved. Which has lead to incredible sex. There's been a few hiccups along the road because I was so new to it but it didnt take long to fix them. Loving the topic Shei
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    How right it felt even though I'd been taught it was wrong, how tender and loving it was, how much different it felt from my experience with boys, how luscious her kiss was..how I never wanted it to end.
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    Aunt Makes Homophobic Comment To Her Niece, Regrets It Immediately Auntie's feeling the burn!
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    For myself I have always been attracted to both men and women. Men for sexual relationships and women for an emotional relationship. I honestly hadn't given much thought about being with a woman until after we were married. I have never been dissatisfied with my marriage and the sex is good but a few years after getting married I started to find women sexually attractive. I had a few brief experiences with women in my mid twenties and then I got busy with life and settled in to a monogamous relationship with my husband. Now I am approaching 50 and I feel like I am starting all over again and wanting the touch of a woman again. My husband and I have talked about it and although he would love to find another woman to join us, he knows I am the one that needs to fill the void that I have. Sometimes I feel like we are so busy labeling and placing experiences in a box that we forget the human side of things. I am a woman that desires the closeness from my husband, the warm touch of a woman, I am a mom, I am Christian, I am a survivor of my childhood, I am unique and I embrace each one in this journey called life.
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    If you two are seeking a third, I would HIGHLY recommend both of you read The Ethical Slut by Dossie Eaton before you start your search. It'll spark some really good and important conversations between you two, and help you avoid the very common mistakes many of us learned the hard way. Does your husband think he can avoid jealousy by being involved? If so, he's in for a rude awakening. Jealousy can crop up in any circumstance. How do YOU feel about him being involved? Do you think he's just trying to fulfill a fantasy of his? Do you WANT him there? Would you be able to be alone with her? Is that what you'd want? Would HE be alone with her? What about HER preferences? Would you want a relationship, something where you're all equals, something where you see her occasionally, something where she's able to date others? There are a lot of options, and there's a lot to think about. Also consider what she would be risking being the third invited into the couple. If anything goes wrong, she is likely the one kicked out, because you two have the marriage vow. You two have history, and she's stepping in later in the story. You two are together when she goes home at the end of the day/weekend/morning. You two get to have sex with each other anytime you want, whereas she is only there sometimes, and she may even get jealous of that! (my ex-GF was this way with my ex-husband and me) Back to your original question, I think you need to sort out your internalized homophobia before you pursue anyone else. It's hard to overcome what years and years of religion have taught you, but it can be done. Are there any support groups for LGBT members of your religion in your area? Even on here, we see posts about being bisexual and religious. I think especially when you break outside of monogamy, that adds another element of shame to the whole thing, even if it's consensual. Be careful about sending pics to anyone you haven't verified is who they say they are. Many "women" are looking to have sexual chats or Kik conversations with another woman, but aren't who they say they are (most are men). Ask to voice verify or Skype or something. Many of us have been burned before with that. Try not to stress about your family's views on your sexual journey. Do you really want to know what they are all into sexually? Probably not! And I can't imagine every single one of them are performing God's work in the missionary position with only pure thoughts and intentions. Just saying.
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    Hi, I'm just exploring my bisexuality I guess you can say. I haven't had much experience with other women. Honestly, I'm having a hard time meeting other women. I'm not sure who to approach when out. I've tried dating sites but it never moves beyond messenging each other on the site. I get so nervous when I do find someone I like. I'm rambling on, but I guess I'm asking if anyone else had similar experiences when starting to date other women? I would like to know that I'm not some weird socially awkward person when it come to starting relationship/friendships.
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    There's always some truth to drunk behavior. That said I wouldn't do anything intimate with her while sober. If she's yet to initiate away from the booze, you risk making her uncomfortable or having her pull away in my opinion. I would raise it in conversation, likely with some humor.. like hey, I'm not sure how to take your behavior when you're drinking? If it's fine by you, then say that. This gives her the option to confirm or decline without being put in awkward situation of feeling like she has to respond to physical advances, after all you never asked or made any moves yourself! Cos my guess is, if she hasn't brought it up yet then she'd probably do a crappy job of turning you down or asking for more. Maybe she's still trying to figure out things or she's just playing with you. Either way, she shouldn't and can't keep being that overt in front of people for much longer before things start being said directly.
