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    Omg. I’m going through a “longing” and “aching” for it stage, right now. I haven’t had sex with a woman since April of last year. I’ve officially created a new record of the longest time w/o doing the nasty. In the meantime, I’ve turned to porn to get some jollies. Lol. I’m absolutely obsessed with real, homemade porn. I LOVE it when I can hear the girl cumming. I love how she rides her face. Ugh. And since I have no one else to share it with in my real life (my straight friends would think I’m prob trying t throw a hint their way): http://www.homemoviestube.com/videos/396813/lesbian-face-sitting.html
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    Do you youngsters here realize some of us seniors here may have weak hearts? Thank Heavens it's summer here in Australia and cold showers are OK.
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    I think that’s the conclusion, the good guys are indeed a dying breed these days and I understand both view points with regards to the sex act with a man. I have been with guys who just wanna shove it up to your tonsils as vampire so eloquently put it, ha ha roflmbo at vamps humour, and then there was my husband who from the start, although not very experienced, just seemed to know all the tricks, he was actually a very skilled lover. Even then after a while and with the stresses of life it can become a quick and inconsiderate in and out. Sex with a woman and being with a woman who is your lover/ gf was, too me, sexually exciting and mentally stimulating. I haven’t really had a lot of experience with women and it was a long time ago now but at the time it also recharged my sex life with hubby and I was just so full of love for both. The plus for me is that sex with women is less, well er messy, to put it bluntly. I guess if you wanna know which you prefer or if you like both equally, both at once, or both seperately you just gotta get out there and try it. Good luck.
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    No, unfortunately there will always be homophobic, biphobic, etc people out there. Times will change and there will be less of them and I think in general there are less, but the ones that are still around are just hate filled asshats.
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    Hi everyone im new here. I’m so excited to have found this site! I’m happily married and so attracted to women. I just don’t really know how to go about meeting anyone who feels the same! Any advice would be much appreciated xx
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    I have said this before in other threads but your neighbors are vile and I'm sorry you've had to deal with their harassment. Given an address I'd be happy to mail them a fine specimen of Arizona cactus, with which they are free to engage in the "unnatural practices" they are apparently so concerned about.
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    Ok wow, I had assumed as your girlfriend is a lesbian she'd had experiences. As the first relationship for both of you while it feels very intense and real I'm sure, a word of advice - slow down. From your initial posts on this thread, I thought you were looking to explore with a man as well as or to see if women were the right choice for you when you meet your girlfriend etc. But your later posts seem to suggest this is more about reproduction and normalcy than attraction or sexual experience? Your girlfriend doesn't need to marry your gay friend for safety, I understand culturally having dated both Indian and Muslim men/women there are worries and insecurities you hold on to but AUS now has the same-sex marriage ruling, why not marry her? Dating a man in an open relationship setup is one thing and totally possible and I would encourage this. However, you wrote you want to have 1/2 children and then be with women forever, so this is more about what a man can offer you? It would be morally and ethically wrong to engage in an open relationship without their prior knowledge and if it all comes together like that in the end, then awesome and I wish you all the best. But you can't turn up to dates with a bulletpointed list - everything on that list is about you. The thing about real-world dating is they have feelings/wants/desires that you have to consider when they're right there. There's adoption, and sperm banks if you want kids with your girlfriend, not always easy but possible. I can't help feeling you're jumping the gun and that actually this narrative is just complicating a relationship that is only about to take off in person. Why overshadow that with things that take a lot of investment and planning? Yes, you're in love and want a future together, but you do have to get to there first.
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    all sounds so satisfying . Where to find ? I’m a middle class suburban mom - not the type of talk that’s happens in town .. Now my kids are older , I really have no idea how this could possibly happen . It’s funny- men are very friendly ar the gym , pay me attention and I’m really checking out their wives! I too want bff to affectionate bond with in same family situation ! Oh where to find ???
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    I don't think it's a good idea to post our favorite educational videos if I start I won't stop and it could get me to troubles :p
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    Love the video but if I were the one on top I would definitely be moving back and forth more to experience better the girl below and enhance my sensation of receiving her tongue....However I believe I would prefer being the girl giving another girl all the pleasure I could licking her till she cums over and over again !!!! Thanks for sharing this GREAT video!!!!!
