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    Came out to one of my oldest friends today. Every time I come out to someone, I feel more free.
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    I just wanted to make a short introduction. Glad I stumbled upon this website. Was being a little douche-y and browsing the forums for a few days before mustering up enough courage to actually sign up. Even though, one can be as anonymous as one wants on here, I am still feeling a bit nervous and cautious. Been married for 14 years with two beautiful children. Absolutely in love with my husband. Feel extremely grateful for my life and all that I've been provided. However, just like a lot of ladies on here (remember stalky me was reading up on you guys?!), I have always felt attraction towards other women since forever. I had casually mentioned that to my husband when we were dating and he had made comments like, "oh too bad, you missed your chance" and "let's have a threesome!" We both knew that was just a lighthearted banter going nowhere. Plus, we are not that adventurous. Over the years, we'd talk about who we found attractive and agreed we had the same type! Again, this was all just talk. He is a pretty straight vanilla guy who just happens to be open minded enough to have chats like that. Him and I have an incredible relationship, he is my best friend and our greatest strength is healthy communication. Well, I had a very honest conversation about wanting to have an experience with a woman before I turned 40. Like a goober, I was hoping he'd give me his blessings and maybe even help coordinate! In reality, that conversation got quite intense and I think at that point, he may have realized that I was serious about it ...I had always been serious about it. He basically said that his biggest fear was that I'd leave him for a woman and he will be devastated. That broke my heart. And I kept reassuring him that, that wasn't going to happen. I have told him several times and I've meant every bit of it, that he is all the man I need or want and what I am curious about is something he can't give me. Our last conversation on this topic ended with him saying that he would like me to be happy and we have one life to live so if I want to experiment, I'd have to do it in secret. He wouldn't be able to be ok with it. I don't want to hurt him but I also agree with him that I should be able to experience what I think will bring me joy. I have found certain people attractive off and on throughout my life. I am finding it to be true more so now than before. I have never been with a woman before but I have a very strong feeling that I will love it provided the stars are aligned and the chemistry is there. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I can't see myself being the initiator. I am hoping it'll all happen organically. That's the only way I can justify it with minimal amount of guilt. Guilt. That's another topic for another day. Sigh. I have NEVER admitted to being bicurious to anyone other than my husband so writing this post has been terrifying as well as liberating. Thanks for reading and thanks for allowing me to be part of this community. I promise to keep my douchery to a minimum! Cheers.
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    In the bi/lesbian world, among women of all ages, 'cute' is usually meant in a very positive way, to mean attractive, and it can definitely mean 'hot' too... In fact, I haven't ever heard it used in a negative way...and it's usually said with a particular emphasis, as in 'She's really cute' (emphasis on 'really cute'), or 'She's cute' (emphasis on 'She's')... I'm sure you get my point... So, you seem to think that women are saying you're cute because you look younger than you are, but that may just be your perception...and the issue concerning women not realizing that you're hitting on them is probably something separate... You really don't need to try to change your appearance to attract women... Just relax and be yourself, because there's nothing more attractive than a woman who is confident, and comfortable in her own skin...
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    Oh yes we are. We are very interesting
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    I am mad,mad at myself mostly for letting her be like this with me, for allowing her having this manipulative behavior.All my life, I spend all my life feeling less because she made me feel like this,took me years to love my image, my body and realize there is nothing wrong with me.FUCK I am MAD.Everytime I tried to do something she managed to convince me that I can't do it because she knows better, because she is so selfish and don't want to be alone and she doesn't care what the fuck I want.Always live by hers and society's standards, always go with her mood.Well what about what I want?how I feel?my life depends from her and I hate it, I hate that she has this power over me and I am really ashamed of that.And why do I stay?I keep coming for more hurt, more manipulation. I think I am a f..ing masochist,that's the only explanation I can give.She doesn't even know me, the real me,she thinks i am the person she tried to make.I am so tired of listening to her that i zone out,she talks and talks and i just don't care to listen and because she is in love with labels i am the person that doesn't care about anything.Well i have news i care about everything,she just made me not to show my feelings.I managed to hold my reactions and how i feel because i don't want to listen to her rants and confrontations and because from when i was child i knew that she wouldn't listen,so why bother.What does that make me?i am guarded because of her,all my life I m listening what the world will say from her,all my life I am compared and judged, well fuck you I am not my sister, I am not my cousin,I am not the stupid neighbors kid,I am me with my short hair and my jeans and my flaws and insecurities,ME, without labels,perfect in my imperfection,living in my head, in a world you can't and never will understand.
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    I am just wondering, are TV's on GAS PUMPS really Necessary? I mean are we that bad that we need to be constantly have screens flashing at us ( think I would rather have breasts flashed my way but hey that's just me) .... I may have posted this before but really it just bugs me although I did learn a new word the other day but now I cannot remember what it is.... figures! Have a great weekend Ladies.
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    I think it depends on the context and one's perception, doesn't it? I love the word "cute", I use it in a very positive way and I love when people use it. It can be very affectionate and tender Why would you want to change yourself? If someone doesn't like you for who you are, how else will they like you?
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    It’s crazy how much can be said without words.