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    If he's not a very open guy and generally insecure despite all of his positives as a life partner and father, then you need to work out how he might take it before you even consider it. If you've literally nothing to go on and you're already assuming the worst don't do it. I have to agree for the most part with @63395 More of my own take on it rather than advice but if it was me and you've been trying to get out of sex with him. That can't go on forever. Some people will and won't see where I'm coming from here, but I'd have sex with him - to some this is a bit shady and maniplative and then bring it up. Talk fantasies and kinks, if you've not recently or never had this kind of conversation then go slow, start light maybe even wait til another post sex session a different day to mention women but it could start to break down the uncomfortable feeling and insecurity he has in regards to sex and relations and how you feel just opening up. It might take a while and you still might never tell him based on how and what he says during the discussions but at least you've tried to inch closer and got more used to the idea yourself. I would never suggest anyone leave a happy home and as @63395 mentioned you do have options even if it stays a secret. The important thing is not to be hard on yourself, this is a journey and whatever path you take doesn't make you any more or less. We all have desires and you have every right to go after them and maintain a stable, balanced life for the benefit of your family. Part of the struggle is how you feel about yourself, it's small but try to give yourself a break. In order to make it through life it can't always be about what everyone else wants so maybe not soon but in the long-run you could still have what you wish for.
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    We have been there before and are seemingly going there again. Before the site changes there was a full warning about NOT posting any pictures of children (including you own) on this site. This followed a serious incident in which the police were informed and involved. The rules state it very clearly now: Any photos posted in the general forums, including avatars, must be PG-13 or "friendlier". Nudity is not allowed in the main forums. Do not include photos you do not have permission to post or photos including children, including your own. Photos may be moderated as necessary, and members may be warned or banned. Your children and others cannot consent to being on an adult site. As we are searchable on engines we simply do not want people being able to ogle or pass around pictures of children. Totally unacceptable. We are sure you agree. PLEASE BE WARNED: posting pictures of children on the site, no matter how cute and innocent, will lead to an instant ban Thank you
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    Life is strange and unexpected.When you think you can just relax,just for a little,the Universe decides to remind you that you deserve only what you have. I came here in search of what, i really don't know.I don't interact very much in general and i found shy one night and thought it would be another one that i will read few topics keep what i want and my anonymity and then i'll forget about it. I already knew i liked women and was in the process of admiting it to myself and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do about it.I started reading and felt safe here so i did a first for me and wrote an introduction in the welcome forum,another first was my pic and my about me! Anyway,i didn't come here in search of answers and certainly i wasn't looking for connections,i was and still am afraid of them! I saw her name written in the members and it was the first time in my life that i felt something not"normal".Her name made an impression on me and i started looking when she would be online.I had just started being a little more confident and was teasing around shy and she is a big flirt so we exchanged some light teasing and so she sent me a pm.We started talking and opening to each other really fast but i couldn't help it.I had started feeling a pull towards her.It was like she was a magnet and i could feel her pulling me!I never thought this was something possible and I was surprised at first but in time and as I was realizing things I started to understand more. What was happening was fast for her too because she is very private but i wasn't thinking,i was very open to her and i normally am not with anyone.After some time and few misunderstandings we stopped talking here.It was the first time I felt anger for myself for being stupid and opening up and I wanted to leave shy.She returned before I do that and I let her explain why she stopped.After that we went on talking on an app and exchanged numbers.This is something i don't do and i did it only with very few shy members. So we started talking on an app and one sunday morning out of nowhere i woke up and felt something like bubbles in my chest!It was surprisingly pleasant and i also knew it was her i was feeling and that she was happy!IEvery time i was feeling her i magically knew it was her I had become pretty familiar with her energy even from so far something that still amazes me!I messaged her and asked her what she was doing and she was out having some fun with friends.From that day i started feeling her emotions.And i knew it was her.At the beginning i couldn't separate if it was mine or hers but i had become better in time and i knew when it was her emotions later. I could feel her emotions about a person she was telling me or about a situation that had happened and i could feel how she was feeling the moment she was telling me.I was telling her what i was receiving and she was telling me if i was right and usually I was.Sometimes under the clear emotion she was having there was another one hidden about the situation we were talking about.Different one.We both did a lot of self search and progress.I started feeling her when we weren't talking too,i felt an anxiety and fear about something that happened in a day in her life and it was so extreme that I couldn't stay still while it was happening,i felt the love for her mother,i knew when she was waking up or when she was sleeping,it was like a part of me was coming alive at that moment,it was an incredible experience!Of course every day isn't the