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    I started dating after five years of not having, not a single solitary date. I have a hard time approaching a woman. You never know if she's into women or not. Well, my current Girlfriend, (she's not really) found me. she was hired at my job. I know. I know. I have the same rule about not dating a co-worker. Well she pursued me.. She figured out my Kryptonite...she asked me out for a beer. I said, "Yes" what could it hurt? Well, let me explain something to you, I haven't been out on a date in 5 years, we are drinking 13% alcohol content beer, She is 26, redhead, (red hair is my other Kryptonite BTW. Maybe it has something to do with my huge crush on Kate Kane, Batwoman)., she has slate grey eyes, pouty soft lips and perfect breast. I could go on...but you get the picture. Well, instant attraction on my part. And she's fun and adventurous. Down right perfect....but, there's a catch. Yep, there's always a catch. We dated for about two months. Texting here and there, calling occasionally and going out. I even invited her over to my house. That's something I never do. We even....yeah, we did that. Fast forward to one week ago, She gets a phone call from her "BFF" or former "BFF" and she says her friend needs her. She drops everything, arranges for someone to work for her, buys a plane ticket, and breaks our plans to bring in the New Year, and is gone...just like that. No hesitation. So, at this moment, my "girlfriend" is driving cross country from Seattle to North Carolina. So that you get the whole picture. I can't get this girl to text/call me with any consistency. It's like a week to a week and a half where we have to plan to go to the damn movies or out to dinner because, she's so tired, or going home to visit parents and family, or doing whatever else. So, last night,, as I lay in my bed with a bottle of merlot, with my dog and cat...it finally hit me. I wasn't her girlfriend, I was an option. Something to do. A way to pass the time until she could get to what or more like who she really wanted, her BFF. I am treating her, no I've made her a priority in my life but I'm not a priority in hers...I'm an option. Before we started "dating" I told her that I was hard to trust anyone and I told her why. She text me about 10 min ago, I had just posted on fb, "When people show you who they are, believe them." Maya Angelou. She asked me, "Are you okay? I said, "I'm fine." I'm pretty sure she knows now, I've figured her out. And she's trying to hold on, string me a long. I'm a quick learner tho.
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    I know right....sex with my hubby is as good as it’s going to be after 20 years, but there is something about making love to a woman that really gets my juices flowing...sigh...what to do?
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    Feeling good... long may it continue!
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    Going to Girls Night Out, which is a male strip show, tonight with my gay male best friend and another friend. Should be interesting and no doubt I will turn five shades of red.
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    I think it would be interesting especially to compare both. Think i would also be more into giving but could be interested in receiving.
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    Yup, I have moments of utter sadness, especially in the mornings and evenings when I'm not distracted by work. If work is busy, my mind is occupied and I forget about my sadness. Although being at work is hard because I see her there and it's a constant reminder of the rejection. We work in different departments, but we work together quite often. It has been awkward ever since our frank conversation, but I guess it's not as bad as it could be. I think she is trying to maintain distance. I wish things could go back to how they were. I'm hoping that our friendship can survive this, but only time will tell. So far, it seems that she is respecting my request to keep this secret between us. I'm glad for that at least since I don't want my job jeopardized because of this. I believe that she wouldn't do that to me. I hope! Anyway, I am trying to move forward for my own well being. I have joined a couple of dating sites and am trying to find other activities to meet new friends. Although, at times I feel like I can't be excited about anybody else. I'll need time to resolve this in my heart and mind, but I'm hoping to be able to move on. My glimmer of hope of any future romance with her is dissipating. I know that I just need to move on. It will be hard for a while, but I'll need to carry on and be strong. And maybe one day we can be close friends again without any weird feelings or hang ups.
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    sounds very challenging for you . It’s hard , I understand . My husband and I are great friends . he’s very into me , but due to past issues in our relationship , I’m not into him in a sexual way . I take care of His needs out of respect for our marriage , but alas my fantasies get me through ... I wish you all the best .
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    Holy crap, this is me! I've had better luck with friendships and relationships with men, but women seem to want nothing to do with me. It's also an issue at work, where I've received training from men, but have suffered backlash from women because of it. And the women who had climbed the ladder would prefer to train and promote men but leave other women in the lower ranks. But inevitably, most of the men would start believing that they could have something more with me. They'd try to flirt and make advances. But these were always older men; the younger ones tend to keep things platonic, or at least not make any romantic notions known. My ideal situation is like OP's. A close female friend who shares my interests. We can go to the mall, explore weird shops, record videos for YouTube... platonic doings. But we can share a kiss or a passionate hug in private. We can cuddle on the couch while watching Netflix. If the other isn't in the mood, then a kiss can suffice. We could enjoy making out or dry humping if getting unclothed isn't in the cards that day. It wouldn't have to be like it is with men, where the end result is usually sex. She could be married and/or have kids. Our husbands... well, I don't know about being open about that kind of thing. I'm afraid my husband would want details, or he'd blow up or demand a divorce. That's always the stumbling block for me in these daydreams, and I end up shutting the whole thing down and trying to distract my thoughts again.