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    Today is a good day to stay in! Wind gusting up to 40-50 mph, part of the highway closed due to flooding from the large waves, rain changing to snow tonight. Gitchee Gumee is angry today! Nor'Easters like this remind me of the story of the sinking of the Edmund Fitgerald. For you ladies from other parts of the world that aren't familiar with the story Google it or listen to the Gordon Lightfoot song. I have several friends whose grandfather was one of the local men lost. I guess that's why days like today are both haunting and leave a person in awe of the power of the big lake.
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    don’t sweat it, cute is hot! the right person will be totally attracted and mesmerized by cute! well... at least in my opinion...i dig cute be you!
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    So...threesome chick is ghosting us. Dh is disappointed. I'm not too heartbroken. Couple chick has continued to be sweet and flirty via text, and we've set a date to meet and have a drink (this Sunday!). I'm happy about this, even if just for a potential good friend who I can talk with about bi/poly whatever stuff. We talked about doing a double date too as soon as we can fit it into our schedules.
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    @Vampire She is such a turn on. I love this video that focuses on her - I love drummers, especially women drummers. We often don't get to see much of them in videos. Thanks so much for posting this.
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    You ladies with supportive husbands are so, so lucky. I didn't realize until years into my marriage that I wanted (needed, craved) to be with a woman. About a year ago, when I finally kissed a woman for the first time, I couldn't keep it in anymore. I finally just kind of blurted it all out to him, and I honestly didn't think he would think too much of it... but he completely flipped out. Long story short....he considers it cheating, doesn't think he will ever be able to "be okay" with it, is deeply hurt, and is very resentful. We have young children and want to stay married (not just for them; we've been together for ten years and truly love each other) but our marriage has been terribly strained for the past year and a half. Sometimes I think that if I just had his blessing to explore this, then my life would be perfect. Not sure what my point is, other than to say count your blessings & don't take your amazing hubbies for granted! lol
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    Touché, dear @ChemFem ! Women can ejaculate too...but it would be pretty damn difficult to do that prematurely...
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    Aww thanks a lot @Cute&Curious, that's an awesome welcome I've already read through quite a few threads in the forum and as you said - I can literally hear my thoughts, feelings, worries and so on in so many of them and just reading them is already such a help. Yeah, I'm really lucky that is have sucha supportive husband, often times I'm actually my own enemy because I overthink everything to the point of giving myself a headache, haha! But I've not got some books to read thanks to you guys and so much more of th forum to read through so I finally feel like I'm making a small step towards figuring this out, at least getting a bit more clued up about things So thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and all your suggestions ^_^
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    All interesting points. I'm learning a lot...I think. To continue my original thread, though, threesome woman got back to me today and sent me a nude photo. This is moving fast! I don't even know what to do right now!
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    I love this word and its definition.
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    It's hard when you can't sleep and your brain keeps going with all this stuff. Hopefully, seeing your therapist will help. What about keeping a journal, and writing out your thoughts before you go to bed? You could even keep it next to the bed to help you work through your thoughts that keep hitting when you go to bed. You can also try meditating, listening to music, reading, something else to distract your mind from this. But allowing yourself to mourn and process will really help. It takes me awhile to get over a breakup sometimes, and you just have to let it hurt for awhile, and let the emotions come. The more you try to stuff it down, the longer it will take to heal. I've had a couple of on-again, off-again relationships, and I think sometimes they can be the hardest to shake. Cutting off contact entirely helps me to be able to move on. One has had a hard time accepting that I said I would reach out when I am ready, and has continually tried to contact me (a good reminder she still doesn't respect my boundaries, one of the main reasons we broke up). It takes time to get past the hurt and other emotions of the break up, but you'll find yourself there eventually. It kind of hits you when you find yourself in a situation where you might normally have talked about it, but then you find you don't feel the need.
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    good for you to get it all out there - putting these painful feelings down in writing is so therapuedic. from your writing it seems like this is the best choice for both of you and is enough closure to begin healing. like all of us, u will get through the sad, heartache, longing and you will come out of it stronger if you don’t let it drag u down. sending hugs!
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    No need to pay for it, so Nope! On the other hand I could probably be bought by the right person!lol.
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    After my last tattoos I told myself I wouldn't get any more, but part of me really wants the deathly hallows tattooed somewhere. I do pretend sometimes that my lightning bolt tattoo (for my kids - their initials are AC DC) is a harry potter one haha
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    Hi #No1Crush. Thanks very much for the recommendations. We went out in Soho that weekend - looks like we'll have to do it again to try the places you've suggested We were briefly in She twice, at the start and the end of the evening. It wasn't exactly what I expected - in the basement and pretty small. It was empty early in the evening (rookie error!) At the end of the night, it was packed and people were having fun. It was club night - not exactly our/my thing (my friend would probably be more up for it). We'd definitely go back there on another sort of evening. We also went to Ku on Frith Street (much nicer venue; not many women around though) and Freedom (very trendy; far more men than women; didn't seem to be much chance of getting talking to people there). We also looked in on a pub during the daytime (Retro Bar), which seemed like a friendly sort of place, with as many women there as men. A bit disappointed that there aren't more lesbian bars. Very glad to have your suggestions for next time!
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    Soho has become pretty mixed gay/lesbian/straight. She is the only lesbian bar in Soho, but there are other bars to socialise. Try Friendly Society, G.A.Y, Half Way To Heaven and Heaven.