same and I couldn't feel every day . She was telling me to open myself and feel love but i was afraid of getting hurt and i remember one day she told me what is the worse that will happen?Let the love fill you!And i did,i was thinking one day why it was happening now at this time of my life,i was trying to search why it was happening and how and what am i,and this made me go through some very dark moments of course.But that afternoon i made a realization.That i was in love with her and i couldn't deny it anymore.Me who was all my life careful with the people I let in,who had grown up in a strictly religious society and hearing all the time to not trust strangers.I tried to overcome everything I knew and believed.I let love flood me everywhere and i knew that i could love her without restrictions and expectations!!I knew that i could feel love for everything! We spent hours talking and trying to understand everything.She was trying to understand how it was for me and i was trying to explain it and this helped me a lot!I realized a lot of things and learnt more myself and a little how we humans are.How unique and complicated in our apparent simplicity.How connected we are if we allow ourselves to "see" and feel and how we are deep inside us under this exterior. when our friendship went to a next level in a pretty amazing way we started opening up more and we had some amazing experiences energy wise! ;) This didn't last long because she dissapeared without an explanation and I am crazy about why's and stability.I can't stand assuming.I couldn't understand what was going on at first and why she just stopped talking and i spent days in bed feeling for two! I could still feel her.I could feel her wanting and rejecting.Fighting herself and me!I could feel another human from miles away,rejecting me and i had to fight both my sadness and sorrow and hers and pretend that everything is ok because I have a life with a husband and a kid to live.I was wondering every day why.Those whys that where inside me since the beginning! Why this happened in this specific time in my life,why I could "feel"another human being like myself,why the hell I opened myself so much and allowed someone to be a part of my life,even calling is hard for me because it shows intimacy sort of and allowing someone I've never met to talk to me on the phone was and is a big step.But as everything in life I see this as a lesson.It had to be done and despite all the hurt I felt I am grateful for her because she was the trigger for the beginning of something wonderful in me. This is something only one member knows because she was the one that helped me go through this!With her amazing calm energy and her incredible self! That amazing woman was there for me every single day! She found me the right moment,I had decided to leave from online, not only shy but everything including my phone. She was there listening and trying to help me.And she did with her calm strong energy.She knows everything with every detail and this helped me a lot too.Talking about something that can be perceived different from everyone.I needed to let them out and she was there,listened to everything on repeat for months,trying to be for me neutral and she let me be completely me,which is pretty crazy ;) because i am not like most people.But as I told her many times she is crazy too for tolerating my behavior Slowly with her making patience and being my friend,my safe shelter,I managed to overcome whatever I was feeling. Another connection started with her even more amazing and different but unique too.And it wasn't easy I admit because I had so many reservations and insecurities but she managed to cease them if not all most of them.Because she is that amazing!And I know I made mistakes with her but she is and will be in my heart and I'll be there for her in whatever form she wants me for as long as she want me.Of course my insecurities and my ego with her are still here and me being an over thinker doesn't help but I try Part of the reason I am afraid of connections is this.I can't "feel"someone unless I have a connection and in order to have this I have to open up myself and let the other person in.When I decide to let someone in i consider them close to me,I don't share parts of my life and me and getting to know them and then suddenly they are over.I am pretty loyal I don't just open up and take it light! And this blog entry is really something difficult for me because I give out part of myself and who I am!I really don't know for how long and if I'll let it here but for now it was something that I decided to let out
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    I was going to say most of what's already been said. The bigger hang up is usually the bisexual thing more than the inexperience. Bisexual women tend to get a bad rap amongst lesbians because most bisexual women end up with men ultimately, and lesbians don't want to just be some experimental piece of ass. And some are grossed out by the idea of a man having been there (especially if you're dating both). This is definitely not all lesbians, but it is many, and you'll have to sift through the lot to find the right one for you. I dated a bisexual woman for a year, and we had an arrangement where she could casually date men. Turned out our ideas of casual weren't the same, or maybe mine wasn't convenient for her. Anyway, after a year, she was more open about the guy she'd been seeing for 2 weeks than she was about me. That was a major contributor to our break up. How out are you? Most strict lesbians are out, and will want a partner who is out. I identify as gay, and I am cool with dating a bisexual woman, but I admit I would have more questions for her than I would a self-identified lesbian. Experience level really wouldn't matter to me, as long as she was open and into it and willing to try things out. Sometimes experimenting together and being someone's first can be really fun and flattering! The more open to new experiences you are, and the more you welcome her input and direction, the better. Be aware that the dynamic between two women is vastly different than that between opposite sex partners. It's much more egalitarian, as there aren't necessarily gender roles, unless you're with someone who's very butch and likes to be "gentlemanly". A handful of lesbians are more into gender roles, and that's fine, too. I hope you find the right woman for you!