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    Which do you guys prefer? Tribbing Or scissoring? None of which I’ve done yet IRL. God. I cum hard enough watching it.
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    Wow, that was hot. I like the one that's suggested below: "girlfriend shared with another girl". It's obvious the girl on top has done this before, and maybe the girl on the bottom was the bicurious girlfriend. I also picture the girl leaving her boyfriend to start dating the experienced girl, but that might just be in my fantasy
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    I'm starting my PhD in two weeks! After the buzz of getting an unconditional offer I'm now totally cacking it that I have to actually do this. 6 years of hard work starts soon. I left a pretty big gap - did my BA 2004-07, MA 2013-15 and applied for PhD this year. I def recommend taking time between, even if just to breathe a bit, but it really helped me refine my ideas
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    Just recently graduated with an MA in Marketing. Seriously considering doing a PhD but think I need to take a little time to chill first.
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    Too bad you live in the other side of the world. I am willing to try few fantasies, you know, for educational purposes only
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    Yes please!!!! i had sex Sunday morning with hubby and I enjoyed it he always makes sure I do but afterwards I didn't feel like I was content. Like there was something missing. The thought of being with a woman is driving me crazy
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    Be careful not to get too caught up in NRE- new relationship energy. It sounds like this relationship with this woman is new, and it can feel perfect and intense and like nothing you've had, but you two haven't had time yet to learn each other's annoying habits or settle in beyond those initial hormone-filled months. Did you question your sexuality prior to going to see her? I am a big supporter of women who realize they are truly gay after being with a woman, and it definitely happens a lot. Keep taking your time with this, and let things with her build. What would happen if you left your husband, but she chose to stay married and decided to be monogamous with him? Would you still feel fulfilled being able to pursue women moving forward, and feel like you've made the right choice for yourself? Be careful about putting all your eggs in one basket.
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    Just spending some time with my friend. We're not even talking. We're doing our own thing and being in each other's presence. I like this kind of friendship. Just knowing that they are there is a great feeling.
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    She was active during the marriage equality campaign active on the no side. Now she has come up on the news as players who previously supported naming a stadium after her backtrab because of her comments
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    No the homophobia will never end.I have said it again,people are scared of what they don't understand or of what they don't want to understand because of the illusion they have convinced themselves they live in.A man, a woman, children, religion and everything different than that is not normal. And fear is not possible to stop.
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    I’ve lived with biphobic comments from neighbours for the last four years. I have had to endure such comments as ‘ people like me shouldn’t be allowed to marry’ and ‘people like me shouldn’t have children’ and much more vile comments about sexual practices. I have also been subject to sexual harassment in such public places as the local swimming pool and when leaving a dance exercise class. However it has died down somewhat from neighbours at least and I don’t know if that is the arm of the law or that time has educated them somewhat but it has left me psychologically damaged. I am surprised that a female tennis player has such radical views, has she never heard of Martina? ......These views are simply unbalanced and it’s sad that people concern themselves with other people,s life choices so much. I dont know if it will ever end. There are laws against homophobia but I guess they can’t change people’s feelings. I agree with ChemFem things are changing but there will always be radical views about anything and all we can do is avoid these people and keep ourselves positive in our own views and outlook on life and all it’s diversity.
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    Hehe sorry. Youre still young Vampire. In my second video above i think she was a bit rough before 5 min. I like the oral part after 5 min. Seems to do some sort of grinding motion with her lips. And then when the japanese girl tremblea is just incredible. I know this is the summer to have those cold showers
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    Yeh she is. I think she is trying to mimic heterosexual dynamics. I just like the oral part after 5 min. I wonder whats the difference between a penis and strap on. As in does it feel different.
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    You're getting warm... lol. 4 hours west. ??
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    Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but it's just too adorable not to share. One of my favorite YouTube videos ever! So sweet (plus I have a little crush on the girl in the hat!)...
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    https://www.xvideos.com/video22560831/young_blonde_lesbian_cums_cunt-sucked_fingers_cute_black_pussy_to_orgasm I personally love this one ;)
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    I'm currently in the process of saving some money to go back to University and start a Masters degree. I have many different interests, so I haven't decided what do I want to study. But the idea is to start next year. Congrats to everyone who is currently studying or is about to start. Going to school is awesome!