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    Not at all. Everyone is different and everyone experiments at a different age. I was bicurious til I was 30. I had no experience with women at all. I just knew I was attracted to them and felt urges towards them and had done since being about 11 or 12. I never acted on it though. One of my female friends found out in my 20s and shes bisexual too, she gave me a quick peck on the lips one night when drunk but not an actual kiss. That's the only experience I had til I met my other half. I didnt know if it was gonna work out or if it was just some fantasy I had that was all in my head. Some lesbians are put off by bisexual women. They don't always like that you've been with men but trust me that's not all of them. If you meet someone and you like them and they like you back then they'll see past your inexperience and your identifying sexuality. My girlfriend did. She didn't care I'd never been with a woman, she'd had relationships with women and had more experience, but it didnt put her off me because she liked me. You're never too old to start discovering yourself and learning new things. As for heartbreak it happens to us all. There's no way to predict that. Just don't rush into anything until you're completely sure. Then even if it doesn't work out you've experienced a woman and know what to do next time. Don't be too guarded but don't just let anyone in. Trust someone first before you go any further. That's how I did it anyway. Good luck finding yourself
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    My god, you ladies have interesting lives, I'm in awe of you. Thanks for sharing as I'm living vicariously through your experiences lol
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    A trailer for the upcoming movie (Fall 2017) Professor Marston and The Wonder Women has been released and it looks like it will deal honestly with the polyamorous lifestyle of Marston, his wife Elizabeth and their shared partner Olive Byrne who together were the creators of Wonder Woman. Even by today's liberal standards their family arrangement was quite radical. I wonder if/how the release of this movie, so soon after Gal Godot's very successful Wonder Woman, will have an impact on the public's perception of Wonder Woman as a beloved icon and hero for girls and women. If it is well received it might be an event that starts larger discussion in society about polyamoury and female bisexuality. The trailer looks great and I'm really looking forward to seeing it! https://www.themarysue.com/omg-i-cant-even-with-how-excited-i-am-for-professor-marston-and-the-wonder-women/
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    I just saw a survey that asked women what they would like more of when it came to sex. I assume this was mostly straight women who were surveyed so I was wondering if the results would be the same for bi- gals. you can list just one thing, or if you want to be more gender specific you can list what you want more of from 1 . a man and 2. a woman..... so as not to give any preconceived ideas or prejudice the results, I'll wait a while to post the results from the survey the peeked my interest in the first place.
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    I think that's a normal feeling. Assuming you are in fact still in love with him and there are no huge marital issues, it's very likely what the other ladies are saying, that it's new and exciting and consuming your thoughts. I don't fantasize about my husband like I did when i first met him, and I'm more likely to crave intimacy with a woman, but i think that's partially because i can have him anytime I want. I have noticed that anytime I get some lady action, my sex drive increases and I do desire him more, and our sexual energy is out of this world, sort of like how NRE (new relationship energy) can have a positive impact on an existing relationship for some polyamorous individuals/couples. I will say that i am more attracted to women than men, but that doesn't affect my love for my husband, it just makes it harder to focus on his penis when I'm craving some vag. It's really easy to fixate on something that's scarce or impossible to access. It's very possible that if you had the opportunity to have a woman too, that the fixation would subside, and you'd find that you are in fact still attracted to your husband.
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    I'm pretty vanilla. But I tend to lean towards being a sub, in regards to who dominates a sexual relationship. Especially with men. I dated this 32 year old body builder for 18 months that just picked me up and threw me around like I was nothing. I was 19 years old and didn't really appreciate that it would be the best (non-boring) sex of my life. I've craved that same kind of sex ever since and have not had it. Man, he was awesome. Haha With women, it can go either way. If she seems timid or shy, I tend to dominate the situation but as a person that suffers high anxiety, I am always secretly terrified that my lover is not enjoying it. So domination isn't my strong suit when it comes to sex. I feel like I am not even correctly answering this question. Kind of going off on my own adventure at this point, lol. Anyway.. I have weird fetishes. I'm not even going to say them publicly because my friends would be like . Just trust they are all legal. Lol
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    This emotion has been plaguing me for years off and on. For some reason, all of a sudden it's rearing it's ugly little dumb meanie head. I feel so lonely in a room full of people, at home with my family etc. I am not sure what to do about it, I know the reason I am lonely, I think I do anyway, the secrecy of who I really am, not being able to live my life as myself, the burden of being the saint in the family the one who holds everyone together, this role as made me very tired of trying to be perfect for everyone else, I am sick of it quite frankly. I am sure many reading this can relate, always putting other people's needs first, making decisions based on other people's feelings, the list goes on and on. The time is coming very near where I will reach my breaking point and hopefully it won't be to bad for the folks in my life, or it might?? LOL I am not sure yet. Normally a very level person, but everyone is human and have their own individual breaking point, I am close to reaching mine. So if you hear of an explosion of some sort of a mysterious kind in the world, it may just me reaching the point of my break LOL. I am very thankful for this site and forum's like this one, being able to release some of what is inside me that I have not dared to breathe, its been an awakening of sorts for me. I for the longest time though, I was the only woman in the world who had feelings like these, I felt like I was going absolutely Cray Cray LOL... its so refreshing to know that I am not alone in how I feel and I am normal. Of course definition of normal can vary from person to person, but for the most part I am a normal woman who just happens to think other women are extraordinary in every way. That what I feel and have felt has been felt by many many women before me and many many more after me. I am feeling better already as I type this, I think who ever said, writing down your feelings is therapeutic was a genius. I think that is all Ii have right now until next time I thank you for reading this rambling...
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    I do have a type that I am initially attracted to. Physically, I tend to lean towards dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes. Perhaps because I am pale, blue/green eyes and blonde? Could be a cliché of opposites attract. But there isn't a day that goes by that a redhead or blonde doesn't turn my head too. Funny irrelevant story- last week, my ex girlfriend and I grabbed lunch and stopped by the store to pick up a few hair products for my ever changing styles and this beautiful, tall brunette walked in. I was so busy eyeballing her from my side eye that I tripped over a "caution" sign in the floor. We had a pretty good laugh afterwards, but yeah... I was clumsily perving in a Sally's Beauty when "my type" walked in.
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    I was molested from the age of 8-18 by my stepfather and no one knew what I was going through. As a young child you learn how to hide and to cope I guess. I remember the first time like it was yesterday and I am finally at a peace with who I have become and I am no longer angry or carry guilt. It took many years of therapy and a couple of years of being separated from my husband to get to where I am today. Sex was nothing more than a means to get what I wanted. As a child if I wanted to go out or do something I had to have sex with my stepfather in order for him to allow me to go. Unfortunately this carried over to my marriage which as you can imagine was less than healthy. I also carried a lot of guilt because my body always responded to the abuse much like my body responded when having sex with my husband. It got so bad that every time my husband went down on me, which was a lot, I would picture my stepfather. This was the sexual act that he did most often, because it was quick and he wouldn't get caught, and that I could close my eyes and escape through the feeling. At one point I called my husband Dave because the same feelings were rushing through my body. I could not separate the two which is when I knew I need to seek professional help. I always allowed my stepfather to do whatever he wanted with me just so he would leave my sister, his daughter alone. When I was on speaking terms with her I asked her if he ever touched her and she said no although, that in itself created a huge wedge in our relationship. As warped of a thought process as this is she is mad at me because I received "love" from him that she didn't. This too was something that was a regular topic during my counseling sessions. I know this is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life and I am happy to say that I am who I am because of it. One of my sessions focused on my sexual interest in woman. My therapist said it is not uncommon for survivors to often feel connected and safe with the same sex. Don't get me wrong, I am happily married and see myself with my husband for the rest of my life but I also crave the taste, touch and feel of a woman. To all of my survivor friends stay strong and live with passion.