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    Yep. I can see why you’re hooked. I’ve watched it multiple times now. Thanks for sharing!
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    Great video. I have been liking lily cade's videos lately and sharing with my gf. I know how it feels like to be away from action. My gf is in the UK and I am in Australia.
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    Oh yep, I hear you! I have so many fantasies...
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    So I woke up at 3Am last night, having the best orgasm ever ( put of the blue) then I looked out side and snow was falling down, so peaceful,,,, Don't get any better than that!!!!!! I thought I would share with you beautiful ladies.
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    She is this champion australian womens tennis player. Apparently best in the world at her time. Now she is a minister. Very anti gay marriage. She calls same sex couples sign of the devil and people who advocate lgbt rights similar to hitler I wrote a post about her on debates section. Called when does the homophobia end.
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    Ive heard about toowomba a lot during the marriage equality campaign. I dont know many places. My sense of direction is bad lol What about kennedy? Maranoa?
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    Yes. When you love someone and you are the person you are doesn't matter if you are straight gay or bi.
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    I've never heard the term before. The only way I can relate to this feeling is that I, personally was so hurt and damaged by my break up with my last gf that I have been left afraid. I am also subject to abuse and harassment from biphobic neighbours in the last three years so that has filled me with a lot of fear and anxiety. I would imagine that being amongst others who are comfortable with who they are would ease this anxiety in the individual. Fear of being hurt or rejected is very strong. One must first feel that one has trustworthy and reliable friends before entering into romance. This is where I get stuck. Kiss and tell is very damaging to the introvert. I agree that intimate relationships should be private. Unfortunately people want to know. Want to know what you are and what you do. Then they want to compare that with what they do. Then they want to isolate and persecute you for what you do or what you have done. Very annoying and embarrassing. We all fear embarrassment, we try to be cool but are we really? Will we ever get over past hurts and find healing love. Dare we try? I am scared for me but not disgusted by gays kissing, dating or marrying. I am pleased for them, love is a positive thing, I envy them a bit but not in a nasty way, in a longing way. Longing for something that I no longer have the confidence to pursue.
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    I'm glad you were able to get some of your money back, even if it didn't come from her. It was lame of her to offer but then not send a check. How are your meet ups with her now? Do they feel weird and forced, or are they more comfortable with the chemistry long gone? I would guess, given how you saw things going in Vegas, that she may have felt like you were expecting that and she felt pressured, or she knew she'd have a hard time keeping her hands to herself, too. Either one isn't good for her. It kills me the women who will fool around with women, but then go back to church (which sadly, all too often abhors the "gay lifestyle") and play the hetero card. But that's my issue. I hear ya about a woman keeping you from thinking right! Been there! Sometimes that chemistry is so strong, and we act "afool" when LOGICALLY we know better. Let's be honest, hormones and logic live nowhere near each other! Your takeaway is the best part of this whole thing. You learned a lot from it, which hopefully, you'll take with you moving forward.
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    BiTriMama, you don't mess around. I always appreciate your responses. I'm guessing you either work or have worked in the field of psychology. Ok, so let's get into it. It was never about the money. Most of the cancellations were refunded, even the concert tickets, much to my surprise. I did give her a dollar amount tho, and she never sent that check. Your right, it was a LOT, too much. I can see that clearly now. At the time tho, I just wanted to be with her. Yes, there was still a strong attraction between us and I'm sure if she got on that plane, that no intamacy thing, would have been out the window. I think she knew that too. Still, there is no doubt, I was trippin. My good judgement was clouded by her D cup boobies and those hips "for days." Ultimately, she saw our time together in training as a fling and I thought it was a relationship. She wanted to go home and resume her heterosexual woman looking for a husband life - active in her church and community. I guess I was interfering with that. I'm not pining for her anymore. I'm in her city on business a couple of times a year. A few months ago we met for dinner. It was nice to see her and catch up. That strong sexual connection was gone. I keep her in my life because I like to know she's well. Since we are in the same line of work, there are some professional advantages to keeping in touch with her also. At the end of the day, I don't regret any of it, even the way it ended. I've learned a lot about women, about myself, and about what not to do in this experience.
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    Umm I'm a bit harder on her mate than you here rgold72. Lol. The fact she never felt any remorse or guilt is good enough for me. The truth is the truth, it can't be altered. She should have been truthful and let her down better maybe instead of letting her spend the money then pull out. But yeah I'm an old hard arse tho lol.
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    Not a very nice thing to do. I think she does at least owe you an apology and some money. Your a better woman than me. I don't think i would be friends still. I'd put it behind me and move on. Hugs.