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    I think the key here is going to be taking your time. Also not everyone is going to cum from oral especially not straight away. Cumming is the release of pent up tension and arousal so she needs to be stimulated. It takes more for some than others. I would say that not many people know how to find their own g-spot let alone someone elses and in this case at least to locate it, you need to penetrate. There's also gonna be some practice and learning in how to give oral. Everyone is built differently so some people need to be spread and really feel it, others need their outer or inner lips stimulated more. I agree on the teasing front. The whole thing of using your stomach muscles is actually because women have nerve endings that can be felt even there. She also needs to be wet and aroused before you start oral, so foreplay, penetration, even a good massage might work. Honestly if it was me, I'd break some dildos into the bedroom and really get to know her business end.. if you're not used to fingering others then it'll be a much quicker way to find out just how she likes it. You'll be able to have more control than you would with your hand as well. @naturally_lovely Honey, no If she's not comfortable with that at least pick and choose what you want in other areas and make sure you ALWAYS get that and if she's not down then you have to be like well.. you need to give it to me. I did a relationship like that and it got boring.. again it's the balance thing from the other thread.. you can be happy as hell, she's hot and has a puppy but no.. not for life.. no.. Hungry is not happy about this!
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    A contract to work in a library has been offered....and accepted!
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    I absolutely love how we all have different encounters and experiences and they are all memorable. Scary, exciting, unexciting, awesome and not so awesome and that we can share these experiences both open and honest. I feel like this group of women have become my new tribe.
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    The female bisexual mafia made me do it.
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    Morning. I got up early and my brain is still half asleep, but, I already have had my first cup of coffee. I hear the birds outside already chirping and some dog barks now and then far away. You know when we are young we just take for granted how fast we can run, walk, etc. Then comes the day that your brain and body will not be on the same page. lol I remember when I could do several things in a short period. Now I just listen to my body til it connects with what I want to do. So enjoy each day of your life.
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    I am Muslim, I am queer, I exist, I am here.
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    1. There's plenty of places for your togue to explore outside of the obvious. 2.i get you like me, I like you.. it's all soft and sweet. Turn up the dial. ROUGH, DEEP, HARD 3. If I can come back from the dead and still use my body, the least you could do is give me some action somewhere other than a bed. 4. I don't care if it's my ass or yours. They're there to be played with. 5. Better underwear. I know it comes off eventually, but that's not the point! 6. Kinks, live a little - it might kill you but it's unlikely
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    Thanks all! It went very well... 100+ likes, loves, Pride flags and 30+ supportive comments. Plus, I still have the same number of friends, nobody unfriended me. I have some great friends!
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    ` "Men have both a penis and a brain. But only enough blood to use one at a time." - Robin Williams
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    All of my close friends that are in my circle are very conservative and very closed to any type of relationship other than a man and a woman. With LGBTQ in the media we actually had a conversation over lunch and they were very clear that they do not support any type of alternative lifestyle so needless to say I will not be sharing my feelings with them. This leaves me feeling isolated in this journey as I have no outlet to discuss my feelings and experiences with anyone other than my husband and let's face it...not exactly the best outlet. So I went on a search for a group of woman that would take the "crazy" out of what I feel are normal emotions and feelings. I have found exactly that here.
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    I want more kissing in general before, after and during sex. I actually still love a good make out session with sex (I know that's a little off topic) I would also like more breast play again before after and during sex. I feel like I get those things then the act of penetrration, especially with men, becomes the only focus. A break from the action to kiss or rub is basically what I want to make a long story short...lol.
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    Gosh I could have wrote something very very similar to this a good few years ago. When I was growing up I didn't know being gay was an option or that you could have a relationship with a woman. My family weren't religious but it was just not something I ever came across. I didn't know I was gay until I was married too. I was a young mum and wife. I dated a string of men who weren't really good options for someone you marry. Then I met my husband at 17, got engaged, pregnant, had a baby, got married and set up home all by the time I was 20. Far too young to be making those kind of life choices, I didn't know who I was or what I wanted from life back then. I first thought I might be bisexual when a girl I met through my son hit on me, she had a son the same age and when she suggested we be more than friends I freaked out and distanced myself. I lost contact with her but it led me to have a lot of questions about my own sexuality and I spent the next 8 years trying to figure it all out.I dated a lot of girls, while still being married. None being overly serious, just FWB type of arrangements, until I or they got bored. Then I had a 4 year relationship with someone I met on here. It was an emotional relationship, a deep friendship mostly. While dating her it was the first time I'd questioned if I could actually be gay. She lived in London and I lived in Scotland, so we only saw each other a few times a year. It was a lovely friendship, I loved her, I wanted her to be happy and I liked talking to her. I felt more comfortable with her on an emotional level than I'd ever felt with a man. It felt that 2 woman are how a relationship should be and I knew I wanted that, but anything more than emotional and the connection just didn't meet that way which lead to even more questions than answers. I had a good friend who I physically was really attracted to but didn't really see her in an emotional/relationship way. It felt like there was always something not quite right anywhere in my life and always something missing. So I thought the issue must be that I didn't think just one person could be enough, I thought that to be happy I'd have to have both a female and a male partner. That all changed 3 and a half years ago when I innocently started PM'ing a girl on here. We just chatted innocently enough, then it led to a little flirting, then I went down to meet her in person and we had an amazing night together. Even still I didn't think it would lead to anything more than a casual thing, but the more we got on, the closer we got the more we fell in love. My husband was amazing throughout all the years of me dating woman, exploring who I was and what I wanted. He listened to me cry when my heart got broken, he supported me and loved me with everything knowing that I couldn't quite give him the same level of love back. Don't get me wrong, I loved him, I always did and in a way I always will. He's the father of my 2 children and still one of my best friends in the world but I just couldn't quite settle down and be happy with him despite trying. For the first time in all our lives together I couldn't be his any more. The more I fell for her the more I couldn't be with him. It was the first time in my life where I had rather than be poly and be able to give my love to him and a girl, I just felt like I was cheating on her if he came near me. I started to lay in bed at night and rolling over away and not letting him touch me, I couldn't touch him or have sex with him any more. Everything that made us a couple I just couldn't do. It was horrible in so many ways. I didn't want to hurt him, I felt guilty, I felt sad a lot, yet I met someone who made me crazy happy, who I completely loved, there was nothing missing. I fancied her, sex was incredible, we could talk, she made me laugh, she was sweet, she was beautiful, smart and just completely connected way me in a way I'd never had before. She's was my opposite in pretty much every way but completed me. I didn't want her and him any more I just wanted her. In the end my husband was the one who ended our marriage. I think it just shows his love for me was stronger than his want for a life with me. He sat me down and said he couldn't be with me any more, that neither of us are happy and it's not fair on either of us to be living this life when it's not making us happy. I admire him so much for doing that. It was the right thing, something I don't know if I'd have been brave enough to do. He's a lovely person, a great dad and a really good friend to me. We parent together, but honestly we're both so much happier since we ended our marriage. Myself and the girl I fell completely in love with are happier than ever, we get married in 9 days! We're in process of buying our first home together and my kids are crazy happy with the life they have, they still see their dad every week. He still comes round for dinner sometimes or I'll go for a coffee with him and talk about his love life of trying to meet a good straight woman. I'm gay... I'm very very gay and that's something that's taken me a long time to be able to say and to accept, but I couldn't go back after falling in love and meeting the right person. It's all worked itself out now and got to a good place, but the first 2 years of my marriage ending was hard, there was tears, arguments, me breaking down because I wasn't sure if as a mum it was the right step but honestly I'm so glad of all the risk. It'll all work it's self out for you too. Just enjoy the journey. I've had so many ups and downs and confusions over the last 10 years but I needed to go through all that to get here. Just like you do too, but it'll all be ok however this story ends
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    I've been reading what seems like a lot of posts about similar situations. That kind of struggle must be very hard. @TxCamilla I'm glad that you chose to share your story with us because it really puts into perspective how non monogamy can complicate a marriage. There are other threads that talk specifically about gendered monogamy and I think this one is a perfect example of how it's harder than it would appear. I've read some of your posts too @Girlygirl and you seem to be in a very similar scenario. There are so many women here who desire to have what you have and to make it work, myself included. We struggle with not wanting to choose between our marriages and our desire to be with a woman. It's easy for us to assume gendered monogamy is the best solution because we don't have to give up either. The idea of having both is comforting and good for the soul. But what isn't talked about enough here is situations like this, what both you ladies are experiencing right now. We think we have it all figured out in our heads, it's easy right? Surely we can maintain a healthy loving relationship with our husbands while introducing something new with a woman, we're built for this right? What we often don't realize, particularly those of us who've yet to experience women, is how intense that something new can be. Feelings come up that you didn't know you had, maybe you start to wonder if your more gay than you originally thought. That new relationship energy is hard for a more seasoned married relationship to compete with. I truly believe that the emotional bond between two women is far more intense than that between a man and a woman. And the truth is there's no way of knowing how you will react to that until you experience it for yourself. But maybe reading stories like yours will give others like me something to think about. I hope everything works out in your favour and you discover the path that you are meant to take, whatever that happens to be
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    I'm divorcing (from a guy), no kids, and out to most of my fam. I came out to my mom first, then she told my dad. I've never officially talked to him about it. Before that, I came out to my aunt, the only one in my fam who I trusted. Last, I came out to my grandma and aunt and they told everyone. Lol. And I'm banned from some homes, judged for my lifestyle, etc. It's a process. I'm learning I have to live my life and what makes me happy. I need to accept that people see things through the set of their own lense and I have nothing to do with that. Watch "coming out" stories on YouTube. Some find that they have great relationships with family, some many sever ties with everyone except one person...but in the end, they are happier because they are living an authentic lifestyle and what makes them happy.
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    For a few years before I'd been with a woman, i wasn't sure i could go down on one. I wanted physical intimacy, but the thought of actually having my face in it weirded me out. I eventually got to the point where i felt like i could just suck it up and deal with it, even if it wasn't appealing. Then, i actually slept with a woman for the first time, and, SURPRISE! I'm obsessed with giving oral. Like, way more than receiving (though that's nice too). The taste, the scent, the view, the sounds i was causing her to make, the feeling of her orgasms squeezing my fingers.... all of my senses were stimulated, and it turned me on so much. I was also shocked at how easy and natural it was. It just started happening, and i was like "well, cool, wasn't expecting this!" And it went on forever! The softness of skin and lips and fingers. The push and pull between tenderness and intensity. The giggling and smiling. God.
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    I agree about it feeling incredibly natural. And yes, the softness is awesome. But I love the intensity. Of course, that depends on the chemistry between partners. The first woman I was with and I didn't have awesome chemistry, but it was nice. The second woman... there was definitely chemistry. I think I was more surprised at how insatiable I am with a woman, especially given how long it lasts. With a guy, it was always so focused on his orgasm, whereas with a woman, it's more egalitarian and women can keep going! Love it! I was also surprised by the expanded repertoire. I think I thought that there would be less to do, but there's so much more, and with the energy women have, we get to do so much of it each time! I also feel much more present with a woman in a way I never did with a man. But then, I was imagining sex with a woman...
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    What I mean by that is does your husband/partner know that you have joined a site like this? I have just recently joined but my husband doesn't know. I feel a little bit bad but I need to talk to others who feel like I do and I haven't been able to talk to him for a while now...
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    I might be off base on this but based on some discussion with some lesbian friends of mine they avoid bisexual relationships since most bisexuals are not looking for long time relationships but just the sexual experiences that two women can share.
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    You know ladies, if things are bad enough in your relationship that you wish he'd find someone else and leave, then maybe YOU should consider leaving. I don't mean to sound offensive but there's really no nice way to say it. Every marriage goes through rough patches for a variety of reasons, but what gets us through it is knowing that we truly want to spend our lives together. It's when he provides light even on the darkest of days. When you're wishing he'd set you free and just leave, you no longer see that light. My marriage is far from perfect, we butt heads on so many things, there are issues that we'll never agree on, there are days where his stubbornness makes me want to slap the shit out of him. But at the end of the day I know I love him to pieces, stubbornness and all, and I don't want to live without him. As much as it hurts me knowing that I can't explore my bisexuality while with him, I still want to be with him. I'd be devastated if he left, God knows I've given him plenty of reason. If you're at a point in your relationship that you truly don't want to be with him, you don't need to wait for him to leave. It's not fair to you and it's not fair to him. FYI, I apologize if I sound bitchy or if this post makes no sense....I've had a few
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    I recently read an article where a guy spoke about the size of his penis and how this had an impact on his self-esteem even to the point of it stopping him from having intimate relationships with women, until one day he met a woman whom he felt comfortable with. He wrote: "In the end when I finally had sex it was with someone I felt very close to and trusted, and I was relaxed about it" When you find that someone, it will feel right and you will feel safe. The best kind of relationship is the one you have with yourself... the second best is with someone you trust.
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    That sounds pretty hypocritical of her. It's bad enough to be prejudged by straight people, even gay people (not all ofcourse). But as someone who identifies as bisexual, she should get it. And even more so because she's your friend. Any friend worth having would support you and wouldn't judge you or question your intentions. Forget what she says and what she thinks. You know who you are and what you want, and that is the only opinion that matters.